The Office Season 6 spoilers and news

January 27: Ask Ausiello

Question: Are Dwight and Angela ever getting back together on The Office? — Mario

Ausiello: At Saturday’s SAG Awards, winner B.J. Novak hinted that Dwight and Angela would reunite “in a very interesting way,” adding, “They are not going to easily and quietly fall back into a relationship.”

January 25: Watch With Kristin

Natalie in Toronto: I’m so excited to see Kathy Bates on The Office. Can you tell us anything else about her role at Dunder Mifflin?
“There are going to be some new shakeups with people’s jobs, and you’re going to see some people come into the office that maybe weren’t in the office before,” Jenna Fischer (Pam) tells us when asked about the big corporate buyout. “Our jobs are going to switch a little bit, and when you meet [Kathy’s] character, she’s just going to blow people away.” But Mindy Kaling says everything will end up A-OK. “Every year or so there’s some scary thing that happens, and then it’s fine.”

Diandra in Napa Valley, Calif.: Any fun stuff to look forward to on The Office?
Um, how about a baby, Bates and BFFs? The Office crew just wrapped the first of Oscar winner Kathy Bates’ episodes, and Mindy couldn’t stop raving about her: “She’s just amazing, that woman can swear! I like a woman who can curse, and she curses a ton.” But count her out of a potential Kathy-Kelly friendship. Says Mindy: “We have one scene together, and I think her character has very little patience for mine.” Of course, we also asked Mindy about Pam and Jim’s baby, but the writer-producer-actor claimed that she’s still in the dark about whether it’s a boy or a girl.

Melissa in Los Angeles: Why is no one addressing the real issue with The Office buyout: Will studly CFO David Wallace be back?
Our apologies for skipping such a serious issue. We actually just spoke with Andy Buckley about the future of The Office’s David Wallace, and he tells us: “Wallace’s future is up in the air, so let’s start the Save Wallace campaign. I sense I’ll show up again, but I don’t know.” As for the big buyout, Andy advises fans not to miss the Feb. 4 episode when “very interesting things happen at corporate.”

January 22: NBC

Summary for the Feb. 11 episode ‘The Manager and the Salesman’:

THE OFFICE GETS A VISIT FROM THE SABRE CEO — KATHY BATES (“THE BLINDSIDE,” “REVOLUTIONARY ROAD”) AND ZACK WOODS (“THE HONKYS”) GUEST STARS-The office is eager to welcome Sabre CEO Jo Bennett (guest star Kathy Bates) to Scranton, and are dazzled by her Southern ways. But when Jo finds out there are two branch managers, she says either Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) or Jim (John Krasinski) must go back to being a salesman. Meanwhile, Andy’s (Ed Helms) Valentine’s Day plan backfires. Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Angela Kinsey, Phyllis Smith, Oscar Nunez, Creed Bratton, Paul Lieberstein, B.J. Novak and Ellie Kemper star.

January 21: Wall Street Journal

Interview with Andy Buckley (“David Wallace”):

… Buckley may not be employed on “The Office” much longer. Dunder Mifflin’s CFO David Wallace is in danger of being fired, along with several other top executives after the announcement of a company buyout.

“David Wallace’s fate will be decided on Feb. 4,” Buckley said, adding that even he doesn’t know what the producers have in store for his character.

January 21: Watch With Kristin

… Ed Helms’ Nard-Dog keeps earning brownie points with Erin, and the weirdos (as Ellie Kemper hilariously describes them) are finally going on a real-life date. As per usual around The Office, the outing will not go as planned …

Brian Baumgartner told us Kevin’s making some huge changes, and that’s going to open the door to love.

“Kevin is gonna find some love. Well, we hope,” teased Brian. “Let’s hope you get to know her. Let’s hope she’s really, really good-looking for Kevin’s sake.”

“Over the last part of the season, he is going to commit himself to working harder at his job and really try to improve himself as an accountant. We’ll see how that goes.”

January 20: The Abington Journal

In preparation for an episode of NBC’s “The Office” that will air during the show’s upcoming season, The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce recently collected Scranton-related items with a St. Patrick’s Day theme. Select items from the collection will be used as props in an upcoming episode of “The Office” that will feature scenes during the annual parade. While the episode will be taped in California, producers were looking to collect as many items as possible related with Scranton and “parade day” festivities, according to Mari Potis, membership director for the chamber.

I confirmed with a show staffer that they’re filming the St. Patrick’s Day episode this week!

January 18: TV Guide

The Office’s Mindy Kaling reveals her character, Kelly, may be auditioning for American Idol in an upcoming episode, but says, “she won’t get very far in the process. She’ll have one of those horrible auditions.” Isn’t there also the matter of her being, well … way too old? Mindy says, “She may be lying about her age to qualify.”

January 17: L.A. Times

Jenna Fischer tells the L.A. Times on the Golden Globes red carpet that she now knows the sex of the baby!

January 15: NBC

Summary for the Feb. 4 episode, Sabre:

DUNDER MIFFLIN GETS BOUGHT OUT — KATHY BATES (“THE BLIND SIDE,” “REVOLUTIONARY ROAD”) GUEST STARS — When Sabre comes in to take over Dunder Mifflin, Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) struggles to accept Sabre’s new policies. Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jim (John Krasinski) have an interview for a local daycare they really want to get into. Andy (Ed Helms) and Erin (Ellie Kemper) work on a welcome song for Sabre as Erin waits for Andy to ask her out. Rainn Wilson, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Angela Kinsey, Phyllis Smith, Oscar Nunez, Creed Bratton, Paul Lieberstein and B.J. Novak also star.

January 13: TV Guide

When Academy Award winner Kathy Bates joins NBC’s The Office for an upcoming story arc as Jo, a bossy Floridian executive, she won’t be alone. She’ll be bringing with her a crony named Gabe, played by Zach Woods, who appeared in the 2009 James Gandolfini film, In The Loop.

“Gabe fills the role that Jan (Melora Hardin) used to have,” says the Executive Producer Greg Daniels. “He’s the guy who goes from branch to branch, whom people have to report to.”

In other words, Michael (Steve Carell) will hate him. We can also look forward to the impending birth of Pam and Jim’s baby. Daniels says Pam will try to hold her baby in past midnight so that she can get a full two days in the hospital before her insurance plan kicks her out. Pam’s mom (Linda Purl) will be returning to see her new granddaughter, but it is Michael who will of course be more excited than anyone by the baby’s birth. But Daniels adds, “I don’t think Michael’s expecting her to take maternity leave. He hasn’t quite thought this out.”

Daniels also hints that a day care center could soon be opening at Dunder Mifflin. Hope they reserve a spot for Michael!

Tipster: Rachel

January 13, 2010: Ask Ausiello

Question: Is Amy Ryan returning to The Office? — Dan

Ausiello: Yes! Eventually! “I really want her to come back at some point, but there’s nothing definite right now ,” says Office e.p. Greg Daniels. “But I have all the plans in the world to have her back. Michael needs to see her again. They have so much that’s not resolved.” For now, Michael will have his hands full dealing with all the turmoil at Dunder Mifflin under new boss Kathy Bates. And when that crisis passes, Daniels hints that Michael may start dating again. “I expect probably before the end of the year that there may be something [romantic] for him.”

January 10, 2010: Watch With Kristin

Marisa in Pasadena, Calif.: I’m dying for more Subtle Sexuality on The Office. Any chance that’s on the way?

You’re never going to believe this, but The Office mastermind Greg Daniels just told us: “I’ve been encouraging Subtle Sexuality to go on tour.” Seriously! Greg also promises there’s more where that came from. “They have other songs and stuff.”

January 10, 2010: Watch With Kristin

“Part of the concept is that Pam is trying to hold the baby in until after midnight so that she can get the maximum time in the hospital, so the HMO will…If she comes in at 11:50, her first day is ten minutes and then she gets 24 hours after that, so she’s trying to keep the baby in while she’s at work and trying to distract herself. That’s the plot of the first half-hour.”

And Daniels says the rest of the Dunder Mifflin gang will be in on it: “They are all aware that she’s in labor, and she pushes it maybe too far.”

Meanwhile, Kathy Bates is coming on board as CEO of the new parent company that buys Dunder Mifflin. Daniels tells us of her character:

“She’s a larger than life character. She has two giant Great Danes that accompany her to the office, and she’s very funny. Fantastic actress. We’re very excited to have an academy award person on the show.”

January 10, 2010: NBC press release

Pam and Jim experience the birth of their baby in a special two-part episode of “The Office” on Thursday, March 4 and Thursday, March 11 (9-9:30 p.m. ET both nights).

In “The Office,” Oscar and Golden Globe Award winner Bates (“Misery,” “The Late Shift”) portrays the CEO of Sabre, the mysterious company that buys Dunder Mifflin. The charismatic and iconoclastic CEO is the most exciting guest the Scranton branch has ever seen — and a Southern charmer who has always done things her way. Bates will appear in a multi-episode arc beginning on Thursday, February 4.


  1. I think if Holly sticks around, Jan will make good drama. I don’t think they did enough with her after the baby.

  2. This is good news.

    The Jan storyline was very significant and there’s no closure there. Just an emotionally cryptic “Don’t date Holly”?????

    They can’t leave such a significant character like that.

  3. Ms. Levenson– Season 2 Ms. Levenson– you are needed. Badly. Come home (and be sane, please!)!!!

    “Just call me Levenson in the mornin’, baby…”

  4. Yay, we get to see Jan again! Hopefully more than once a season.

    Jan is a good foil to Michael/Holly. If she turns out to be Michael’s babymama after all, the writers can easily weave her in and out of the show every so often without needing a contrived reason. She can be a presence in Michael and Holly’s relationship even off-camera. Happy soulmate couples can get boring very quickly.

  5. Yey for Jan being back! I’ll second the “no crazy Jan, please”. The “that’s funny” put down to Holly was the only real Jan moment in the entire Baby Shower episode. The last episodes just seemed as if they were thinking “how unlikable can we make Jan so Holly seems the best choice”.

  6. I’m in favor for Jan coming back, but only if her storyline comes full circle. It hasn’t yet, and it was frustrating that it didn’t happen in Season 5, so hopefully it’ll happen next season.

  7. Did anyone see TV Guide’s “Guide to 16 season finales”? The Office is on there. Just a heads up, there’s kind of a big-ish spoiler in it- not sure just HOW spoiled you all want to be.

  8. I had a feeling we were not going to see a JAM wedding this season. Oh well. I’m really interested with holly coming back if we will ever find out what was in that letter that michael stole off her computer.

  9. Honestly, I like Jan as a character, but she’s the most irritating over-talker on the dvd commentaries. Perhaps a rider could be written into her contract excluding her from them! Has anyone else noticed that? I wish Creed would be more active in commentaries.

  10. (to clarify, I’m criticizing Melora Hardin’s commentary skills, not Jan’s strength as a character.)

  11. I think you Jan-haters are forgetting one of the best episodes of season 4 – The Dinner Party. More please!

  12. I’m not a huge Jan fan (I miss season two Jan) although, Nazy is right- she was great in Dinner Party.

  13. Jan’s character is flush, so as long as what they do is reasonable, I’m okay with it.

  14. I’m very happy and quite surprised to see how excited people are to see Jan return! I’ve always been a M/J follower and have been anxiously awaiting for her to return. I’m just happy to see people actually DID like her. I would just love her to break down, so we can understand why she is the way that she is.

  15. Am in total agreement with Peter about Melora’s commentaries -they never fail to annoy me. But I do enjoy Jan as a character most of the time.

  16. Season 6 will be great!! They Have to bring Todd Packer back! It’s so funny the way he thought Jim was gay!

  17. I wish Holly would come back – I liked Jan until she was no longer with DM. Her relationship with Michael became just plain abusive at that point, and hard to watch. But Holly was so sweet and brought out a side of Michael that wasn’t so yappy little dog-ish.

    I love the show, by the way.

  18. I’m another who would like to see a level-headed Jan. I liked her best when she was ultra professional, trying to deny her illogical attraction to Michael

  19. @ comment 21
    I totally agree, but I don’t see how she can get back to that. I would prefer not to see her at all rather than have her transform into a sane person again.

  20. I am so excited about Jambino! Imagine the storyline possibilities… morning sickness, cravings, mood swing sales calls, Uncles Mikey and Dwight… I also think that during Company Picnic, Pam was only a few weeks pregnant, so there is a chance the baby can be born on Valentine’s Day or even Michael’s Birthday. I think it would be hilarious for Pam to go into labor in the middle of his party.

  21. @23 -Yeah, I’m really excited to see what they do, too! I’m more excited than ever to see the Jim/Dwight/Pam desk dynamic. I’m actually really excited to see how they tell everyone…even the cameras, who know, but don’t “officially” know. Do we think the season will pick up in real time, or only a week or so after the finale? Or even the day after? PLEASE let it be an hour-long!

    About the whole Jan storyline…I kind of wish they’d just leave it alone. Trying to write them back together would seem lazy, imo, especially if they just set them (Jan and Michael) up together.

    This finale was just so different from last year…there was no end to the cliffhangers, but this year there isn’t as many specifics to speculate on.

  22. @ 19: I would LOVE to see Todd Packer’s reaction when he learns that Jim got Pam pregnant! Overall, I’m looking forward to Season 6, but I hope the wedding takes place at the very beginning of the season; maybe the season premiere? I don’t want Pam and Jim to get married when Pam is 9 months pregnant or when their kid is already born.

  23. oh please, please, please bring todd packer back in season 6. todd packer and erin, that’s all i ask. todd packer, erin and dwangela. all i ask is that you bring back todd packer, erin, dwangela and holly, and that is all i need.

  24. Tanster, do you know how many episodes of “The Office” have been ordered for next season?

  25. I hope it’s set up some how that dwight has to deliver the baby. That would be the perfect birth.

  26. “I hope it’s set up some how that dwight has to deliver the baby. That would be the perfect birth.”
    Hahahaaha that would be amazing :D Gosh I can’t wait for season 6 D:

  27. i love the office, when is season 6’s air date??? still sorta freaking over pam being pregnant……

  28. Okay, Pam’s a few weeks pregnant at best, and they’re not married just yet. So, this leads me to a question: Will Pam be showing while she walks down the aisle at her wedding? Or will the wedding now be expedited?

    Now, let’s think about that for a second. JAM have been ready to get married for a while now. Everyone’s been looking forward to this wedding, too. So if the show starts several months into Pam’s pregnancy and they’re still not married, something *might* be amiss, right?

    Given this, I predict a season premiere wedding that takes place soon after the volleyball game, when Pam isn’t showing just yet. Any takers? :)

  29. Benjamin -I don’t think she’ll be showing at the wedding…not very much, anyway. Let’s assume that there was a week between Cafe Disco (when they decided that they did want a wedding) and Company Picnic. In that time, they’d probably set a date, and I can’t see them setting a date too far in the future, I mean, it was clear that they wanted to get married SOON. So, I’m guessing that the premiere will pick up a couple months later with their wedding. And by that point she’ll be three months AT MOST, so she might be showing a little, but not too much. Depends on what kind of dress she wears. Another thing I really can’t wait for is for the reactions of everyone else in the Office. Ooh, this season’s going to be fun!

  30. Meg- Makes enough sense. I actually like this because it also falls in line with all the show’s other cliffhangers. Season 4 ended without Jim proposing to Pam, but then Season 5 premiered with that proposal. It’s fair enough that Season 5 ended without Jim marrying Pam, and that Season 6 starts with that wedding. :)

  31. I really hope that we get to see Jim and Pam telling everyone she’s pregnant! It would be hilarious if we could see everyone in The Office’s crazy reactions like Michael knocking Jim to the floor again, and Dwight going on and on about his birth, his conception, his future child’s birth, or his future child’s conception, Andy naming the kid Tuna Junior Tuna II etc, Stanley just grunting, Phyllis and Angela calling Pam a slut, Meredith talking about her child’s failure, Creed thinking that it was Pam who had a hysterectomy, Oscar being the only one in The Office with a normal reaction (then other people i.e. Michael asking him if he feels bad that HE’LL never have children because he’s gay), Kevin making some comment about her boobs getting bigger, Kelly asking to be godmother, Toby looking really sad, Ryan talking about raising a kid in New York, and then Jim and Pam just backing out of the building slowly.
    (wow, this was REALLY long, sorry, but there are just so many reactions to this)

  32. @34 PK: THAT would be HILARIOUS!!!!! perfect. haha… i totally see Dwight explaining everything in detail and Michael telling him “Shut it! that’s disgusting. Nobody wants to hear about how you were born” or something like that. hehe…

  33. in case anyone has picked up on the fact that i love erin yet, can i just say that i am so excited to hear confirmation that she will be returning next year. thank you, jen!

  34. The Office–Season Six
    (1)Wedding Planner
    (2)Bridal Shower
    (3)Bachelor Party
    (4)The Wedding


  35. It would be great if when Jim and Pam are about to announce they’re gonna have a baby, Angela pukes because she has morning sickness. Like how Andy proposed just when Jim was about to.

  36. I want my Dwangela! Us Dwangela fans have been royally ripped off throughout the majority of Season 5 and we can’t stand it. We’re going to be heading to the Office HQ with placards, pitchforks and torches, demanding a reunion pronto!

  37. I’m dying for Dwangela to get back together…they belong together just as much as Jam! @39 I also miss Pam as the receptionist!

  38. I am so excited that Erin will be back for season 6! There are so many Andy/Dwight/Angela story lines when Erin’s in the picture. More Dwight and Andy Erin fights and more jealous Angela scenes.

  39. I’m loving all of the ideas on here! Tiny Tuna! Office birth! The latter is very possible, as it’ll be born in the winter…a snowstorm plot would be really easy to write in. (maybe too easy…?)

    I’m also hoping we get some Dwangela…though I kind of feel like they’ve totally wrapped up that storyline. Angela jealousy over Dwight/Erin “flirting” (if you can lable whatever it is Dwight does under that heading) would be cute and fun to see. Honestly, I just want to see some kind of insanity with Kelly and Andy. But I do love Erin and am so psyched she’s coming back!

    Whatever new romantic subplots come up, they’d better be good and have a lot of potential, cause I have a feeling we won’t get much JAM on the show after the baby’s born.

    And I really wish Jan didn’t have to come back. She’s off somewhere with her Viking sperm baby, can’t she just stay there?!

    Wonder what kind of non-romantic plots they’ll have next year…hope they’re as good as Weight Loss and Customer Survey!

  40. ok, so as i said before, I REALLY hope that Pam becomes the receptionist again! I actually wouldn’t mind if she quit and became an artist, I mean, what happened to that storyline? I just don’t want her to be a salesperson. sorry if i’m being picky.

  41. Meg speaks for me. Including the thing about Jan and her… Viking sperm baby, lol.

    Also it’d be funny though if Todd Packer got worked into the show as a regular. Maybe Packer gets transferred to Scranton? Maybe he finally gets fired and becomes a temp? I could definitely picture a run-in with him and Jan, or just about any other character on the show. (Stanley? >_^) They would have to tame him down and put him in AA or something… and herego we’d have a match for Meredith. Oh dear, haha.

    @40: Hmm. If they have a bachelor party, I could totally picture Jim wanting almost nothing to do with it (just like last time), and Michael and Andy and probably Dwight wanting everything to do with it. Just like everything else they ever do. :)

  42. @47: Having an artsy sister who decided to go into sales, I’d say the justification is that Pam just wants to do something new. Gil, Oscar’s ex, said that Pam lacked courage in her art, and now she’s taken some pretty courageous steps into a new career. And to a great extent, the realization hits you that art just might not pay all the bills, at least for the time being.

    So if I were to explain away why Pam isn’t an artist, well, that’s it. She also doesn’t really want to be the receptionist (“If I make that one copy, I’m the girl who makes copies, and by the end of the day, I’m receptionist again.”) and she’s still there in the office. *shrug* :)

  43. 30- I think the season premiere will be like September 24. It was the 25 last year so that’d be my guess. And about Pam being pregnant, you are NOT the only one who’s still freaking.

