The Office Wrap Party in Scranton, May 4

The Office Wrap Party May 4

UPDATE: read all my reports here!

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The Office Guest List

Brian Baumgartner (“Kevin Malone”)
Creed Bratton (“Creed Bratton”)
Andy Buckley (“David Wallace”)
Jenna Fischer (“Pam Halpert”)
Kate Flannery (“Meredith Palmer”)
Ellie Kemper (“Erin Hannon”)
John Krasinski (“Jim Halpert”)
Paul Lieberstein (“Toby Flenderson”)
Oscar Nuñez (“Oscar Martinez”)
Craig Robinson (“Darryl Philbin”)
Phyllis Smith (“Phyllis Lapin Vance”)
Rainn Wilson (“Dwight Schrute”)

Greg Daniels (Executive Producer)
Steve Burgess (Producer)
Allison Silverman (Producer/Writer)
Claire Scanlon (Editor/Director)
Phil Shea (Prop Master)
Matt Sohn (Director of Photographer/Director)
The Scrantones (“The Office” theme song)


The VIP package includes tickets to all Saturday events, plus an invitation to a special Friday night kick-off event!
Price: $252 | SOLD OUT

Saturday, May 4 events

8:30am Bloggers’ Breakfast | University of Scranton
A mix and mingle with fellow fans and bloggers.
Price: $7 | SOLD OUT

11am Behind The Scenes Panel | University of Scranton
Q&A with Greg Daniels, Executive Producer of The Office, as well as writers and coordinators.
Price: $12 | Buy tickets

2pm Parade & Street Festival | Downtown Scranton
Special performance by The Scrantones!
Price: Free

7pm Farewell Celebration | PNC Field
Includes cast Q&A, introduction by Executive Producer Greg Daniels, bloopers from the past 9 seasons, and maybe even a sneak peek from the series finale!
Intern Access Seats: $9 | Buy tickets
Assistant to the Regional Manager Seats: $16 | Buy tickets
Regional Manager Seats: $23 | SOLD OUT


  1. I just wish they would have posted about it sooner so people who live further away would have more time to plan a trip there. A month just doesn’t seem like quite enough time.

  2. Oh man! I so want to go, but I just don’t know if it would be feasible since I have two vacations planned in the next two months. You going, Jennie?

    [from tanster: of course i am totally going! c’mon laura, you gotta go! do it!]

  3. Don’t think I’ll be able to make it :(
    But I did go to the Office Convention back in 2007 and it will be something I never forget. The cast and crew who attended were amazing.

  4. I will admit, I just went online to look at airfare.
    ~ Torn in the Twin Cities :)

    [from tanster: yay!]

  5. if airfares are too expensive flying into Scranton Wilkes Barre look for Allentown (1 hour drive) or Newark (2 hour drive) or Philadelphia (2 hour drive). Just trying to help. Hope all who want to come can come.

  6. Oh my goodness. I believe I’m going to be taking a road trip from my home in Toronto to North Carolina from May 4th – 8th. If that’s the case I hope I can make a detour and potentially stop in for this awesome sounding event!

  7. I want to go this SO bad!! I’m trying to find a friend to go with me so I don’t have to travel alone.. this would be such a fun trip!

  8. Hana… where are you coming from? I may be going on my own, but meeting up with some friends there. You’re welcome to join us! We’re all mid-late 20s gals! :)

  9. Wow. I always told myself I’d go if they ever did another convention. I had an awesome time at the first one.

  10. Ah man! If I didn’t already have a Disney cruise booked for May, I would be totally there! My kids wouldn’t have as much fun as I probably would though.

  11. Wow, this sounds amazing – like a condensed version of the convention! But I agree with Denise – the short notice makes it difficult for those of us who would have to travel. I have been thinking about this nonstop since last night, trying to figure something out. Sure would hate to miss it!

    [ from tanster: hope you can come! :) ]

  12. Ain’t no party like a Scranton party !!

    Will definitely be there, driving from Boston. Already booked my hotel this morning.

    Can. Not. Wait.

    [from tanster: awesome, hope to see lots of Tallyheads there!]

