1. Anyone else, get that look from Rainn when he said that Amy Ryan was a good fit for Dwight?? Awesomeness

  2. Haha, I noticed that too. If you look closely you can also see “Michael dies” written under it.

  3. Maoglone – I think it’s a fake spoiler! It also says “Michael dies” and I can’t read the other one, but it’s about Dwight…

  4. It says “Dwight is a cylon” and “Jan has triplets”

    The writers are a bunch of pranksters, which is why we love them :-)

  5. I wouldn’t be so sure that was the writers…that stuff wasn’t on the white board when Rainn did his interview…

  6. I REALLY enjoy Kristin and I think she’s GREAT at interviews…but I was disappointed when she seemed more interested in Dwight/Angela than Jim/Pam…JAM FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  7. ha. i like that lady that interviews, kristin dos santos. she’s always really funny, she doesn’t use notes, she knows what she’s talking about, she seems to even be friends with some of the actors, i remember in one interview she mentions dinner with john krasinski. anyway, great interviews.

  8. Yeah, I also love how big a fan Kristin seems to be! It’s what makes it so much fun to watch these interviews. I also loved how Rainn asked her if she was a JAM fan and she was kinda just like, Uh sure but I really like Dwangela. Maybe I just liked that part because I too am a huge Dwangela fan?

  9. I am so distracted by that damn white board i can’t listen to Kate!!

    Pam is a man!?!?! nuuuuuuuuu

  10. About the whiteboard. It’s a joke. Or they have a lot of ideas they throw out that never make it to the script. I’m sure for every brilliant idea there are a dozen bad ones that don’t make it.

  11. 20–
    That was also a joke. Pretty much half of what Rainn says is sarcasm. Maybe like, two-thirds.

  12. i know this sounds weird and backwards but i sort of feel MORE confident about jam the more i hear about angst for the other couples. i mean, a girl who is engaged to one guy (who isn’t a bad guy just not the “one” for her) and her soul mate is another guy in the office? where have i heard that before? it makes me feel like they wouldn’t be exploring 2 other love triangle plots if they were going to have major jam angst this season too, it seems like it would be too much.

  13. I love the Angela/Oscar ones!
    The stuff on the board is obviously not happening, but I can definitely see Jan having triplets. lol.

  14. tuna tuna tuna,
    I love your rationalization and I agree with you wholeheartedly. Too much angst is not the Office’s style. Oh and I can’t help but think of a Greg Daniel’s quote from Comic Con that Jim and Pam are soulmates. Angela (the actress, not the character) thinking that Dwight and Angela are soulmates is cute, but not indicative of the direction the show may take. Now Greg Daniels, on the other hand, has a direct role in the direction the story takes the two folks that he sees as soulmates. I hope that makes you feel better in the same way your comment made me feel more confident about our favorite couple in this upcoming season.

  15. I can’t wait for Thursday…I am so Pumped! I hope the country does not go into a complete financial mess before Thursday. After Thursday, we can deal with it. COME ON BUSH, PULL IT TOGETHER! WE NEED OUR OFFICE FIX!

  16. Poor little Pregnant Angela, being ‘straddled’ by Rainn, nine months pregnant. She should be given bonus pay for that.

  17. “Believe in Boston” on the green poster…that is so funny.

    Not really, it’s breaking my heart because I’m a Minnesota Timberwolves fan (was born there) and you see, they traded Kevin Garnett to the Celtics (Boston) and when he was with Minnesota, he was awesome but the team never quite got past being less than awesome and then he goes to Boston and they win the Championship the first year he is there. So, you see the pain I’m feeling. We don’t need to ‘believe in Boston’ anymore, we need to help and start believing in Minnesota.

  18. The way Angela described little Isabel playing w/Steve Carell reminded me of Michael & his interactions w/Toby’s daughter Sasha & Carol’s 2 kids – too cute! :)

  19. Remember in ‘Beach Games’ Oscar says – ‘I might try girls for a while.’ do you think the writers will ever follow that up? Is Oscar still with Gil? I love Oscar.

  20. I can’t wait to see what Rainn does at the Emmys! You know he’s going to do SOMETHING but I just don’t know what…

  21. “Angela (the actress, not the character) thinking that Dwight and Angela are soulmates is cute, but not indicative of the direction the show may take. ”

    Early Worm, don’t say that! Please, it breaks my heart to hear you say that! I need Dwight and Angela to be together… I’m nervous enough about what is going to happen in the premiere, and I don’t want to hear anymore negative feelings about Dwangela!
    I’m so anxious for the season premiere that now I am feeling more sick to my stomach than excited…

  22. I love how Angela remembered the replacement cat’s name was Garbage. A lot of actors don’t seem to know much about what happened in past episodes of the show.