  44. @47: Well if we remember when Pam came back from art school, she said she really didn’t like graphic design. As someone who wants to go to art school and become a graphic designer, my guidance counselor at school has told me that as far as art careers are concerned, graphic art is where the money is (and it’s still not a high paying career). Although she still likes other, more traditional types of art, it really isn’t practical, especially in this economy (not to mention, she has a wedding to pay for).

    Like 49 said, she doesn’t want to be a receptionist anymore and at least being a salesman keeps her in the office.

  45. when do you guys think pam’s maternity leave is going to be? also, will she still be in every episode when she’s on leave? cause she won’t be working in the office

  46. I think the Scranton Business Park needs a motorcycle club. You could have Madge, Darryl, the 2 guys from Vance refrigeration, Cool Guy Paul, W.B.Jones (grade A bad-ass)….and Michael can go riding with them on a Vespa.

  47. Todd Packer must come back! It’s been over two seasons. I mean, he is Michael’s “BFF”!

  48. @34 PK: “Creed thinking it was Pam who had the hysterectomy” I laughed out loud at this.

  49. on wikipedia look at the office season six, and it shows you what the first episode is about, and a brief summary of it!

  50. i don’t want to be a hater, but last year they had the name and summary of the first episode of season 5 posted on wikipedia for a while and it turned out to be a total fabrication. so i guess, just take it with a big grain of salt.

    [from tanster: totally. it’s pretty badly written.]

  51. I am disappointed that the writers don’t have any plans for Holly and it looks like Jan would appear in couple of episodes next season. Does this mean that Michael might have a new love interest for season 6?

  52. Kevin (or Creed… ambiguously evil but lovable old Creed) as Jan’s baby daddy would be AWESOME!

  53. @60 – I have my money that there are plans for Holly. It’s a tease to say that they wouldn’t have her in there somewhere.

  54. Okay, a few weeks back, I looked up The Office on Wikipedia, and saw the season six episode list, and the first episode was named “Dundies ’09” I checked back a little while ago, and it wasn’t there anymore. Same thing happened last year, when a couple weeks after Goodbye Toby aired, a few weeks after, the season five list began with an episode called “Bowling Match”, but wasn’t made. But I think it would be so cool to see another Dundie Awards ceremony, and I also hope the premier is an hour-long.

  55. If they did have another Dundies, I don’t think it would be at Chilli’s, because of Pam, but maybe somewhere cooler, like the warehouse (that’s not cooler, but whatever. They always have events there.) I’m so excited for season six, but if Pam is pregnant, than i hope she doesn’t leave like Jan did when she got pregnant at the end of season four. That would suck. I mean, she just became a salesperson, and then she’s gonna have to take time off?!?!?! I also wish Dwight and Angela would get back together, and Andy and Erin would too. I’m also hoping to see Kelly and Ryan talk about their relationship, too.

  56. You know what I think they should’ve done with the Michael/Holly story? I think they should’ve had Holly look back at Michael, when she was walking away with AJ, just like last year when she looked back at Michael when she was walking away with Kevin at the end of Toby’s party.

    Plus, I also wanted to find out what that note Holly was going to send Michael about.

  57. On Wikipedia, they have two episodes up, Party Planning (Season 6 Premiere) and High School Reunion (Second Episode on 9/24/09). They’re actually really well-written!

  58. In regards to the Wikipedia rumors:
    Anyone can go onto Wikipedia and write whatever they want. I could go on right now and write my own synopsis if I wanted to. Yes, they do try to take down false information, but it’s not an instant process. In the words of Michael Scott, “Wikipedia… is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject, so you know you are getting the best possible information.”

    ^Just something to think about… I personally won’t believe anything about episode synopsises until I see it on either NBC or posted by Tanster

    [from tanster: thank you, DF. :) ]

  59. @ Matt

    I think the first synopsis was, ‘After the events at the company picnic, Jim and Pam continue to plan for their wedding. Meanwhile, Michael and Dwight hold interviews for the head of the Party Planning Committee, which becomes surprisingly competitive.’

    Something to that extent.
    Probably false, but i can’t wait for season six.

  60. I think the first episode should be about planning Jim and Pam’s wedding planning. Maybe they should have a special guest as a wedding planner!!! Maybe the episode could be called “Wedding Planner”!!!

  61. I just read a ‘synopsis’ for an episode called “Dundies 09” on Wikipedia.

    “When Charles Miner makes a surprise visit to Scranton, Michael struggles to hold the annual Dundies. Meanwhile Dwight and Andy search for the perfect billboard location.”

    Now I am pretty sure that is just something somebody wrote as a cruel prank towards me, but I sorta want that episode to happen. It sounds like it could be a good episode.

  62. I was just on the Season 6 Wikipedia page, and it said there will be a one-hour special on October 8th. I’m thinking this is probably Jim and Pam’s wedding. So yay for that if it’s true!

  63. yeah i remember last year the alleged first episode was a bowling match to cheer up the staff because they missed toby or something like that. totally false. that said, i think the writers should bring back the dundies at some point. talk about a fan favorite!

  64. I read that Mindy has signed a deal with NBC to develop her own show. Does this mean that season 6 is going to be the final appearance of Kelly Kapoor? If this is the final season for Kelly Kapoor than it might be interesting to see who might fill the customer service position.

  65. Maybe she can be on her new show and The Office. I mean, a lot of other actors on the show do movies and work on the office at the same time. Or maybe season six will be the last.

  66. I love jim and pam…… But has anyone thought that something may go wrong with the baby? I have a feeling something might, leaving JAM sad and confused and maybe even angry towards each other. :(

  67. Anyone think that the October 8th, hour-long episode, could be a JAM wedding?

  68. There’s an article with B.J. Novak in this month’s GQ (with a fabulous pic of him in a suit holding 2 water-guns!) “What’s next on The Office”: ‘B.J’: “Shaking up the show without damaging it. We’re shaking the baby gently.” Hmmm! And also, “On bleaching his hair for The Office”: ‘B.J.’: “I loved it. When I saw Kato Kaelin’s hair in eighth grade, I wanted hair like that. I pretended I wanted it ironically. But I thought it was hypnotizing.” :)

  69. I hope the writers use more subtle comedy next year, it’s what made season two and three so great! Do not broaden the humor so that it is unrealistic.

  70. I hope the hour episode on October 8th isn’t the wedding. We hardly saw any planning of their wedding in season 5, despite the fact they were engaged from episode 1! So I hope the wedding will come after some planning. Perhaps a Thanksgiving wedding, when all the family is all together?

  71. Since Pam is now a salesperson, and Jim, as shown on the org chart, is in charge of all the other salespeople, doesn’t that mean that Jim is now Pam’s boss? I wonder if that could lead to some season six drama.

  72. Chevy,

    I think that’s a good point. I’m not sure where they are going with the Pam/salesperson plot (why not have her become the branch’s marketing/graphic design rep, and have Ryan go back to sales).

    But actually, ANDY is in charge of all of the salespeople (Regional Director in Charge Of Sales), who in turn reports to Jim. So technically, Dwight, Stanley, Phyllis and Pam report to Andy, who reports to Jim.

  73. @epinson: Pam doesn’t like graphic design anymore, remember? She said that after coming back from art school. She also said that she wanted to try sales. Ryan on the other hand had already tried sales and never made one even after several years. Besides, I’m sure the writers have some good plans as to what to do with this storyline.

  74. Where are the spoilers? I hope the writers try to shake up the show next season and that the inevitable ‘Jim and Pam Wedding’ does not just have Jim and Pam. Not all fans of The Office love Jim and Pam (Believe it or not), and I think that it should focus on other characters to. A question I have is that after Phyllis’ Wedding will the writers make it creative enough. Anyway, I need some spoilers about season six, and I hope the writers can be creative in the way they shake up next season, by balancing relationships, drama, and comedy. Hopefully, they can learn from the mistakes made in seasons four and five and make a season six that rivals the holy second season. Other shows have done it, and I am sure ‘The Office’ can as well.

  75. judging by the most recent spoiler, it looks as if jim might get some growth this season!

  76. I hope when the next season comes round, we get tidbits on ALL the characters and not just Jim/Pam

  77. A staffing change for Jim? Maybe he’s losing the “#2” position since he’d be Pam’s boss. He can’t go up anymore without either taking him out of the office or taking Michael out of the office. Where else could he go?

  78. Jam this, Jam that. Feels like I am being force-fed. What about Ryan, Andy and Oscar? I want to see the latter’s relationship progress! The writers are totally teasing us, so Andy needs to come out of the closet!

    Bet Kelly would love to have Andy as a gay bff. xD

  79. lol, omg. I actaully gasped when i read the words ” and with Pam pregnant” lol. I actually forgot that Pam got knocked up. Silly me.

  80. I hope staffing changes doesn’t mean that some of the employees at Scranton are transferring to different branches of Dunder Mifflin.

  81. I didn’t read through every post but I did do a search for his name on each. I really can’t believe no one has realized that Hunter, Jan’s old assistant is the father of her baby. Just listen to the lyrics of his song in “Dinner Party” along with how much Jan loves it.

  82. I don’t think I like that spoiler. Probably cause it’s very vague…and I don’t like the idea of Jim having a different position.

  83. finally! I am thrilled to hear Jim’s career is going somewhere. That aspect (him sticking with the same position at the same job he shows no indication of enjoying) of the show has been unrealistic. It’s about time he either went up or out of the company.

    Life moves? That could be any number of things.

  84. Call me nostalgic, but I miss the good old days when Pam was the receptionist, Dwight was the assistant (to the) regional manager, Ryan was a temp, and Jan was Michael’s boss and the show just focused on day-to-day office life. Now it seems that everyone is changing positions all the time. I mean yeah, in real businesses, there are staffing changes but it just seems to take away from the show by adding extra drama when there could be something funny happening.

    Also, I’m a *huge* JAM fan but I can definitely relate to the people who want to see less of that. There are plenty of other characters on the show that we don’t see nearly enough of. I wish the writers would just get them married, let them have their kid and leave it at that- no more constant JAM focus. To the fellow JAM fans: fan fiction is a wonderful way to get your JAM fix without it detracting from the show :).

  85. @87-No, not yet. But for some strange reason, I think it will be a boy.

    Anyway, that’s cool for Jim, though it could get worse, but highly unlikely…right?

  86. 100- really? i thought it might be a girl.

    the second part of the spoiler can mean anything. “…and with pam pregnant, expect some life moves in that area” maybe pam’s pregnancy effects his job? or maybe he just wants some changes in his career after all this personal stuff has happened. although jim isn’t too big into change that isn’t a.) completely necessary (i.e. moving to stamford after casino night) or b.) affects his life with pam in a good way (i.e. buying his parents house). So, I’m sort of leaning towards my first guess, that pam being pregnant=jim can’t be her boss anymore. plus with charles in charge, he probably won’t be too happy about jam junior.

    what do you guys think?

  87. Maybe Jim will get promoted to Corporate and that will cause Jim and Pam to move to NYC. Even though Pam said she didn’t like graphic design, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like actual drawing/sketches with charcoal or pencil anymore. Maybe she will get to try being a part time artist while getting a small part time job at Corporate like she did when at art school. That would be really cool!!

  88. I don’t usually comment here, but thought I would, as “one more typical fan.” I love JAM and am 100% behind the way the writers progress their relationship in small doses throughout the eps. It seems like some people don’t want to see ANYTHING about them, just “office culture” stuff. I applaud the staff for maintaining a wonderful balance of JAM and non-JAM. :) If they let that storyline die I could only BARELY keep watching. :) Okay, I’d keep watching.

  89. I think “life moves in that area” means they’ll be getting married. Not sure about the staffing change for Jim, although God knows he needs to make some kind of a move. Maybe Jim will take a position more like Packer’s, where he’s not based at the office as much.

    P.S. Writers, could we please see some Packer this season??

  90. PLEASE I need more spoilers!! I am dying! I check everyday for more, I miss The Office!! What is going to happen with Michael and Holly? Why wasn’t Creed or Kelly in the last episode??

  91. Re #106:

    Art was referenced when Jim bought the house, and was turning the garage into an art studio.

  92. @105:
    Kelly and Creed weren’t in the finale? Not even in the background? Wow, I can’t believe I missed that. Now I want to know why too.

  93. @jhxj

    The Office: Season Six starts on September 17th with a half an hour premiere. On October 8th, there will be an one hour special, presumably a Jim and Pam Wedding.

  94. Wait is Mindy leaving The Office? That quote was confusing…Is she just referring to “branching out” into the webisodes?

    On another note, YAY Erin and Kelly (possibly forming a band(?)! They’re like a way more supergirly tv-version of the jenna/angela friendship. Yay again!

    [from tanster: mindy’s developing her own show]

  95. Oh my gosh!! The key hour long episode Mindy Kaling and Greg Daniels are writing together for this season…

    IS IT A JAM WEDDING?!?!?! Is it the October 8th one??

    I hope so. I love the episodes Mindy and Greg write!! :)


    Someone just thought of the greatest story arc EVER!!! Ok, this sorta goes along with something somebody else said, but I’m taking it further.

    Jim gets tired of his job and asks Michael for a change. So Michael puts Jim out on the road with Todd Packer and Jim spends some quality one on one time with the Pack-Man!!!! What do you guys think?

    Who has two thumbs and wants to see this happen?

    ^THIS GUY!^

  97. Tanster, thanks for answering my question!

    I KNEW that Mindy was developing her own show, too. Duh. I suppose when presented with cast members leaving TO I get a little carried away…

  98. I’m betting that Kelly and Erin are shaking their butts at a JAM wedding reception!! That’s just what I’m thinking…

  99. I feel like that a new season is a new start. ‘Gossip’ is going to be great, all of the season premieres (except the ‘Pilot’) are. ‘Health Care’, ‘The Job’, ‘Goodbye, Toby’, ‘Company Picnic’, ‘Stress Relief’, and ‘Cocktails’ were all great episodes. The directing for ‘Two Weeks’ and ‘Money’ were also really superb. Welcome back, ‘The Office.’

  100. I had a weird thought the other day so I had to come post it. I need to see an Angela/Dwight wedding with bobblehead cake toppers. Although I guess the Angela character would be more likely to have cats dressed in a tux and gown.

  101. Gossip … I bet it is why JAM is having a wedding really quickly … because they try not to involve their personal lives in the office.

  102. The last thing I would expect is that JAM will already be married in the season premiere.

  103. “It’s the last thing people would ever think.”

    Well that means it’s the first thing we would think of because we always expect the unexpected, therefore the first thing we think of would actually be the last thing we’d expect ;) Haha does that make sense to anyone else?

  104. Looking forward to “Gossip”!

    @ Dinkin*Flicka: “Well that means it’s the first thing we would think of because we always expect the unexpected, therefore the first thing we think of would actually be the last thing we’d expect ;)”

    Well clearly the writers would suspect that we would expect the unexpected and thus provide the expected instead, but just as well they could suspect that we would expect them to suspect that we would expect the unexpected. So clearly in that case, they’d give us the unexpected. ;)

    And I’m thinking that involves iocaine powder at some point.

  105. So, Kelly’s leaving Dunder-Mifflin (presumably). Could that mean Ryan will apply for her job in customer service instead of sales? And perhaps get beaten to it by an outside-hire? ;)

  106. Oooo, I bet it’s Andy and Kelly hooking up! That would be funny and creepy at the same time. Love it.

  107. @ Benjamin: “And I’m thinking that involves iocaine powder at some point.”

    Is that a Princess Bride reference I hear?

    Anyhoo, if it truly is to be “unexpected” then the gossip will not be about Pam & Jim’s bun in the oven. Maybe the gossip is about Charles Minor getting fired for being a total douche at the company picnic :)

    *wishful thinking*

    Actually, I love to hate that character so…I’m conflicted.

  108. @131: Wait till I get started!

    It would thrill me to no end if the Office did any sort of homage to Princess Bride, if only because it’s completely plausible. Dwight carrying around iocaine powder? Yes. Dwight and Jim in a duel of “which cup has the poison”? Yes. Michael saying “No more rhyming I mean it!” and Kevin saying “Anybody want a peanut?” Yes, oh yes.

  109. I think that this episode will be much like season’s two The Secret. The main secret was about Jim’s secret about him liking Pam. However, there were also smaller secrets like, Oscar being gay, and the whole Angela and Dwight romance. So, I think it will be the same thing with Gossip. The main gossip is Pam’s pregnancy. However, there will be other delicious gossip running around. Anyone with me?

  110. @133

    I totally agree with you! I was thinking about The Secret right when I found out what this new episode is called!

  111. I want PB&J to get back into the practical jokes business. I don’t want another season of Jim having anxiety and getting harassed, I don’t want office speculation about Pam’s baby daddy. Their chemistry was almost totally gone in season five, but as a couple it should have been enhanced, there should have been a golden age of JAM conspiring. The writers need to bring fun, mutually supportive JAM back.

  112. 135- Same here! I love Jam so much but this season was just a little too cheesy for me.

  113. I think it would be great if Jim and Pam don’t have bachelor and bachelorette parties. No Roy, no Alex, and no Karen (no mention, no appearance). No emotional breakdown from Toby. Just a nice, smooth wedding, then a return to The Office and fun, mischievous PB&J.


  114. Someone at Ain’t It Cool News had posted that R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe is joining the cast next season. Funny, but weird. Anyone else heard this?

  115. @34-I love your ideas about how the office would react to Pam’s pregnancy, but how will they even find out about it? Would Jim and Pam just come out and say “Pam’s pregnant”? I don’t think that this is likely because Jim and Pam like to keep their private lives as private as possible. I think someone will find Pam in the bathroom having morning sickness and spread gossip about a possible pregnancy (hence the title of the first season 6 episode) and they will in the end have to confirm that she’s pregnant. I hope that the October 8th episode is Jim and Pam’s wedding, I can’t wait much longer! Will there be any new episodes in between the premiere and the Oct. 8th episode? If there are, those will probably be wedding planning episodes. I think Jim might get demoted because Charles feels threatened by him.

  116. @138: I don’t suppose it said if Stipe has a recurring role or a guest appearance?

  117. Hopefully Jim won’t get demoted. David Wallace still likes him, and Charles made a complete fool of himself when he teamed up with Dwight in front of Wallace. Jim took a decent amount of crap in season 4, and was the show’s whipping boy in season 5, I hope ‘Gossip’ isn’t going to involve Jim having to put up with everyone questioning who knocked Pam up.

  118. 141 – “I hope ‘Gossip’ isn’t going to involve Jim having to put up with everyone questioning who knocked Pam up”

    Who would question who knocked Pam up? Jim and Pam have been together for 2 years! But the spoiler says “it’s the last thing people would ever think” what could the gossip be?

  119. 142. LittleTuna: In Casual Friday, Dwight commented to everyone that he thought Pam and Michael might have had a little thing going on when they were in the MSPC.

    I’m thinking, sort of like someone else said, that someone catches Pam in the bathroom with morning sickness. Since Pam and Jim will probably pretend there is no pregnancy, the person who saw Pam will bring it up to Jim who will feign ignorance. This will convince that person that Pam is hiding the pregnancy, and the gossip will spread.

  120. @143- You might be on to something! It would be unexpected to most of us that people would assume that Pam got knocked up from Michael!

  121. Or, perhaps the pregnancy gossip will be JAM’s first prank of the season…

  122. BIG NEWS!!! Just thought I’d let people know that season six picks up in real time. Jenna just mentioned it in her new blog entry.

  123. Lots of Gossip, erm, gossip. Can’t wait.

    When will we see the Gossip contest entries, tanster? I’m dying over here.

    [from tanster: erg, i’m so behind on reading them! hopefully this weekend.]

  124. Look what Mindy tweeted!:

    “i’ve been remiss on tweets bc im writing the Pam/Jim wedding episode with my boss, Greg. i’ll reveal anything, no problem.”

  125. okay how about this: someone sees/hears pam getting morning sickness in the bathroom but because they haven’t told anyone she’s preggers and (according to jenna) pam isn’t showing yet, gossip spreads that pam has an eating disorder. i can totally see kelley finding out and getting weirdly jealous and deciding that she needs an eating disorder etc… it could be pretty hilarious.

