1. What an episode! The Kevin fiasco throughout the show was very “compelling.” Also, the Jam scenes in the store showed how the two act together outside the office for once. Now we must wait another month for a new episode. :( :(

  2. This was a really good episode.

    Highlights for me were:

    The Pyramid Scheme

    Michael doesn’t know James Dean from Luke Perry

    Ryan’s one on one–His silence spoke volumes

    Michael and the Delivery girl

    Michael’s one on one after learning ‘Negative’ can be a good thing. Typical Michael.

    Jim & Pam–Good interactions

  3. This show was great!!! It really showed that Michael really does care about his office workers. He was so caught up with his birthday that at first he didn’t seem to concerned with Kevin’s call from the doctor. But when he thought “negative” meant “bad”, when he hugged Kevin and said that they would get through this together, it was a very touching moment. Watching all of them skate was really fun to watch. All of the actors on this show are great, and it seems that with every show, they get closer and closer. What a GREAT show!!! I love it!!!

  4. I enjoyed the episode.

    Ryan’s talking head aws amazing! Kevin was good. The Jam scenes were great and I loved their “gifts” for Kevin.

    And I loved the little “April Fools” ads on NBC throughout the night with the office cast. They cracked me up, especially the ones with BJ in ’em.

  5. One of my favorite episodes in a while: Ryan’s look of horror after witnessing Dwight and Angela’s not so suttle hints, the PSAs, and you gotta love the JAM action.

  6. Absolutely hysterical. Every episode gets better and better! I peddle the show to everyone that I think is remotely intelligent.

    (P.S. Dwight’s rendition of the “William Joel” song was one of my favorite moments. That and the cookie exchange.)

  7. Ryan’s face was one of the best things I’ve ever seen! Just a great show! It’s all gold.

  8. Maybe I’m just a softie, but I think my favorite part (out of so many WONDERFUL moments) was when Michael took the realtor’s kids for a ride on his hockey stick, which sounds terrible when you actually say it out loud or write it out, but that’s what he called it – a ride. It wasn’t hilarious, but it was sweet. To be honest, Michael has never been one of my favorite characters, but at that moment he was just so sweet and genuine and not being an ass and I didn’t really feel bad for him at all. I was just happy for him. That’s a RARE Michael moment and I think it should be appreciated.

  9. The intro was awesome. Jennie – I would consider changing my vote in your teaser poll when you re-run it.

    “Raise your hand if you want to get rich.”

  10. Great episode. Is it possible for me to make this sixth in my top five list?

    So many great scenes (others have listed them here before me). I love how Michael redeems himself in the last two minutes after being an ass for the first 20 minutes of the show. Am I “koo-koo for cocoa puffs,” but isn’t Michael’s real estate agent at the end actually Steve Carell’s wife? Could those kids actually be Steve’s too?

  11. Ping, yes that was indeed Steve Carell’s real-life wife, Nancy Walls. That *was* a lovely scene with the kids, wasn’t it?

    Yes, I wonder, too, if those were Steve’s real kids. Does anybody know?

  12. David, I will probably re-run the teasers poll once Season 2 ends.

    Did you notice what was written on the whiteboard?

    It said:

    $3300 = $1,250,000
    Ask Tell your friends
    – Under two hours a week
    – Be your own boss
    – X = Y not

    X = Y not — too funny!

  13. I don’t think those were their real life kids.
    They have a daughter whose 3 or 4 and a son who is just under 2

  14. pam and jim at the store…too adorable!

    and not another new episode till april the 27th? is that correct?! this is gonna suck.

    but at least we got to see a little clip of the new episode when jenna was on leno last night :)

  15. Melody, ‘fraid so. :(

    No ep at all next week, followed by two reruns, “The Dundies” and “The Fight”, and then the new ep “Conflict Resolution” on the 27th.

    It’s torture, isn’t it?

  16. God, this was one of the funniest episodes yet. I nearly fell out of my chair at Ryan’s speechless talking head. Absolutely one of the best scenes on television.

    Counting down the days until April 27th…

  17. just wanted to say that this is one of the best shows on tv. the writing is great and Steve really sells his character. everyone is great on the show and Dwight makes me laugh every time he’s on. way to go “OFFICE”

  18. What is the point of the “You use fabric softener?” “Yeah, you don’t?” “No, I do.” exchange?

  19. Oh my gosh- Ryan’s speechless and horrified interview after overhearing Dwight and Angela…my favorite part of this episode!! I was laughing like crazy at his facial expressions.

  20. I love this episode so much, Ryan’s talking head was hilarious. I liked the fact that Steve used his real wife, has anyone confirmed if those kids were steve’s?
    I loved it when steve was skating in the ice rink. Overall, it was a good episode.

  21. Almost no chance that Dwigt comes back to see this 2.5 years later (even assuming Dwigt is still looking for an answer). Even so…I think the point of the fabric softener exchange was that Pam didn’t think Jim would use fabric softener. He’s a single guy at the time. It’s just another way that he and she are alike and she and Roy aren’t. Plus she gets to tease him a little so that’s good.

    That was one of my favorite JAM scenes for a long time. We got to see a little of what their lives would be like if they got together. Nothing super romantic, just the simple things that you figure two people who should be together would somehow find pleasure in doing that the rest of us just do to get them done.

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