  13. Okay who wants to road trip it with me???? :) I would dieeeee to be there. Ugh. AMAZING.

  14. Wow I just researched travel expenses for an hour, going to this would cost me 850 dollars. I live in Indiana, and I’m torn that I don’t think I can go.

  15. Woo hoo!!! I am so in!! The Office Convention was amazing and I know they will do a terrific job with this. It’s funny, when I signed up for the lip dub on Sunday morning I was thinking that they should really have a party on Sat. Glad they read my mind. Yay!!!!

  16. I’m trying to come down from Houston, TX. Cannot waitttt!!! I love The Office

  17. After a pre-occupied night of sleep, I booked my plane ticket and made hotel reservations this morning! My friends and significant other will think I’m crazy to go all the way to Scranton – AGAIN – but this show and its people have been such a part of my life. I almost HAVE to go! I’m trying to convince my fellow Office fanatic to meet me there, but if not, I look forward to meeting those of you who attend. Let’s hope for no rain this time!

  18. Started watching at the beginning of season five and absolutely fell in love with this show my freshman year of college! Bought the first four seasons and marathoned them over my Thanksgiving break that year. Finally, a reason to be happy about living in Pennsylvania!! Only a 2 1/2 hour drive for me!! :)

  19. I would love, love to go to this but unfortunately I live on the other side of the Atlantic. Jenna said in a radio interview that she and John were the only ones who had never been to the convention in Scranton and that they both really wanted to go, so I hope this is their chance!

  20. No exaggeration, I could barely, hardly concentrate at work today and am so excited about this.

    I also have family who live about 2 1/2 hrs away from Scranton, so that’ll be great to see them too.

  21. I live in The Scranton Area and Am really excited that We are having a Farewell Party! It’s gonna be great! .. and the weather will be better than it was for the convention I bet.

  22. In a perfect world I’d be there with my husband in a heartbeat! Alas there’s literally 10,000 miles distance to be covered and not enough time to plan. The show has given 7 phenomenal seasons with the last two thrown in as pretty much bonuses. For the joy that has come from The Office, it’d be beyond amazing to take part in a final celebration. I guess as with all thing Office I’ll have to rely on Tanster to keep me in the loop. Thanks to Jenny for running this site and keeping us all a part of the wider Office family year in year out through the good and the bad. <3

    [ from tanster: of course! i will report on all the goings-on. :) ]

  23. Didn’t make it to the convention, but will not miss this. My daughter and I are booked and totally excited!

  24. Found out about this at 6:00 AM…. hotel booked by 6:10…

    Could not miss out! Cannot wait!

  25. Just confirming that the “lip dub” that was going to take place on May 5th is not happening since everything on May 4th is now scheduled? I just wanted to make sure I read that right. I’m so excited.

  26. Ain’t no party like a scranton party!
    And we will be driving the three hours each way for the parade for sure!

  27. This sounds awesome!! Too bad I’m broke & live too far = (

    Tanster, Any chance of The OFFICE folks organizing a similar thing for us California TallyHeads? Maybe at the Dunder Mifflin Van Nuys Location? I can hope right?

  28. OMG! So excited. Just booked my hotel room at the Scranton Fairfield Inn- just a heads up they have a Wrap Party rate of $89! AINT NO PARTY LIKE A SCRANTON PARTY!

    [from tanster: thanks for sharing the tip!]

  29. They say “ticket info coming soon” – are we to assume that there will be a fee for those tickets? I don’t think I can afford it, which makes me super sad, unless tickets are free/inexpensive.

  30. We booked our hotel room the day we found out about this…I can’t wait to find out who will be there!

  31. Super excited about this first round of announcements! So much better than the cardboard cut-outs of Jenna and John at the Convention! :)

    [from tanster: lol! yes, i am so incredibly excited that jenna and john are attending!]

  32. Wow. I’m slightly freaking out. Just bought airline tix!!

    [ from tanster: amazing lineup, right? i can barely concentrate right now. :) ]

  33. @Chelsea, what site did you go through to book at Fairfield? I’m not seeing anything for a special rate.