  126. @150 tunatunatuna- haha, I love it!

    I’m excited that Jenna said that Pam is one trimester into her pregnancy when the show starts. Most miscarriages happen within the first trimester, take THAT all you pessimists!

  127. here is my theory:
    someone hears/sees pam throwing up in the bathroom. because jim and pam haven’t told anyone she is preggers, and pam isn’t showing yet, gossip spreads that pam has an eating disorder. i can totally see kelley being weirdly jealous and wanting to have an eating disorder too. maybe erin is also involved in this or, even more hilarious, andy! i think that could be really funny.

  128. So what does that mean that it will pick up in real time? Does that mean it is going to be that same day?

  129. “Novak said this season’s episodes will largely take place in the office rather than taking the cast on adventures outside Dunder-Mifflin’s walls.”

    That is the best news I’ve ever read.

  130. aww, too bad it won’t be the same actor who played her mom before…she was good!!

  131. Great stuff–love all the tidbits, especially Ryan in mascara–ha ha! I wonder why they aren’t casting Shannon Cochran (who played Pam’s mom previously)? It’ll drive the continuity geeks crazy. ;)

  132. JAM wedding on the roof!!

    It would be so hilarious to see Pam go through that 2nd trimester (months 4-6) phase of being (ahem) erotically charged and trying to convince Jim to sneak off with her, while at work, for a rendezvous.

  133. At least it won’t be like those shows where one of the siblings in the family mysteriously disappears never to be heard of again–Anybody grow up with Boy Meets World and the blonde sister who went missing?

  134. They have to re-cast Pam’s mom because the actress who played her mom in Season Two, Shannon Cochran, is currently touring the country in the Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning play “August: Osage County.”

  135. Gossip idea:
    Since we all know Jan is coming back in the fall for at least a few episodes, she hears Pam getting sick and asks Jim if it’s his. Since Jim doesn’t want anyone to know that they’re expecting, he says no. So Jan assumes Michael & Pam were having an affair, like she did during Dinner Party.

  136. Aww, that’s too bad they’re recasting Mrs. Beesly. I liked the original one, all 5 seconds we saw of her haha. I feel like they would have tried to get her back, so she must have had something else going on.

  137. I hope Michael and Dwight find out where the wedding is, and they stroll up just in time in Dwight’s car.

  138. I know that Jam’s wedding and Pam being pregnant is going to be somewhat heavily focus for season 6, but what about season 6 spoiler for other members of the office. Any news on Michael or possibility of Dwight and Angela getting back together?

  139. @Johnny: When you mentioned Dwight and Angela getting back together, it made me think of something- what if that’s the gossip? The fact that it has nothing to do with Pam’s pregnancy is unexpected and it would also explain why there haven’t been any spoilers about it (they wouldn’t give the whole plot away so soon).

    My other idea is that Ryan is gay (or at least pretending to be). I believe there’s been speculation about Andy being gay and Kelly wanting a gay friend. Maybe Ryan will be jealous of her spending so much time with Andy (kind of like he used to be with Daryll) that he’ll try to win her back by pretending to be gay. It’s unlikely (*cough* unexpected) but it does explain the mascara ;).

  140. Yay for most of the season taking place within the office walls…and LMAO at Ryan in mascara!

  141. Episode 4 would be on Oct 8th (if they don’t miss a week) … meaning the wedding episode would be an hour long! yes!!! Us JAM fans are squee-ing with anticipation!

  142. Aw, that made me sad, too. I liked Pam’s real mom. Maybe they can find someone who looks a lot like her . . . :D Thanks for the info Rob! And by the way, I think Jenna is totally lying, as much as I love her. No way GD would let her give away that much!! :D

  143. What are the chances they actually film it at Niagara Falls? Id love to try and sneak down there to take a look. And if for some reason they do film there, does anyone have an idea when it would be?

  144. Does anyone else feel like they’re giving us an insane amount of info about things? I feel like if they’re confident enough to give away so much… there must be a LOT of stuff that they’re keeping back, too… hopefully good stuff! Can’t wait for this season!

  145. Keep Pam’s mom the same from Season 2, please! Shan-non! Coch-ran!

  146. These tidbits are making me really happy because they seem to be giving out huge spoilers that I thought would be under maximum security(when/if the JAM wedding is happening, for example.) Which means that the REAL secrets of this season are things we aren’t even thinking about! B.J Novak’s comment about more office time gives me hope that they’re reverting to simpler storylines.

  147. Ever since Michael discovered Youtube, I like to think he’s seen the Chris Brown “Forever” wedding video about 1000 times, & he & Andy suggest that’s how they should boogie down the aisle, making their own web sensation. Oh, & Michael will need to show JAM what dance moves he has in mind. I’m also hoping for Angela’s disapproving/disgusted glare at Pam for her shotgun wedding, Stanley finally getting rid of that 2nd toaster & for Creed to reveal he can act as minister to the wedding.

  148. I can’t believe that this wedding is actually happening. We have waited forever for Pam and Jim to get together and then they finally due season 4, are engaged season 5, and now, season 6, a wedding!! I think I will cry when I watch the wedding because knowing about how much they love each other and the emotions in the room when they get married will be amazing!!

  149. @175: Yes — this is a LOT of solid spoilerage. And makes me think that in reality, these tidbits might not be what they appear to be. Those writers can be awfully tricksy…

  150. @ DJ Jazzy Flax
    I love it! Not only would it be hilarious but it’s totally something Michael would do too.

  151. I really really want Todd Packer to somehow be at Jim and Pam’s wedding. Like really really really.

  152. I think Ryan has been gay all along. ;)

    If they don’t fix Ryan/Michael’s relationship, which has suffered because he went back to temp status, I am going to be heartbroken.

    Oi, stupid site errors. :(

  153. “It’s going to be a rough year for Michael.”
    Hmm hopefully the material can be good enough to get Steve Carell his waaaaay overdue emmy!.

  154. I am crying over Michael already. I want good luck to come his way for awhile, just once!

  155. WHAT? They’re casting a new Mrs Beesley? I thought it would have been the same actress that in season 2…

  156. Come on, Greg and Co. Cast the same woman as Mrs. Beesly. That’s a slap in the face to the diehards if you try to slip a new one past us.

  157. Kristin on E! just posted about Pam and Jim getting married in the 4th episode of the season b/c she wants to hide it from “certain members of her family.” I can only assume her father but who knows. Anyway, I’M EXCITED! :)

  158. It makes me feel uneasy that they are giving us this many spoilers. I think that there is something else major that they are not telling us. Especially something with the wedding, which I hope is not the case unless it is something major in a good way.

  159. “Jim and Pam’s baby will develop slowly throughout the season (pun intended) and will make its “debut” in February of 2010 with an hour-long special.”


  160. Annoyed by the lack of Dwight/Angela spoilers. It’s a painful time to be a Dwangela fan

  161. I want Michael Scott to be at the wedding… somehow. I want everyone of The Office to be there. BUT – not to cause mayhem and destruction and to upset Pam and Jim’s perfect day. I want them to somehow show complete love and support for their two friends.

  162. So…

    Michael finally finds a way to pay off his debts, as was hinted back in Season 4: The mob. Anyone know of, like, a boxer who’s going to… throw… the big punch?

    Ryan has gone from [disgraced] mogul to emo/mod/whatever. Yeesh. If Michael has nothing on the horizon, and Kelly has finally dissed him, I wonder if Ryan’ll end up with Jan…

    I’m also interested in what happened at the end of the volleyball game and afterward. They did film it after all. Also, summer interns? Dunder-Mifflin Scranton successfully got some interns?

  163. Like Kevin whispered to Michael in “Money” when Michael asked him if he knew of a quick way to get rich, “The Mob!”

  164. I love Jim and Pam being described as the “coalition of reason.” It’s so true! I can only imagine the insanity that will come from them both being out of The Office at the same time for the first time (that I remember seeing, anyways… have they both been absent from The Office at the same time before?)

    So much excitement, I can’t believe how much info is being released! I am officially asking off work for every Thursday night in February so I don’t miss the arrival of the new little Jambino!

  165. I am so excited for this season! A JAM wedding and baby, Michael in the mafia! This is just too great!

  166. What on earth are these writers hiding from us?! I feel like we’ve been given way more spoilers than usual and for the most part, they’re not even vague. They must be hiding something big from us *crosses fingers for a Dwangela reunion*

  167. Okay,
    1) No Dwight and Angela spoilers in the mix of all of these spoils? I’m thinking something’s coming up.
    2) I don’t really want to SEE the wedding. Grr.
    3) The clip show sounds kind of… uh oh…. Isn’t that what shows do when they’re nearing the end?

  168. Clip show? I wonder if the characters will actually start watching the documentary.

  169. I really need to lay off the spoilers. With all this information, there’ll be nothing left as far as shockers go… or else the writers are planning something epic. Which makes me a little nervous. Another thing I’m wary of is that clip show. On a lighter note, though, all the JAM stuff makes me practically giddy! I can’t wait until that hour long wedding!

  170. Uh, holy crap, this is a lot of information. I don’t mean to sound dumb, but what is a “clip show”? And I’m getting a little nervous that the writers can’t pull of the Jam wedding without veering away from the magic of the show too much…hopefully we can trust them. Glad to hear there will be more than 2 hour-longs this year.

  171. Okay, now I am officially nervous. There is no way we would get this many specific spoilers unless there is something else major that is going to happen.And I really hope that is something good. I really don’t know what to think about the clip show. I thought that usually happened when a show was coming to an end.

  172. 209:

    Not really. It’s just been on for a while. Seinfeld had a clip show in season 6, and it lasted 3 more years after that.

  173. I’m hoping that in the clip show the office employees will start watching the documentary, how hilarious would that be? These spoilers are getting on my nerves, what aren’t they telling us??

  174. I have a couple things to say.

    1. I am very worried about season six. All of the spoilers seem relationship directed, with no other growth. I did not like some of the beginning of season five because of the relationships all of the time.
    2. A clip show? That seems kind of odd.
    3. Is the show becoming a run-in-the mill sitcom. The mockumentary format is the best part of the show.
    4. Gossip looks promising. Interns at Dunder-Mifflin could be really, really funny.
    5. I believe something major is going to happen. I think that Charles, Holly, and Todd Packer also need to come back.
    6. When it says that corporate is still trying to find out why Scranton is making a profit seems a little of a copy of last season.
    7. I do not love this show for relationships. I like it because of the humor, and the mundane, subtle daily interactions between a group of people in an office.

  175. Maybe the clip show isn’t directly a clip show. Like, maybe on of the employees make a clip show or something.

  176. Ahhh, I am seriously already getting chills just thinking about this coming season. The wedding and Jambino and all the new developments. I seriously can’t wait it’s gonna be special!!!

  177. As much as I love The Office, I have to say, I’m not too thrilled about all these spoilers. I love Jam as well, but it sounds like a little too much Jam for me in my opinion. And Michael in the mafia???? That sounds a bit too ordinary sitcomy to me. I would love to hear about some of the supporting characters. I hope it doesn’t turn out how I think it might.

  178. In the spoilers I haven’t read anything about Dwight OR Andy! While I love Jim and Pam, Dwight and Andy give the show so much humor and charm. The Jim/Dwight relationship is great, too- I hope we continue to have classic moments from those guys this season.

  179. This is really an unusually large amount of information. Typically we get one cryptic sentence! It all sounds good to me. I am happy to see that we’ll see some Jim development this season…it’s long overdue.

    I cannot wait until the new episodes start!

  180. I know everyone is stressing about what they (The Office) aren’t telling us. Maybe, they are telling us all this so we’d think they are hiding something and we’d be anxious and nervous and cause the number of viewers to skyrocket since we need to find out what we are missing…even though we are not missing anything.

    Does that make sense?

  181. All of the JAM in Season 6 is going to be awesome!!! Can’t wait! There’s never too much of Jim and Pam!

  182. Even though the spoilers are mostly about Jim/Pam, I highly doubt that means that the season will focus primarily on them. The writers probably just don’t want to give away everything. Since they’ve spilled about the Jim/Pam wedding, they probably want to keep everything else as a surprise.

  183. In that Buffalo News article, they spelled Paul Feig’s name wrong at every occurrence! Should be neat for them to go on location in Buffalo. When will they do the same in Scranton?

  184. Personally, I have a long history of hating mob parodies, so I worry about the whole “mafia” thing. The important note is that others in the office *decide* that Michael’s involved in the mob because of this Italian guy, and so I have hope. I like to think that’s just Dwight and Kevin who decide this, maybe Andy, and no one else.

    As far as what spoilers we’re getting, or what we’re not getting… You know, you could just not check for spoilers and all would be well, yes?

  185. One subtle spoiler has to be inferred though: If Michael “moves in” with this supposed mobster, then what became of his condo?

    …Man, that IS a tough year for Michael.

  186. Look what Rainn tweeted earlier today!!


    The caption says:

    “Guess who did 17 takes of an apple-eating scene?”


  187. I’m excited for the possibility of Dwight and Angela getting back together. I just don’t understand why it has to take so long. :(

  188. There is one problem with the Dwangela coupling. They were so brilliant and funny and even heartbreaking together, that they were starting to overshadow other couples on the show.

    No Dwangela? no dice.

  189. Mmm? I didn’t really get that about Dwangela. In fact, in the second episode of Season 4, there’s this one point when Toby finds out about JAM and puts out a memo about public displays of affection. Michael then pounces on him, asking if that memo was about himself and Jan. Then Angela pops off that, for the record, she’s never been in a relationship with anyone in the office at any time. Then Toby finally says it’s about Pam and Jim, and everybody has slept with everybody.

    But yeah. As much as I love Dwangela, and I do, it does make sense to give ’em a break.

  190. No, if the writers want to go easy on all the ‘couples’ situations, they should give the other couples a break. Not Dwangela.

  191. I agree, Iuna. I think us Dwangela fans were robbed in S5 with the cheapening of their relationship. I didn’t enjoy them having a relationship behind Andy’s back and as a result the tide turned for them. I, however, remained loyal to them.

  192. The easy way to do a clip show would be to say the producers of the documentary want to show them some clips of the past since as a celebration of five years of filming at Dunder Mifflin (let’s say the March ’05 episodes were actually filmed in the fall of ’04 to retcon when exactly Meredith’s birthday is). Then you get the clip show they want (that I don’t necessarily want…) with wraparounds in the form of Michael & Co. commentary (and, possibly even better, a full-length, scripted, in-character audio commentary on the Season 6 DVD!).

  193. SJ- I know. We had to watch all the other couples last season and barely got any good Dwangela. It doesn’t seem fair that the writers would delay their reunion any longer, when they were already broken up for most of seasons 4 AND 5.

  194. I’m not really looking forward to seeing scenes of Andy yet again trying to flirt with someone in the office. Been there, done that.

  195. For sure, the way to shake up the show without breaking it, such that the couples on the show are temporarily weakened and unfocused, and either come out destroyed or strengthened in the aftermath, would be to stall the branch’s success. That would focus the show less on the couples for a while. Stop the profits for a while. Lose a few customers. Return it, just for a while, to the first season’s economic instability.

    The kicker is that the show couldn’t really do that kind of a story arc more than once again. (It already did it in the first season with threats of downsizing and ended it halfway into the second season. Only afterward, in this aftermath, did we have the affairs between Michael and Jan, and Dwight and Angela.) After that, it’s played out.

  196. Actually…. yeah, wow, the show immediately got focused on its couples right at the end of “The Client” in Season 2, when Jan kissed Michael after he basically saved the company. Before that, it was obvious that Jim had a thing for Pam, but that was it, and that really wasn’t going anywhere just yet. Two episodes later, we had Dwangela.

    When Jan kissed Michael, it immediately went from a show about an office in economic turmoil (and the subtleties therein) to a show about office dating. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s largely stayed that way ever since.

  197. I’m calling for my fellow Dwangela lovers to stand tall and be strong over the possibility that our favourite couple might be apart for some time :-(

    Weep with me.

  198. I like it, Benjamin. The relationships, while important, should be the dressing, not the main course. And while my favorite aspect that got me hooked was Jim and Pam I liked it because it wasn’t in your face every scene. It was alluded to with brief catches by the camera but it wasn’t all, “Tonight, on Lover’s Lane Scranton!”

  199. I don’t think that the “mob guy” story is going to be a focal point of the season. If I was a betting man, I’d say it’ll probably be a one or two episode thing.

    On a side note: Dwangela fans, are you actually emotionally invested in their relationship, or do you want them together for comedic value? I understand that they’re funny as a couple, but it’s kind of hard to take their zany drama in the last two seasons seriously, especially compared to Jim and Pam or Michael and Holly. I always considered their relationship to be like Kelly and Ryan’s in the sense that it’s a wacky relationship played strictly for laughs.

  200. @Matt – But but… She introduced him to so many things! The existence of his birthday, monotheism, etc. Heck, before Angela, Dwight didn’t even know what a woman’s vagina looked like. (Sorry, I remember far too many details about this show. :P)

    I’d like to think that since Dwight and Angela were so adept at keeping it secret for so long, that it’ll be a long while after they’re back together that we’ll even find out. Which leaves plenty of room for other developments. :)

  201. @phyllis*farm – Same! You wanna talk about emotional investment? There’s definitely some of that with JAM.

    But that’s one of the great things about this show. It can alternate very quickly between how the office is affected by economic highs and lows, and how it’s affected by its personnel and their relationships. I love it for that. :)

  202. 239- Are you kidding me, they had some really sweet scenes. You only have to watch them for ten seconds to know that they’re perfect together.

    240- Lols. They always sucked at hiding it from the camera crew though…

  203. 242 – yes, please.

    I much prefer Dwangela than Jam. I do want Angela as normal as possible, though – I hate how insane she has become. She used to be my favorite female character ever, now she’s off the list. :(

  204. I always got the feeling Dwight and Angela weren’t trying their hardest to hide it from the camera. I think it made it a wee bit exciting for them (Angela especially) as it gave them an audience who wouldn’t judge them or gossip like their coworkers would.

  205. This isn’t directly spoiler-related, but the New York Daily News is reporting that Amy Ryan is pregnant. Could potentially (but probably won’t) affect season six plans, but regardless, congratulations Amy!

  206. I am glad Stanley will be featured with a more fun side. This is a little clue as to other characters will be changing too!! :)

  207. I wonder who the unlikely confidant is?! Surely not Michael… I want to say perhaps Kevin. Or possibly Stanley, although I would like to see Erin involved in this. Could be anyone!

  208. My guess is that the “unlikely confidant” is Meredith. She’s the only other female in the office who has been pregnant, right? Perhaps she recognizes the Dolly Parton effect on Pam. Teehee!

  209. Does anyone else wish Pam would accidentally confide in Creed? I can only imagine what kind reply he could form… But the Andy guess is also good

  210. Confidante is a woman, confidant is a man, so I’m going to have to go with 250 on the Meredith guess.

  211. @253- nice job catching that (I thought it was a typo)

    So it could be Kelly, Angela, Meredith, or Erin. I doubt it’s Kelly, since she can’t stop talking for 2 seconds. Angela would probably be really judgmental and rude, so it’s probably not her either. Meredith makes the most sense to me too, since Pam hasn’t known Erin that long.

  212. My money’s on Erin as the confidante. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Pam talk to Erin about getting her receptionist job back, even temporarily, because making sales calls is too physically hard for her while she’s expecting.

  213. OMG!!!!!! How did we not know about Amy Ryan until now, I just read that she’s due in October!!! Sooo exciting.

    I believe Andy will become Pam’s new confidant (why not?)

  214. 255- i didn’t even think about that, that makes sense though. i could totally see erin being the confidante, to get that character a little more screen time.

  215. Pam’s confidante will most likely be Andy… Didn’t Mindy Kaling mention Pam/Andy interaction?

  216. The wedding…finally! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this! What are the chances that we’ll get an “Absolutely, I do” in there somewhere?

