1. I love everything about what these pictures choose to be! Can’t wait! Oh, and Darryl seems a little upset with Jim… Maybe Jim quit Athlead?

  2. Poor Angela! It doesn’t look like she’s “living the dream!” (Yes, I know, how original.)

  3. So, Angela is the new Meredith? I’m sure that Big Gulp is filled with whole milk.

  4. (Photo No. 2) Doesn’t it look like Michael is on the right in a wig ? When I looked at the video clip I had to see it 4 or 5 times.

  5. Looks like JAM is happy again…yay!! I have no doubt the showrunners will let them live happily ever after.

  6. I’m confused as to why Clark is still sitting at Jim’s desk if Jim is back

  7. Ahhhh sigh..finally Jam at their best! I’m so excited for an hour full of JAMMMM!!!

  8. So good to see these JAM pics!
    I think the last five photos might have something to do with Andy resigning and Dwight becoming manager!
    And poor Angela… she must’ve had a bad night with Phillip…

  9. Love the photos, but disappointed to see Esther in the background. I’m ready for her to vamoose.

  10. I love seeing Jim and Pam happy and hugging. Loving the Dwight Karate, wondering why Erin’ hugging him, but I’m sure the reason is hilarious because interaction between Erin and Dwight is always funny. Hoping for some Jim Dwight Frenemy stuff. The Angela pics, make me feel like they’re going to beat us over the head with how rough Angela has it now. I hope not, I hate, beat over the head comedy, especially of The Office. The show is the funniest when it’s dry or quietly absurd.

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