  23. I love these! I can barely contain myself right now. Thursday is so close yet so far away.

    *dreamy sigh*

  24. early worm- i think i remember that greg daniels quote but thanks for the reminder! it does add more confidence. i do agree with angela that, in their own weird way, angela and dwight are soulmates too. i am interested to see this season who i root more for, michael and holly (who definitely SEEM perfect) or michael and jan (who clearly have real love and a history). only 5 more days!

  25. #40 (nicole)-
    Don’t be worried! The writers created Dwangela, they know that they are soulmates! Dwight and Angela will end up together if we true Dwangela fans just believe in the power of crazy obsession.

  26. bahhhhh less than a week!!! how will I be able to get anything done this week?? sit in a desk for four days before thursday night??? so not gonna happen. but alas, the world does not stop for the office. well, mine does.
    p.s. these interviews are so funny! I love Kristin’s interviews, definitely one of my favorite people to watch with the office cast!

  27. Hey Tanster – I don’t know if the problem is on your end or mine but I’m seeing Oscar’s last name as “Nuñez” in firefox. Just thought I’d let you know!

    [from tanster: thanks for letting me know! should be fixed now … :) ]

  28. Oh my gosh I can’t wait for Thursday! I am so happy that my roommate got a tv this weekend, other wise I don’t know if I could even watch it on Thursday.

  29. Angela looks like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons in the picture for her video before you play it.

  30. wow, being a tipster is so exciting! who knew :)
    i wonder if she will talk to john and jenna and steve? this definitely is helping to get me through these last couple days, as are all the comments and discussion threads!

  31. I love Phyllis! Although I’m counting the days ’til John’s interview. Oh, and the season premiere.


  32. Did anyone else notice the whiteboard behind Phyllis and Ed? “Pam is a man” that cracked me up majorly.

  33. Melora is so pretty! She was gorgeous at the Emmys too. I like how everybody from the cast seems to really love the show! :)

  34. I’ve never heard Leslie David Baker speak apart from when he is Stanley and I was surprised at how softly spoken he is! Anyone else?

  35. Of course, I’m a Michael fan and I’m rooting for Dwangela, but I sooooo want Jim and Pam to get married. They’re soulmates!

  36. I agree, I’ve seen Leslie in a couple other interviews and he is always soft spoken and in a good mood. p.s. A wedding between michael and jan would be ridiculous!

  37. i feel that amy ryan’s last episode will not only have michael in tears, but everyone else as well. everyone’s so obsessed with jim and pam, but they had pretty much 4 seasons to themselves…i’m probably the only one that’s tired of them.

  38. Ed = A-dorable. So cute… love him. And Steve. And John. And Rainn. Ah, screw it! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

  39. Melora’s awesome. And I so want Michael and Jan (the *real* Jan, not S4 crazy Jan) as endgame. They complete each other.

  40. SHOOT! I’m liking Michael and Holly together and the fact that Amy Ryan just said that she’s only there for a “limited time” makes me very depressed.

  41. I am not going to lie, I prefer Holly to Jan. Jan is sort of old news to me. Last season it was about her meltdown and now I feel her character is sort of done. Holly on the other hand is fresh blood and is an exciting dynamic for the show. I’d prefer Jan was the limited character and Jan was the long run. But that’s just my opinion.

  42. Dammit, I really like Amy Ryan. I so want her and Michael to end up together. :( Jan and Michael do not freaking work… at all.

  43. Can we keep Amy Ryan forever? I mean Ed was originally just to be there for a few episodes. Melora was just a “guest star” It can happen right?

  44. Amy Ryan is fabulous!

    During Brian’s interview I kept straining my eyes to read the other side of the whiteboard. There’s something like: “Objective Moderator: *Jim” Anybody else have a thought on that?

  45. Totally agree #79 muppets babies tatoo. Can we please keep Amy, oh dear Office writers,can we pretty please?

  46. I agree with 81 and 79!

    Holly just became my new favorite character. Please please please don’t take her away!

  47. Amy Ryan says in the video that her character is there for a limited time. Am I understanding her right, did she mean that the way it sounds? As if there’s a finite amount of episodes she is there for and she’s not just a new regular permanent character?