  217. I think it would make sense if Pam’s unlikely confidante was Angela. Angela would probably frown upon the situation, but she owes Pam for not blabbing about the relationship she had with Dwight.

  218. 260- that’s exactly what i thought! i really hope they say that. dwight would be like “where have i heard that before?”

  219. 260- The “Absolutely I do” thing would be PRICELESS!!! It wouldn’t make sense for them to NOT include it! Hilarious, I hadn’t even thought of that.

  220. @ 260:

    I was re-watching season 3 and I watched “Phyllis’s Wedding” and when the wedding started and I saw Jim and Pam in the church, I got the chills, knowing they would soon be that couple walking down the aisle!!

  221. “Absolutely I Do” would be the icing on the (wedding) cake for me! I’m pretty much counting down the seconds until the new season begins!

  222. I, too, am on board for “Absolutely, I do!” Good call!

    As for the confidante: Angela would make sense, while Kelly would be more fun because she’d probably tell someone she’s the one who’s pregnant instead.

  223. Oh wow, that dress is perfect for Pam. I wonder if the church scenes are filming in LA or Niagara Falls…?

  224. Pam’s dress is the kind of dress I want for my wedding one day. So perfect for her and Jim! It’s simple and sweet, like JAM’s relationship! And it’s pretty, which we all know Jim and Pam are!

  225. OMG that dress is gorgeous! It looks great on Jenna and it is able to hide any baby bump Pam might have at this point

  226. Wouldn’t it be funny if Kelly ends up being Pam’s confidante..she somehow discovers Pam is pregnant and promises to keep her secret if she can be a bridesmaid..that would great, and typical Kelly!

  227. Is it just me, or is Jenna wearing Ugg boots with her wedding dress? Only she could pull that look off! :-)

  228. Woohoo! first time being a “tipster”… love Jenna’s Uggs with the dress… classic!

  229. I see a bump. A tiny one that once again is probably caused by my dilusion and delirium over my office withdrawals… But seriously, does anyone else even see the slightest hint of tiny baby bump in that picture of Jenna in the wedding dress?

    Dear Season Six: please come soon, before I lose my mind.

  230. Great article! I wonder what is the big arc at Dunder Mifflin! Maybe Jim takes over office management while Michael goes back to sales? Not probable, but would be fun to see.

  231. If they are giving us this much information, something else is going to happen. I’m excited!

  232. I love her dress. Simple yet very elegant. So now the question is…why has Jim’s tie been cut in half? Where is Michael lurking?

  233. Jenna’s dress is beautiful! I can’t wait for the wedding! Man, September 17th can’t come fast enough!!

    Oh, and if Andy’s trying to win Erin’s affections, we gotta come up with a name for them!! How about Andrin?

  234. OMG I literally started screaming when I saw these pictures!!! This is like the best day of my life.

  235. Jenna and John look amazing! I think we may actually get the JAM wedding of our dreams

  236. *Tears* :) They look so adorable. Jenna really looks stunning! That dress is perfect…and yes the baby bump is out in full force. I see Toby, where’s the rest? and who is that guy dressed in a tux standing w/ Jenna? Maybe her Tv brother?

  237. I really hope Dwight is somehow to blame for cutting Jim’s tie in half. But they truly look perfect in their wedding attire. Kelly has to be a bridesmaid, because Pam’s too nice to say no. And I agree, “Absolutely I do” would be the perfect vows.

  238. OMG!!!!!!!! can’t squeeee enough…and I seriously started crying! haha

  239. I was really wondering why Toby is hugging and holding Pam’s hand in three of the photos. Any body else wonder that…? OMG! They are REALLY GETTING MARRIED!!!!

  240. I am missing Kelly in these photos! Where is she?

    @287: Yes, the Toby thing is kind of freaking me out too! I mean, isn’t this supposed to be a destination wedding to Niagara Falls? Why is Toby even THERE? Go away, Toby! I sure hope he doesn’t spoil our happiness!

    Cannot. Wait. :-)

  241. Paul Lieberstein, in addition to playing Toby, has also written and produced several of the episodes, if I remember correctly… maybe he was just there standing in for someone else? Or he was there assisting in other things unrelated to his character… who knows? All that I know is that I’m so excited for this episode to air!

  242. Oh

    I am going to be crying like a baby when this airs – I’m tearing up at photos. This is crazy. lol ::squee:: sooooo excited. :)

    also – I think Paul was the one who wrote the wedding episode….. that’s probably why he’s hugging Jenna. Also cause you know they’re not always Pam and Toby… maybe they’re just happy to be filming :P

  243. I’d say, if that is Toby & Pam not Paul & Jenna, that Toby is freaking out but trying to pretend it’s out of happiness. Pam is being happy and freaking out with him since she has always felt sorry for him… Toby used to be a really awesome guy.

  244. I just noticed that it says that Toby and Kelly were there… which really means that Paul Lieberstein and Mindy Kaling were there. Those two are writers AND characters, so I can only guess that they were there overseeing things and probably not actually part of the wedding.

  245. I hope that’s Paul/Jenna, not Toby/Pam. Toby is a total creep, I don’t want him polluting the wedding. JAM’s wedding should be simple, sweet, and pure. Those two have not had a totally pleasant episode together in a while, and fans have been waiting for their wedding for over 5 years. Just give PB&J a wedding, not a drama with Toby getting grabby with Pam. Don’t take away from it by trying to do something with it.

  246. I’m a 31 year old man and yet when I see these photos it’s like I’m a 12 year old girl.

    Office, what have you done to me!

    [from tanster: lol! don’t worry, you’re among friends here. :) ]

  247. Paul looks awfully dressed up if indeed it is just a Paul/Jenna hug. For filming at the show that is notorious for having their actors wear sweatpants and t-shirts before air time?

  248. 294. pamkeds: I could not agree more. Your last sentence completely hits upon what went so wrong in season 5.

    I’ve got high hopes for season 6, and JAM’s wedding.

  249. 291- The episode was actually written by Greg Daniels and Mindy Kaling.

    Also, to everyone else who is wondering if this a Toby/Pam or Paul/Jenna, it is Paul/Jenna, since Paul Feig is also in the pictures, and as Mindy said, he is directing the episode.

  250. Honestly, I hate JAM and don’t care about their wedding at all. I really hope this season doesn’t focus too much on them!!

  251. 299. Don Draper: The question is if Toby and Pam are hugging and holding hands in the episode, or if Paul Lieberstein and Jenna Fischer are just doing that on set. It’s not a question of whether or not someone named Paul is in there.

    I hope the wedding will be crazy-free and perv-free. Jim & Pam deserve their own time on their own terms.

  252. “The wedding scene was shot August 22…”


    Best birthday present EVER. Can’t wait to see the real thing!!!

  253. in one picture w/ Toby and Paul, it kinda looks like Pam is running away from the wedding with Toby!
    Oh no!!

  254. Sorry if someone already pointed this out, but in that first picture of Jim and Pam walking together I’m pretty sure the top part of John Krasinski’s tie is cut off. It is a normal tie then halfway down it is cut off and you just see the thin underside of the tie. Seems like something bad went down during the wedding? I hope not, but what could that mean?

  255. while in one of the pictures it does look like toby and pam are running away together, i wouldn’t worry, jam fans. i dont think that the writers would make toby and pam’s interaction last more than 2 minutes. who knows, this could just be a paul/jenna scene. whichever way it goes, jim and pam are still getting married in this episode, it’s still gonna be great.

  256. I don’t know what to think about the Andy&Erin spoiler. I was hoping for more Andy&Oscar interactions…

  257. I tried not to look…but caved within a couple of hours. I am so weak when it comes to JAM spoilers.

    But Jenna looks gorgeous! And I reckon that’s a Paul/Jenna hug.

  258. 301 – what i meant, was that since the director is also in the picture with Paul and Jenna, it is obviously not a snapshot from the epsiode, but from behind the scenes. Since crew is in the picture, it is Paul and Jenna, not Toby and Pam. Sorry for the miscommunication.

  259. John and Jenna looking absolutely gorgeous and my breath literally got caught in my chest when I saw them. John looks so handsome and Jenna looks like a model for a Bridal magazine! I will, no doubt, cry when I see this episode. I am so happy their wedding day is finally going to come!!!

    And Paul Liberstein is an executive producer so that’s probably why he is there.

  260. I must be blind (probably due to staring at the Office anagrams for hours) because I don’t see Mindy Kaling in any of the pictures.

    That JAM baby is gonna be super duper cute & precious – just look how stunningly gorgeous Jim & Pam are in those pictures!

  261. If you’ve been watching the Office since the day it aired…then seeing the wedding pics are so surreal.

    I’m so excited though. I mean, we’ve seen PB&J through it all, and now it’s FINALLY HAPPENING…and the coolest part about this show is that something this big can happen, and it doesn’t have to be season finale. Or the end of the show. The show can go on for many seasons to come, and still be funny and romantic-ish and great to watch, because it’s not ALL about this couple.

    Also, Erin and Andy action?
    Haaaweelll yeahhh.
    Erin’s so hot.

  262. I am disappointed. For one, I was REALLY looking forward to Michael finding love this season. I am a little over the cutseyness of Jim and Pam. I’m happy to hear that Andy will find love (possibly), but with Erin? She’s not even really a part of the show, and I think her character is annoying. What happened to Holly Flax? I was so excited to have her on the show and I loved the Michael/Holly love story. Anyway… I must say the spoilers are a bit disappointing. I loved seasons 2-4, it really feels like seasons 5 & 6 are ‘straying’ from their Office roots.

  263. O I’m so WEAK! I didn’t want to see the pictures…but that only lasted 2 minutes. They both look so beautiful! (I know this sounds terribly shallow, but I’m so happy seeing these pics since the only aspect of the JAM pregnancy that I wasn’t ecstatic about was the fact that a really-pregnant-Pam-bride wasn’t the picture I had in mind. O gosh, I just admitted to have frequently imagined what the JAM wedding would be like… O gosh…)

  264. I think I know why Jim’s tie is cut…remember Pam said that she and jim watched episodes of The West Wing? There’s an episode where, in order to get the President psyched up for a debate, his wife cuts his tie and they have to find another…it’s a hilarious scene. I wonder if they’ve thrown that in, because if that’s why, I’m so proud of the writers :-)

  265. i think jim’s tie is cut to put focus on him and his cut tie instead of pam’s baby bump. that would seem like a jim idea no?

  266. Aw, Pam’s dress is beautiful :)
    I also love how Jenna appears to be wearing Uggs under it in the pic hehe

  267. The wedding photos look great! I’m also glad that Pam isn’t showing in them. That would’ve been really tacky. I’m also glad to hear that Jim’s going to get some major character development this season – it’s way overdue.

  268. I’m weak and had to see the wedding pictures. They both look amazing. After all the angst, I literally cannot wait to see the look on Jim’s face when he sees Pam, finally, walking down the aisle to him. I know I’ll be crying buckets. Can’t wait!

  269. Okay, new pictures end the suspense… the whole office is there! Haha, well I guess they were part of the whole JAM suspense too and they deserve to see it through! :)

  270. This weekend was the greatest of my life b/c of these spoiler pics. Ok, yes, maybe I need to get a life.

    Thanks for posting these tanster!!!

  271. Sorry if this has been said but I wonder if Toby cut Jim’s tie. He still has a thing for Pam so I can see that working in somehow. Poor Toby. ;o)

  272. Is that Anna Camp as one of Pam’s bridesmaids?


    the blonde on the right… she looks strikingly similar to her (She’s on True Blood currently).

  273. I’m almost sorry I saw these because I feel I know the episode now, but still…this is pretty cool.

    But Jenna…a Yankees cap? Why?

  274. Jenna posted a new blog!

    There’s also something about a rehearsal dinner… perhaps the third episode?! The suspense is terrible!

  275. does no one else think the most exciting thing about these photos is that it looks like there may be some sort of coordinated dance by kelley and ryan??

  276. #313-

    I agree with you about Erin. She’s really annoying. I don’t think after this season she’ll be on though.

    Anyways, I’m so excited for the wedding! I love the pictures of BJ dancing!

  277. @313 – Erin was in as many eps in the fifth season as Holly, so I’m not quite sure of the “not even really a part of the show” discrepancy.

    I’m kind of digging the way this season sounds. It seems like Pam’s pregnancy will provide a long-term, overarching story arc that was absent in the fourth and fifth seasons (which were still great anyway).

  278. “I agree with you about Erin. She’s really annoying. I don’t think after this season she’ll be on though.”

    Based on what?

  279. BJ looks sexy, and Erin and Angela both look adorable, but what the heck is Phyllis wearing!??

  280. I almost lost hope that Michael might not make the wedding! But in the last picture… there he was! Hopefully he will not embarrass Jim or Pam like he did at Phyllis’s Wedding. A little embarrassment is good… but not TOO much. Hopefully the episode will be funny AND heartwarming.

    Angela sure has changed a bit… at the last wedding she wore a conservative blue dress suit. now she’s wearing a dress that is *gasp* 3 inches above the knee… how scandalous! And without a hat! haha

  281. I’m so excited for the Jam wedding! Phyllis’ outfit is insane, but I love how Stanley is wearing a bowtie!!! Please tell me I’m not the only one who will be crying watching this episode!

  282. great pics! kind of intrigued who pam’s bridesmaids will be since they haven’t really established a social life for her outside of the office and jim :p. art school friends?

  283. Ok are the writers lying to us? I thought they said that Jim and Pam go off and get married with no one from the office around? In the pictures they’re all there. So?? Correct me if I’m wrong. Oh and Stanley doesn’t seem to be with Terry anymore. This episode looks great! I can’t wait to see it!

  284. I took a quick peek at a random four or five of those 101 photos but no more! I’ve got to force myself to stop or I’ll spoil it all if I keep peeking. But, holy cow, Phyllis’s hat! I just can’t wait to see this episode! My goodness, the bride and groom are a beautiful couple. And even though they’re made up characters, having been a fly on the wall watching Pam and Jim since season 1 and now seeing them all dressed up in wedding clothes, well (sniffle, snif, sob) it makes me get a little verklempt.

  285. 341

    The writers(or Jenna or someone) said something about Jim/Pam having a destination so that people from the office wouldn’t come. No one ever said that this plan works.

  286. Did anyone else notice that John’s tie is cut in half in some of the pictures?

  287. i have a feeling that some of the phyllis/pam tension that has happened over the course of the series will pop up in the wedding episode- like phyllis trying to upstage her a little with that ridiculous outfit and hat.
    also, how can anyone hate erin? i am so excited she will be a regular next year!

  288. 349 – I couldn’t agree more!

    There was definitely tension between Pam and Phyllis (especially at the end of the 5th season) since Pam became a salesperson and most likely got some of Phyllis’ clients. Phyllis even called Pam “a trout” at one point.

  289. If Andy doesn’t come out of the closet this season, I won’t like the show anymore. You can’t ignore all that sub text and not do anything, writers!

    DO THE RIGHT THING! Make Andy/Oscar a couple!

  290. “Andy (Ed Helms) struggles with heterosexuality.” O M G! Well, not really, after the trip with Michael and Oscar… Angela really did a number on him, eh?

  291. I know some people are rooting for Andy to be gay but I personally want him to end up with a woman who will treat him right. Angela was awful to him and he so sweet to her by always putting her wants and needs first. I loved in “Weight Loss” how he said he’d marry her in the parking lot, so long as they were married. I think Andy has a lot he could offer the right woman when she comes along. He is a nice guy to his girlfriends.

  292. “Andy struggles with heterosexuality?” You know, maybe it’s not that Andy comes out of the closet. It would be an interesting storyline if the closeted one was instead Erin, and Andy has to struggle to come to terms with it? I’ve always thought that the hug with Ashley was a bit too much for ‘just friends’…

  293. The synopsis made me laugh…that’s a great sign. I am so excited for a new season!

  294. hey I just thought of something, what if Pam’s confidante is Jan? She just had a baby too, and that would bring Jan back into the story more! hmm…

  295. 363- Mo’ Jan, mo’ problems. I hope they wouldn’t bring Jan back. I feel like there’s so much development and changes going on without bringing her back. I’m sticking with Pam’s confidante being Erin or Angela. I can’t really see it being Meredith, or Phyllis, but it’s kind of a toss up so we’ll see :-)

    And 358- That’s an interesting point about Andy and the heterosexuality thing. Especially after Erin’s kind of weird newsletter thing… It’s an interesting spin on the information. There’s just a lot of stuff going on it sounds like, hopefully they’ve revived a bit of the Office flavor that we all fell in love with in the earlier seasons.

  296. I don’t think anyone’s going to be gay (Andy or Erin)… I think maybe Andy’s gonna get burned by yet another girl (or he’s still getting over Angela), so it’s going to turn into some comedic storyline involving Andy considering homosexuality and asking Oscar ‘what’s it like to be gay?’ and all that, though he’s still going to be straight.

    That just sounds like an Office plot to me… I don’t want anyone else to be gay.

  297. 368- what exactly is “Office Magic”?

    364- I don’t exactly want Jan back either, but in one of the earlier spoilers Melora Hardin said that she will be back in season 6, I was just trying to fill in the holes.

  298. There was a promo on NBC for ‘The Office.’ The gossip was Michael telling Erin that Kelly had an eating disorder, and Michael telling Kelly that Andy was gay. Also, it had Oscar asking Andy if he thought he was the voice of a commercial (that had a mexican voice). Looks pretty good.

    [from tanster: during which show and which timezone? thanks!]

  299. I saw it too. It was like, the second commercial break. And the commercial…Oscar was asking Andy “Are you sure you aren’t the voice of the Taco Bell dog?” or something along those lines. It was pretty great!

  300. Hey! I saw the promo also, while watching Cafe Disco on the Central Time zone schedule cause i live in Alabama and Alabama is on Central Time. It totally suprised me, I didn’t expect the promos to start just yet, I thought it would still be another week or two until they started show them on NBC.

  301. I just saw the first season 6 promo!!!!!! OMG, I laughed so loud when Oscar say’s “so you think I’m the voice of the taco bell dog” wow now I really can’t wait until the 17th!

  302. The new article says that Jim and Pam were married on a tour boat but they filmed last week in a church. Hmmm… either there’s a twist or the Niagara Gazette isn’t the most reliable, director Paul ‘Teig’?

  303. All this stuff is a) confusing me and b) worrying me. I don’t see how they can make the wedding seem “Office-y” in that kind of location, especially since the nature of Jam being that they like their privacy…I sure hope they pull this off(they always do, but I still worry)

  304. AHHHHH!!!! *Mindy jumps up and down w/ excitement* (kind of like Kelly in Victoria’s Secret) 21 DAYS!

  305. I watched some of filming today in Niagara and it was very exciting. They shot outside of the hotel for about an hour, let us stay and watch, and then gave a photo-op at the end. It was really great and I got some pictures that I’ll definitely cherish for a long time. Seriously, such a great group of people!

  306. Ok so I’m slightly confused… are Jim and Pam getting married in a church – like the first photos showed or on a boat by the Falls?
    Anyway, for the Maid of the Mist Tours, don’t you have to wear those big blue poncho-things?

  307. We almost went to Niagara Falls for our family vacation this year. How awesome would it have been to be one of the tourists on the top floor of the boat? I’m super jealous of them.

    @381: I don’t think it’s required. We went a few years ago and I don’t remember wearing one. Then again, I have no problem with getting soaked :P.

  308. 386- keep in mind that this show is a mockumentary, so it’s not a dream sequence, I agree 383, if it was my wedding I would try to hide from Michael too!

  309. I almost wanted to use the phrase “drowned rat”, but NO way Pam/ Jenna will ever look like a drown rat. Mermaid.. that’s it. ;)

  310. It’s all making sense to me now.

    Okay, so Jim and Pam are marrying on a boat. And they fell in LOVE on a boat (Booze Cruise, anyone?), and they are MARRYING ON A BOAT!

    :D :D :D

    Sorry to go all Kelly Kapoor, but I just had that realization. Obvious or not, it made me excited. :)

  311. I seriously feel like throwing up – in a good way.

    After my husband and I went over a million different scenarios about how and where to get married, we decided to be kooky and get married ON the Maid of the Mist in May 2003.

