1. Why are people being doused with water? I don’t like the cartoony aspects of this show.

  2. Photos 15 & 17 made me chuckle. Dwight can turn anything into a weapon against his peers, in this case a water bucket!

  3. @Paul. Been that way for a while though, right? I mean, this is the group that once ran through a speed radar and Michael claimed to have done the humanly impossible, running 31 MPH. It’s all good.

  4. Jenna Fischer was on The Tonight Show and she showed a preview of this episode…Phyllis is listening to 50 Shades of Grey so I think thats related to the water being poured on her. Maybe Andy listens to it too?

  5. Has anyone else noticed the amount of Apple product placement? Andy’s laptop, his iPod in photo #17, and Phyllis had one!

  6. The look on Angela’s face in number four is the best! And everyone’s just looking at her.

  7. @SlumdunderMifflinaire, yeah, but that was at least believably funny. This show is still OK, but some of the “cartoon” aspects (read, Dwight’s crazy behavior) have really sunk parts of the show.

  8. Ha ha – Seeing Phyllis rocking out with her ipod in one shot, and being doused with a bucket of water in the next was my first huge laugh of the day! Can’t wait to see this! It may be Dwight’s solution to annoying co-workers: have a bucket of water at the ready!

  9. I am really interested to see how the airing of the documentary affects the different characters. As for the water, I don’t mind a bit of slapstick thrown in with the rest of the humour – it’s all about balance. Plus, I think Jen Celotta directed this one, so I have all the confidence in the world that I will enjoy it!

  10. Going by the clip that was shown when Jenna was on The Tonight Show, Phyllis is actually listening to the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ audio book, which is probably why Dwight is throwing the water over her!

  11. Phyllis is totally listening to “50 Shades” audio book…why else would Dwight douse her in water? HAHA

    Pretty sure Andy is too if you look super close at his iPod/iPhone.

  12. Ha ! Great caption, travisspazz ! (comment 1/photo 8)

    Toby97, it also looks like Oscar may have an iPhone in photo 9

  13. Just curious as to why any time there is something to look at on the internet, they always gather around Oscar’s desk…

  14. @Paul: The Office has always been cartoony. If “The Injury” aired 4 years later, it would be absolutely hated as “too cartoony”, “too unrealistic”, etc.

  15. I think picture #15 ties into the promo where Pam and Clark say Phyllis is listening to “50 Shades of Grey” on audiobook.

    Not sure what Andy getting doused in #17 is about.

  16. Don’t get me wrong, I love this show, but it has not “always” been cartoony. There was a drastic quality shift in mid-season 5 when things started to get a little too crazy. The critical reception and ratings started to go down around that time. I dunno, I just miss the season 2 humor. Slapstick every once and awhile isn’t bad, but having it in every episode has made the show not as funny as it used to be.

  17. Paul I agree that the style and dynamics have changed since the beginning. I think it has a lot to do with the change in showrunners and writers. Nine seasons is a long time to keep things even. Who knows we might be complaining that the show got too predictable if that was the case.
    I’m taking these last few episodes as the end of the most treasured show I’ll probably ever find.

  18. @19. Everyone in the office being doused in water seemingly has ear buds in. Andy and Phallus, sorry, Phyllis, (50 shades of gray on the brain) were probably listening to 50 shades of Gray and much like planking, the office collectively decided to dump water on people as a way to get them to stop listening.

  19. I can’t wait for this episode to air! April 4th couldn’t be here soon enough!

  20. Yeah! Banjo time! I love Andy’s banjo moments! *remembers falsetto-singing of Rainbow Connection*

  21. Shouldn’t Oscar & Angela be worried about this documentary coming out since it will “expose” the Senator?

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