OfficeTally Survivor Poll: Season 7

OfficeTally Survivor Poll Season 7OfficeTally Survivor Poll is a series of fan polls posted in the summer following a full season of episodes. Similar to the Survivor reality show, you’ll “vote off” your least favorite Season 7 Office episode in each poll, until the lone survivor and most popular episode remains.

Final status

In results that should surprise no one, the episode Goodbye, Michael has won Survivor Season 7 as the ultimate survivor! Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager landed in the number 2 spot.

I’ll be randomly picking three winners from the Survivor Season 7 Giveaway (delayed until this weekend), and then we’ll move on to the final big poll of the summer, the All-Time Fan Favorite Poll.

Thanks for playing Survivor! Here are the final rankings.

The Office Season 7 Survivor Rankings, final

  1. Goodbye, Michael
  2. Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager
  3. Garage Sale
  4. Classy Christmas
  5. Michael’s Last Dundies
  6. Threat Level Midnight
  7. Costume Contest
  8. PDA
  9. Andy’s Play
  10. China
  11. Ultimatum
  12. Counseling
  13. Search Committee
  14. Nepotism
  15. The Search
  17. Sex Ed
  18. The Sting
  19. Viewing Party
  20. Training Day
  21. The Inner Circle
  22. Todd Packer
  23. The Seminar
  24. Christening

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  1. In my opinion…:

    1. Ultimatum. (My favourite episode of the season, possibly of the series. Just a very funny episode.)
    2. Classy Christmas
    3. PDA (She goes to another school!)
    4. China
    5. Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager
    6. Goodbye, Michael (Dwight’s goodbye. Wow.)
    7. WUPHF.COM
    8. Nepotism
    9. Garage Sale (Subpar until the proposal.)
    10. Andy’s Play
    11. Sex Ed (H… I… R…)
    12. Costume Contest
    13. Counseling
    14. Search Committee
    15. Threat Level: Midnight (A callback to my favourite of the series, The Client, but just too out of the office universe to be any higher.)
    16. The Search (It was easy once I decided I wanted the dogs to piss on Gabe.)
    17. The Sting
    18. The Seminar
    19. Todd Packer
    20. Michael’s Last Dundies (A very very good episode until the song. Honestly that ruined it for me.)
    21. Viewing Party
    22. The Inner Circle
    23. Christening
    24. Training Day

  2. Bring it on. Another All-Time Favorite Fan Poll would be awesome too! Or is it too soon for that?

    1 Goodbye, Michael
    2 Garage Sale
    3 Classy Christmas
    4 DKS
    5 Costume Contest

    Those are my predictions. Not the order i would personally rank it.

  3. There were a few episodes that I wondered why they ranked so high. Like Classy Christmas started out funny then ended up mean spirited (Dwight causing Jim to bleed crossed a line IMO and Secret Santa was a better Christmas ep) and there were other episodes like Viewing Party where I wondered why they ranked so low. “Beer Me, Jim” was classic.

  4. I did pretty well last season, got a lot of my rankings right and my final 4 matched the final 4 left in the poll.

    My rankings for season 7:
    1. Garage Sale
    2. Goodbye, Michael
    3. PDA
    4. Threat Level Midnight
    5. Classy Christmas
    6. China
    7. Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager
    8. Michael’s Last Dundies
    9. Costume Contest
    10. Andy’s Play
    11. Ultimatum
    12. Counseling
    14. The Search
    15. Nepotism
    16. Viewing Party
    17. Search Committee
    18. The Seminar
    19. Todd Packer
    20. Sex Ed
    21. The Inner Circle
    22. Training Day
    23. The Sting
    24. Christening

  5. Obviously Christening will be first to go. Didn’t care for The Seminar or Sex Ed either. Also Jim’s my favorite character so i couldn’t fully love those couple episodes where he was missing. My picks would be…

    1 – Goodbye Michael
    2 – Dwight K Schrute Acting Manager
    3 – PDA
    4 – China
    5 – Costume Contest
    6 – Todd Packer
    7 – Garage Sale

  6. My ranking:

    1. Costume Contest
    2. China
    3. Andy’s Play
    4. Dwight K Schrute Acting Manager
    5. Goodbye Michael
    7. Sex Ed
    8. Garage Sale
    9. Threat Level Midnight
    10. Todd Packer
    11. The Sting
    12. Nepotism
    13. Counseling
    14. Training Day
    15. Classy Christmas
    16. The Seminar
    17. Michael’s Last Dundies
    18. The Inner Circle
    19. Viewing Party
    20. Ultimatum
    21. PDA
    22. Search Committee
    23. Christening
    24. The Search

  7. This should be fun! Here’s my top 5:
    1. Goodbye Michael (Beautiful episode, and loved all the references to the fact that the show is supposed to be a documentary)

    2. Dwight K. Schrute (Acting) Manager (If this is what the Office is gonna be like Post-Michael, I’m in!)

    3. Threat Level Midnight (Just a great Office episode. It was cool seeing everyone looking like they used to, so many references to episodes past, and funny too!)

    4. Garage Sale (The proposal was great, not to mention Jim’s prank, which seemed like a classic Jim prank)

    5.Michael’s Last Dundies

  8. 1. Goodbye, Michael
    2. Classy Christmas
    3. Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager
    4. PDA
    5. The Inner Circle
    6. Ultimatum
    7. Todd Packer
    8. China
    9. Garage Sale
    10. Michael’s Last Dundies
    11. Search Committee
    12. Counseling
    13. Costume Contest
    14. Sex Ed
    15. Viewing Party
    16. Nepotism
    17. Threat Level Midnight
    18. Training Day
    19. The Search
    20. Christening
    21. Costume Contest
    22. Andy’s Play
    23. The Sting
    24. The Seminar

  9. 1. Andy’s Play
    2. Costume Contest
    3. Michael’s Last Dundies
    4. Threat Level Midnight
    6. Goodbye Michael
    5. Classy Christmas
    7. China
    8. Viewing Party
    9. The Search
    10. Nepotism
    11. Garage Sale
    12. Counseling
    13. Sex Ed
    14. Dwight K Schrute Acting Manager
    15. The Inner Circle
    19. The Sting
    17. PDA
    18. Search Committee
    20. Ultimatum
    21. Todd Packer
    22. The Seminar
    23. Training Day
    24. Christening

  10. 1. Andy’s Play
    2. Search Committee
    3. Goodbye Michael
    4. Michael’s Last Dundies
    5. Dwight K. Schrute (Acting) Manager
    6. PDA
    7. Garage Sale
    8. The Inner Circle
    10. Viewing Party
    11. Cristening
    12. Classy Christmas
    13. Sex Ed
    14. Ultimatum
    15.Threat Level Midnight
    16. The Search
    17. Training Day
    18. China
    19. Costume Contest
    20. The Search
    21. Todd Packer
    23. The Sting
    24. Nepotism

  11. I thought Andy’s Play was far and away the best episode. Classic Michael getting annoyed at ANdy’s success and causing many awkward moments, awesome awkward moments from start to finish, a sweet Jim/Pam moment at the end, it was as close to season 2-3 as you could hope for in an otherwise very subpar season. (Easily the worst season of the show.)

  12. 1. Costume Contest
    2. Andy’s Play
    3. Classy Christmas
    4. Goodbye, Michael
    5. Garage Sale
    6. Dwight K Schrute Acting Manager
    7. Search Committee
    8. Viewing Party
    9. Threat Level Midnight
    11. China
    12. Counseling
    13. Nepotism
    14. The Seminar
    15. The Sting
    16. Ultimatum
    17. PDA
    18. Sex Ed
    19. The Search
    20. Todd Packer
    21. Michael’s Last Dundies
    22. Training Day
    23. The Inner Circle
    24. Christening

  13. Top 5:
    5. Inner Circle (I know I’m in the minority, but I liked Ferrell’s arc)
    4. Garage Sale
    3. Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager
    2. Michael’s Last Dundies
    1. Goodbye, Michael

    P.S. What day does it exactly start?

  14. here’s my list!