  34. I agree with HUGE_DM. Party at the Van Nuys location a MUST for the Cali fans.

  35. It’s amazing that John and Jenna are going to be there! I would give anything to be there. So excited for all you who are going and looking forward to seeing pics!

  36. My friend and I live about 2hrs south of Scranton and we’re making a day of it! Can’t wait! And Tanster, if we’re lucky enough to get some of the few available tickets for the bloggers breakfast, I’d love to meet you!

    [ from tanster: see you there! :) ]

  37. Andy Bernard look-a-like winner here from the 07′ Convention! See you all there!

    [from tanster: niiiiice!]

  38. Driving in from NY – wouldn’t dream of missing it! Am so attached to the characters, so perfectly played by the talented actors. Will be shedding crocodile tears at series end.

  39. So, Tanster, are we getting a float in the parade. I bet we would all chip in to rent a flatbed truck! Scranton loves a parade.

    [from tanster: omigod, i love that idea!]

  40. Any idea what tickets for the Wrap Party at PNC field are going to run? Can’t wait!!!!

  41. As far as where to stay, Scranton party organizers advise “grab what you can – the rooms will all be gone soon. Downtown is sold out – look to the hotels on Montage Mtn. (that’s close to RailRiders stadium)”

  42. I live near Scranton. For anyone looking to book rooms, you can also check Clarks Summit (10 minutes from downtown); Dickson City (they have a very nice new Microtel on North Main Avenue); or Dunmore (both less than 15 minutes away). Also, Wilkes-Barre has tons of motels/hotels–that would be about a 25 minute drive to downtown. Can’t wait for May 4th!

  43. I’m gonna be at the Great Wolf Lodge the day before! Can kids go to this? I can’t drive home and drive back on time!!!! Do they need their own ticket? They are 10 and 7.

  44. Former Office Fan tour Trivia Champion/Dominator!!! ;)

    My GF and I will see you all there!

  45. Good god, Lemon!

    Sorry…the other show I’ll miss next year.

    I’m going to this. I missed the con due to getting back from another trip late and too jet lagged to drive from NC. I wish we had some word on the ticket prices.

    Where’s Ed? Angela? Craig? Catherine? Mindy? B.J.? Dare we wish for Steve?

  46. What a great list of Dunder Mifflin visitors ! Come on Steve !! We’d love to see you there too !!

  47. Sounds like a great party. Wish I could be there. But I live at the other side of the world and have exams in May. Look forward to the updates from OfficeTally.

  48. To the people that have been to these before: what are the chances of meeting the cast and getting pictures and such?

  49. So excited! I went on one of the Office Fan Tours a few years back and have always been looking for another reason to return to Scranton. Hoping try out Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe this time. :)

  50. Is there going to be one price for people who want to attend all day (every event)? This sounds amazing!

  51. I’m taking my pregnant-with-twins wife as surprise (to my wife not to the Wrap Party organizers). One thing we do together besides argue is watch/love the show. Reams and reams of good times.
    Help me petition my wife to name our twins Jim and Dwight.

  52. @mindy(mindysfavshow) Hey Mindy- I just called the Fairfield Inn and asked for the Scranton Wrap Party rate. I found out about it from a friend of mine who stayed there recently. I haven’t seen anything on their websites either.

    Hope this helps.

  53. What airport is closest to Scranton? I know there’s a Scranton airport but it appears many airlines don’t fly into there…. Sorry to use the comments section for this but I’m desperate!

  54. I told my husband that we will be spending our one year wedding anniversary with The Office Cast. One year just so happens to be the “paper” anniversary! Excited to get our tickets!!

  55. Thank you, Tanster! I need to leave Saturday and can’t find any flights early enough on that day… Is it a ridiculous idea to fly into Newark or Philly? Does anyone know if there are any larger cities/airports reasonably near Scranton (by reasonably I mean like 1 hour driving time away or less)

  56. I am volunteering to drive anyone from the airport to their hotel on Wednesday or Thursday or Friday night. I have lived in Scranton my entire life. If your hotel doesn’t have a free shuttle, I can drive you to your hotel after 3 PM. I teach so I can’t during the day. However, I am not able to bring you back on Sunday. The paid shuttle from the Avoca airport is expensive. I am not charging anything. No tips. I am just trying to help someone from this site. This includes you Tanster. My phone number is (570 851 9133) Feel free to text me.

