1. That means that last 7 episodes will be played out without any breaks though, I’ll take that

  2. Agreed with Armand. There were going to have to be breaks somewhere based on the finale being May 16th. Better to get it all out of the way now and finish without any weeks off.

  3. Wait…. I was under the impression we’d get a new episode NEXT WEEK! What am I supposed to do without The Office for 6 freakin’ weeks?!? NBC sure doesn’t know how to plan stuff out. Should have just started the season later or told us ahead of time there’d be weird, long gaps between new episodes throughout the year.

  4. Oh, no! This is just like Season 3. I think this is going to be full of angst with Pam & Jim until season finale.

  5. If this is the case, then my worst fears are being realized: I’ve been worried that the writers, instead of tying up all loose ends in a definitive way are creating more, new, arcs than either they can resolve or the viewer even wants in this final season. The fact is, they are. Couple that with NBC’s pretty much shoving the show to the side where promos and hype is concerned, and couple it with this delay….and I’m sorry, but I have a feeling that we are going to feel extremely short changed and unsatisfied with the outcome. I hate to say this. I had such high hopes for this final season, what, with G Daniels at the helm; but the thing is, with 8 episodes left and all the arcs out there that aren’t anywhere near a point of resolution (and considering how many part or nearly entire wasted episodes we’ve seen), we’re going to get a cram it all in the suitcase final stretch with a crappy sappy ending. Sorry. But mark my words.

  6. Well, it would make sense. There’s only 8 episodes left, 7 if you count the fact that the series finale is one hour.

  7. I’m not surprised….I saw this coming. You people DO REALIZE March Madness is coming, so there is nothing that is going to compete with that for 3 weeks.

    [from tanster: ah, good point. i didn’t realize that!]

  8. I’m such a dork – I actually counted the weeks on my calendar. I agree with Zarion and dmdcash – they will start after march madness and run straight through to the end.

  9. The March Madness argument doesn’t fly. The only day that The Office would compete against it is March 28th.

  10. The viewership and ratings shouldn’t matter at this point right? No matter what they will get to finish this show.

  11. Why did they build up the story arcs the way they did right up to Moving On? If this is legit, then what a thing to do to the fans. It would be like going to a movie, watching half way through, and then the lights come on. You’re asked to go home, come back in six weeks, and watch the resolution then. Really?

  12. @#16 I double checked. It’s two Thursdays, the 21st, and 28th. Last year “Get The Girl” ran against basketball, and in 2011, “Garage Sale” did too. In 2010, The Office aired a new episode every night in March. So the idea that they never go up against basketball is incorrect.

  13. A six-week break? Say it isn’t so! It feels like the show has only just returned after its Christmas break.

    Tanster, do you know how many weeks filming they have left? It must only be a week or two, I suppose. I noticed that Mindy Kaling posted a behind-the-scenes photo of Ed Helms and Paul Lieberstein yesterday. they must be in the endgame if Kelly is back. *wails* :-(

  14. Do the math folks. April 4th through May 16 (series finale) is 8 weeks. 8 weeks, 8 episodes left. It’s sad but I think this checks out

  15. Kyle,

    No one said they “never go up against basketball,” but the point is it’s not a smart business decision to do so. It makes sense that they’d want to maximize their audience for the last ride.

  16. And what exactly do they mean by “Enjoy the Best of the Office, Season 1”? Are they going to be airing a special during the break? (Like maybe what the characters will see when the documentary airs?) Or are they gonna be showing season 1 re-runs or something?

  17. Justin, you should really take a look at The Office’s March ratings for the past few seasons. Heck, they’re posted on this site. The NCAA tournament has no impact on TO’s ratings.

  18. @Dave

    BatmanJim said that April4-May 16 is 8 weeks, which is incorrect. We were originally told that Moving On counted as one half hour despite being hourlong. However, now it seems that it’s two as there are eight half hours left and seven weeks of episodes.

    If I had to guess, maybe they’re cancelling the Farm episode.

  19. As much as we’re all glad that NBC decided to give The Office a full 24 episode final season, I think it’s okay to be ticked off at how they are handling this.

  20. @ASFan

    April 4 is one. April 11, April 18, April 25, May 2, May 9, May 16 is an hour. That’s eight.

  21. When I first saw this, it kinda made sense I think these last few episodes will tie up all of these arcs. Heck, we got the Scranton Strangler thing out of the way in the latest episode. It’s gonna be this thing where the minor arcs are gonna be resolved leading up to more major arcs being tied up with each new episode. I think the biggest arc is the JAM drama. They’re gonna save that for the finale. I’m not at all mad at NBC doing this. We’ll have 7 straight weeks of the final episodes. Btw, Tanster, there’s also a semi-confirmation of this on the official website. Where it says “Next On”, it says “Until new shows return, watch full episodes, highlights and bonus scenes online.” So that kinda confirms we won’t see new episodes for a while.

  22. Some people have mentioned on this post and others that the Scranton Strangler story is over. If so, who is it ?

  23. @37 Pam, the Scranton Strangler turned out to be… the convicted Scranton Strangler! Justice was served.

    So many weeks without a new episode of The Office… depressing.

  24. Grrrrrrr! These breaks in between are brutal! I have nothing to look forward on Thursdays they don’t have a new episode.

  25. Mid-season hiatuses are the stupidest things ever. As if NBC isn’t tanking enough already…

  26. Hey Tanster, I had an idea to remember the best of The Office, since its not coming back for weeks. You could change the quotes from the top of the page from quotes in “Moving On” to just the best all time quotes. I think it’d be pretty cool. Thanks.

    [from tanster: good idea, thanks!]

  27. So I guess this means before we see another episode, they will be all done taping shows? I hope the spoiler people get us some good info during this time. (PLEASE???)

  28. I look forward to the new episodes even though they are still so far away! This kind of is preparing me for the day there are no new Office episodes. I can’t believe the show is ending! It has been a part of my Thursday nights for such a long time.

  29. This may have been mentioned already, but ESPN’s interview with Ryan Howard (Phillies ballplayer) says that Howard will be in the March 28th episode. Hmm…

  30. @44
    Lol you beat me to it. I was going to post this but aside from that…..

    Omg!!! Great News!!! :)

  31. When I was watching Off their Rockers last night I saw a promo for Parks and Rec then after that is said “The Office is back continuing the farewell season”

  32. #40 Dundies: I absolutely agree!But I am very grateful for the hour episodes! I mean we have to live without new episodes forever after this year! What am i going to do without a month of The Office????

  33. NBC.com says right on its homepage that new episodes of the office return in 2 weeks. Which would be March 14. Check it out.

  34. NBC’s home page is now saying that new episodes return in 2 weeks… ! (That would be March 14)

  35. @ 50, 51, 52
    thanks for the information
    that means there will be one on the 14th, don’t know about the 21st and there will be one on the 28th
    BUT! in the spoiler section Angela says they will work until the 15th then episodes will air in Apr/May
    I don’t know what that means…
    Ugh this season schedule is confusing! lol but I LOVE The Office so I will be glad when we DO get a new episode :)

  36. Why is there such a delay in the first place? I thought we already had the mid-season break! :[

  37. @JoeMama

    Not enough episodes (8 left) to last until May 16th. If they played them week after week, the show would be finished in April. I’d rather have the show be on for as long as possible.

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