    1. Andy’s Play
    2. Search Committee
    3. Goodbye Michael
    4. Michael’s Last Dundies
    5. Dwight K. Schrute (Acting) Manager
    6. PDA
    7. Garage Sale
    8. The Inner Circle
    10. Viewing Party
    11. Cristening
    12. Classy Christmas
    13. Sex Ed
    14. Ultimatum
    15.Threat Level Midnight
    16. The Search
    17. Training Day
    18. China
    19. Costume Contest
    20. The Search
    21. Todd Packer
    23. The Sting
    24. Nepotism

  15. Wow, Andy’s Play is getting a ton of love. Didn’t realize how popular it was.

  16. As long as Goodbye, Michael comes in at 1st place i’ll be happy. I think it would be such an injustice for a landmark episode that outstanding, that heartfelt, to be anything less. It’s far and away the best episode, in a season that while does have a few misses, has a lot of very good hits as well.

  17. I have enjoyed this season a lot, there have been better, but I wouldn’t say it’s the worst. IMO 2,4,5,3,7,6,1

    1-Garage Sale
    2-Goodbye, Michael
    3-Threat Level Midnight
    4-The Search
    6-Michaels Last Dundies
    7-Classy Christmas
    9-Viewing Party
    10-Dwight K Schrute (Acting)Manager
    12-Costume Contest
    13-Training Day
    15-Search Committee
    17-The Inner Circle
    19-The Sting
    20-The Seminar
    21-Sex ED
    22-Andys Play
    23-Todd Packer

  18. 1. Goodbye Michael (a perfect send-off for one of the greatest TV characters ever. Top 5 on the office’s all-time list for me)
    2. Andy’s Play (I just loved this one…definitely top 20 in the show’s history)
    3. Garage Sale (average episode…and then came the propsal…)
    4. Michael’s Last Dundies (wonderfully constructed episode. Obviously not as good as the S2 Dundies but surely that’s no surprise)
    5. Dwight Schrute acting manager (hilarious,and, most importantly, bodes well for the future)
    6. Classy Christmas (sold Xmas episode)
    7. China (simple and very funny)
    8. (wouldn’t have been my first choice for a WGA nomination, but a good one nonetheless)
    9. Threat Level Midnight (very entertaining, but really this should be seen as a special rather than a regular office episode)
    10. Costume Contest (solid all-around)

    Worst would be between Christening, Ultimatum, The Search, and Training Day

  19. Ahh, this is always so hard. I will start researching and mentally preparing now.

  20. We should do a survivor poll for the seasons. Like vote for your least favorite season thing. It seems fitting to do it now that Michael is gone.

  21. I really don’t understand why Andy’s Play is so popular. Can someone explain why they loved that episode so much? I put it as one of the worst episodes of the season…

  22. @#27 Andy’s Play is a good episode. Its ending is the best part. I enjoyed that group moment and the short but sweet Jam scene. But best of the season? No way! It’s somewhere in the middle.

  23. Christening must go first. I just found it borderline offensive, and the only kinda funny part was when Angela stole the scones. But Goodbye Michael For The Win!

  24. Top 5 Best Episodes?
    1. Goodbye, Michael
    2. Garage Sale
    3. Threat Level Midnight
    4. Classy Christmas
    5. China

    Top 5 Worst Episodes?
    1. Training Day (Will Ferrell was just not funny here)
    2. Christening
    3. Andy’s Play (The group scene was nice, but I wasn’t a fan)
    4. Viewing Party
    5. PDA (What was so great about it?)

    Top 5 S7Characters?
    1. Michael
    2. Pam
    3. Kevin (So So Funny!!!)
    4. Dwight
    5. Darryl

  25. Christening was by far the worst episode this season, if not of the entire series. If it is not first to go, I will burn Utica to the ground.

  26. This year will be easy for me. “Christening” the first round, then the self-indulgent “Threat Level Midnight” for the next 20 rounds or so.

  27. Five best
    1. Goodbye, Michael
    2. Threat Level Midnight (Self-Indulgent, probably more fit for a special feature,but still)
    3. Dwight K. Schrute A.M
    4. Classy Christmas
    5. Michael’s Last Dundies
    Five Worst
    20. The Search
    21. Viewing Party
    22. The Seminar (What exactly was Andy presenting on?)
    23. Training Day
    24. Christening (Felt way too Sit-Comish, and not really like a mockumentary)

  28. thanks for doing this again this summer Tanster!

    it’s a lot of fun :)

  29. We all know Goodbye Michael is the best episode this season, if not one of the best episodes in the entire series. But one of my personal favorites is Counseling. I absolutely love this episode! I really hope it makes it high on the list. As for worst episodes, The Search was by far the worst episode this season.

  30. I’m surprised “Christening” is so hated! It wasn’t great, but,”worst of the series”? To me, that distinction falls squarely on “The Banker.” I like “Christening” better than “The Inner Circle,” by a lot. Anything sitcommy about “Christening” is sophisticated and subtle when compared to Deangelo Vickers! That character (or that casting) is one of the few big missteps of the show, imo, and the dunk scene, alone, puts it below “Christening.”

    I also didn’t like “Nepotism.” Michael’s never-before-established nephew played too big a role (though I do like what it set up for “Counseling”). “Threat Level Midnight” is a weird one to rate/rank…it had some great character development for Michael (and the M/H relationship), and it was fun, but it didn’t have many of the qualities I love in The Office.

    “Goodbye, Michael” is an instant classic, “Andy’s Play” was vintage Office, and the entire Michael/Holly arc was excellent. I thought S7 was a wonderful return to form after a bumpy S6. There will be some tough decisions after the first three rounds!

  31. I find it funny that we can criticize so many episodes and only choose a few favorites. Watching a TV show isn’t suppose to be this painful. You’re not suppose to watch it and look for flaws. I liked every episode this season, even Christening had its moments for me.

  32. Andy’s Play is my favorite episode of the entire series. It’s the only ep of a TV show that I’ve ever bought on i-Tunes…I watch it all the time.

    I thought Threat Level: Midnight was terrible. I still don’t understand the love for that.

  33. 1. Goodbye Michael
    2. China
    3. Dwight K. Schrute (Acting) Manager
    4. Classy Christmas
    5. Threat Level Midnight
    6. Andy’s Play
    7. Michael’s Last Dundies
    8. Garage Sale
    9. Nepotism (underrated episode)
    10. PDA
    11. Todd Packer
    12. Costume Contest
    13. The Sting
    14. Viewing Party
    15. Ultimatum
    16. The Search
    17. Training Day
    19. Counseling
    20. Search Commitee
    21. Christening
    22. The Inner Circle
    23. Sex Ed
    24. The Seminar (worst episode of the series)

  34. It’s fun to chose your favorites, and very difficult! I’m glad Christening has some fans, every single episode does. Even The Banker from last season. And that’s great.

    The Seminar, The Search and Sex Ed are my picks for worst.

    China, Goodbye Michael, PDA and Dwight K Schrute AM were instant buys from iTunes for me. Fantastic episodes. Costume Contest is also great. And Classy Christmas has its moments.

  35. @ 34: That’s what she said!
    Goodbye, Michael definitely deserves to win. Training Day needs to go first.

  36. Season 7 was incredibly uneven, with a few terrific highs (“Classy Christmas”, “Goodbye, Michael”) but a number of chilling lows (“Christening”, “Viewing Party”, “The Seminar”, etc.), so the oughts from the aughts should be sifted out pretty fast.

    Please, everybody: I know that “Goodbye, Michael” was a pretty great episode, but it featured Deangelo Vickers – so please do not vote for it as the number one episode of the season. Up with “Classy Christmas”!

  37. @Spleegan

    THANK you. I’ve stopped coming to this site so often because I’m tired of all the negativity. I enjoyed every episode (except Christening) this season, and that’s all I really want from the show.

  38. Take a page out of Stanley’s crossword puzzle and be more optimistic. The old Stanley Hudson would have found something wrong with every episode but that’s no way to live life. C’mon people! She is hot.

  39. Yay Evil Snail – I’m with you! Counselling rocks! P.S. I also agree that even my least favourite Office episodes are still my favourite half-hour of television each week. And I thought Season 7 was excellent. Probably Christening and Nepotism were the bottom two for me. But, as folks are saying, even these had their moments, and both were important in the development of Michael this season.

  40. People are being asked to vote out their LEAST favorite episode, so there’s bound to be some negativity involved. No big deal. Oh, and one vote for “Christening.”

  41. Christening off – only because it really bothered me that the women getting judgmental from the scones looked like she already had one too many herself!