    [from tanster: thanks for the offer!]

  57. I’ve been on the Office Wrap Party site and no link to buy tickets (yet), we get them there right ?

  58. Is anyone else having trouble getting tickets? I can’t seem to get the ticket links to work.

  59. I clicked on the “Buy Here” link and none of the links on that page are opening up

  60. Trying to purchase tickets and the website won’t load! NEED Regional Manager Seats!!!!

  61. @Mark #77 THANK YOU!!

    Also, did anyone happen to purchase an extra regional manager pass? I am unable to get through and am desperate! I would be willing to pay extra. Please let me know and I’ll send my email or a way to contact

  62. Just got tickets for a couple of the events. Took forever with the timing out of the site. Need to be real patient. If you don’t see the link on the Office Wrap Party site then do a refresh on you browser, it is there.

  63. Hello all, I hope most of you have been able to get through to purchase your tickets. I did have trouble myself but was eventually able to get most of what I wanted. With the delays I was unable to get the breakfast tickets. Figured I would reach out to see if anyone comes across 2 that I can purchase, figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Thanks!

  64. it just took us 2 hours to get tix, but, it did finally work. Good Luck and see yous there :)

  65. I finally got through to the ticket page and bought two VIP tickets. I could not get to the ticket page on IE at all. I switched to firefox instead of IE and had much better luck. So if anyone is still having issues, try a different browser.

  66. I was on the site at exactly 5:00 PM EST and it took me an hour to get my Regional Manager/Q&A tickets. But I got them! See you all there :D

  67. Under “Office Guests Attending”, are those the cast & crew members coming to Scranton in general, or are they the ones attending the VIP “Welcome to Scranton” party?

  68. @ Peter #88 or anyone really… both my girlfriend and I were trying to get the tickets yesterday and were having the same issues as everyone else… In the end we both ended up buying passes to the “Behind the Scenes Writers Talk” and “Regional Manager Passes to the Farewell Ceremony”…

    So if anyone didn’t get them, I’d sell them to you for what I paid…

  69. I am so excited, it wasn’t originally the plan, but I’m planning on coming to Scranton, all the way from Texas! Does anyone know a good time to purchase plane tickets?

  70. Hi Tanster —
    I’ve been doing the exclusive interviews and casting exclusives at for over a decade. Our sites have been very similiar in terms of outreach from cast/crew to fans. Attending the VIP event–would love to chat, hopefully.

    [from tanster: see you there!]

  71. To 98 Marissa: Prices coming into Scranton Wilkes Barre (AVP airport code) are high. Sometimes they have sales. There is an airport in Allentown (1 hour away) that may be cheaper but you will have to rent a car. When people travel out of Scranton, many people leave from Philadelphia or Newark. I haven’t seen many sales between Scranton and Texas. I have seen many from Scranton to Florida.

  72. My children want to move to Scranton because of The Office. We love this show and it has been a bonding time for us for the past few years

  73. The Slop will be there, as a Regional Manager. Only took 14 minutes for my order to go through, so I feel really lucky!

    Now, if only Mose would attend…anyone know if he’s considering it?

  74. To 102 Shaun: They haven’t announced it yet. My guess is that it will either be around Courthouse Square where we have other festivals (Italian Festival with stage) or on Lackawanna Avenue outside Steamtown Mall since the Steamtown Mall has been mentioned in the show.

  75. To Mark 104: I’ve been to the Italian festival last year and I figure it would be around there but thank you

  76. got tix, gonna surprise my baby girl, she can recite all the episodes by heart…and suggestions on what to wear to the events? we’ve gotta be in fan gear to the max…

  77. Is this the complete list of cast members attending, or is it possible there will still be more additions?

  78. FYI, for those going to the Q&A–I noticed a discrepancy in the start time for the Writer Q&A between my voucher (says 11:30) and the official website (11:00). I e-mailed the planners of this event and they confirmed that it starts at 11:00.

