‘The Office’ opening credits

You guys were so excited to see the opening credits during last night’s episode, I asked NBC to put it online.

Doesn’t it just give you the warm fuzzies? :)

Thank you, NBC.com!


  1. I love that you are so magical that you can just ask NBC.com to do favors for us lil’ ole fans. Tanster, you Braveheart :)

  2. Are these credits permanent? Or were they just special for the after-the-Super-Bowl episode?

    [from tanster: actually, i’m not sure. i guess we’ll find out in three days!]

  3. so now not only do you have people like Rainn Wilson in your phone but you can also call NBC at the drop of a dime?! haha I love it….. you’re awesome Tanster

  4. The music works SO much better with this new version. (Not that it didn’t work before). I’m definitely feeling the fuzzies!

  5. When the credits first started, I thought it was going to be the abbreviated version. Then, when the music didn’t change when John, Jenna, and B.J.’s pictures came up, I knew the whole cast would be included. I hope this change is permanent. Great to see the whole gang!

  6. I freaked out when I saw that they gave the other actors credits in the opening sequence, and then the Italian food kiss made it perfect.

  7. Thank you so much for doing this, Tanster. I totally missed it because I was laughing so hard from the cold open I had to run to the bathroom. :-) The new credits are great — everyone gets some love!

  8. Unfortunately, this means we give up all the cool office establishing shots of the copier and the paper and stuff.

  9. Yeah, I can’t wait to see if these opening credits are permanent. I hope they are. Also, I love that we had a great episode yesterday and we get a new episode in only 3 days! Yay for not having to wait for a whole week!

  10. Is it odd that I’m actually kinda bummed they changed the credits? I’m not like, enraged about it and I’m still a obsessive fan, I just feel like THOSE were The Office credits, and they were kind of an institution. Dwight shredding a credit card, Pam whiting out numbers, Jim on the phone and circling random things in highlighter…is everyone laughing at me now? lol Anyway, it’s petty, especially considering last night’s episode was a slice of comic heaven.

  11. Lol, I agree with Secondrink. You’re very magical, Tanster. Thank you! These new credits are awesome. I thought I’d be sad when they changed it, but it works well. I like.

  12. The only thing that bothers me about it is that Steve, Rainn, John, Jenna and B.J.’s credits fade onto the screen but everyone else’s are just there when they appear and don’t fade in. Does that make sense?

  13. Tanster, you asked NBC to put the credits online and they did?

    Jeez, lady. You sure have some pull!!!!

  14. As much as I love The Office, I don’t think I’ll ever get warm fuzzies, whatever they are, over the opening credits. They’re credits people.

    *Waits to be banished from the OfficeTally Empire*

  15. Thank you so much, Tanster! And I’ll third Secondrink, while I’m at it. Super awesome powers…

    I hope they keep these – I think I drowned out the new opening credits last night with my squealing – but I will be sad to give up the copy machine and water coolor. D=

  16. I thought this was a perfect time to change the credits! I’m glad the rest of The Office gets their screen time now- well deserved. I almost missed it last night because I wasn’t looking and happened to look up towards the end and was like- “Wait! They finally changed it!” I will miss the old a little but these are a nice change.

    Hey- does anyone remember when they FIRST changed the credits for “Friends” and they featured THE first Ross & Rachel kiss in the rain at the very end??? The JAM kiss SO reminded me of that and is pretty much in the same exact place and the same exact time in the credits now. I know, I am a total weirdo.

  17. Thank you, tanster! No lie – I watched the episode again tonight on my friend’s DVR, then afterward I rewound and watched just the credits about 10 times in a row. LOL I can’t even begin to explain how happy it makes me to see everyone featured.

  18. I too agree with you #4-Secondrink & #16 Baily: she has some kind of powerful hook-up at NBC that I am really HAPPY about! You rock!

    And #15…did you watch it closely? Dwight is still shredding and Jim is still on the phone…at least I saw it.

    I’m very pleased with the new credits :) Totally lovin the italian food jam kiss, it was important to update with such a great moment that is a huge storyline for the show.

  19. Finally!!!! They have ALL deserved to be in the opening credits for a long time! Congrats to all of them! :)

  20. Warm fuzzies have been had, m’lady! Yes, such a thing as opening credits may do that for some of us tallyheads. gracias, me happy!

  21. I don’t know, I kind of liked the old one better- It set The Office apart from the rest of the sitcoms because it didn’t have exactly what it had last night. It used to have mundane scenes from the office like highlighting a paper.

  22. It’s funny, as I was watching the episode I was also cleaning the TV room and I remember thinking, oh I don’t need to pay attention to the credits…and I didn’t, so I completely missed this. I like them, I think :)

  23. New intro rocks!

    And yes, I agree, it is weird that Tanster can just “pull some strings” and get that done. Who ELSE can you pull strings with, hmmmm? The government? The mafia? I’m onto you….

    [from tanster: lol!]

  24. I’m guessing we won’t see this until there’s another 1-hour show… just a guess. More credits=less Office

  25. This will not be an original or constructive comment in any way:

    LOVE IT. Love it, love it, LOVE IT.

  26. When I saw the opening credits I knew this episode would be awesome. Turns out I was right. I am sooo glad they had the Italian food kiss. It is my favorite. Yeah!!

  27. yeah i agree with carla.

    it’s good that they’re all on there, now that they’ve all been having their own plots & stuff for a while… dunno why ryan’s still on there though. maybe he IS coming back ???

  28. i like that the new credits give proper recognition to the whole cast, it really is an ensemble show, but i kind of agree with emily. i liked that they never changed the credits and everyone looked like their old school selves. i thought it was a way to set the show apart as a mockumentary versus a sitcom that updates its credits every season. that said, they could have the fandango puppets acting out the credits and i wouldn’t really care as long as the show stayed as awesome as it is.

  29. So glad everyone is being recognized for their fantastic work…they all deserve their credits!

  30. I was watching with my husband and I got all excited over the new credits!! He was like “Ummmm, ok…” LOL! I thought the music sounded different too, the drums/bass line were more pronounced.

    Just my .02 worth, I think they need a new shot of Ryan/BJ other than the one of him talking on the phone. I love the rest of the opening credits though!

  31. Tanster, I love that you can ask NBC to post things and they do it! You’re so powerful in The Office world!

  32. First off, whoa tanster! I’m impressed with how much of an insider you are now! It’s well deserved, though :)

    And second, though I love when the entire ensemble gets credit for the amazing work they do (I even used to get a little ticked off sometimes with how they weren’t in the opening credits), is it weird that I kind of missed the old credits? I feel like I’m not an appreciative fan of the show when I say that, but I agree with #38. I like the season 1 video.

  33. I hate the new credits. Love the addition of the rest of the cast– but I hate that the “start” of the credits are so obviously different in quality and “look” to the latter half. I think they need to update the ENTIRE credits.

  34. first, I love your power tanster
    second, I get the opening credits now…how they added the rest of the cast (hurray!) I was totally caught off guard on Sunday night and it didn’t register until the Jim and Pam kiss and the end

  35. Reading the comments so far, I wondered where the term “Italian food kiss” came from. I thought maybe it had some other derivation that was picked up on here. So I did a Google search on “italian food kiss” and lo and behold, the reference appears to be uniquely “The Office.” And the very top hit out of the 183 Google currently shows comes right back to this topic in OT. Pretty weird/funny/cool! Ask a question and find you’re already looking at the best answer there is. :-)

    [from tanster: lol! that is funny!]

  36. Are we to assume that Jan is completely gone and Ryan will come back someday? Seems weird with them both gone.

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