    I really wanted to stand there in the poncho and dress, dripping wet and screaming, “I DO!!!”
    “I SAID, ‘I DOOO!!!!”

    We ended up waking up Christmas Eve, 2002 and saying, “Hey – we could just get married today…” My husband says I’m his Jim because of that scene in Cafe Disco. Now this. I saw the pic with the poncho and I just about fainted. I actually have a couple of tears rolling down my face.

    Phyllis stole Pam’s wedding, Pam stole mine.

    That’s okay. But if any writers read this, GET OUT OF MY HEAD.

  312. I saw another promo for the office on the east coast during a SNL rerun. It had Michael, Jim and Pam talking.

  313. I saw the promo that aired during SNL too. It was for all the Thursday night comedies and showed Dwight riding Michael down the hall like a horse and Michael asking Jim and Pam if she had peed on a stick. Jim answered that he had and it was inconclusive or something like that. So I wonder if Michael becomes Pam’s secret confidante about the pregnancy or if they lie to him?

  314. I’m sure it’s already been asked, but there’s too many comments to read through to check lol.

    Why is Jim’s tie cut in half? I thought that’s what I saw in the first pictures … and now one of the articles confirmed it. I hope there’s a hilarious and Dwight-related reason for it!

  315. I’m with you, Cher. I miss Toby and I think he and Dwight will be a fantastic team! One of the things that really works on The Office is putting together different characters in different ways, beyond the traditional romantic storylines (from last season: Dwight and Phyllis, Kelly and Andy, Oscar and Andy).

  316. At last! Other characters are getting storylines after the madness of the JAM wedding invasion. I adore Toby and Paul doesn’t realise how funny his performance of him is. I wish he knew.

  317. I found myself in the car today daydreaming about my wedding (which is years in the future, but hey, I can daydream!) and I found myself thinking about the fact that some things I do in my actual wedding may hinge on what Jim and Pam plan to do in their wedding. Not that I might go to Niagara Falls or any of that, but depending on the reasoning for Jim’s cut tie, that may just be worked in just to pay homage to The Office… Wow- I don’t know how much more diehard I can get. I’m going to have to keep my daydreaming to a minimum! Sometimes I forget that this is just a show and I’m not watching my friends through the TV, haha! Just thought I would share that with my OfficeTally family :-)

  318. I am really excited for the sixth season… this may sound stupid, but I almost cried when Jim proposed to Pam, as he had a rough time when they weren’t going out.

  319. The itunes description about a change in leadership coupled with the fact we’ll see a shareholders meeting makes it sound like David Wallace may be replaced! I hope not! I love Andy Buckley! Plus who knows what that would mean for our beloved office employees!!

    Also Tanster, do we know how many episodes this season is going to consist of?

    [from tanster: no, not yet. i’ll see if i can get that information!]

  320. @ 408:

    I almost cried too when I saw the proposal. They are finally going to be spending their lives together!

    And I am really excited about season 6 now because of that synopsis. It is going be another fun filled year!!

  321. 405
    Sometimes I feel too like the characters are actually my friends. I feel like I’m sorta a part of their lives because I know so much about it.
    That’s what I love about the mockumentary style of the office is that you can feel like you are the one filming and they are specifically talking to you!
    Haha not that I would ever admit that in the non-officetally world!

  322. I really hope that Michael isn’t Pam’s confidante…I was hoping for something more along the lines of Andy!

  323. If David Wallace is replaced, I shall cry a thousand tears.

    Okay, that’s a bit emo of me. But keep David Wallace! Please. :(

  324. Pam is obviously the pregnant one.


    Couples: Jim/Pam, Phyllis/Bob Vance: Vance Refrigeration, Stanley/Terri, AJ/Holly. I hope it’s Holly cheating with Michael.

  325. Yeah, I agree that it’s probably Bob Vance cheating on Phyllis. In Cafe Disco they seemed to be going out of their way to incorporate some foreshadowing. Maybe someone from the Dwight/Angela/Andy love triangle could do some comforting?

    It also seemed like Andy and Erin had a little chemistry going. If Andy is too busy questioning his sexuality, who else could it be? I hope it’s Dwight, because that would turn the tables on Angela, making her feel jealous. Maybe she’d even try to win Dwight back.

    Who would have ever thought that so many relationships could blossom out of a small paper company?

  326. Erin, it’s pretty surprising that so many relationships can come out of it, for sure. That’s partly why the show is so interesting.

  327. If you read the sentence carefully, it says “One employee…is cheating on his or her partner.” So I don’t think it can be Bob Vance cheating on Phyllis because he is not an employee of the office. Also, does anyone think that the TV Guide question/answer could mean it is not just Pam that is pregnant? The other spoilers from August 18th seem to indicate Pam has an “accidental” confidante. Maybe that confidante is another pregnant office worker? (Especially because confidante with an “e” refers to a woman)

  328. Of course the baby is a boy because they are going to name it (just middle name I hope) after Dwight or Michael hahaha… but seriously though…

  329. I skimmed the comments for guesses on the adultery, and all I saw was Bob Vance: Vance Refrigeration cheating on Phyllis. Why not the other way around?

  330. Grr no Andy and Erin! Why doesn’t anyone else but me see how perfect Andy and Kelly would be together?!

    And I reallllly hope Bob Vance isn’t cheating on Phyllis. I will cry refrigerated tears.

  331. Wow, I didn’t realize the previous person that posted before me felt the same way about Andy and Kelly. I think they would make a wonderful couple. And can’t wait for the Jam wedding, it is going to be a great episode.

  332. Here’s what I’ve got:

    Bob Vance is cheating on Phyllis. There would be no other reason for that whole Café Disco subplot.

    Pam/Jim’s confidant is Michael. In the most recent “Gossip” promo, it seems that Michael tries to start a rumor about Pam being pregnant, which makes Jim and Pam accidentally confess.

    Andy is the one hitting on Erin and also the one struggling with homosexuality.

  333. Since Andy is struggling with his sexuality, I can see him trying to hit on Oscar and getting his advice, only because Oscar is the only gay man that Andy knows. Not necessarily because he actually likes Oscar…he’s just there. But besides that, I think that Oscar would find Andy much too annoying.

  334. Here’s my take on Erin finding love: It’s either Leo or Gino, the “There’s girls in there” guys from Vance Refrigeration. :-)

  335. From the wording of the piece it seems that it’s an employee of DM that’s cheating so it can’t be Bob Vance. Maybe it’s Phyllis doing the cheating.

  336. It’s Stanley. I only say that because of the woman standing with him in the those JAM wedding photos.

  337. Am I the only one who doesn’t see the similarity between Jenna and Anna Camp? I mean, I do, a little, I guess. But they don’t look like sisters to me. Who knows. Maybe in the actual episode, they’ll look more alike.

    Also, the only (semi)logical explanation (for me) of the cheater’s identity would be Stanley. Isn’t Terri like his second wife or something like that? Maybe he can’t do long-term relationships.

  338. Is Phyllis going to be preggers this season to? I think i read that on this site a long while ago…

  339. Wow, I really hope they don’t turn Andy’s character into the bi-sexual guy on the show. If they do, I think this show will just become another main stream T.V. sitcom. I think the office writers can come up with something better than turning this show into another sitcom that’s full of “spicy” scandals.

    Stick to what’s working and keep this show original.

  340. Here’s my idea:

    So, Pam is preggers, but so is…
    ANGELA. But here’s the twist. It’s Andy’s.

  341. Angela would have to be about a year pregnant for that to happen. That doesn’t make sense unless you’re Michael.

  342. @420: Unless I’m forgetting something, I believe Andy once said something along the lines of “I want to have washboard abs for the wedding. It’ll be the first time she sees me naked.” Obviously that wasn’t a word-for-word quote but it was something similar. So yeah, if Angela’s pregnant, I think it would have to be Dwight’s :O.

    Tanster: You got to see the premiere a week early?! I’m sooooo jealous.

    [from tanster: lol. i’m just happy i got to watch it before moderating east coast comments. :) ]

  343. @423.
    Yeah but then in the episode “The Duel” Dwight gets all mad because Andy and Angela slept together and Dwight thought only he was sleeping with Angela… I could be totally wrong though.

    And as for Angela being pregnant…for that to happen she would have had to have slept with either Andy or Dwight at the way end of Season 5 and I don’t think she did…granted she could be pregnant with someone else’s but I highly doubt that.
    But who knows!!!
    Can’t wait for the 17th!

  344. Here’s what I think…

    When it says “at least one employee is pregnant” I think they’re talking about Pam and perhaps, Jim. In all the ads he’s saying he peed on a stick, so he’s trying to get Michael to think that he’s pregnant

    As for the employee cheating on their partner, I think that would be Stanley, which is why we didn’t see his second wife in any JAM wedding pictures

    And finally, Andy is questioning his sexuality. Tanster, please tell me all our questions are answered in the first episode! I can’t wait much longer!

    [from tanster: yes, all questions are answered.]

  345. I am really hoping that Angela is not pregnant with dwight or Andy’s kid. Even though I am so excited that Pam is pregnant i think that it is a little out there.

  346. Ok, well about Andy. I don’t think that he’d be the gay one even though the teasers hint it. I read somewhere that Ed Helms said something about the writers trying to lead us to something but really it’s something else. He used an idiom, but I forget. Any way, I think it might be Erin. I don’t know why. I think the craziest things.

  347. Can you give us another hint? Can we try to guess the word? It’s a whole ‘nother four days til Thursday–we need something to do. :-)

  348. I think it would be a good idea to let the fans pick the gender of the baby so here are my thoughts…
    If it was a boy and they gave him the middle name Michael or something, that would be funny, but I think that Jim and Pam would be awesome parents for a baby girl, I can’t decide!

  349. Haha, typical Michael gives the office Friday and Monday off for Jim and Pam’s wedding! That explains why they’re all there. What would the show do without Michael?

  350. “Keep it away from Creed.” LOL. I hope it’s a girl :)
    Also love that they explain why everyone shows up to the wedding.

  351. Girl baby, please! Jim has two brothers (we have yet to see the mysterious Larissa Halpert) and I think he could use more female influence in his life! Plus, Jim would be so adorable with a Daddy’s little girl.

    [from tanster: don’t know if you’ll actually see larissa, but i did see her name on a certain … wedding program. :) ]

  352. “just keep it away from creed” I laughed so hard on that hahahahaha… anywayz, It would be sweet if they had a girl :)

  353. I’ve decided… I hope it’s a girl too. There are already a lot of guys in the office and I do agree that Jim would be really cute with a “daddy’s little girl”. Besides I can see Kelly coming into the office with bags full of hot pink baby clothes!

  354. Still completely excited about the arrival of Jambino :-) And I’m with just about everyone else, I totally hope that it’s a girl! I couldn’t see if any other way!

    Tanster, how did you see a program?! You are way too awesome.

  355. awwww.

    For some reason I can imagine them with a precious baby girl. Jim will be wrapped around her little finger. :)

  356. Typical typical Michael… he would do something like that.

    btw, Tanster, thought about creating a poll for the gender of Jambino? Or even two… what gender would you suggest, what do you think it will actually be? Just a thought ;)

  357. I still want to know why we never knew Pam had a sister. I agree with LittleTuna…the fans should have some say on either gender or a name for the Halpert Jambino! I’m gonna be paying serious attention to the cold open! Tanster, do you need an assistant to share the awesomeness with?…haha (I’m free) LOL!

  358. Ok, here is what we know so far…there will be a change in leadership, and Michael will be threatened by Jim taking initiative with some “position”. I have a feeling that Charles Minor is going to be replaced or Wallace will be replaced. Either way, Jim is going to go for the VP job, or the CEO job….

    Halpert as the head of the company?????? At bare minimum, he’ll get the VP spot he wanted in Season 3, but Jim as the CEO could be very interesting….

  359. If they go with girl, her name should be Morgan(not only my favorite name but Pam’s middle name)

  360. Despite (or maybe because of) the majority wanting the baby to be a girl, I am convinced it will be a boy.

  361. Girl, Paul! I want it to be a girl! And this is why: A little mini Pam running around the office would probably be the greatest thing ever. Like, I would die!

    OMG! Great idea. They should name the baby after you, tanster! Jennie right? Yeah, that’s what needs to happen!

  362. @448 Jen – I was thinking the exact same thing. We know how those writers like to play with us sometimes. Maybe we should all chant Boy! Boy! Boy!. It’s reverse psychology…I learned it from Michael ;)

  363. Wow, I’m definitely a minority here, but I actually hope it will be a boy. What I’m most wondering, though, is how this is going to affect Pam’s presence in the Office. I was thrilled at the ending last year, but now I almost wish she weren’t pregnant because I don’t like the potential hiatus she could take from the Office, but I also don’t like the idea of her leaving her baby in daycare all day while she works.
    I trust the writers to work something out… I hope.
    Meanwhile, I’m going to go with the suggestion of baby boy.

  364. Maybe the building has a daycare or will get one so that way they can both work and see the baby whenever they want.

  365. 437. Mindy, I know Pam mentions that she has a sister at least once. It was in Season 3, Episode 2: “The Convention.” Michael tells Pam that he watched Oprah and now he wants to adopt a baby like Angelina Jolie. Pam says, “My sister looked into it, and the application alone cost $10,000.”

  366. #453, actually the quote from “The Convention is:

    “Roy’s sister looked into it, and the application alone costs a thousand dollars.”

    so Pam’s sister is a new revelation as far as I can remember. As for the sex of the baby, I don’t think it really matters because we are not going to see it very often.

  367. I sure hope it’s a girl! I see Jim as the same kind of father as mine, the type of guy that wants first a girl and than a boy. Stereotype of the “big brother” doesn’t apply to me hehe!

  368. Isn’t It Obvious that Angela is not having an affair….maybe because she’s NOT DATING ANYONE???

  369. I think it’s Stanley doing the cheating, and Phyllis is pregnant. Phyllis was so upset in Cafe Disco thinking Bob was cheating, it would be weird if she then went out and did the same thing. Also, it would be hilarious having Pam and Phyllis show up to work in the same maternity clothes.

  370. #454 You’re right, nice catch. I swear I heard “My sister,” when I watched it last week. And I thought I was on to something too..

  371. I bet the meeting with Michael, David And Jim is about a position at corprate that is open (maybe Charles’ old job) Just A Thought :)
    BTW This website is amazing thanks for all office gossip :D

  372. Looks like it’s called “The Reunion”, although neither of them make sense with the summary. Also notice that no B.J Novak in the second and third episodes, probably because it overlapped with promoting Inglorious Basterds, albeit we know he is in the wedding episode.

    [from tanster: oops, my bad. it’s ‘the promotion.’]

  373. My take on this is that Jim meets w/Wallace in “The Meeting”, leaving Michael feeling threatened, and then puts Dwight over the edge by being promoted in “The Promotion”. It’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the office handles “ambitious” Jim.

    Tomorrow night, finally! Can’t wait!

  374. It’s still hard to imagine what they would promote Jim to, and still have him work in the Scranton branch. Besides overtaking Michael’s job, where else would he go? Hasn’t he been there the shortest amount of time, compared to Dwight, Stanley, and Phyllis? That’ll make the rest of the jealous, at least Dwight.

  375. waaaait a minute… nbc sent you the premiere?!?! BEFOREHAND?

    you’re so money, you don’t even know it.. but you DO.

    [from tanster: haha!]

  376. AGH! The Office and Parks and Recreation are on tonight! WHOO! You hear that people?! It is on! It is on like the prawn who yawns at dawn!

  377. Has there been any indication that ‘The Promotion’ refers to someone’s career advancement? I know Jim is going to work harder this season, but that’s not saying much in and of itself. I think there’s a good chance it’s a promotion in the sense of a promo.

  378. Fascinating info on your advance “Gossip,” Tanster. Thank you for sharing that with us. I was watching that TH closely to see if Pam really said “twins”! And she said nothin’. Haha!

  379. The original Jim/Pam talking head that Tanster described sounds awesome. Fancy whore? That’s hilarious! I imagine it was changed so that the viewers wouldn’t get the wrong idea, and think that Jim was being a jerk by calling Pam a whore and referring to the pregnancy as a “situation,” even though he was just kidding. But I still liked it!

    [from tanster: the mere words don’t do the scene justice, of course. The way that John and Pam delivered the lines was what made it awesome. :) i wonder if NBC censored “whore” … ]

  380. ‘Gossip’ is rerunning @ 8 tonight. I don’t know if you mentioned it or if it’s just rerunning here…

  381. That really breaks my heart a little! I was SO EXCITED to see the “situation” talking head. And I watched the episode over just to make sure I didn’t miss it :/ I hope it’s on the DVD!

  382. Well, I’m kinda bummed Jim and Pam’s wedding episode is called “Mafia.” I really hope Michael doesn’t ruin their wedding like Phyllis’s. That’s one of the few episodes I won’t re-watch, because I disliked it so much.

  383. @476 If I’m not mistaken, the JAM wedding is on October 8th (at least that’s what’s written inside a big heart on my wall calendar…) so it’s the Niagara episode. Because that’s where they’re getting married. And I have a feeling Dwight/Andy is more likely to ruin this wedding than Mr. Scott. I mean, besides Michael giving everyone a long weekend so they can actually GO all the way to Niagara Falls for the wedding.

    and tanster, i certainly hope that situation scene is in the special features on the dvd. but i guarantee nbc cut it because they don’t like whores. what a shame.

    [from tanster: lol!]

  384. “Erin accidentally ruins Pam’s painting.”
    ^Awwww, poor Pam :(. As an artist, I can tell you that I’d be ticked if this ever happened to me. So yeah, I’m kind of really excited for this story line (*cough* art dork). I’m also interested to see how Pam handles this. She’s still kind of shy sometimes, even if she is Fancy New (Saleswoman) Beesley- no, wait- Fancy New (Saleswoman) HALPERT :D.

  385. YAY! YAY! YAY Artsy-Pam is back!

    J-Kras is with the ‘also starring’ group? Did Jim get promoted out of D-M, Scranton?

  386. @481 – John Krasinski is probably mentioned in the “also starring” group because Jim wasn’t directly mentioned in the synopsis (I find it hard to believe Jim would leave his new wife so soon)

  387. I really hope that by “Pam’s painting,” the synopsis doesn’t mean THE painting of the office building… that’s what immediately came to my mind, anyway. I’d be crushed if that painting was ruined!

  388. DinkinFlicka, your comment just made me insanely happy. Fancy New (Saleswoman) HALPERT?! I’d say that sounds perfect, but i may be biased.

  389. @481: No, I’m pretty sure they just listed him in the “Also Starring” section because he wasn’t previously mentioned in the main text.

  390. Reassuring to read the ‘not in the main text’ comments… I don’t want another JAMless season.

  391. Matt 487-488: You should figure in that Pam was probably already 2-3 weeks(essentially almost a month) along already in Company Picnic when they found out. This is pretty typical for all women, so if you factor that in she would be almost 6mons now in Oct.

    I also noted the absence of Pam’s dad as well. Perhaps it’s just this article though. I’d be sorely disappointed if they failed to have him there after we were already quasi-introduced to him in “Stress Relief”, and I imagine Pam might want him to walk her down the aisle. Don’t let me down Office writers!

  392. Will we finally find out who Larissa Halpert is?!?! As far as Pam’s dad goes, I think on a more real-life level, her parents just got divorced, so maybe it’s too soon for them to be in the same place, and maybe Pam will address that in the episode. She seems to be closer with her mom, anyway.

  393. It would be ridiculous if Pam’s dad did not go to the wedding. He divorced Pam’s mom, not Pam. IT’S HIS DAUGHTER’S WEDDING!

    Erin is there because the whole office is there… realism for characters as private as Jim and Pam would mean that there would be a very small, intimate, quiet ceremony. The writers made it clear they wanted a big, zany, blow-out wedding episode.

  394. 492:

    Well, it is a sitcom. I want to see the office at the wedding, because it should lead to COMEDY.