  42. I voted for The Sting with that guy Danny we never saw again after Costume Contest. Such a wasted character.

  43. My Official Rankings:
    1. Garage Sale
    2. Dwight K Schrute, Acting Manager
    3. Search
    4. Goodbye Michael
    5. PDA
    6. Sex Ed
    7. Ultimatum
    8. Nepotism
    9. Seminar
    10. Costume Contest
    11. China
    12. Viewing Party
    13. Counseling
    14. Andy’s Play
    15. Classy Christmas
    17. Michael’s Last Dundies
    18. Todd Packer
    19. Training Day
    20. Sting
    21. Threat Level Midnight
    22. Search Committee
    23. Inner Circle
    24. Christening

  44. I’m not sure why everyone hates on “Christening” so much! Haha. I’m inclined to say Sting and Search Committee are my bottom two.

  45. I didn’t mind the Sting. Although it’s too bad Danny was only in 2 episodes. But if anything it made for a really great moment in Costume Contest.

    Christening was kinda silly, i initially liked the idea and know it could have been better. Still don’t hate it though. Hate is much too strong a word describing anything Office related.

    Ultimatum has gotta go.

  46. I voted for “The Inner Circle.” It was possibly the most unfunny episode of the season for me.

  47. Inner Circle was by far the worst episode of the season. I am going to go as far as saying that it was probably the worst episode of the series. The supporting cast shined in that episode, but Will Ferrell was horrible. He was not funny in the slightest in his entire arc, and he kind of ruined Michael’s transition out of the office. I did enjoy every other episode to some extent (even Christening), so the choices after that will be quite hard. But I know one thing for sure, Inner Circle was awful.

  48. I voted for Nepotism this time – the cold open was fun and I know it’s always exciting to have the first episode of the season after the summer drought. But objectively it was in the bottom two for me. I didn’t mind Inner Circle at all – actually Kevin was hilarious and it was a pretty accurate portrayal of how people react to a new boss (all ass-kissy and trying to get in his good books). I’ve seen this exact thing happen.

  49. What’s the bigger surprise? Christening going first this year, or The Banker going first last year?

  50. inner circle was pretty solid imo, people were just upset that ferrell got the spotlight instead of a main character. if anything either the sting or training day should go next.

  51. @Jimothy Ha. I’m going with which was more predictable: Niagara being number 1 last year or Christening being last this year.

    Now, to vote off Viewing Party.

  52. whoops! mistake!
    i put costume contest twice, lol.
    replace #13 with WUPHF.COM

  53. “Christening” was a no-brainer. Next up for me, “Threat Level Midnight”. I have a feeling I’ll spend most of this summer voting for that one.

  54. The Search, honestly, was painful to watch (the whole thing just played out as downright cartoonish).

  55. I think that Viewing Party was pretty good, and The Search was one of my favorite episodes this season. The Seminar was terrible, I also don’t like Andy’s Play at all, I don’t understand all the love it gets :/

  56. Oh, Heck! I’ll post my rankings because I feel like it.
    Goodbye Michael
    Andy’s Play
    Dwight K Schrute, Acting Manager
    Michael’s last Dundies
    Viewing Party
    Threat Level Midnight
    The Search (Although it oddly felt like Michael and Holly had become Marshall and Lily on How I Met Your Mother, lol)
    Sex Ed
    The Seminar
    Garage Sale
    Costume Contest
    Classy Christmas
    The Sting
    Todd Packer
    Training Day
    Search Committee
    The Christening
    The Inner Circle.

  57. the only reason I didn’t think Christening was the worst episode was because CeCe was wearing an Arcade Fire shirt, lol. Inner Circle & Search Committee were my least favorites this season though.

    Definitely seeing Goodbye Michael or Garage Sale winning it all!

  58. “Goodbye Michael” has to be Nº1, definitely!!!!! And my other favorites as second places are: “Threat Level Midnight”, “Andy’s Play”, “Costume Contest”, “Garage Sale”, “Classy Christmas”, “Michael’s Last Dundies”, “” and “Todd Packer”.

  59. I’m voting for Todd Packer. I didn’t laugh one bit during it.
    P.S. Lay off threat level midnight guys. It’s not that bad (It’s actually one of my favorite episodes)

  60. I liked the Inner Circle episode, not sure why people hate it so much.
    Kevin’s quote is so great…”Hear that ma? Your boy, Kevin Malone, is in the inner circle. … which doesn’t exist.”

    The blatant sexism is reminiscent of the Office’s history of missteps, and I love how Jim is caught between Deangelo and Pam. I guess it’s not as well done as in the past (as Boys and Girls, or Sexual Harassment, for examples) and might be just more disturbing/lame than funny. Unless that’s the episode where he’s juggling “eggs and bowling balls”…because I loved that!!

  61. So glad The Seminar is gone, i didn’t like Andy there. Same with Sex Ed. I love him but only in moderate amounts.

    Next goes The Search for me.

  62. When I said “second places”, I didn’t mean they were episodes that sucked (which means they could be last), I meant they can be the second winners.

  63. Hate to say it, but Sex Ed needs to go. The comedy just didn’t live up to the hype, and even Melora and Nancy didn’t save it for me.

  64. Dang, I never thought The Seminar would go second. I was sure that it would be The Inner Circle!!

  65. Glad The Seminar is gone. Besides the cold open, I didn’t laugh once the entire episode. Next to go for me is Sex Ed, then Search Committee. I hope Todd Packer dosen’t go soon because I really enjoyed that episode.

  66. Tanster, can you post a statistic of how many votes each “eliminated episode” gets? I’d like to see how the numbers increase for each episode, and if there’s a really narrow margin for certain eps.

  67. Sad to see ‘The Seminar’ get the boot so early. I love episodes where some of the background characters get a chance to shine and that’s what I felt this episode was. Kevin’s ‘inspirational’ talk had me crying I was laughing so hard. Any Creed moment is always great.

    Oh wait. This was an episode that didn’t glorify Jim. I guess that explains everything.

    “My mom thinks you are too dumb to hang out with.”

  68. I vote off The Search. It was an episode that, to me, just felt downright cartoonish.

  69. Why doesn’t anyone remember the VERY easily forgettable Viewing Party? Not one of my favorites, guess because I don’t like Gabe. Or that whole “love” triangle.

  70. @#80 – None of the reasons listed here, or anywhere i’ve seen, have stated that reason as why people don’t like The Seminar. So i don’t think that “explains everything.” Just saying.

    I’ll be voting off The Search until it’s gone. I didn’t mind Viewing Party. I hope The Search and Sex Ed go before it does.

  71. Agree w/Pretzelday. Andy’s Play was just a seriously weird episode. Didn’t really fit with this otherwise great season. Not one laugh.

  72. Not saying that Andy’s Play was that great, but I disagree with pretzel day and pizza by alfredo. I think that WUPHF.COM has gooot to gooo

  73. There sure seems to be many different opinions this season. I have picked Todd Packer next. There wasn’t one part of that show I found enjoyable.

  74. Wow, these comments are all over the map. “Andy’s Play” is in my top three.

  75. Andy’s Play deserves to be at least top 5. Viewing Party, Todd Packer, Nepotism, and Training Day are the ones I want out next. Inner Circle was actually pretty good.

  76. Yeah, I’m glad to see that I have some support against Andy’s Play. I really don’t see what was so funny about that episode.

  77. Kyle, same here. I loved Andy’s Play. And, actually, I kinda liked The Seminar, too. I guess one thing to make of it is that there a lot of very different reasons to love The Office.

  78. Andy’s Play is not top 5 material to me at all. Once we get in to the top 10, i’ll be voting it off until it’s gone. Even still, it’s not “bad” in any way either. Just not spectacular like some people think.

    I also loved Todd Packer, loved it!

  79. No one else voting off Nepotism – did people like that episode (seriously, maybe I missed something)? I liked Andy’s Play just fine, and I really like Viewing Party – the Dwight/Cece scenes and the scene between Michael and Erin – when he finally becomes her surrogate parent. I thought that was important to Michael’s development into a mature adult, which was the whole point of the season.

  80. Nooooo!! I loved Todd Packer. Definitely had the feel of an early Office episode. But anyway, next to go for me is Sex Ed. And I don’t see why everybody hates Andy’s Play so much…

  81. Top 5: Andy’s Play, Viewing party, China, The search, and Classy Christmas.

  82. I am not sorry to see “Todd Packer” go! I only hope “Viewing Party” is next (or “The Search” or “Search Committee”.)

  83. I can’t believe Training Day hasn’t been voted off yet! I didn’t mind Deangelo in the other eps, but forcing Andy to eat hand soap was one of the cruelest, most unfunny things I’ve ever watched. I’ll keep voting for that episode until it’s gone.

