1. I have several Schrute Bucks that my boss has given more over the years – do these count? Darn, didn’t think so…

  2. If I had the money, I’d bid on one (or both) of those pairs of Robert California’s Loafers.

    I wonder will any other items will show up on there?

    Either way, I wish good luck to anyone on this site who may have bid on one of these items!

  3. I’d give a kidney for the stuffed Homer. So please, Office gods, DON’T auction that off. Because then I will have to bid to win even though I’m still paying off student loans, and that will be an even worse decision than my liberal arts degree.

    If you want to just give it to me, though, that’d be super!

  4. I won the set of Pam Halpert production used Dunder Mifflin business cards! I’m planning to auction off a few on eBay once I get them in case others are interested in owning a piece of Office history too.

  5. My family all chipped in and bought me Angela’s wedding dress. She’s my favorite character played by my favorite actress on my favorite show. And she married into my favorite couple of all times. I sobbed when I found out that we won. (:

  6. It may have been Michael’s stress ball but Dwight had the best scene EVER with it ~ “….but when they did an ultrasound a few weeks later, they discovered I had resorbed the other fetus”. Oh, man, I miss this show!

  7. Yay! So glad to hear Tallyheads have won some of the items. Just making a list in my head of future things I’d love to bid on. Dwight’s toilet paper rolling machine is definitely on the list!

  8. I received the Pam Halpert business cards and they look awesome! I might send one to Jenna and ask if she’d sign it so I can place it with my autographed picture of her. I also posted one on eBay if anyone is interested.

  9. I wish they announced ahead of time what they would be auctioning off…I don’t really wanna drop a ton of clams on something I really like and then have something I really LOVE pop up later. Either way, these are awesome and I miss this show so, so much.

  10. I love the Belsnickel hat, but it also makes me a little sad because it reminds me there will be no Office Christmas episode this year. Maybe I should buy the hat and re-enact last year’s Christmas show in my living room…

  11. How much did the stress ball go for? I can’t find the closed listings on mobile. Anyone have a link?

    I am still dreading having to bankrupt myself for the Homer. Don’t put it up, Office gods! Ugh.

    [from tanster: the archive of closed auctions starts on this page.]

  12. This is so cool! I’m holding out for a “Darryl” Dunder Mifflin warehouse shirt. That would be amazing! A Vance Refrigeration jacket would be cool, too. I miss this show!!!!

  13. Woo hoo! I won 4 of Angela’s engagement rings, the “rape” flute, Dwight’s Taboo buzzer, and a baby gift wrapped box that Oscar brought Angela’s baby! I love that just an ordinary person can have a memento from the best TV show ever! My family thinks I’m ridiculous but I don’t care!

  14. I would so love to have the note Pam gave to Jim. Too bad it’s just not in the budget.:(

  15. Anyone know who the desk accessories belonged to? Anyone willing to go back and rewatch every episode to find out?

  16. I was thinking about bidding on Toby’s Christmas sweater, but the bids went a little too high for my budget. But now I can’t find it in the list of closed auctions. Anybody know anything about how much it went for?

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