  395. I wish that Pam is going to keep HER last name! Here in Quebec, it’s pretty rare that a wife under 50 years old has her husband’s name. Fancy New Beesly has to stay Fancy New Beesly!

  396. @495 Maybe Pam will hyphenate her name. That’s what I did. If you do that, you combine tradition with keeping a sense of yourself. Although Pamela Beesly-Halpert is quite the name to swallow lol.

  397. 489 – ScubaCreed

    I agree with you about the timeline, but in “Gossip” it was said that Pam was four months pregnant. There would have to be a time leap (which is possible, since the interns left at the end of the summer, but we are not quite sure when) for her to go to six. Also, if the baby is to be born in February, which has been stated before, then that would throw off the timeline too.

  398. For those concerned that Pam’s dad won’t be there, I read it a little differently. The article specifically states “Seated in the pews will be…”. Pam’s dad won’t be seated in the pews, at least not at the start of the wedding, if he is walking Pam down the aisle. Maybe that’s why he wasn’t listed?

  399. Pam’s dad will be there. Jenna says so in the second Entertainment Weekly photo shoot video that Tanster just posted.

  400. For the rehearsal dinner gaffe, I’m guessing that Jim tries to pull a prank and it backfires or he somehow lets out that Pam is pregnant.

  401. The only thing I can think of is that Jim’s tie is cut in half at the real wedding… but what does he mess up at the rehearsal dinner? He should know better than to spill the beans that Pam is preggers

  402. Hi Tanster! I found this this morning. The episode synopsis for 10-22-09. It is called The Lover.

    PAM AND JIM RETURN FROM THEIR HONEYMOON AND GET SURPRISE NEWS FROM MICHAEL—Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) shocks Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer) when he reveals the identity of the new woman he has been dating. Dwight (Rainn Wilson) apologizes to Jim for years of torment with a strange peace offering. Jenna Fischer, Ed Helms, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Angela Kinsey, Phyllis Smith, Oscar Nunez, Creed Bratton, Paul Lieberstein, B.J. Novak and Ellie Kemper also star.

  403. @509 in one of the EW videos, i think john and jenna say that penny is married, and i don’t think michael would sink that low. i agree with 508 – pam’s mom makes more sense, even if the age difference is a little off. or maybe the illusive larissa halpert!

  404. You guys are quick! I was just going to post that it’s Michael and Pam’s mom that are getting lovey dovey. Three of you beet me to it! (Yes, I know, I wrote beet instead of beat).

  405. Jim’s mom is in the Mafia episode – maybe she and Michael start something up?? Just a thought!

  406. Yup, definitely going to be Pam’s mom. Her parents are divorced now so she is free to date. Jim’s parents are still together.

  407. I agree! It has to be someone like Pam’s mom. On a show where they often cast “ordinary” looking actors who aren’t recognizable by name, it seems odd that Linda Purl was cast as Pam’s mom (because she is relatively well-known for Matlock). This definitely makes me think Pam’s mom will be featured on more than just the wedding episode. Either that or I am aging myself by referencing my Matlock days. Can’t wait to find out!

  408. “Did you know Lincoln’s secretary was named Kennedy?”

    Too funny… my name’s Kennedy… and I’m a girl…

  409. I can’t imagine Steve leaving the show after season 7. I would cry if he did. Everyone else has made the commitment to the show for as long as it runs. So should he! I really don’t want him to leave. However, I think if he did leave, chaos would erupt.

  410. I don’t know if the show can go on without Steve Carell. It would just be weird without Michael there.

  411. I am totally addicted to this Spoilers page right now. Obviously, since I check it obsessively several times a day. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?

    Tanster–you are a tease! A scene we don’t know anything about?? You are killing me.

  412. I’m glad that Jim’s gaffe/faux pas is just out of excitement. I was worried the writers had him say something seriously bad that took away from the bliss of their wedding.

  413. Tanster, that is so cool! Thank you for sharing with us. And I’m glad there are still some surprises on the wedding episode. (The day I discovered your Spoilers page was a terrible, wonderful day. Am I addicted? Hells no. I can stop looking any time I want to…)

  414. it would be totally uncool if Steve Carell left the office. it would be so devastating! sad times…

    still super excited about this season! =) can’t wait!

  415. All I have to say is that I will watch this show as long as John Krasinski is on it. He can have his own one man show if he wants to as long as i can look at him….

  416. I was watching “The Promotion” clip and I don’t like how outspoken Oscar was about how Jim only gave raises to the “people he sleeps with.” I found that totally rude and I don’t like how the writers let his character be so outspoken like that.

  417. I loved this week’s episode I love that the writers are changing things up a little.

    Tanster: When does Entertainment weekly come out is it this week or next? Because when I went to the store to buy it somebody else was on the cover.

    [from tanster: it should be available now. keep trying!]

  418. Does the fact that the tipster for the Lover episode say ‘Purse Girl’ mean anything?

    because I remember a certain purse girl from season 1.

  419. 530:

    If Amy Adams were going to be on the Office again, we probably would’ve heard about it by now.

  420. My prediction about the surprise in the wedding episode, is that Pam’s mom, who is angry at Pam’s dad for bringing a younger woman to the wedding, decides to hook up with MICHAEL!!! And Pam’s mom is “The Lover”!!!
    I bet my life on this prediction.

  421. I think ‘The Lover’ is Jim’s mom. That’s the only reason for her being in ‘Mafia’ and it’s a good explanation of why Dwight would be nice to (distraught)Jim, who thinks his parents are happily married… Michael meets her at the wedding, she confides in him about a troubled marriage or divorce that Jim knows nothing about. If that’s the case, I think it would be a lazy, soap opera way of throwing a curveball… It’ll be a dumb storyline, no matter whose mom it is.

    Also, there’s no way that Jim is staying off JAM Island, so this promotion is yet another temporary shake-up for the dynamic duo… PLEASE return to the fun and prankish PB&J of seasons 1-3!

  422. I am so excited for the wedding! But does anybody know when it is? I thought it was October 8th but when I checked my T.V. for upcoming showings it said that dateline NBC was on. Can anybody help me?

  423. Is there going to be new episodes of the office on in February 2010. I am just wondering because I just realized that the Winter Olympics are this year and it’s in February. I was just curious if that will change the schedule at all?

  424. Just got my TV Guide for week of 10/5-10/11. Not a single mention of the wedding episode on 10/8. Shame on them.

  425. Not too surprising, if the show ain’t Grey’s Anatomy or a CSI, TV Guide never seems to mention it.

  426. I don’t like the idea of the show being like an “ER.” Without any of the central characters, the show just simply wouldn’t be the same. For example, if Carrell left after Season 7, and they continued it would almost be useless, as he’s such an integral part of the show. The whole cast should bow out together in a series finale, and end the show before it just get redundant and overstays its welcome.

  427. Gah, I asked Ausiello about Michael and Ryan and Michael and Dwight stuff. I hope he prints it. :(

    The season is never complete without some Michael/Ryan fun!

  428. That’s me! I’m the author of the second question on the September 30 Ausiello Files. Cool :]

  429. James Duncan Halpert? That sounds weird.
    I’m just gonna pretend his middle name is something else…

  430. Is it weird that it makes me like Jim even more to know that his middle name is Duncan?

  431. Duncan… I love it! It may sound a little funny, but I think it’s cute. Tanster, I think you once mentioned that Larissa Halpert was listed in the wedding program, have you seen more than just the cover?

  432. Jimothy Duncan Halpert. I LOVE it. As long as they don’t name little tuna Duncan… We’ll have to keep an eye on JAM’s parents’ and grandparents’ names, since they might draw at least part of the name from that.

  433. Jim Duncan… sounds like Tim Duncan. Oh if only the British and U.S. counterparts had switched first names.

  434. Oh my gosh, can you just imagine it- Michael Scott acting like the grandparent to Jim and Pam’s baby? That would be hilarious!!!

  435. I know this has probably been discussed but I didn’t want to go through ALL the comments in this thread.

    Is the actress playing Pam’s mom this same person who played her mom in season 2?

  436. 548:

    No, the actress who played Pam’s mom in season 2 is touring on Broadway, I think. She was unavailable.

  437. I would have LOVED to have watched Jim & Pam go trick-or-treating for clients!

  438. 551 You are NOT the only one. I’m way more excited about this plot line than like, any of the other ones in the post-Niagara episodes. I truly hope Andy says Beer Me. And that he comes up with a worthy nickname for Pam!!! Utway uday uyay inkthay?

  439. Michael falling into a Koi pond? Isn’t that kind of thin for a main plot of an episode? I mean, what can you do with that, it seems more like a gag than a story.

  440. I can’t wait for Koi Pond! It sounds hilarious, just as long as Michael doesn’t run another car into a lake.

  441. I’m excited that we get to see Pam doing some sales. Also, reading that Michael falls into a koi pond is the first time I’ve ever laughed out loud at an episode description.

  442. If Michael and Pam’s mom start dating, I wonder if anyone will tease him about dating a “soon-to-be” grandma (a la The 40 Year-Old Virgin)?

  443. OOO! Koi Pond!! My hubbie and I have three koi (Fred, Peas, Carrots … hehe) … I may have to get a fourth in honor of this episode. Guess what his name will be.

  444. I am so excited to see little baby tuna – I have a feeling it’s going to be a boy, but you never know.

  445. “A Haunted house for the children in the community”… that sounds like a Parks and Rec episode. Hope it’s better than last year’s Halloween episode, which turned out to be just a cold open.

  446. Are you guys interested in submitting questions to Linda Purl for a Q&A? (Linda plays Pam’s mom.)

    (Don’t post actual questions yet; I’m just gauging interest. Thanks!)

  447. I love the Q&A’s so it’s a yes for me :)

    And finally, after four(ish) years of waiting, we now know who Larissa Halpert is- Jim’s sister!

    [from tanster: correct! and it’s only 1 s in larisa — i double-checked with nbc. :) ]

  448. I noticed on the wedding program that it lists Pete as best man and brother. Pete and rePete. Haha!

  449. Ok I’m going to ask you something and I want you to be honest. What is a koi pond.

  450. I’m glad it’s finally been confirmed that Larisa is Jim’s sister!

    It couldn’t have been fun growing up the only girl in a house with three brothers playing pranks all the time.

  451. Finally we know who Larisa Halpert is! I feel sorry that she had to grow up with 3 boys, especially since they’re all pranksters!

    @567 – That’s exactly what I was thinking!

  452. I feel like after watching this episode, I’m done reading spoilers. I was jealous of my family coming into The Wedding with little or no knowledge of it, seeing no clips, or not even reading a description. That is how I watched in seasons 2-3, and those were the best. Sorry, but bye bye Spoilers…. :*(

  453. Did the wedding program say it was Isabel who was the Maid of Honor? I rewatched the episode and Pam introduced Penny as the Maid of Honor.

    [from tanster: yes i noticed that discrepancy too. the program says Isabel is Maid of Honor. ]

  454. I can never resist spoilers, it’s too hard! I can’t remember if i read them during season three, but certainly season four.

  455. About what Greg said. Actually January would be the eighth month if she conceived in May. If she conceived in April, January would be right. Unless she conceived in April, and they found out in May. Just something to ponder.

  456. If she conceived in May (meaning probably like May 1st) she would be due late January (I’m that big of a dork that I just checked it out on a due date calculator, hehe. I’m guessing either the 21st or 28th.

  457. So is Pam’s grandmother her father’s mother? Was Stanley’s date his nurse? Which one was Larissa?

  458. @577 Matt

    1) I believe Meemaw was from Pam’s mom’s side. She was sitting next to Pam’s mom at the church.

    2) Yes, Stanley’s date was Cynthia his nurse.

    3) Larissa was sitting in the front row of the church with Jim’s parents. You can see her during the dance sequence when Kevin knocks over the candle sticks.

  459. Thanks @ 578. I guess Larissa is the one right next to Jim’s dad.

    I asked about Pam’s grandmother because her last name is Beesly according to what Tanster saw in the program. She walked down the aisle with Pam’s mom too, but maybe it was because Pam’s dad had a date. Don’t know.

  460. Thanks so much for the report from your friend, Tanster! I hope, hope, hope we someday get to see Jim and Pam dance down the aisle (Keeping my fingers crossed for a supersized DVD extra called “Every Single Minute of JAM Wedding Footage”).

    (And I would have loved to see Andy trying to seduce Erin with Frost/Nixon! HA!)

  461. The summary for Double Date sounds a little too much like Dinner Party, especially since Pam’s mom 2.0 looks a lot like Jan. But I’m sure it will be awesomely awkward in a different way.

  462. double date looks like comedy gold! so what if it looks like dinner party? that episode was awesome too!!!!

  463. Double Date sounds amazing! I’m looking forward to seeing Jim and Pam react to Michael telling them he’s dating Pam’s mom… By the way Tanster, I love the Halloween banner

    [from tanster: thank you! :) ]

  464. Question for Pam’s mom (Linda Purl):

    First off, great job in the episode! You were great! Anyway, my question is how welcoming was the cast to you when you joined them for the filming of this episode and the episodes to come? Did anyone pull any pranks on you? Did anyone go out of his or her way to welcome you?

  465. Sorry but the double date sounds like the time Jim/Pam went out with Phyllis and Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration

  466. phyllis*farm – I so wish it was called that! Hahahaha. I love callbacks to earlier episodes.

  467. I really hope that “Murder” will let Ellie Kemper shine. Erin is one of my new favorite characters on the show (next to Kevin and Angela).

  468. Wow, they’re already thinking about the finale… It’s just too early to use the f word…

  469. Ugh… I do not want to watch Ryan make a fool out of Jim, but that’s obviously what’s going to happen. The writers are never going to show Jim as a competent boss.

  470. “Shareholder Meeting” looks really good. The Michael/Oscar/Andy/Dwight plot is going to be probably one of the best this season. But, I didn’t like “Business Trip” so hopefully it will be better.

  471. I noticed that on the October 13th update, it said the webisodes were filmed after the Christmas episode, and Jim’s office wasn’t in the webisodes. Maybe Jim won’t be a manager for much longer?

  472. Hmmm, there hasn’t been many spoilers since the wedding has happened.

    I’ve been wondering if they will ever bring back the Dundies or Pretzel Day as these are supposedly yearly events and we have only seen the one time. Maybe they can have the Dundies after the baby is born, and Michael gives Baby Halpert a baby-sized Dundie. Of course, it wouldn’t be able to take place at Chili’s.
    Perhaps you can talk to the powers that be about this Tanster ;)

  473. This sucks. I don’t know if I can watch if Andy and Erin get together. It’s not right! Oscar needs loving too!

  474. Ah! I don’t know why, but I really want to know more about Jambino! His or her name, and if it’s a girl or a boy. Can’t wait to February!

  475. Ginger, speaking of things that should be brought back, what about the 5 families? They went MIA after season 4. :(

  476. Here’s a question for Linda Purl (if you’re still taking them).

    When you accepted the role, did you know it was for more than one episode? How was the character presented to you?

    (Okay, sorry — that was two questions.)

  477. Re: New Worm Guy

    Subtle Sexuality was filmed over the summer before Jim’s new office was built. Go to the Subtle Sexuality quick link to see proof.

    Also, could Shareholder Meeting mark the return of Charles? Maybe not.

  478. Don’t really know if I’ll like shareholder meeting, but I’ll wait to give my opinion of the episode.

    I love the banner Tanster! Dwight is a pilgrim! haha

    [from tanster: thank you! :) ]

  479. Something else that should be brought back – Michael and Ryan’s relationship! It’s non-existent.

  480. Angie, maybe we should start a list of things that should be brought back and petition it to the writers or something.

  481. I thought finally everyone had their happy ending (except for the Michael-Holly story, of course) at the wedding, but I forgot Andy! It’s a dorky version of the Pam and Jim story.

  482. I’ve thought of that, but a friend of mine isn’t too crazy about the idea.

    I’d put Todd Packer on the list too. :P

  483. Michael as Santa? pure genius! My guess is Dwight sits on his lap, though he wishes it was Ryan!

  484. I’m guessing Jim sits on Michael’s lap at some point. From what I’ve seen in the outtakes of previous seasons, John and Steve’s interactions are virtually guaranteed at least a few outtakes :)

  485. On the NBC Universal Website, it says that Dwight will be a Recyclops for Green Week, presumably during the episode “Shareholders Meeting.”

  486. I’m hoping that at some point Creed sits on Michael’s lap and whispers in his ear what he wants, and it’s like some bizarre medicine or drug or something and Michael says it and says what the heck is that or something. I love Creed!

  487. I now have a theory… what if Dunder Mifflin has to start airing the documentary to earn extra money so they won’t go bankrupt? That would explain if there was a clip show coming up (which was in the works according to earlier spoilers)

  488. “MICHAEL AND PHYLLIS FIGHT OVER SANTA PRIVILEGES” Well that sure made me laugh out loud!! I can’t wait for this episode and see who actually sits on Michael’s lap..wonder what the title will be!?

  489. I’m a bit pessimistic, I don’t think the writers will let Oscar/Andy happen. :( The signs are all there on Oscar’s side that he’s crushing on Andy.

  490. I’m enjoying this season very much just the way it is, but it bugs me that a couple of things from last season were left hanging –

    Charles Miner (does he even still work for DM? If so, why hasn’t he been involved in any major plotlines like Jim’s promotion? If not, how/why/when was he let go?)

    Kevin’s girlfriend Lynn – just curious what happened there. It was nice to see him happy in a relationship.

    Alas, I’m excited for the upcoming arc re: possible bankruptcy and all that it could entail.

  491. Angie: Did you see Oscar staring at Andy when he was talking about his character to Erin? ;0

  492. 623: As far as I know, Charles still works for DM. It’s probably difficult for them to set up an arc for him and have Idris Elba available at the same time. I’m pretty he sure he said he expects to be back though.

  493. Scott’s Tots doesn’t look promising, kind of sounds like filler. And didn’t we already have Secret Santa already in season two? Hopefully, they can keep that episode fresh. Still think that ‘Shareholders Meeting’ looks really good.

  494. BJ Novak isn’t listed under the Dec 3 episode, I hope that’s because Jim kicked Ryan out of the office in the Nov 19 for being difficult. BJ Novak is back in the Dec 10 episode, but it would be great to see Jim have one victory as a manager, even if it’s temporary.

  495. I hope Ryan doesn’t get kicked out. I’m all for Jim having some trouble.

    Marsha – yeah. I’m losing hope that’s all. It’s a sucky feeling, I tell you. :(

  496. I thought DM has an employee of the month program already. I remember Dwight got 13 awards in 12 months as he did so well!

  497. I miss jim & pam having their own private laugh! seriously, just because they are married surely they can still laugh?

  498. @630 tjs: I miss that too :[ I’m not necessarily saying they should all be JAM centric episodes but I do miss the little moments with them that make you go “Awww!!” hehe

  499. Oscar is 51?!?! I can not believe that! He looks young for his age I would have thought he was closer to 41. That’s unbelieveable.

  500. I know I already commented, but it is amazing that he’s 51. I thought he was 35 until I found out a few months ago. Anyway, I’m really excited to see Oscar finally getting some love action!

  501. I can’t imagine Pam NOT going into labor at the office. For some reason I think that Jim will be away on a sales call or something, forcing Dwight and/or Michael to drive Pam to the hospital.

  502. @ThirstySchruteBaby
    That’s EXACTLY what my friend and I have been thinking! It would make for a fantastic episode.

  503. I hope Jim is there for Pam when she goes into labor. He’s a manager, not a salesman, and I’m sure he’d keep his schedule clear around the 36 week mark. He already missed Pam’s first and only art show after he had encouraged and supported her for all those years, they should have this together. You’re probably right about Pam going into labor in the office while Jim’s not around, though. Michael & Dwight freaking out in that situation would be a popular gimmick.

  504. Smarter than the room? That’s an odd choice of words.

    It makes me kind of sad that they’re pushing this Andy/Erin thing. They don’t have a deep connection now, and I don’t think they ever will. I just don’t see them making each other happy or doing anything besides having a few awkward dates and trying to convince themselves that they really like each other.