    I really hated Viewing Party upon first watching, but I like it now, mainly because the Michael and Erin scene at the end is really touching and well done—one of the reasons why I still love this show.

  84. I’m sorry I didn’t vote off Todd Packer. I really liked that episode. Not because of all the scenes involving Packer, like Jim and Dwight pranking him to be sent to Florida. And I also love the Pam/Andy moment, when they’re just fighting over a new computer for the Nard Dog.

  85. To make it clear, I love the Todd Packer episode “not only” (no “not”) because of the scenes involving Packer, but also the scenes of Pam and Andy fighting over a new computer for the Nard Dog.

  86. @GabeGaga
    I completely agree. Andy’s Play just came across as uninteresting and strange.
    I’d be fine if Viewing Party left, too.

  87. Been voting for Viewing Party since day one – and I’ll keep doing it until it’s gone. That’s about the only episode I truly disliked.

  88. Tanster, you should do a poll to find the best Office quotes of all time!!!
    Survivor – Quote styyleee

  89. I had “Inner Circle” at #9 on my list. Obviously I am not on the same page with my fellow Tallyheads. lol

  90. I vote off The Search. It was one of the few episodes of S7 that was painful to watch. The whole thing with Michael going ‘missing’ and Holly showing signs of being EXACTLY like him (to the point where she’s able to trace his every move)……it all just felt so silly and unrealistic.

    I was hoping for a more natural and realistic reunion for the two.

  91. For me this season, the Survivor Poll is less like “Which episode is my favorite?” and more like “Which episodes do I remember any part of the plot?”

    I actually had to go on Wikipedia and look up summaries for a good number of these episodes. Unfortunately this season had been a lot of forgettable episodes with a few good mixed in.

    That said, I loved Andy’s Play, Classy Christmas, Threat Level Midnight, and Goodbye Michael. If any of those go before the rest (especially cartoonish The Search) I will burn Utica to the ground.

  92. cmon people, get it together! why is andy’s play still here?!?!!?

  93. @115 Because Andy’s Play was a funny episode with a lot of classic character interactions.

  94. i guess i’m in the minority but i really liked the search. the caption contest to me was vintage office. as for the main plot i guess it was cartoony but it was still funny along the way (creed Polaroid LOL). consider baby shower which brought holly and michael together in a realistic way, but as for the episode as a whole it was pretty lackluster. the search on the other hand was genuinely funny and i would say as whole miles better than baby shower.

  95. @Brad: I agree with you. The Search was downright abysmal. And I used to always love the Michael/Holly centered episodes.

  96. @#115, and anyone else who is wondering why “Andy’s Play” is still around. Go to the episode page and read the comments. They are overwhelmingly positive. So it’s no surprise that it hasn’t been voted off.

  97. I don’t know why Viewing Party gets such a bad rep! It was in my top 5; probably one of the few episodes which still leaves me laughing out loud.
    I’m probably in a minority in hoping for Search Committee ftw. Lack of plot significance aside, that was the episode that solidified for me that The Office could continue without Steve Carell.

  98. Agreed in that The Search has got to go. Holly following Michael around like he’s a lost puppy was just way too silly.

    Also agreed that Search Committee, after Dwight K Schrute AM, also solidified for me that TO can absolutely continue without Steve. It was a very strong ensemble piece.

  99. Andy’s Play
    1) Michael acting like a baby because someone else is getting more attention than him. LAME. We’ve seen this before, oh, I don’t know – ALLL THE TIME!
    2) No major plot movement for any of the main characters! “OH Andy and Erin are awkwardly in love! Oh, JAM got a babysitter!”…Riveting.
    3) Even Creed’s weekly zinger failed to deliver…His little play review, while smile-worthy, was not up to Creed’s abnormally high comedic standards.
    4) “Let’s get our juice on”…seriously, Jim?
    5) I’m a guy who gets amused pretty easily. I laugh at almost EVERYTHING! This episode, the only moment I genuinely laughed was the “But you’re a barber, so that’s legit” part…just a dull, dull episode
    6) Sucky cold open. Were they good singers? Sure. But this is The Office, not freaking Glee!!!

  100. So, i think that my reasons should sufficiently prove that Andy’s Play was not a “classic Office episode” to a bunch of people

  101. First of all, the end of the search is awesome, it really helps you with the pull Holly has on Michael, it makes him moving away after however long he’ lived in Scranton that much more realistic.

    Second of all, can we just get rid of the episode where the premise is WATCHING ANOTHER SHOW?!

  102. I’m ok with pretty much any of the following going next – Sex Ed, Counseling, Andy’s Play, Viewing Party, The Sting. (Is it obvious which half of the season I liked more?)

  103. @123. I could write a 10 page essay on why “Threat Level Midnight” was a terrible episode. It won’t change the fact that most people like it, and it’s not getting voted off anytime soon. No big deal. They’re just opinions.

  104. I agree with all of you about The Search. Horrible, horrible episode. Painful to watch even. I’d rather Michael and Holly had never reunited in the first place if THAT’S how the writers chose to do it (in a forced, unrealistic, and beyond-cartoony way).

  105. Wow #125 I’m complete opposite!! I thought the first half was a lot better than the second half.
    Training Day next to go.
    Classy Christmas FTW

  106. @#122 – Minor nitpick. Pam was the one who said “let’s get our juice on.” And it’s actually a totally in character line. The show has used the phrase “let’s get our_on” several times.

    Agreed though that Andy’s Play was just a good episode, not great.

  107. @122 and @129, if you watch Pam’s pre-wedding videos, you’ll notice that she yells, “I’m gettin’ my marriage on!” I agree that it’s very fitting for HER character.

  108. does anyone else agree that China should be next? I mean I just thought that it was a bland episode.

  109. I’m keeping my vote with Viewing Party. I really didn’t like that one. Love JAM but they didn’t seem in character for me with that one. I hated the Andy story. Don’t need to see any more vomit with this show.

  110. Really? The Search was bad? I loved that episode. It’s easy to say “Michael and Holly are meant to be together” but the Search actually does the job of showing why they’re meant to be together. Michael’s “I missed you” at the end is so heartbreakingly sincere.

  111. I’ll be voting Sex Ed off until it’s gone. It was certainly the least funny of the remaining episodes.

  112. I wish a few other episodes would have been voted off before “Training Day.” I loved that episode! I voted for “Viewing Party” this time around. I didn’t really like the storyline. I hope “The Search” doesn’t go. I did think it was a bit silly and unrealistic that Michael couldn’t find his way back to the office, but I really loved the way he and Holly got back together. I also enjoyed the caption contest.

  113. People really didn’t like the Deangelo episodes. Training Day was probably the best of them. It wasn’t that bad at all.

    Let’s get The Search and Sex Ed off. Definitely the weakest of the remaining episodes.

  114. I don’t see any episodes left that I hate. Search Committee is probably my least favorite of the ones left.

  115. For those who just voted off Training Day, I ask you: did you really not laugh at the scenes with Andy trying to be the funny guy (spilling the coffee down his pants, drinking the soap, etc.), or the scene where Deangelo tries to get Erin to change the way she answers the phone? It deserved to stick around a while longer if only for those two bits of comedy gold.

    As for me, I’ll keep voting off Search Committee, which in my opinion was the weakest season finale ever. Also, I’ve seen a few votes for Nepotism, and I thought that was a great episode. Genuinely funny from start to finish.

  116. @yoyo While I did enjoy the scene with Deangelo and Erin, the stuff with Andy was exactly the kind of cartoonish, over-the-top antics that has become too common on the show in recent years. A grown man eating soap and pouring hot coffee down his pants? The Office isn’t The Three Stooges or at least it didn’t used to be.

  117. Search Committee. By far the worst episode of the show so far. There was so much wasted potential (not to mention hundreds of crappy/over-the-line jokes, like how they ruined Kevin’s character by making him forget the ALPHABET!)

  118. Still stand by Whistle Blower for worst finale, followed closely by Search Committee. I didn’t think Training Day was nearly as bad as it’s made out to be. I’ll now be voting for “The Sting,” an episode that missed so many opportunities for comedy gold!

  119. viewing party eh? i’ll still be voting off the sting until it is vanquished

  120. @ Roy’s Mugshot

    I didn’t think Andy eating soap and pouring coffee on himself was particularly funny either, but I think the joke wasn’t the actions themselves, it was Andy’s willingness to do that to himself to impress the new boss. Fair enough though if you see that and don’t think it excuses the slapstick.

