1. I don’t remember Pam having that look when Robert California walked out. Is that a deleted scene, a scene used in a different context, or did I just miss it in the episode?

  2. “Have Mercy”?
    Season 7 wasn’t that bad :-) Don’t worry NBC, we’ll still watch The Office.

    The Promos are Ok. No new information here, but they pretty much sum up the season finale.

  3. Andy or Darryl would be fine as bosses to me. Personally, my vote has always gone to Darryl, because I think Andy would still go for the “Zany boss not qualified for his own job” thing that Michael was. Daryl would play it more like the “straight guy” in a comedic duo, trying to manage this cast of crazy personalities under him. But I like Andy too, so either one is fine. Dwight’s humor really comes from his lack of power, so having him under a boss is the best way to play it. Although the Jacques Souvenier thing was brilliant.

  4. In interviews and in these promos, they are leading us to believe it is Andy or Darryl, which makes me think they are going in a different direction.

    I love Andy’s character, but no way can they sustain him as boss. It might be Darryl, but they are trying to make it obvious.

    My money is on Pam.

  5. I’m really hoping for Jim to be the boss. He’s far and away the most qualified, he’s got another baby on the way, and his interactions with Robert were a highlight of the finale. Plus, the job would give both him and Pam something to do and a chance to grow.

  6. I’m looking forward to see who the boss is. I hope Andy gets the job. The Nard Dog deserves it better.

  7. I agree Matt, Jim is most qualified, but i don’t think he’s best suited for that role on the show. His character is at its best when he’s not big boss man.

    I really think it’ll be Andy, and i’ve come to accept that. I still think it’s just ridiculous though, he’s nearly the least qualified person they could choose. So it should be interesting to say the least.

  8. Jerry, #7: Pam would be great as Reg. Mgr, as I suggested here a few months ago.
    But the choice comes down to: Who’d be funniest taking over for Michael in conference room scenes, and funniest speaking with Robert & implementing his zany management ideas?

    Michael had Dwight. Robert needs his Dwight.

    The NBC promos serve to misdirect: Since they make it Andy vs Darryl, bet against those two. The promos also make the choice seem exclusively an inside hire, unlike the finale.

    New Reg. Mgr. may be NO ONE prominently featured in the promos!
    Could be an outside hire, say, the British lady in the finale, or…
    Kevin!, who, after all, shares Robert’s life philosophy that “Everything is sex.” This would justify that new accountant The Office is adding.

    Cookie Monster as boss & Robert’s disciple.

  9. as long as it isn’t darryl i’ll be happy. i mean i like his character but in small doses. i haven’t really found him “laugh out loud” hilarious since he was in the warehouse. i think the nard dog would be good for manager. he’s the quirkiest of all of them but it would be interesting to see how he handles power when he has no one to suck up to lol

  10. Anyone but Pam as manager works for me. There’s only so much disbelief I’m willing to suspend.

  11. I wouldn’t doubt if they don’t name a boss at all this season. So much has been rumored about the spot, let it stay vacant for a while.

  12. God, I love James Spader. If he were a regular on this show, I think it would then truly be nirvana.

  13. @15 Gina: It has been announced multiple times that they will name the boss in the cold open of the season premiere.

    @16 Jill Terry: He is a regular on the show starting this season.

  14. I don’t think the writers are going to try and stun anyone. The audience was led on too much with last season’s cliffhanger. I would be floored if it was anyone other than Andy. “Management material…” as he said in S3.


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