    Of course, I have an Andy/Oscar bias, but still. Oscar and Gil had more going for them than Andy and Erin. So do Kelly and Andy.

  505. I agree that Pam will probably go into labor at the office. But I’m hoping Jim is there, because that’s a really special moment and there’s no good reason for him to be missing. Since he’s a co-manager, he can probably work his schedule around staying with Pam. I’m just hoping that Dwight will offer to deliver the baby for Pam because he “has a lot of experience delivering animals”

  506. Paul Rudd on “The Office”? Yes please!! Probably wouldn’t happen, but doesn’t hurt to dream. I love whenever Carell & Rudd team up.

  507. Poor Pam, a baby that’s probably 4 weeks late (that actually happened to my neighbor) it’s sad that the Olympics interrupts the show, but I’ll survive.

    Tanster, Watch with Kristin is having a baby pool. Are you going to make one for us Tallyheads? I think it’s a good idea to help us make it through February!

  508. Although the birth won’t air until March, they could easily say that it is still February on the show. Last year, “Blood Drive” which took place on Valentine’s Day didn’t air until March.

  509. So with these new spoilers, does anyone think Dunder Mifflin may get bought out by another company?

  510. I just have a really bad feeling that Jim is going to be demoted to save Dunder Mifflin money. I don’t want it to happen, but Dwight can’t keep pulling pranks on him forever. But, Dunder Mifflin hasn’t actually declared bankruptcy yet (I don’t think) so that could also be the big change Jenna was talking about

  511. I can only hope that somewhere along the line, somehow saneJan is part of the corporate shakeup and saves DM.

  512. I wouldn’t mind too much if Jim was demoted but that’s just because I miss the Jim/Pam/Dwight “island” haha.

    @649 Tiffany:
    Wasn’t there a spoiler a while ago about Jan possibly returning this season? I’ve been wondering how they were going to pull that off. It’d be interesting if she was somehow a part of all these changes at Dunder Mifflin. But like you mentioned, I hope it’s *sane* Jan if she does return.

  513. I have an idea…

    Michael tries to take the corporate job. Holly is promoted to Head of HR for some reason. Jan (who is sane) tries to take Michael’s job as co-manager of the corporate head job. The office has to deal with both Jim and Jan as co-managers. That would be great. Remember, if you have the DVD, Jan has openly belittled Michael in a deleted scene in “Stress Relief.” Taking his job might be realistic.

  514. I’m wondering if maybe the clip show will be related to a big change happening, i.e. David or somebody leaving and Michael holds a party to help relive the memories.

  515. Excuse my stupidity, but what is a clip show? I’m guessing like one of those “flashback” episodes of “Friends” like “The One With All of the Thanksgivings.” Can someone tell me what this could mean in terms of “The Office?”

  516. [NICK] – male.. mid-twenties. Smart, low-key, maybe even kind of hip. Couple small scenes. Works one or more days week of Jan. 4th. Co-star
    Here’s a couple of casting calls? Corporate maybe…

    [TODD] – male, fifties, boring accountant type. Few lines. Works one or more days week of Jan. 4th. Co-star

    [JERRY] – male, late thirties early forties; a fatherly, kind man. Runs a small business. Couple small scenes. Works one or more days week of Jan. 4th. Co-star

  517. My wishlist is for the fallout of the D-M shakeup to include Jan working for the new company and Holly transferring from Nashua back to Scranton. It would be quite a “Dream Team”.

  518. I run a thread that follows THE OFFICE season 6 at a gaming forum, and one
    of the posters there attended a UCB show last week and shared this tidbit:

    “Saw a show at the UCB Theater in NYC on Friday, one of the performers was
    a young guy named Zach Woods. My friend who works for UCB told me Zach is
    moving to LA soon to film seven episodes of The Office. No clue what the
    part is, but it’s definitely a big break for him.”


  519. I have some questions:

    What is Jan’s role going to be this season. Melora Hardin has said she’s coming back.

    What about Holly and Charles? What about the buyout?

    I think there may be another season-ending arc, like the MSPC/New Boss one last year. There are hardly any spoilers this season!

  520. Sooo my theory on where the show is going this season…

    With David Wallace and Alan gone, the new higher ups are not going to think it’s feasible for Scranton to have two branch managers. And once they see Michael and Jim, not realize that Michael is actually quite successful, they’ll demote him and leave Jim as a manager. So Michael will be a salesmen for a few episodes while Jim runs the branch. The branch will lose money, the new higher ups will realize they made a mistake, and promote Michael again and demote Jim back to the position of A.R.M. And maybe that will lead us into season seven (which I think may be the last since Steve Carell isn’t signed on for more) where Jim will start looking for a new job and him and Pam will eventually leave Scranton.


  521. That is not what I was expecting for the clip show. Not too sure what to think about it. I’m optimistic though! Fingers crossed we’ll get some new JAM scenes too! ;)

  522. Can I just say how much I am missing Angela, Ryan, Toby, Phyllis.

    I think Andy’s screentime has overshadowed a lot of the secondary characters.

    I miss Dwangela too.

  523. When were the new scenes for “The Banker” filmed, if the crew is starting on the 02/04 episode this week?

  524. Ah, man! I’d really been hoping that JAM’s baby would be born on my birthday haha. Of course, my birthday’s not even on a Thursday this year (I’d say Wednesday is close enough though :P). Oh well, early birthday presents are always welcome so thanks in advance, NBC ;).

    My only concern is Pam’s maternity leave. With art school and MSPC, Pam was out of the office an awful lot last season. I just hope they don’t keep her out too long this year. Worrying aside, I can’t wait for the episodes!

  525. so does this mean that david wallace is out of the picture? no more andy buckley =( he was such a humbling character on the show

  526. Awesome update! Can’t wait until 3/4! Of course as luck would have it, I’ll be on vacation on 3/4. Good thing they have NBC in Disney world lolol

    PS tanster– it’s 2010. Your date still says 2009. :)

  527. Woo-hoo! Finally some new info!

    And JK got to direct the first episode with Kathy Bates? How awesome is that??

    Wow, I really need to get out more…

  528. I thought it was going to be an hour episode, the birth one. I hope they don’t show too much of it – I think there needs to be more JAM than there has been this season, especially regarding the baby, but Jim and Pam would NOT let a camera crew film it!

  529. The Office avoids my rage for hiring a movie star for a guest role because Kathy Bates is A-MAY-ZING! Sounds like an interesting direction for the season and I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

  530. Looking forward to the next half of the season, but I don’t know what to think of the clip show/”The Banker” episode.

  531. Tanster –

    So the baby episode is going to be a two weeker and not a one hour special? Since when? I thought they made it an hour long back in the beginning of the season.

  532. What Pam’s waiting to go to the hospital like Anna Duggar! BAD idea Pam! How uncomfortable would it be if Dwight has to deliver this baby in the break room?

  533. I find it funny when they use the phrase “holding it in”… I can’t wait to meet Little Baby Tuna aaahhh!!!!

  534. Was Greg Daniels actually quoted saying daughter/granddaughter? Should we take this as confirmation of the baby’s gender?

  535. Christina – I do think they are saying that the baby is a girl BUT I’m taking it with a grain of salt until the episode actually airs! :)

  536. I am so hoping for a girl! But like everyone is saying, that statement isn’t necessarily a fact. The article in Entertainment Weekly about Jim and Pam’s wedding was supposed to be full of spoilers, but it had a bunch of errors.

  537. whoa they revealed the gender??… well I’m still not buying it I’ll wait ’til it’s born… and probably because I am having a bet with my sister(who’s also an office fan) that Baby Tuna is a boy… hahaha… but it would be sweet if it’s a girl! I would love to see Jim and his little girl :))

  538. Psyched that we are finally getting great spoilers! I can’t wait for Kathy Bates. The comment about the day care center is intriguing and I wonder which character other than the obvious JAM may be expecting a bundle of joy in the near future.

  539. I don’t want a Jan replacement! I want Jan back!!! RealJan, saneJan! Come home Jan Levenson!

  540. Yeah, where is Jan. I thought that it was a given she’s coming back this season.

    If not, talk about a plotline dropped.

  541. If Gabe is taking Jan’s old job, that means Charles must’ve been fired! I’m gonna miss him, even though he hated Jim, which annoyed me.

  542. I hate what the Olympics is doing to the schedule. At least NBC is losing $200 million on it. I’m With Coco!

  543. I’m glad the co-manager thing is almost over. I mean, I love that Jim is “evolving” (for lack of a better word) but the two managers thing is just weird. They need to put him back on the “island” with Pam and Dwight so that we can have some JAM scenes- and more pranks on Dwight of course!

  544. Any word if they are going to lose “Dunder Mifflin”? I know when my company bought out another company, they changed names, but there are others that keep the original name to keep clients.

    I think the Manager and Salesman epi will end the Dwight’s diabolical plan story arc.

  545. Yeah, I was wondering about the name, too. I hope they don’t change it, the whole Dunder Mifflin People person’s paper people song will be redundant if they do . . . . .hmm . . . .oh! Yeah, and a bunch of other stuff, I guess-I only care about the song. :)

  546. Any confirmation that the Marc Webb directing “Manager and Salesman” is the Marc Webb of (500) Days of Summer?

    Also, I think there’s a good chance that Michael will be the one demoted. It would be interesting to watch him as a salesman again.

  547. This was from JANUARY 15, 2010:
    Jan might be coming back…

    Question: When we first spoke while you were in Chicago, I have to admit that I had never seen an episode of “The Office.” But now that it’s in syndication I’m a bit obsessed. Will Jan be returning to the show?
    Hardin: As of this season, I stopped being a regular. But I definitely will be back. I hear I’ll be back. I’m seeing the exec producer next week. We’re having lunch next week to catch up and stuff. I get that on my Twitter account all the time – “When’s Jan coming back? I miss Jan.” I’ll have to tell him that I’m getting so many Twitter questions, I need an answer. I need him to tell me something. Will I or won’t I, so I can let people know.


  548. If michael is demoted… there is a whole new story arc.
    If jim is demoted… a story arc ends.
    I hope it’s michael! Jim deserves that position.
    Or maybe there will be a twist and she’ll pick someone else to be the manager, like dwight *shudder*
    or someone even more random, like Kelly or someone. That would be funny.
    Also, can’t wait for the andy/erin Valentine’s day thing. <3

  549. Any chance that Conan does any guest writing for the show? After all, many of the shows stars (John, Mindy…) were interns for his show. It’s time to return the favor!

  550. Angela Kinsey has not featured in any storylines since the sixth series began. They have only listed her as being in the episode but she’s almost been reduced to a Creed like role…

  551. I would like to say that Jim would keep his current job, but Dwight and Ryan are up against him, and although he is a really likeable person, we have seen some of the other characters getting angry at him and whatnot ever since he got that job. But still, I hope he does get to be the one keeping it :)

  552. I’m actually excited that Kathy Bates’ character is going to step in and get rid of this whole “double manager” thing. I love Jim but I think Michael should be the one and only manager for Scranton…despite his flaws and lack of tact on most things haha.

    I can’t wait for the JAM baby! I hope it’s a girl but since Jan had Astrid, do you think they’ll make Baby Tuna a boy, just to even things out?

  553. “There are going to be some new shakeups with people’s jobs, and you’re going to see some people come into the office that MAYBE weren’t in the office before,” Does this sound like Jan is coming back ? Who else could it be ? I wish it were Holly. :)

  554. I know this may seem a little far-fetched, but could both Jim and Michael be demoted to salesmen and David Wallace become regional manager…or maybe Jan comes back to the office, like everyone else suggested? Just a thought.

  555. There has been mention made in the spoilers of a possible daycare center opening in the building. I’m going to throw my prediction out now that Jan will be running said daycare center.

  556. That would be so awesome if Jan ran a daycare center there. Although, I’m not sure how comfortable Jim and Pam would be leaving their baby with her. After all, as Oscar said, she’s “clinically insane.”

  557. Jan running a daycare center? It’s like saying that Kevin would make a great hooker.

  558. Okay, I’m wildly speculating here, but the hints about a day care center at Dunder Mifflin and B.J. Novak’s comments about Angela and Dwight getting back together in an unusual way….makes me wonder if there will be another office baby joining Baby Halpert in day care. Dwight a father – so much comedy gold to be found here. Of course, this presumes that Angela and Dwight having sex again so as I said, wildly speculative.

  559. I know that Wikipedia is usually wrong on synopsis (i.e. fake ones), but this synopsis has been up for days and they were right on the Manager and Salesman synopsis even before the synopsis was announced by NBC. Here it is (it may be fake). It covers both parts:

    Pam (Jenna Fischer) goes into child birth, but is trying to stay out of the hospital as long as possible because of their HMO. Stanley (Leslie David Baker) and Kevin (Brian Baumgartner) have a conflict over their job performance and they take it to Michael (Steve Carell), who is upset about not being the godfather to Pam and Jim’s (John Krasinski) baby. Dwight (Rainn Wilson), who is now the only member of the Party Planning committee, scrambles to put together a baby shower for Pam. Andy (Ed Helms) tries to figure out his relationship with Erin (Ellie Kemper).

    It says it was written by Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak and directed by Jeffrey Blitz. I have know idea if it’s fake but we’ll see.

  560. I know Pam trying to wait to have the baby is true because I think Mindy Kaling or one of the writers mentioned that’s what would happen, but I don’t know if the other stuff is true or not.

  561. I really hope it’s not Michael that is demoted. Michael is Dunder Mifflin. I think that would really ruin the show. It saddens me to say, but Jim is not funny as a manager anyway. And in most cases in the real world, if Jim is given the job, Michael would be handed a severance package. So writers, please keep it real, don’t forget it’s a mockumentary…

  562. My prediction? Jim will get demoted, but only sort of. Michael will remain the manager, and Jim will become the Head Salesmen or the Sales Manager or some new title, and in the end be making as much (or more) money than he was in the previous spot. We’ve already seen Jim isn’t a great manager (not that Michael is – haha!), but he is a great salesman.

    Of course, Michael is also a much better salesman than he is manager, so… I guess we’ll just see :)

  563. I believe I saw on The Wrap’s Web site that the march 4 episode will be an hour now, leading into the premiere of The Marriage Ref. Any truth to this?

  564. I don’t know if this has already been in the spoilers, but an article about Ricky Gervais being in the American Office was in our online news yesterday:


  565. On April’s Fools Day, there will be four episodes of “The Office.”\

    “Office” fans will also get a quadruple shot of laughs on April Fool’s Day: NBC has slotted a marathon of the show from 8-10 p.m. that night.


  566. Andy and Erin are not as viewer grabbing as Jim/Pam and Dwight/Angela.

    Fact. (Dwight Bible Chapter 1)

  567. 721, Matt-

    Sidebar says yes. And that’s terrific news.

    [from tanster: yep. just confirmed with NBC this morning. :) ]

  568. 4 new episodes, one being an hour long?! Yay for March!! I always knew my birthday month is the best month of the year. :)

  569. So does this mean the entire birth episode will be that one hour now? Before Jenna said that it would be a two-parter that was assumed to have been the March 4 and 11 episodes.

  570. I’m hoping this means that 3/4 will be the entire birth episode. I understand wanting to make it a two-parter but I think having both parts be the same night is a great idea. leaving a “cliffhanger” as the viewer-beloved Pam is about to give birth seems cruel!

  571. Tanster, any word on how many episodes we’re getting this season? I read online somewhere that it’s 25, which is less than what we were originally supposed to get.

  572. Is there any confirmation of “Jan” returning to “The Office” this season? I love her and really want to see her at some point this season!

  573. The birth episode sounds adorable and much more real than I originally thought it would be based on previous spoilers, so I’m happy for that. Can’t wait!

  574. Very happy NBC got it together and realized a full hour straight (not split over two weeks) for Jim and Pam makes more sense!

  575. #732 – What Jan rumor had you heard? I’d love to know if there’s any hope of seeing her again (preferably sane!).

    Re: The birth– I don’t get this. Who wants to stay in the hospital so long after birth? My experience is “Get me the hell outta here and let me be at home with my babies!” The premise sounds really off, IMO.

  576. #739 – I have not heard any major rumors on Jan returning to the show except early on in the season, Melora Hardin said she might be returning during this season. If she is returning, it will be towards the end of the season. There is still some hope!

    On the birth episode – I am very glad that the episode is an hour long instead of split. I don’t know if I could wait a week in between! Very very excited!!

  577. I can understand them wanting as much time in the hospital as possible. With the first one, I liked being in the hospital. I had help there. When I had my second, I wanted to get home ASAP to be with both my kids.

    I’m glad they are combining the episodes. I couldn’t see a birth making for much of a cliffhanger, unless they are planning some sort of horrible soap opera-esque Pam almost dies in childbirth nonsense.

  578. #738, I think the episode description is just worded a little too succinctly. Greg Daniels mentioned in TV Guide that it’s because of Pam’s insurance plan; they want more of her stay to be covered and if she goes in during the day, she only gets half a day or something. Hope that helps!

  579. The season ends the day before my birthday, May 21st! Happy EARLY birthday to me! It better be a good episode!

  580. I’m really nervous about the manager and salesman episode. I feel like Jim can’t go back now, and I really don’t like the idea of Michael not being manager….

  581. I’m just speculating here, but this is what I think: Dwight’s (and now Ryan’s) diabolical plan will come full circle in this episode. Either it will actually work and Jim will be demoted, or it will completely backfire and Michael will be demoted. But they’re gonna have to do some heavy convincing for Jo to keep Michael regional manager (after that disastrous first impression he made in the preview)

  582. I agree with floppyhair. This was why I didn’t like the entire MSPC arc last season (in the minority, I know). It felt like reality was stretched WAY too far and then they had to figure out something to “fix” it at the last minute, and the fix wasn’t very plausible either. I don’t know how they could realistically backtrack on the co-manager storyline.

    Other than that, though, I’m looking forward to what’s in store.

  583. There can be only one World’s Best Boss, and that ain’t Jim. Michael Scott for Emperor!

  584. I agree, I want Michael back to being sole manager. Jim needs to go back to the island with Dwight and Pam! Plus, Jim can pull any of his classic ultimate pranks on Dwight while he’s the co-manager. Oh, that’d be funny if Dwight’s diobolical worked and then he realizes afterwards that, “Oh no! Jim can pull pranks on me again!”

  585. In the synopsis for the second part of “The Delivery,” it says Michael anxiously waits for Jim and Pam’s baby to be born. BACK AT THE OFFICE, Erin and Andy blah blah blah… So does this mean Michael actually goes to the hospital with them?! Michael would do anything to get to see the baby at the hospital.

  586. Michael, Michael, Michael. I’m very very anxious and very very scared to see what antics he will be up to with Jim and Pam and the baby. Oh gosh. This is going to be a nail biter.

  587. So another half hour finale? Interesting…

    Also, are the episodes listed at the top right the ONLY episodes left in the season, or are they just the dates that we have confirmed for new episodes? :)

  588. What are the odds that Michael will:

    – Want to be the godfather?
    – Want to be in the delivery room?
    – Get hurt at some point during the delivery?
    – Suggest at least 10 names for the baby?

  589. Well, in terms of being the godfather, who would you rather pick? Michael or Tom or Pete? Those seem like the only options. Because it doesn’t seem like Jim has any really good buddies outside of the office.

  590. This might be sort of slow on the uptick, but I wasn’t sure, does anyone from Nashua or Utica or any of those other branches still have jobs? Or have Karen, Holly and all them been fired?

  591. @761

    With Holly presumably out of a job in Nashua, I hope this gives the show a reason for her to possible come back to Scranton and be with Michael.

  592. Can’t wait for a ‘St Patrick’s Day’ episode. They’ve been talking about it since the third season!

  593. Another episode synosis with the usual characters mentioned. Bring back Angela, Oscar, Phyllis, Stanley, Creed etc.

  594. I should know this, but how many episodes are we getting this season? By my count on what’s listed as air dates, there’s 22, but will we get more? I hope so, because it’ll be strange if we go March 25-May 20 between episodes! I feel like there’s been so many long breaks this season :(

  595. @ 766, “Another episode synosis with the usual characters mentioned. Bring back Angela, Oscar, Phyllis, Stanley, Creed etc.”

