Steve Carell’s replacement: Harvey Keitel?

E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos reports that The Office showrunner Paul Lieberstein is interested in tough-guy movie actor Harvey Keitel as a possible replacement for Steve Carell this season:

“He’s probably the only guy who can do it, and he’s doing TV now,” Paul tells us of the Oscar nominee, who recently starred on ABC’s Life on Mars.

Paul is so jazzed about the idea of Harvey joining the show, he already has a bulk of the maybe-replacement’s role already written.

“He’s an old salesman who thought he could retire and the stock market went down, and he has to come out of retirement to work for a few years.”

Link: Steve Carell’s Replacement on The Office to Be… Harvey Keitel?!


  1. It’s April fools, not September fools. This has to be a joke. I haven’t heard a worse idea, even people who barely watch the show have had better ideas than that.

  2. Honestly, the only actor that could replace Steve and guarantee me continuing to watch The Office would be Rhys Darby. He would be so amazing in this role, especially if he played a similar character to how he played Norman in Yes Man.

  3. Personally, I think the perfect replacement for Steve would be Rhys Darby. Especially if his character was like his role as Norman in Yes Man!

  4. How has the sarcasm and humor that Office actors/writers/producers use in interviews become so lost to fans of the show?

  5. Here’s an idea. have some sort of tryout thing for the new boss. try one boss, and then another, and then another…

    then, on the season finale, pick just the right one!!

    so you can harvey. and see if it really is jazzy, but then move on. and see what the world thinks.

  6. 6/Umm – I’m with you. I read this last night and my first thought was that it was just is jest. The very fact that they are talking publicly about this makes me think it will be anybody but him – I don’t think they’d let the cat out of the bag this early in the process!

    [from tanster: i agree. i think the office crew has a ball leading the press in all sorts of misdirections about this.]

  7. My first reaction was similar to most of yours: NO!

    But… the more I think about the possibility the more I like it. Did anyone else see Life on Mars? (The US version) He was pretty fantastic in it and I can totally see a hardass comic role. He’d be Dwight’s hero! And he’d scare the crap out of Jim!

    If nothing else, it would certainly breathe some new life into the show, which I think is really needed. Finding someone to play a similar role as Michael Scott doesn’t really make sense.

  8. Didn’t they try this already with the Charles Minor character? Essentially haven’t they already had this character in a somewhat different role?

  9. Hadn’t thought about Rhys, but that would be excellent as unfortunate as it is that the show is going on without Steve. He was hilarious on Flight of the Conchords. Of course Ricky Gervais would be great, but I don’t see that happening. Hopefully he makes his rumored appearance this season. All I know of Harvey Keitel is Taxi Driver and Reservoir Dogs, ha.

  10. Hmmm, I don’t know what to think about this. I like the back story but that guy for some reason has always creeped me out.

  11. They should really keep Paul Lieberstein away from the fruity umbrella drinks when the press is around.

    [from tanster: lol]

  12. The show needs to end after this season. If it goes on with a Michael Scott replacement, it’s gonna suck so bad… I will stop watching. Go out with a bang.

  13. I am really hoping that ricky gervais will replace steve I think this harvey person is a BAD idea. very off putting to me.

  14. I think it’s a brilliant choice and I’d be delighted to see it happen. I’m pretty tired of the Michael Scott/Steve Carell character, frankly.

  15. alan rickman should replace michael. just paint his hair black. the new boss’s personality shouldn’t be the same as michael’s

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