1. These awesome pics hit the spot!! Dwight. Hydrapack. Priceless. I can’t wait!!!! Thank you so much for posting them :)

  2. Ahhh Pam’s hair DOES looks really nice…. And Dwight WOULD have a camelback haha! I can’t friggin’ wait till season 7 starts!!!!

  3. Ah, Pam’s hair has calmed down a lot from the past two seasons where it was in those awkward messy curls.

  4. I can’t wait! I also just found out that Zach Woods grew up a town a few miles from where I live. Pretty cool. Here’s to a great season 7 premiere!

  5. Is it just me, or does it look like they rearranged the office a little bit? (page 3, middle picture)

  6. Ugh, Darryl & Gabe are still there. I don’t think they’re as good as the others.

    Where’s Michael in these pics though??

  7. @ dana: I think it’s just you. At best, they’ve added a cabinet at the end of Creed and Meredith’s area.

  8. i agree on the subject of pam’s hair… i’ve always liked it half-up/half-down. i hated the big curls.

  9. Okay… I’m really happy for Jenna that she can now wear her hair normal on the show. Don’t get me wrong – she looks gorgeous. But are we really supposed to believe that a new mom, who used to clearly not worry so much about how she looked, is now getting up early to blow dry her hair out every day? lol

    Just saying…

  10. Ah! Can’t wait, the CD will be here in a few days that was preordered months ago and the premiere just a few days later. Life is good.

  11. One more thumbs up for Pam´s hair, that frumpy style made Jenna look older. This hair is old school Pam so here´s hoping we´ll also get to see more of that.

  12. @Joanna My theory is that she used to try not to look pretty so she wouldn’t be hit on by kevin, creed, michael, etc. (i sort of do that in my office!) when she started dating jim she started trying more since he was always around. now she’s starting to get a better idea of what is actually flattering on her, besides going for something a little easier. wouldn’t blow drying it straight be easier than making those big curls?

  13. @dana and @JeffCamp85

    I think it’s just because that picture is from a view/angle we hardly ever see on the show.

  14. Honestly? I love Jenna’s hair. But I just don’t want Pam to get too pretty or too glamorous. One of the appealing things about the show and Jim and Pam’s story was the realism.

  15. I love Jenna’s hair too. This season premiere and the next episodes are gonna be awesome. Looks like Pam is gonna take the leads from now on.

  16. I totally agree with floppyhair. I’m all for realism. It’s part of what makes this show so much fun to watch.

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