    YES< YES< YES!

  596. I don’t think that the other branches were automatically closed down when Sabre took over. That just wouldn’t make sense.

  597. @Alison

    There are 25 episodes scheduled, but I’m not sure if that’s counting the hour longs as one or two.

    I find it a bit strange that they’re listing Zach Woods under THE HONKEYS (which I can find almost no information on), rather than IN THE LOOP (which is up for best adapted screenplay at the Oscars).

  598. @Matt: I agree, I found Ed and Ellie’s absence to be a little surprising. Plus, the plot synopsis seems a bit short to me…could it be that something has been left out of the synopsis, so as not to spoil anything?

  599. This is the first summary that doesn’t feature Ed and Ellie since “Shareholder Meeting”. Hopefully their streak is gone for good.

  600. I quite agree Joey.

    I am finding the focus on the same characters (with Erin being so new and all) to be ruining my enjoyment, because I love the Office when all of these superb actors are getting an equal share of screentime.

  601. Tanster, I’m so jealous! :)

    Was it as sweet as the pregnancy reveal last season? (I knew it was coming and it still managed to make me smile a mile wide and tear up at the same time)

    Oh I can’t wait for Thursday

  602. Could you be any luckier, Tanster? The rest of us are going to die in anticipation! I hope you enjoyed them both…3 more days!

  603. I’m not a shipper. I don’t like relationships for the most part on the show.

    Dwight and Angela are an exception.

    I just want the show to get back into it’s roots, pranks, salesman Jim, Angela and Dwight, ect..

  604. Are you going to give us a spoiler per day to tide us over, Tanster? Can you tell us anything? Pretty please.

    [from tanster: i will check with the producers tonight.]

  605. Did I just read what I just think I read? DWIGHT AND ANGELA?! Dwangela in Thursday’s ep?! YES

  606. I am soo glad Craig Robinson is in the St. Patrick’s Day and New Leads episodes!! We haven’t seen much of Darryl since season 5; in which he was simply fantastic!

  607. Keeping my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed that JKras finally gets his long overdue Emmy nod with the birth episode. Can’t wait for Thursday!

  608. Fellow Tallyheads, did my eyes decieve me or did we just get promised some Dwangela?!

  609. Thanks Tanster! Can you tell us if there are any great emotional moments to go with the comedy?

  610. I thought JKras was robbed last year…he was amazing in those final moments of “Company Picnic.” So, totally in agreement with Kristen that a nomination is long overdue.

  611. So remember in one of season 5’s episode, Pam reads Holly’s document that Michael stole from her computer? And Pam tells Michael that she can’t tell him what’s in it, but it’s not over.? SO.. is anything going to happen with Holly? Or is she done?

  612. So, if we are really dense (which I am speaking of myself) or if we’ve had a really long day (which I am also speaking of myself) and we miss what’s in the hospital, will you fill us in?? Because I’m gonna miss it; law of averages in my case. :)

    [from tanster: of course, i will absolutely reveal what it is once the episode airs! but i know that some of you guys will instantly know what i’m talking about and will post a comment before i do. :) ]

  613. Was that Jenna Fischer’s real life fiance as the lactation consultant?!

    [from tanster: ding ding ding ding! that’s it! :) ]

  614. Tanster, you mentioned seeing an early edition of the baby episode. What extra scenes were in there? Or were they the deleted scenes?

  615. The April 8th episode is a repeat of ‘Scott’s Tots.’

    October and March have been the only months with an episode every week.

  616. Will we ever get to see Original JAM’s chemistry again? In the first 3 seasons it was based almost entirely on their togetherness in the office. I don’t understand why the writers chose to drop JAM’s flirting/joking/pranks in pretty much all of seasons 5 & 6.

  617. Here’s the rest of the schedule for the season:

    April 1st: Repeats: ‘The Delivery’ and ‘Niagara’

    Apr 8th: Repeat: ‘Scott’s Tots’

    Apr 15th: Two Back to Back New Episodes (8:00-8:30, 8:30-9:00) then SNL in the 2000’s

    Apr 22nd: No new or repeat (Back to Back episodes of ’30 Rock’)

    April 29th: New Episode

    May 6: New Episode

    May 13: New Episode

    May 20: New Episode (Season 6 Finale)

    [from tanster: i don’t think this is quite right, but will check with NBC, and post when it’s confirmed. thanks!]

  618. On Hulu it says that new episodes return 4/23, which implies that the two episodes on 4/15 are going to be reruns, and then 4/22 – 5/20 will be the last five episodes of the season. Honestly that makes more sense, because I can’t see them putting two new episodes starting at a time slot that’s not 9PM.

  619. So does this mean the season finale is only going to be a half hour again? :(

    [from tanster: correct, the season finale is a half-hour episode.]

  620. Really? A three week block of re-runs? **sob!** Happily, it’s followed by five weeks of new episodes. I’m just glad we weren’t left with a cliff hanger last week.

  621. oh what no new stuff ’til the 22nd?? :( I just realized that the April 22nd episode will be the last episode that I will see the day it airs before my flight (aka I will miss all the remaining episodes until I get back)… hopefully I get to watch the other 5 online when I get to my destination… :)

  622. “THE OFFICE”


    04/22/2010 (09:00PM – 09:30PM) (Thursday) : ANDY TRIES TO GIVE ERIN A SPECIAL ‘SECRETARY’S DAY’-Andy (Ed Helms) pulls out all the stops to give Erin a memorable Secretary’s Day. Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) reluctantly takes Erin out to lunch and lets slip about Andy’s relationship with Angela. Meanwhile, Oscar (Oscar Nunez) circulates a viral video he created that compares Kevin’s (Brian Baumgartner) voice to Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster. Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Leslie David Baker, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Angela Kinsey, Phyllis Smith, Creed Bratton, B.J. Novak, Paul Lieberstein and Craig Robinson also star.

  623. Inventing a day for the sole purpose of giving Andy/Erin more storylines? Even Michael is being neglected now.

  624. @802 SJ: Secretary’s Day is actually a real thing- they “celebrate” (for lack of a better word) it at both of my parents’ offices. I do agree, though, that Andy and Erin are getting way too much attention. I liked them at first but now it’s becoming a little too much for me :/.

  625. Secretary’s Day, written by Mindy Kaling and directed by Steve Carell…

    I am greatly anticipating this one!

  626. I wonder if Pam will be back from maternity leave when the show returns from hiatus? And, I agree they seem to be focusing a bit much on the Andy/Erin thing, but maybe this will be one of those episodes where the A story is a bit more subdued. The B story sounds like it could have some great ensemble moments.

  627. Why is there another episode featuring Andy and Erin? :(. Ensemble episodes FTW!

  628. Secretary’s Day is a real thing. Also, the cookie monster story sounds fantastic.

  629. Sorry guys, I’m from the UK, and it doesn’t happen over here, I don’t think. It’s been so long since I worked in an office and I was a receptionist.

  630. the cookie monster storyline sounds awesome. Oscar has really been coming alive lately. I can just see him getting frustrated enough to do that.

  631. Enough with the Andy/Erin stuff. They need to move away from that. The cookie monster story sounds great though. I’ll be ready for more Jim and Pam by then too.

  632. From the 4/9 Entertainment Weekly:

    It’s Not Over for Michael and Holly on The Office
    Don’t let last week’s introduction of Amy Pietz as a new love interest for Michael fool you, Office fans: Producers remain invested in the Michael-Holly love story, even if Amy Ryan isn’t currently around to help tell it. “We’re definitely hoping [to bring her] back next year,” says executive producer/costar Paul Lieberstein, who describes Michael’s dynamic with Pietz’s barkeep, Donna, as “very different” from the one he shared with Holly. “With Holly, they were both just goofballs on the same wavelength. I don’t know that’s what we’re seeing here. [Donna] has a lot in common with Michael, but it’s more circumstance that they’re together.”

    Not surprisingly, the courtship hits multiple snags in the coming weeks when “Michael’s attempts to date her don’t work out,” previews Lieberstein. “So he brings her in to sell her some printers and some paper as a client and makes some very inappropriate advances.” And what exactly does a bartender need a printer for? “She works at a big Dave & Buster’s-type chain,” explains Lieberstein. “They must have a back office there, and maybe there was some need for a printer.”

  633. I don’t want to be rude or anything, but this my opinion: I feel like they’re going down to the same pathway as Jim and Pam went in Season 4. I do miss Jim and Pam in the show, they were the ones that we knew from the start and wanted to follow more their story as the seasons went on. I would also like to see more of Kevin, Kelly, Ryan and etc in the storyline too, like Oscar, Angela, and Dwight too for the past couple episodes. I’m not just saying we need a lot more of Jim and Pam in The Office. Maybe they can even out the characters more like it was in season 1 and 2.

    I would love to see a little bit more of Jim and Pam’s relationship and some parts they could talk about Cecelia in their talking head. For ex: Maybe when Pam gets back to work, she’ll be nervous about the baby and calling her mom to see if she’s okay. I’m pretty sure most moms can relate to that, maybe they can write just a little bit about that, and moms at home can go, “Ah, I can relate to that!”

  634. I love Andy and Erin! Secretary’s Day is a huge day in my office, can’t wait to see that episode.
    Andy with his banjo makes me happy.

  635. YAY! More Andy and Erin-I can’t get enough of them:) They are so cute and sweet together and Andy deserves a sweetheart after the torment Angela put him through.

  636. I’m glad to hear that the Michael-Holly storyline isn’t totally dependent on Amy Ryan’s availability. I was just watching some S5 episodes the other day and hoping her schedule wouldn’t be a limiting factor. They’re just too good together, and I know the writers could probably keep the relationship going in some clever way without her being on-screen. And in the meantime, we wait patiently. :-)

  637. I’m confused with what’s going on between Ryan & Kelly because Ryan seemed really sweet towards Kelly in the last Episode and now the episode Body Language,it seems like Dwight is trying to get rid of her….Will we get to see more from this pairing in the remainder of this season?

  638. When can you start giving us some small spoilers from your set visit Tanster?

    [from tanster: hmmm. ok, here are the titles of the remaining episodes for the season:

    May 6: “The  _ _ _ _ _ – _ _” (or “_ _ _ _ _ – _ _”)
    May 13: “The  _ _ _ _ _” (or “_ _ _ _ _”)
    May 20: “W_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _” (or “The W_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _”)]

  639. I keep checking the spoiler page in the hopes of somehow, someday, running across something having to do with the legendary Jan Levenson, and nothing. I miss Jan (saneJan)!!! I miss saneJan and Michael!!! I miss saneJan and the office!!! How is it that this awesome character has just disappeared without another word?

  640. Can I guess what the names of the remaining episodes are?

    [from tanster: of course!]

  641. Okay, I’ll take a guess at the episode titles:

    May 6: “The Break-Up”
    (I don’t see what else the title could be; probably having to do with Michael breaking up with the manager from Happy Hour… I don’t foresee Andy/Erin splitting up anytime soon, and that’s the only other dating couple on the show)

    May 13: “The Alert”
    (very randomly chosen title, mostly picked because of its likely relation to the last episode…)

    May 20: “Whistleblower”
    (once again, I don’t know what else the name of this episode could be; this is inspired because Kathy Bates’ character is returning to deal with a whistleblower situation, as one spoiler pointed out)

  642. Here are my guesses:

    May 6: “The Break-up” (Please noooooooo!)
    May 13: “The Paper”
    May 20: “Whistleblower”

    Anything close???:)

  643. The May 6th episode is “The Cover-Up.”

    From MSN: Michael thinks his girlfriend is cheating on him and asks Dwight to investigate; Andy becomes frustrated when no one takes his customer’s complaint seriously.

    Dwight investigation, that should be good.

  644. I hope the season finale has some cliffhangers for next season. I’m not sure because the spoilers given haven’t followed the season finale.

  645. My guess for the season finale cliffhanger is some sort of office shake up. I mean, if Kathy Bates’ character is coming all the way back to the Scranton office, the printer scandal has to be a big deal.

    Maybe Michael gets fired and replaced by someone you wouldn’t expect — like Jan. I don’t know though, that might be too similar to the Michael Scott Paper Company story line last season.

    Or maybe it’s not really a cliffhanger per se, but a way to close off the Sabre story line or write out Kathy Bates character.

    You could argue that S5 didn’t really have a cliffhanger. I mean, it had the big surprise that Pam was pregnant of course, but it wasn’t like “what’s going to happen next?!” Because it obviously wasn’t going to ruin Jim and Pam’s relationship or anything.

    I’m sure there’ll be some surprises in store, though. At least I hope so.

  646. So glad to see that Lee & Gene are writing The Cover-Up. With Mindy and Justin writing the two before that, this season should close strong. I hope Paul wrote one of the final two, as he only wrote Gossip this season. I would love to see B.J. or Jen be the writer of one of the other final episodes. Also, it is cool that this year John, B.J. and Paul directed episodes, and now we are getting ones from Steve, Mindy, and Rainn. What a talented group!

  647. Lee and Gene writing + Rainn directing = one crazy, insane, hilarious episode of television.

  648. Only 30 days left until the end of season 6, and the interminable summer hiatus. :(

    Anything you can start sharing about your set visit yet Tanster?

    [from tanster: i got to meet three actors i haven’t met before. :) ]

  649. I am guessing Kathy Bates, Zach Woods and Amy Pietz.

    [from tanster: not quite. :) ]

  650. A new guess…triplets who play Cecelia (if there are triplets playing her)?

    [from tanster: i did not meet any babies. :) ]

  651. Not sure if this was mentioned before, but a week ago on Friday Film Show Radio 5 Live, Steve Carell was on with Tina Fey to talk about “Date Night” and he said that Season 7 was going to be his last. I know it probably doesn’t come as a surprise since his contract is up, but it’s sad to hear him say it. It didn’t sound definite, but that is where he seems to be leaning.

  652. So sad that Andy and Erin broke-up:( Are there any spoilers out there to indicate that they are getting back together before the end of the season? Even if they are not-I’m dying to know!

  653. MSN says the season finale title is indeed titled Whistleblower. Its description says that Jo tries to find who the whistleblower is after press finds out that the printers catch on fire.

  654. What do you guys think is going to happen with the season finale? Usually season finales are milestones in the JAM relationship, but I can’t think of anything that can happen in their relationship that hasn’t already happened (I don’t mean this is a bad way). I just can’t think of any cliffhangers, for JAM or otherwise, that could happen.

    Maybe (fingers crossed) Holly Flax is comin’ back?

  655. @floppyhair, could a Holly return be the reason that Michael is “surprisingly cheerful”…? We can only hope!

  656. More information on the (likely) last season of The Office:

    The Office: What that…wha?! File this under biggest bummer we’ve heard in a long while. Steve Carell recently chatted with BBC Radio (you can hear the audio for yourself here) and revealed a sad truth: Michael Scott may in fact be vacating The Office after just one more year. After stating that his contract runs “through next season,” Carell said, “I think that will probably be my last year.”

    So what do NBC and our sources have to say about this? Plus, what’s the latest on Glee, Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters?

    So far, no word from NBC; however, one Office insider tells us, “This could be a negotiating ploy, but honestly, I don’t think so in this case.” We’re also told that it’s highly unlikely The Office would continue without the self-proclaimed “World’s Best Boss” (Michael Scott/Steve Carell).


  657. Okay, going back to the “i got to meet three actors i haven’t met before” —

    One of them has an ‘a’ in their first name and an ‘r’ in their last name.


  658. You hadn’t met Amy Ryan before? *wishful thinking*

    Or… Melora Hardin? Argh! The suspense is killing me ;)

  659. Are you kidding? Dwight somehow managing to buy the building sounds glorious. (It will probably be some misunderstanding though).

  660. I believe that Tanster would have met Amy Ryan at the “Company Picnic” episode last year. Plus, I am fairly certain that the producers would not keep saying they want her back next year, and then spring it on us this year. If she was coming back this year, then they probably wouldn’t say anything…or really hype it up.

  661. I’ll go with Marcus York (Billy Merchant) as the third person tanster met, based on the “Dwight buys the building” B story.

    [from tanster: nice guess!]

  662. Melora Hardin has an “a” in her first name and a “r” in her last name!

  663. 17 days until the finale! Will the end of the year be pleasing to fans Tanster? On an unrelated note — the show needs to do a Mother’s Day episode.

  664. Tanster, has anyone guessed it correctly yet but you aren’t telling us who’s right?

  665. I think Tanster might’ve met James Urbaniak already, during the filming of Company Picnic? Maybe? I don’t know for sure.

  666. For some strange reason I think Gabe will be Leak in the Whistleblower season finale…

  667. Looks like the printer arc starts with The Cover-Up. The clip that Mindy showed on The Tonight Show, featured Andy asking Kelly about customer complaints regarding faulty printers.

  668. Since you saw the last two being filmed Tanster, can you start sharing some spoilers or more hints?

  669. It seems so quiet over here in Spoilers for this season’s finale. I wonder if they’ve managed to keep any big spoilers tightly under wraps this year? Or maybe there isn’t a big “WOW” moment this year to have to keep top secret? Either way, I can’t wait for the next two episodes! Tanster, when will you be providing us with your on-set visit report? Sorry, I just can’t wait!

  670. Well, I think there’s at least two surprises in store for the last couple episodes, that will answer these questions:

    1. Why is Michael okay with being Donna’s mistress? Probably means someone from his romantic past is back (and no it’s not Holly).

    2. Who is the whistleblower, and what happens to both that person and Sabre after it’s found out.

    Oh, and I came up with another guess for the a/r name game: Nancy Carell! If we’re being thorough, we might as well include Carol. Also, maybe tanster just met her on the set ’cause she was visiting Steve with the kids, and it had nothing to do with the episode!

    [from tanster: the person i met does have something to do with an episode. :) ]

  671. I can only wish for Melora Hardin in the finale, although it could be argued she has really a love/hate with Michael. Amy Ryan would be great too. Thought last season finale was a real letdown.

  672. I think this will be the first finale without a Jim/Pam plot….. Are we at least going to see them with Cecelia?

  673. Okay, I need a Jan fix, stat. Come home Jan Levenson, and please have your head screwed on straight!

  674. After further thought, I think Jenna’s comment about a return to real love for Michael may be referring to him reaching out to Holly in the finale, even if we don’t necessarily see her.

  675. My final guess for the 3 Tanster met is Marcus York, Kathy Bates, and Zach Woods.

  676. That promo might have given us nothing, but Tanster can…she was there! Three days! Time for some hints!

  677. I really, really, really, hope that “true love for Michael” indicates some Amy Ryan/Holly Flax coming back….
    I know Amy isn’t scheduled to come back this season at all, but maybe the episode will end with Michael calling her or something? Cliffhanger, I think yes? :)

  678. I really hope Holly comes back! She took some getting used to at first, but her and Michael are just perfect…

  679. I have some concern about tomorrow’s episode. No spoilers, no real promotion. Does not feel like a finale. I have a guess that maybe Pam or Jim is the leak, since they don’t seem involved in story plot at moment.

    [from tanster: i agree that it is totally weird that NBC hasn’t been promoting the finale at all.]

  680. This is the weirdest-feeling season finale ever. Where is the anticipation and buildup? Where is the promotion? Nobody anywhere is talking about The Office.

    [from tanster: i know, right? not watch with kristin, not ausiello, nobody. :( ]

  681. Tanster, from what you saw, did you like the finale?

    [from tanster: yeah, there’s some good stuff in tonight’s episode. jenna/kathy did this amazing improv during one scene that i hope makes it in!]

  682. Tanster, do you think maybe NBC’s excitement glands are all dried up after the promotion of the Delivery./Niagara? …..because we got nothing. I would have italicized that if I could….

  683. This interview with Ellie has a bit of “kind of spoilerish” stuff about the finale – not much though.


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