1. A lot of our friends are office fanatics so we are going to watch our top 5 episodes and eat a lot of junk food before the big premiere!

  2. We’re playing the Office Trivia board game before the show and in the spirit of weight loss, having Subway sandwiches (and Angela’s double-fudge brownies, which pretty much cancels it out…).

  3. My friend and I both wear our Office themed tee shirts to our classes and try to use Office quotes to answer questions whenever possible (almost like an Office themed game). Also, saying TWSS when appropriate.

  4. that’s so lame. :[
    i wanna go to a par-tay.
    i’m probably just going to be sitting in my room,
    smiling like an idiot.

  5. Those cookies are d’awesome! My favorites are the burned feet (hysterical) and the green teapot (aaawww). Great job. Now I’m hungry…

  6. I’ll be celebrating by driving home from class while the show is on, hoping that the power doesn’t go out from 9-10 so my VCR tapes the show, get home, grab some food, run upstairs, rewind the tape at 10:01, hit Play and revel in the greatness that is The Office.

    It shouldn’t be that hard (TWSS!), but that’s the price I pay for taking a Thursday night class. :)

  7. I’ll be alone to watch the episode…My husband has class tonight. So I’ll order some sushis, open up a bottle of white wine and get in my most confortable PJs! :) I’ll watch it, Tivo and my mom will also record it on VHS just in case…;)

  8. Yay!!!!! I’m not going to an official party, but I can’t believe the premiere is TONIGHT!!! I’m almost bursting with anticipation! (TWSS) I will be at home watching intensely and heading to OfficeTally immediately afterwards for all the Tallyhead comments and the quote bank from Tanster/Tan Monster. : )

  9. My favorite way to celebrate The Office is with Office cupcakes!


    Nothing feels quite as festive as a tiny cake with Office-related words written on top of it!

  10. i AM CELEBRATING!! We are having a “THE OFFICE” premiere party in Greensboro, NC! woot woot.

  11. Here in Nashua, NH there is a radio station party celebrating the premiere tonight. We’re very excited to be a part of this episode!

  12. Though I’m not hosting an “official” premiere party, I’m excited! Friends are coming over a few hours early to play the new board game, and then we’ll watch “The Job” right before the new season starts. It’s going to be an “Office” filled evening!

  13. I have a full day of classes, including a class on The Beatles that runs from 7-9 (meaning I’ll miss the first 15 minutes of The Office), so my girlfriend and I will be watching it on Hulu or NBC.com.

    It’s a tough decision between The Beatles and The Office.

  14. I’m watching by myself at home…was supposed to watch with some friends…but they have an Memorial Service to go to…Hope everyone enjoys!

  15. My celebration will consist of my wife and I cuddling up on the couch and spending a nice quiet evening together watching our favorite night of television ;)

  16. I’m having friends over to watch the premiere… we’re all dressing up like characters and I’m making jello :-)

  17. Here in Ohio, my sons & I are putting on our Dunder Mifflin Paper Company pj bottoms and having popcorn while we watch the premiere. (Ok, so I’m wearing men’s pjs–sue me–there was no female version!)

    Looking forward to reading comments, etc. on OfficeTally after the show airs. That definitely enhances my enjoyment of the greatness that is “The Office”.

    Tanster, thank you for all the work you do on this site. It is greatly appreciated by this fan.

  18. Those cookies are great!

    We’re starting the party at 11am, where my friends and I are watching all of the fourth season, playing the trivia games, and eating food representing each character from the show! Can’t wait till tonight!!!

  19. my friends once made a batch of cookies, and decorated them to represent each character on the office. The rest of us had to guess who each of them were. I wish we had taken pictures.

    A dorm across campus is having an Office party with “cookies, drinks, and jello!” but i don’t want to walk all the way back in the dark so I’m heading upstairs to my friend’s room to watch it.

  20. #23 Alex, I share your pain. I have class from 8-9. I’ll probably tell them I have to leave a little bit early and get back in time to see it. If not, my friend said he would TiVo it for me… but there’s nothing like watching it “live.”

  21. Those are so cute and creative! My favorite is the “Sprinkles” cookie. I’ve been blanking on creative cookie ideas for tonight. All I came up with is “Angela’s brownies”…and Kevin’s M&Ms.
    Happy Premier Thursday everyone!

  22. My boyfriend is, at this very moment, putting a coworker’s stapler in Jello. For the show tonight, we’re JAM-ing it up, having a just-the-two-of-us night with Italian food (since Jim’s in love with it) and Jello.