    If so, you might want to put a spoiler warning on that, tanster.

  48. Oh goodness. I certainly love Holly/Amy Ryan.

    Hey does anyone know if the new episodes will still be going up at NBC.com at 2am Friday morning? I have to work til 11 tomorrow night, meaning I will miss the premiere. (I am extremely upset about this, trust me). So if anyone knows, I would really appreciate it!

  49. #83- I think it’s general knowledge that she’s only on for a limited number of episodes (6, maybe).

    I wish she was a permanent character though.

  50. I love all the new information, but am I the only one who has difficulty watching these. The interviewer drives me up a wall.

  51. I agree with #83: Tanster please put a spoiler warning up. I was watching the Amy Ryan interview – I didn’t know she wasn’t a permanent character. That means Michael will end up with Jan :-(
    As well as her comments about other characters not liking her and her confrontation with Jan I think this interview could be considered spoiler-ish. If anything says spoiler I avoid it like the plague but watched these interviews because it didn’t say spoiler.
    #85 :Perhaps her limited term was common knowledge to others but if you knew how hard I worked to avoid spolier-ish information you’d understand! Thanks.

  52. So the whiteboard says:
    -Jim takes up handball
    -Angela marries Creed
    -Dwight is a ??? (not sure what it says)
    -Jan has triplets
    -Pam is a man

    Nice red herrings thrown in by the crew to screw with us! I could buy Jan having triplets though.

  53. it says Dwight is a cylon. it’s from Battlestar Galactica.

    yes, I’m kind of ashamed that I know that. my friends watch it. :)

  54. Is it just me, or is Amy Ryan really attractive?

    Sorry just to comment on her looks. She’s an excellent actor, too.

  55. It’s cute how flirtatious Kristin and John are!

    Oh wait. No. it’s not. *grinds teeth*

    thanks for posting the vids! TODAY’S THE DAY! I’m so excited.

  56. Could John BE any cuter?? I am so freakin’ excited for tonight!!!!!!!!!!

    T minus 12 1/2 hours and counting…

  57. I wonder what Kristen was going to ask John before he interupted. She began, “One question the fans really wanted to know was…..” WHAT?!

  58. “So the whiteboard says:
    -Jim takes up handball
    -Angela marries Creed
    -Dwight is a ??? (not sure what it says)
    -Jan has triplets
    -Pam is a man”

    I could also see Oscar marrying Creed.

  59. That John interview made my day. His Craig Ferguson appearance was a little rough, but this was good ol’ charming, sarcastic, lovable John! I am now going to watch it about three more times!

  60. Oh, come on! John with the Bawston accent?! It’s just too much :) I’d love to hear all of the Boston folks on this show use their natural accents sometime; I wonder if Steve even has one? 7h 20m til S5!!!

  61. LOL I think Kristen forgets she’s married every time she interviews or talks to John. Hey, I would to!

  62. as tough as it is to watch ‘watch with kristin’ segments, i adore when she interviews john because she just can’t help but be a giggly girl. which i believe is something that would befall most of us :)

    also – just want to complain openly – i’m in japan right now with no way to watch tonight (er, my early morning). booooooo :(

  63. Wow, that background music is super cheesey. It sounds like the disney channel or something like that. But the interview was good! John just got me SUPER excited for this season.

  64. There are also two very short videos on Kristin’s page after the John interview…nothing too important but they’re funny!


  65. There are no words that really express how incredible John Krasinski is in every way. Sigh.

    But Jim is thinking about not proposing? NO! I can’t take any more sad Jim.

  66. 43 min to go people!!!! WOOOT!

    PS- Futher proof that John and I are soulmates, he has my workout routine : )

  67. LOL, Yeah, John, if I got to kiss JF when I got to work I might think work was fun with awesome energy too!

  68. What a great episode! Started out a little slow and then just kept building and getting better and better. I was totally NOT expected the Jam thing! So they couldn’t have done a better job. Hooray!

  69. Psst…this is Jen. I help out Kristin over at E! Online, and if there’s anyway you kiddos could go post “yay I love The Office/JKras/Kristin” in the comments on the item on the EOL site, it would help us a lot in convincing our bosses to let us do more on it even though it doesn’t get the ratings of GA or House.


  70. It’s so hard not to squee when John is on the screen. So…I squee alone (that’s what she said). Wait…that came out wrong. (TWSS).

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