  121. Glad Viewing Party is gone- only good part was Mike/Erin at the end. Next to go- Sex Ed.

  122. Now that Viewing Party is gone, I’m going with The Sting and then Nepotism.

  123. I liked Nepotism! I’ve come to really love the cold open lipdub. It was so.. great. Sex Ed and Ultimatum should get the boot before it does.

    The Sting really made me laugh. From Meredith putting Ryan and Oscar to work to Dwight’s penis museum.

  124. When is The Sting going to get stung? I’ve been voting for that episode since Christening got the boot.

  125. I have been trying to vote off Threat level Midnight…It just did not click for me and I cannot figure out why!

  126. “Threat Level Midnight” was the silliest episode of the show’s entire run. It’s just not plausible that every character, including those who were fired the day they started at DM or disliked Michael would participate in that “movie.”

  127. I’m going with The Sting. It’s basically the only episode left on the list I feel was particularly weak. Felt like one long set up for “… i forgot about Packer.”

    Also caught the rerun of the Christening when it was on – can’t believe that was the first one voted off before either of DeAngelo-focused episodes.

  128. I was thinking about voting for Sex Ed, from memory didn’t really enjoy that episode. But upon re-watching it I realised it was Nate’s first appearance, who I thought was pretty funny.

    If anyone doesn’t know how awesome the guy who plays him is I suggest you go to youtube and search for “K-Strass” and watch some tv stations get trolled.

  129. Here’s my rankings for the remaining episodes
    1. Classy Christmas
    2. Dwight K. Schrute, acting manager
    3. China
    4. PDA
    5. Goodbye Michael
    7. Sex ed
    8. The Sting
    9. Search Committee
    10. Michael’s last Dundies
    11. Ultimatum
    12. Threat Level Midnight
    13. Andy’s Play
    14. Costume Contest
    15. Nepotism
    16. Garage Sale
    17. Counseling
    18. The Search

  130. the only reason nepotism is still around is because of that snazzy cold open. i do believe though that after the sting and sex ed it will be next on the chopping block.

  131. Goodbye, Michael deserves the top spot. Anything less and Utica will be a pile of ashes.

  132. I voted for China. I don’t remember this episode being as funny as the other ones.

  133. I have very mixed feelings about Threat Level Midnight. I thought it was gimmicky (a fun gimmick, but still a gimmick). But, the end, when Michael is able to laugh at himself for the first time ever, is a pretty huge payoff.

  134. “laugh at himself for the very first time”?
    ummm what about “Koi Pond”, an episode pretty much devoted to michael trying to laugh at himself?

    “Guys, can I just say, I can’t believe I fell in the koi pond! I mean, walk much? HAHAHA!”

  135. @gaga4gabe: obviously that attempt (Koi Pond) at laughing himself was not a success, as he completely crumbled into a pile of self-defeatism. So, yes, he tried it before, but in TLM, he actually did it and came through it more secure in who he is (and who he’s not).

  136. I know I’ll be shouted down based on the comments from the original airing. Even still I’m locked in on voting PDA off. Couldn’t stand the JAM story. And Michael/Holly was totally over the top. Completely downhill after the cold open.

  137. Sex Ed has got to go. I am usually against negative comments about the Office because I truly love every episode (even Christening). But Sex Ed was truly a bad episode, my least favorite of the entire series. China for the win!!!!

  138. Yay! The Sting has finally been stung. I am now voting for another episode that featured Danny Cordray – Costume Contest. I did not care for that character at all.

  139. Yay! The Sting is gone. I am now voting for another episode that featured Danny Cordray – Costume Contest. I did not care for the character at all.

  140. Nepotism again (and yay for Brad and Guy – I really thought maybe I was the only one who rated this episode low compared to the others).

  141. i actually like the Sting… i thought it was a good episode. meredith trying to seduce danny and having oscar and ryan be mexican workers was hilarious. i think the search needs to go, or sex ed. both very unfunny episodes.

    [from tanster: i agree! the sting was one of my favorite episodes of the season. something about the whole office coming together to help with one goal, with disastrous results, was hilarious.]

  142. voting off now. not that i didn’t like the episode, it’s just that i pretty much like everything remaining and i’m generally not a fan of ryan based episodes.

  143. @174 I agree, I voted for that also. The whole Ryan still working there is one of the most unrealistic things after being a VP. I guess it’s funny though. Will he last now that Michael is gone? I know the answer to that.

  144. I’m surprised The Sting is gone. That is in my top 5 for the year. Back to the drawing board.

  145. The Search has to go eventually… I’ve been trying to vote it off for a while now. Besides, I did like The Sting.

  146. This was the only season of “The Office” in which I enjoyed certain episodes for most of their running times only to become really ANGRY by the final few minutes. Examples 1, 2, and 3: “Costume Contest”, “Garage Sale”, and “Michael’s Last Dundies”. Hopefully other readers/commenters here will know what I mean. There are probably other episodes that fit into this rubric, but the point being that I’m not about to vote these episodes off because they were mostly good/great – EXCEPT that the final few minutes nonetheless taint my like of them. (Above all, that effing song at the end of “Michael’s Last Dundies”.)

  147. Why vote off “The Sting” if it was so good? It was amazing, I loved the episode, specially with Andy, Darryl & Kevin’s music style. I’m voting off “Counseling”, and “Search Committee”, I guess.

  148. “Above all, that effing song at the end of “Michael’s Last Dundies”.!”


  149. Nepotism had the lip dub! find me a single moment in Search Committee (which I liked too) that was as enjoyable as the lip dub.

  150. The remaining list, as of right now, is basically all the episodes I liked this season. It’ll be agonizing to choose between them :) but the weakest for me is Nepotism because it didn’t offer much else than the Luke plot.

  151. Too bad, i liked The Sting. But then i also really loved Todd Packer. The Sting was very funny. I remember laughing hysterically when Meredith made Ryan get down and start cleaning.

    Hopefully The Search and Sex Ed go next.

  152. @#179 So you’re saying that “Garage Sale” was ruined by the last few minutes? I have to disagree. The last few minutes are the only thing this episode will be remembered for.

  153. I’m surprised The Sting is already gone. Defintely one of the best of the season. But I’m still voting for Sex Ed and I think Nepotism is actually one of the best episodes of the series! Not only was the cold open fun, but the rest of the episode was hilarious and had a feel of an earlier episode of the office.

  154. I really liked The Sting and I’m surprised that it’s already voted off. There were way worse episodes. I don’t know about anyone else, but I just hated PDA. I thought it was so annoying. Michael was being stupid about the PDA policy and when I’m not really feeling Michael in a certain episode, Pam and Jim or Dwight can usually save the episode for me. But Pam and Jim were even more annoying than Michael.

  155. I am absolutely sure in saying that either Garage Sale, Classy Christmas, or Goodbye Michael will be first. They were all both funny and emotional, and no single true Office fan can deny that. The next choices shall be hard, as the worst are already gone. My choice for the poll through July 1st is Counseling, but that is not saying it is bad. It just simply does not hold up against better episodes.

  156. I am also surprised “The Sting” got voted off. I really loved Timothy Olyphant’s character.

  157. I think Ultimatum is the best episode of the season. I love everything about it, Michael and Erin sorting the happy/sad objects, Michael’s depression, the New Year’s resolutions, Darryl wanting to go to the book store, and Andy roller-skating to Dave Matthews. Perfect episode.

  158. I keep voting for Counseling… to be honest all of the episodes were good but out of the remaining episodes, I’d say Counseling wasn’t that good. I mean the whole concept of Dwight being angered by the people at the mall seemed a little sillier than The Office usually is. Michael being cold to Toby was hilarious though.

  159. The b-plot of Counseling was terrible. Michael and Toby was great, but I couldn’t stand the Dwight plot.

  160. “Sex Ed”? Are you serious? I liked that episode, really. I loved how Michael contacts all his ex-girlfriends, including Jan, Holly, Carol, Donna and Helene, to tell them he had herpes. I don’t get it.

  161. agree with #194. i loved the michael/toby elements of counseling but the dwight plot was just flat out dumb…

  162. 196, I agree, Michael contacting all his women was one of my favorite stories of the season! But, I didn’t care too much for the Sex Ed portion of the story, so I can see why it was voted off this early. In fact, I refer to that episode as “Michael’s Girlfriends,” rather than “Sex Ed,” haha.