  79. It’s been announced that The Street Festival will be on the campus of The University Of Scranton. directly up Linden Street from The Lackawanna County Courthouse.
    The same place that they had the outdoor entertainment at The Office Convention.

  80. Will there be booths or tables with merchandise like shirts or memorabilia?
    I am not sure if i should bring much cash with me.

  81. Just bought VIP passes. Coming in from Texas! Can’t wait to be surrounded by Office fans.

    Question: The breakfast has been “sold out” for over a week, but my pass says it includes that. So, how will I know if I actually have a ticket for the blogger breakfast?

    [from tanster: the vip pass include the bloggers breakfast!]

  82. Local Scranton paper is having a look a like contest. I figured all the die hard fans might want to enter. i look like nobody so I am not entering. Good luck.

  83. Yes, more detail on this street festival (and parade) would be greatly appreciated. Are there going to be vendors? How many? Memorabilia on sale? Seems odd to me to have no details yet so close to the event. Some of us are travelling good distances for this and spending lots of money without having much in the way of details…

    I’m going to be disappointed if I get there and the “street festival” is a couple tables and a karaoke machine. :/

    A Mose kissing booth (fundraiser for rabies?) at the festival would make my attendance entirely worthwhile, of course…

  84. If it is similar to the convention, the street festival will essentially be the equivalent of one city block shut down with vendors/tables/food/free local stuff/etc. It’s pretty nice and a chance to get a bit of the local flavor of Scranton. There will also be a concert by the Scrantones, with likely guest performances by some of the show’s cast.

    Since that part of the festivities is FREE, there really is no room for anyone to complain if it doesn’t necessarily meet their expectations.

  85. Just over a week to go!! Since I did not know of the VIP details (including the Friday night party) when I booked my airfare, I will not be getting into Scranton until mid-evening Friday night and not doing the VIP experience. I was hoping my friend would be able to join me for the weekend, but sadly that will not be happening. So if anyone else is coming solo, feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected]. I’m a pretty normal (albeit slightly older-than-average?) Office fan, staying downtown, who would love to meet some new friends. :)

    [ from tanster: i can vouch for laura being normal. :) ]

  86. Hi Tanster,

    Do you know if we can take folding chairs to the parade? Any Scranton people know the parade route and what might be the best spot to park ourselves?

  87. I know this may sound petty but I wish at the parade,street festival there would be a special VIP viewing area near the stage considering the price that was paid. I am excited to meet many of the regulars from different parts of the world. Being a Scrantonian my entire life, it will be nice to showcase the city to out of towners. It is a nice city with friendly people. Hope I can show you that.

  88. Is anyone driving up from the DC area to Scranton? It’s looking like I will not have a ride up (I was supposed to travel with my roommate, but she may have to go home soon because of a family emergency). I’m happy to pay for gas and any extra expenses! Please let me know :)

    – Stephanie

  89. The parade route is posted on the Office Wrap party website. It is basically straight shot from University of Scranton down to Courthouse Square. I am sure you can bring chairs. There really isn’t one spot better than another. The stage will be at the end of the parade i believe.

  90. Will anyone be live tweeting or planning a google hangout? I wish I could be there – those of you who are lucky to go will have an amazing time. I was there in 2007 and it was amazing. There is nothing like being in a place with tons of Office fans + cast – “…ain’t no party like a Scranton party….”

  91. The Parade Starts at The University of Scranton (The University is having a Festival that day as Well) And will go down linden street about 4 blocks to The Courthouse Square where lots of stuff will be going on!

  92. Snowing and 34 degrees in Minneapolis right now. Can’t wait to get to sunny and much warmer Scranton later today! After last night’s great episode, I’m even more excited for this weekend!

  93. For anyone familiar with PNC Field: when they say Intern level seating is standing room only, does that mean there are literally no seats? Is it the kind of place you can bring chairs or a blanket? Thanks!

  94. Hey! I was at the event last night which was amazing!!!! Anyway I got there and unfortunately they were all sold out of tshirts so quickly but they did tell us that we can purchase shirts online…does anyone know by chance where we could??

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