    Can. Not. Wait.

  23. This is the first year I haven’t been at school for our annual Office par-tay and it’s depressing! Instead, I’ll probably be sitting in my living room with Chili’s takeout.

    Tanster, I wanted to wear my Officetally.com shirt to school today, but I doubt the administration would approve of it as appropriate teacher dress. :-(

  24. Our party keeps growing! Stapler in the Jello mold centerpiece, Board game tournament, Thai food (because ham sandwiches and mixed berry yogurt didn’t cut it), and Target $1 bin party favors… I can’t wait!

  25. Thursdays are Office/Pizza/Beer night for my bf and I. It’s been a tradition every Thursday (during the season) for three years now. Hooray!! I’m so excited!

  26. Oh my goodness I am so excited for tonight. I’m going to college on the east coast, which is nice since I used to live in the west and always had to wait three hours after everyone else. Also, I got one of my roommates hooked on the show. We watched all the seasons in about a two week period so that she could get caught up. We will be watching it in one of our dorm lounges with a huge group.

  27. I just moved out to LA for grad school. Definitely skipping choir tonight to attend the Westwood Chili’s premiere!

  28. My boyfriend had to be away on business this week. So he’s in LA and I’m in New York, but we’re getting together for an online “date” to watch the show together via iChat! Office premieres are a tradition for us.

  29. I’m having a Office party with some friends tonight. The appetizers include: Soft Pretzels w/ assorted toppings, a Dwight stress ball in jello, and Nog-a-sakis. I’m so excited!!

    Tanster–I really appreciate all of the stuff you’ve been posting, especially the midweek tally!

  30. I’m working from 5:30-10:30 pm tonight, so I’ll also be taping The Office premiere and watching it later…more than once! I’m also taping Survivor so I’ve got a long night ahead of me!

  31. I’m in the same situation as Dan, #30. LOL I’ll just be curled up with my dog at home. Coincidentally, I’ve been on a “weight loss” kick myself this summer, but I think I’ll celebrate tonight by having some yummy snacks while I watch. ;)

    I can’t believe Season 5 is finally here! I couldn’t be more excited!!

  32. My co-worker just called in sick, so i have to work until 8pm central time, and it takes me 45 minutes to get home. So yeah, I’ll be celebrating with a single tear…
    This sucks! So is the Office still going to be posted on Hulu at 2am? I need to know if I can watch it ASAP, even if it isn’t as it happens! So depressing.

  33. I am ordering in some Chili’s and getting my Office on!!! The 25th is FINALLY here! Thank God for OfficeTally because I never would have made it without! Thanks, Tanster!

  34. For all who can’t watch it live, I feel your pain as well. I have Band Rehearsal 6-9 to learn a new drill for homecoming tomorrow. And our band teacher is a nut.

  35. Who wants to bet that this $700 billion bailout plan will be approved right around 9/8c, taking over all of our regular programming? Grr!

  36. The burned foot cookies are hilarious! Got a good chuckle out of those – thanks for sharing! :)

  37. It’s finally here! I wish we were having a party, but I’ll be watching it at home with the hubby, after a dinner of Big Tuna Noodle Casserole and Angela’s Double Fudge Brownies for dessert.

  38. OMG I am so excited!! I’m not really doing anything special, just watching :) Tanster, I feel for you… you’re going to have to moderate a gazillion comments… maybe we should just all refrain from writing anything. Haha. That would be pretty hard though.

  39. SO… this is officially the best way to celebrate my 30th Birthday! Office party at my house with all my buddies. Whoohooo I can’t wait, happy birthday to me. :)

  40. Love all those cookies! I am staying at home, locking myself in my parents’ room, and watching it. All by myself. In the dark. So I can take EVERYTHING in. And calling my Dunderhead BFF during the commercials, of course.

  41. I’m hosting the official party in Chicago! We’ve got a box full of Herr’s Chips, M&Ms, margaritas and Nifty Giftys for all!

  42. my office, we work at a pool, are having our own office premiere party. yay for workplace bonding over a show that rocks the workplace!!!
    : )

  43. I feel so un-special. I didn’t do anything for the premiere, even though I’m such a big fan. Bleh.

  44. man! much better than my party.

    my roommate and i hosted a party through our version of the “Finer Things Club”, where we all dressed up as our favorite characters. We ordered “Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe” pizza (aka Domino’s with a piece of paper stating otherwise taped on) and watched the finale of season 4 before watching the beginning of season 5.

    but no fabulous cookies! :(

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