  163. Other than The Christening, Ultimatum was my least favorite. I loved, loved, loved PDA and I’m hoping that will make it to the top 5 at least. While someone here noted that they didn’t enjoy the Pam/Jim storyline in that one, I thought it was great to see they still have that passion in their relationship. And the looks on their faces in that last scene was priceless!!

  164. This is really tough! I have to vote The Search off for two reasons:
    1) No Jim except for the beginning
    2) What we knew for certain (Michael and Holly are soupsnakes) was rammed down our throats for 20 minutes.

    As for the winners…If Classy Christmas, or PDA or Costume Contest or Garage Sale wins, I’ll be happy. I can’t decide! It’s so hard…TWSS!

  165. Tough choice, but Search Committee is probably the worst of the ones left.

  166. I’m glad Sex ED is gone. But once The Search, Ultimatum, Counseling and Andy’s Play go, things will be very difficult.

    Overall, this really was a great season.

  167. Continuing with ‘Counseling’, then off with ‘Nepotism’, and then ‘Search Committee’. After that comes the complications :(

  168. @ Kurn (#199)

    What I didn’t like about PDA was two fold. First they’re fictional characters and I’ve got an idealized, romantic view of them I admit it. But seeing them do that at the office cheapened them to me. It’s the sort of thing Dwight would do. Or Angela. And second it’s completely a personal thing for me, but I can’t stand it when people get drunk and then do something they wouldn’t normally do. I wish they’d left the episode when Ryan called them on it. It would show they still have passion, but like they said they still have their house to do that. So realizing I’ll be voting this way for a while it’s another PDA vote for me.

  169. I enjoyed WUPHF.COM, along with a few of the other episodes that have been voted off. That being said, the Survivor results seem to mirror the fan ratings, so I guess it all makes sense.

  170. What the hell? When did get haters? That just came out of nowhere…

  171. I insist “Counseling” is one of my least favorites, or the only one that is the worst. I can’t believe “” came 16th today. That episode was awesome. I loved the scenes involving Ryan’s company including the way WUPHF worked through all communications, fax, phones, e-mail, printings. And Dwight’s hay place sequence plus Angela meeting the state senator, was amazing, too. Jim doing nothing because of Gabe and the new commission, well, I don’t know what to say, except that I liked the final scene of Jim messing with Gabe with Jo’s voice. And I also love the scene of Pam convincing Michael that Ryan should do the right thing.

  172. Wow! Really surprised to see go – I thought people really liked that one (it had the things people say they like – took place in the office, had everyone involved). Still voting Nepotism. Counseling is my favourite episode of the year.

  173. Huh??? was a great episode. I still stand by my belief that The Search and Search Committee should be voted off (though, imo, they really deserve to have been voted off early on)

  174. I’d say the biggest surprise of this poll is that Search Committee is still here based on how generally unpopular it was. That being said, I’m still voting exclusively for The Search until it goes.

  175. Wow, that came out of left field. was an all around good episode. I thought it was well received. Funny how opinion can change.

    Still voting The Search.

  176. Exactly #213. was an episode that was praised by both critics and fans (and this praise was far more than what episodes like THe Search and Search Committee got).

    I’m still voting off Search Committee, and hopefully it’ll be off soon. *Hopefully!!!*

  177. Glad to see go – but only because I’m not a fan of Ryan.

    Dwight K. Schrute, Acting Manager for the win! I haven’t laughed so much during an episode since The Injury. I re-watched the episode 3 times because I thought it was so great. (Perhaps I’m biased towards Dwight.) Hoping for a well-rounded episode to win it all – don’t want an episode like ‘Garage Sale’ just because the proposal at the end was awesome.

  178. Wow!! The Sting, Sex Ed, and now are gone!!
    But the search, counseling, and nepotism are still here?!?

  179. was actually one of the best in the season! Definitely in the top 10! That just came out of nowhere! Probably Seach Committee for me next.

  180. Thank God the Search is gone. That episode was so bad, I personally enjoy watching the Banker more than the Search. The only good part was the end.

  181. Call it an upset, but I like PDA as the best episode, but could see Dwight Acting or Garage Sale (because of the major over the top bias re: the ending) actually finishing on top.

    The Seminar was the worst episode, and I don’t know why anyone has the Sting higher than even the Christening… the Sting was opportunities missed at its most glaring!

  182. Tanster, you should try a March Madness style Office poll, where we pit episodes against each other. might be kinda fun?

  183. I’d be happy with PDA, China, Classy Christmas, or Dwight K Schrute Acting Manager winning. But i think the winner should definitely be Goodbye, Michael. Everything with Michael in the office was completely perfect.

  184. About time The Search went! But now, I’ll have a bit of difficulty picking the others…

  185. I don’t understand why Costume Contest is still there. I hated that episode. And I want Andy’s Play to win. It was a great episode :).

  186. I liked Costume Contest. I liked Danny trying to shield Jim and Pam from the truth about why he didn’t call her. And Jim realizing how lucky he was that Danny (for whatever reason) didn’t like Pam. Who doesn’t call back a dork like that? And he finally took Halloween seriously to (in a small way) thank her. Plus Angela as sexy nurse. Wow. Who knew she could pull that off? In other news my Don Quixote-like crusade against PDA continues.

  187. I’m amazed Search Committee is still on here. I’ve literally been voting it off since day 1. Not to say it’s a bad episode, but I felt it was a bit lacking and directionless. But I guess I’m the minority on this one.

  188. Shocked at being voted off, I really enjoyed that one.

    Personally, I’ve been voting PDA for weeks. I can’t believe that’s still here.

  189. Nepotism is gone! Wait, now I have no idea what to vote for…crap. I think I’ll vote PDA next – the Jim and Pam storyline was funny, but overall it wasn’t my favourite and it’s getting tough to choose between what’s left. P.S. I loved Costume Contest. Lots of cast members with great moments and so true to how competitive people get when even a token prize is on the line.

  190. it’s getting harder to choose now!
    but i really loved Goodbye Michael! I loved the parallels between this episode and the Christmas episode from season 2 – in season 2 when Michael got a paintball lesson from Dwight, he hated it, but in Goodbye Michael, he loved playing paintball with Dwight! and in season 2, Michael got a homemade oven mit from Phyllis and was horrible about it, but in this episode when Phyllis made him homemade mittens, Michael was so sweet about it! :)

  191. Can’t believe Search Committee hasn’t gone yet! I prefer all the episodes that got voted off to it.

  192. How did Nepotism get off before Counseling, Ultimatum or Search Committee. Nepotism was 10x better than those episodes. But I guess next to go is Search Committee. The whole episode had a lack of focus and felt rushed.

  193. I’ve been voting for weeks for Search Committee. It was the second worst on my list. My top 3…Threat Level Midnight (3), Andy’s Play (2) and Garage Sale (1).

  194. Costume Contest has haters? That’s too bad. I seriously adore that episode. Same with PDA. Since Jim and Pam don’t share looks with each other or small observational talk anymore, i admit any episode that features them these days is a huge treat.

    The biggest shocker of course is that Search Committee is still here. Makes me think a lot of the reaction at the time was due to disappointment at no manager reveal. I’ve always thought the episode itself was good.

  195. Like a lone voice crying out in the wilderness, I’m voting for Threat Level Midnight. Again.

  196. It’s about time Nepotism got voted off. I’ve voted for it several times. It was the worst season premiere ever. I love The Office and will watch it regardless of how bad the episodes are but I hope next season improves.

  197. 20 bucks says search committee gets the boot, followed by counseling and then ultimatum/costume contest. after that it gets really tricky.

  198. I just re-watched at, and I wish it hadn’t been voted off so early. A second viewing does the comedy some good. :o)

  199. AH! it’s saturday! and I do not know which episode is just better than nepotism!!

  200. suopsnake, Emma and guylaroach5 got their wish :P Still voting for Counseling ’til it gets off.

  201. Season premiere and season finale didn’t even make the Top 10 – that has NEVER happened.

  202. Now that Search Committee is finally off, this will be difficult. I’ll have to go with Counseling. A pretty good episode, just not the best of the final 12.

