1. Wow, already? I say this time next week the NBC Store is already selling Sabre products. They really squeeze as much money out of The Office as they can.

  2. I’m just really excited for the reunion of Kathy Bates and Rainn Wilson. I hope they make her hilarious like in Six Feet Under.

  3. ooh looks really interesting. sabre seems a bit shady though. like a cult or something. haha wouldn’t that make for a great plot twist =)

  4. The lineup of employees at the top has the same Jim-looking guy twice. “Sabre: Twins Welcome.”

  5. OH YES!!!! Finally the Office comes to my hometown!!!! My best friend and I are going to go look for it Monday!!!!!

  6. It is a bit weird they are using the same name of the original and still biggest airline reservations system – SABRE (company is Sabre Holdings) that was created by American Airlines way back when.

  7. The “job opportunities” link makes me wonder if they are going to do an alternative site to DMI. I emailed the “info” link, but haven’t gotten a response yet.

  8. Well, sabre in spanish means “i’ll/ you’ll know” hmmm. I wonder how this will turn out! And i think i sense a new version of DMI?

  9. @15 Grace: it’s my hometown, too!!! I <3 Tallahassee!!!! BUT you might have to call Sabre-Corp and ask them where the 16000 block of South Monroe is… at the 3400 block it turns into Crawfordville Highway I think.

    @17 el scotto: i HOPE they do an alternative to DMI, but maybe with your profile carrying over. i'm an RM and i barely go on there anymore, it's so awful to use now.

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