  203. Still hoping Andy’s Play gets at least top 10. Counseling should be the next to go.

  204. All the remaining episodes are pretty great. But Ultimatum and Counseling are certainly the weakest of them.

    I keep switching around my top 3. Today it’d be:
    1. Goodbye, Michael
    2. Dwight K Schrute (Acting) Manager
    3. Classy Christmas

    PDA can be 4th.

  205. What happened in “Counseling”? I barely remember that episode, and it’s with the likes of Garage Sale, Classy Christmas and PDA…

  206. Here’s my prediction for the final 12

    12. Counseling
    11. PDA
    10. Costume Contest
    9. Ultimatum
    8. Andy’s Play
    7. China
    6. Threat Level Midnight
    5. Michael’s Last Dundies
    4. Dwight K. Schrute, Acting Manager
    3. Garage Sale
    2. Classy Christmas
    1. Goodbye, Michael

    I still have to say, I really don’t understand three things.

    1) Why did Christening go first?? The “SHE STOLE MY BABY” + “LOOK AT ALL THE SCONES!!!” just made me laugh ridiculously hard

    2) Why isn’t Michael’s Last Dundies getting any trouble? Apart from the song, it was a seriously subpar episode.

    3) How is Andy’s Play still here??!? I literally laughed ONCE at the episode. once.

  207. Threat Level Midnight has my vote this week. Great episode, but certainly weaker than the ones left.

  208. For my money, “Classy Christmas” was the most satisfying episode of the season. It was right up there with “A Benihana Christmas” for best Christmas episode of “The Office”, and it had some of the funniest moments in the season (esp. Dwight getting back at Jim). Plus, it was a rare (for season 7) episode that had really good Jim and Pam moments – emotionally touching moments that were, for once, really earned.

    “Goodbye Michael” was a great episode except that it has Deangelo Vickers, still a couple of episodes away from returning to his home planet.

  209. My order (based on what I think deserves to go)

    12. Threat Level Midnight
    11. Andy’s Play
    10. Costume Contest
    9. Michael’s Last Dundies
    8. Counseling
    7. China
    6. Ultimatum
    5. PDA
    4. Garage Sale
    3. Classy Christmas
    2. DKS
    1. Goodbye Michael

  210. Now I’m gonna have to vote off Andy’s Play… A very great episode, but out of the next 11, it’s my least favorite.

  211. My top four would be:

    1. Goodbye Michael (Best episode since season 3)
    2. Dwight K. Schrute, Acting Manager
    3. Michael’s Last Dundies
    4. Garage Sale

  212. Here is my list of what the order should be (not voted off, but the final order):

    1.Goodbye, Michael
    2.Garage Sale
    3.Threat Level Midnight
    4.Classy Christmas
    5.Dwight K. Schrute (Acting) Manager
    6.Andy’s Play
    8.Costume Contest
    9.Michael’s Last Dundies
    11. Ultimatum

  213. I have to vote for “Michael’s Last Dundies” this time. Even though I loved the song at the end, Will Ferrell was just… Terrible.

  214. Yes!!!! Finally. Counseling was less good than the others left to vote. For the next episode to vote off, I think it could be “Dwight K. Schrute (Acting) Manager”. The episode was good, except Dwight is a real troublemaker.

  215. Here’s my top 5 of remaining episodes (garage sale next to go)

    1. Classy Christmas
    2. Dwight K. Schrute, acting manager
    3. China
    4. PDA
    5. Goodbye, Michael

  216. IMO China and Costume Contest are both all around much better episodes than Threat Level Midnight and Michael’s Last Dundies. So I hope the former rank much higher than the latter. China and CC were both solid episodes with actual substance. TLM was really cool to see but didn’t exactly feel like an Office episode, and it really did push the believability to another level.

  217. Goodbye Michael and Ultimatum were terrific. Don’t forget Ultimatum, sort of a stealth episode of funny. Michael’s two boxes, for happy and sad items (gummi bears vs gummi worms). Holly’s mittens. And the New Year’s resolutions! Creed’s cartwheel. You can’t un-see that. Ultimatum was full of fresh!

  218. Just voted for “Michael’s Last Dundies” for next off the list. It was an enjoyable episode except the song at the end was an atrocity! Remember in season 5 when all the other characters knew Michael was leaving Dunder Mifflin and only Pam cared? Contrast that with the ridiculous circle-jerk of love surrounding Michael in his last few episodes of season 7.

  219. @ValidityCommittee, my thoughts exactly. I really appreciate that they made an effort to make Threat Level Midnight itself but as an episode I just couldn’t suspend my disbelief at all, it was too much. Having it simply as a DVD extra would have been right in my opinion. Toby’s exploding head was a highlight of the season though, it must be said.

  220. Here’s my Top 10 from what’s left

    1. Andy’s Play
    2. Costume Contest
    3. Michael’s Last Dundies
    4. Threat Level Midnight
    5. Goodbye Michael
    6. Classy Christmas
    7. China
    8. Garage Sale
    9. Dwight K Schrute Acting Manager
    10. PDA

  221. 1. Goodbye Michael
    2. Garage Sale
    3. Classy Christmas
    4. Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting Manager)
    5. China
    6. Michael’s Last Dundies
    7. Threat Level Midnight
    8. Constume Contest
    9. PDA
    10. Andy’s Play

  222. I still can’t believe Search Committee went so early. OK it didn’t have Michael in it and was a relative disappointment compared to previous season finales but compared to some of the lightweight episodes left it’s still good; Creed as manager, Dwight interviewing himself, Andy’s interview, etc.

  223. I agree completely with Patrick on Michael’s Last Dundies. The episode was fine up until then, but that ruined it.

  224. In my opinion, the order for the rest of the eliminations should go like this:

    10) Threat Level Midnight
    9) Michael’s Last Dundies
    8) Dwight K Schrute Acting Manager
    7) Andy’s Play
    6) Costume Contest
    5) Goodbye Michael
    4) Garage Sale
    3) China
    2) PDA
    1) Classy Christmas FTW!

  225. @274, I think the reason that they were sad this time is because he is actually going quite far away. It is the fact that they will probably never see him again. In season 5, he was still in Scranton, in the same building, in fact. Also, “circle-jerk of love”, that is one of the most haunting metaphors that I have ever heard.

  226. Top 10 of the remaining episodes

    1. Classy Christmas
    2. Dwight k. Schrute, acting manager
    3. China
    4. Goodbye, Michael
    5. PDA
    6. Andy’s Play
    7. Threat Level Midnight
    8. Michael’s last Dundies
    9. Costume Contest
    10. Garage Sale

  227. Here’s My top 10…
    1. Garage Sale
    2. Andy’s Play
    3. Threat Level Midnight
    4. Classy Christmas
    5. Dwight K Schrute (Acting Manager)
    6. Michael’s Last Dundies
    7. China
    8. Costume Contest
    9. Goodbye Michael
    10. PDA
    (although my #1 and#2 could be flipped and it wouldn’t bother me.)

  228. Ultimatum? Really? This episode was so much funnier than “China” or “Andy’s Play.” I’m disappointed to see it get voted off so soon. My vote goes to “Andy’s Play.” I like Andy, but I prefer the other episodes that involve all the other characters.

  229. Out of the last 10:
    10. China
    9. Andy’s Play
    8. PDA
    7. Costume Contest
    6. Classy Christmas
    5. Threat Level Midnight
    4. DKS (Acting Manager)
    3. Garage Sale
    2. Michael’s Last Dundies
    1. Goodbye, Michael

  230. I liked “Ultimatum”, specially with the scene where Michael forcefeeds Kevin, and the scenes of Michael with his “sad box” and his “happy box”, and the video of himself while him and Erin are celebrating. I wouldn’t vote this one off. I’m voting off “Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager”, and then “PDA”. The latter was good, but it’s like Michael and Holly were uncomfortable when everyone complained about them doing PDA, and Gabe is a total jerk.

  231. Wow. This has been the least fun survivor poll for me. You know why? I’ve been voting off Andy’s Play ever since Christening was voted off. But as long as Classy Christmas, D.K.S. Acting Manager, Threat Level Midnight, or Goodbye Michael wins I’m fine.

  232. I didn’t vote off “China” because I enjoyed this confrontation about office space between Dwight and Pam (he’s the owner of the building, she’s the office administrator). I loved how Andy harassed Darryl by texting him. Still, I didn’t quite understand the fact of who’s smarter speaking about China, Michael or Oscar.

  233. China?!? That was one of my favorites! I loved Michael’s panic over China that was created by a Newsweek. His debate with Oscar was classic. But really I loved Pam and Dwight in this episode, Dwight showing his soft spot for Pam was so sweet. Sigh.

    Andy’s Play must go! I’ve been voting for that for like the last 7 votes.

  234. Andy’s play was the best! He became my favourite character after that, over taking Dwight! :O

  235. Boo! to China being voted off. China was much better than at least 3 of the episodes remaining. It deserved a top 5 spot.

    Time for Andy’s Play to get gone.

  236. China at number 10?! Really not cool. China was simply awesome, and surprisingly very heartfelt. I remember it made me cry, or get all misty anyway, because of Dwight and Pam. Pam’s moment of weakness regarding her past failures and Dwight response was so touching. (of course it was followed up by Dwight wanting Jim to hit her in the face with a snowball, go figure)

  237. @#291, I feel your pain. I’ve been voting off Threat Level Midnight since Christening was voted out.

  238. I’ve been rewatching the episodes and agree that DKS (AM) is very funny. I just noticed how when Dwight fires the gun, Ryan jumps behind Kelly! Great selfish moment.

  239. @291 and 297 – Ditto that except substitute PDA. One way or another I’ll have resolution in a little while.

  240. This season the general opinion is really different from mine. I thought China was one of the best on the year. Some of my least favorite are still left here. Oh well, I’ll keep voting till the end.

  241. PDA was my favorite episode this season! well without counting all the sad Michael leaving themed episodes. I liked it more than Classy Christmas…I mean come on DRUNK JIM AND PAM hilarious

  242. Totally agree Tracy (#301) that was my fav too. Loved jim and Pam in that episode!

  243. Goodbye Andy’s Play, you lasted far longer than I hoped. Next up: Michael’s Last Dundies. That Rent song is going to haunt me for years.

  244. I can’t believe PDA is still here! I’ve been voting it out since Christening! I thought it was a terrible episode — Pam and Jim were a completely different couple than the two people I fell in love with them for. The Pam and Jim I know wouldn’t get drunk and have sex in the office, at least not like that. If PDA is in the top 5 I will be really disappointed.

  245. Boo! Andy’s Play was my favorite episode of the entire series!

    How the heck is TLM still there? It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

  246. Andy’s Play was a personal favourite of mine, so sad to see it go, but whatever Goodbye Michael is the best episode of the season anyway

  247. I can’t believe “Andy’s Play” has been voted off. This episode was amazing. I loved all the performance of “Sweeney Todd” Andy displayed to the whole office in the cold open. And I enjoyed his performance in theater, while Pam and Jim dealt with Cece’s terrible babysitter, that is Erin, Michael was over-jealous of not being chosen for any role of the play, Dwight and Angela discussed their stupid sex-contract, and Andy’s cellphone rings mid-play, making him and the guy who played Sweeney Todd improvise. And the scene of Andy being consoled and cheered by his co-workers, and singing Macy Gray’s “I Try” for everybody, was awesome. I’m voting off “DKS, (Acting) Manager” and “PDA”. They’re good, but not to enjoy them more often.

  248. :( I thought Andy’s Play was one of the best! Very disappointed it was voted off.

  249. Still voting off Threat Level Midnight… but I’d be happy to see Michael’s Last Dundies go too. Deangelo ruined it for me.

  250. I didn’t vote off “Andy’s Play” because it was an awesome episode. I loved Andy’s performance on his version of “Sweeney Todd”. And I also liked the last scene of him singing Macy Gray’s song “I Try” to his co-workers. Still, I can’t believe it was voted off.

  251. Wow, besides costume contest, all of the remaining episodes were spectacular in my opinion. I loved the 2nd half of season 7.

  252. What do people have against the song at the end of “Michael’s Last Dundies”? For me, that was actually the scene that redeemed the episode!

    I’m voting for PDA.

  253. The reason I hated both “Andy’s Play” and “Michael’s Last Dundies” was the singing. Co-workers don’t spend a lot of time serenading each other. At least at the jobs I’ve worked at. Every time they contrive to jam another musical number onto the show, I say to myself “Hmmmm, another sitcom moment.”

  254. I’m voting off Michael’s Dundies, it just wasn’t that funny and the song is the only thing that let it go past the top 10

  255. @ 311. Interesting. I liked the first half of Season 7 a lot better than the second half!

  256. Michael’s Last Dundies and Threat Level Midnight are the last 2 episodes i can vote off without being torn.

    For me, it wasn’t the song at the end that was the problem. I loved the song, yea it was a little bit much maybe, but whatever. It was the rest of the episode that just did not live up to anything. Only good parts of that ep were the cold open and the song.

  257. I agree with you Seth (#312) I too liked the song at the end of “Michael’s Last Dundies” and it made me fond of the episode as a whole. However, that was really the only moment that stuck out for me. So for me that means it’s time for it to go.

  258. I love PDA and i love DKS! Top 5 for them for sure.

    I see no reason why Jim and Pam, if slightly intoxicated, would not do that. Really, they’re not the same people they were in season 2, or even 4. And it’s not like they did anything in front of anybody.

  259. Am I the only one who feels that Deangelo ruined a number of episodes that could have been good. Michael’s Last Dundies could have been great if it was just Michael giving his last Dundies performance, not training a replacement. Goodbye Michael had little enough Deangelo to still be amazing, Training Day sucked, and The Inner Circle was terrible. I am going to go as far and say that Deangelo ruined a lot of episodes, and was the worst part of the season.

  260. @Bella – Thank you! Glad to see at least some people are with me on PDA. I guess they made the right call since we’re in the minority in our view. And they have to write the show to please as many people as possible. But it’s so good to hear someone agree with me :)

  261. I actually liked most of the episode Michael’s Last Dundies, but that unrealistic, awkward song at the end completely ruined it for me. It must go!

  262. @304 – Agreed. The JAM plot felt so forced and unnatural.
    @312 – Also agree. I thought the song at the end of Michael’s Last Dundies was awesome and made up for the actual award ceremony itself which was pretty boring when compared to the original Dundies. Everyone knew Michael was leaving so why was it so hard to believe that they took some time to learn a couple of lines to a song?

    I’ll still be voting off PDA but as some people below posted, I was pretty disappointed that Andy’s Play got voted off. Imo, it was funny overall and it had an old school office vibe.

  263. @ HowTheTurnTables- I’m glad someone else here loved the song! It made for a great and touching ending. I didn’t find it to be too unbelievable. I actually loved the entire episode.

    I’m so happy that “Andy’s Play” finally got voted off! I like Andy, but I don’t think this episode should’ve stayed as long as it did. It wasn’t as funny as some other ones that were voted off earlier. I’ll be surprised to see what goes next because the remaining episodes are all very good.

  264. I find it interesting that people complain about the “Michael’s Last Dundies” song being unrealistic. “Threat Level Midnight” was about ten times more unrealistic, and nobody seems to care.

  265. Hmmm, now it gets tricky. I loved the song at the end of Michael’s Last Dundies (people at my work sing on a regular basis – whether they actually have any ability or not – and it must be fairly common because here in Canada we have a new game show about competing workplace glee clubs). I thought it had lots of funny moments – Kevin colouring on the tablecloth; Meredith winning the best mom award and then not winning cutest redhead. Maybe Threat Level Midnight next. I don’t know. It was a great season.

  266. PDA is gone?!? NOOOOO, God. No, God. Please, no. No. No. NOOOOO.

    On to Michael’s Last Dundies – only because of Deangelo’s presence.

  267. whoa shocked that PDA was voted off! of course jim and pam weren’t themselves they were drunk! hilarious!
    @Roy’s Mugshot – i totally agree – the deangelo episodes need to go!

  268. I’m happy to add my voice to the “PDA was voted out at #8? WTF?!? chorus. I thought it would finish 4th behind GM, CC, and my #1 pick of the year, GS. O well, my next vote will be for MLD.

  269. Not to mention “DKS…”, the rest of the episodes are pretty damn hard for me to vote off. I’d say, though, like other logins, either “Garage Sale” or “Goodbye Michael” could be more over the top.

  270. I think it is time for Michael’s Last Dundies to leave, it would have been so much better without Deangelo. The only one I liked with him in it was Goodbye, Michael because he had a very minor, minor role in it.

  271. FINALLY! Wow. Not much left to vote for is there? I’ve spent the last month or two voting for the same episode. I went with DKSAM, but mostly I’m relieved that PDA is gone.

  272. Lame lame lame that PDA is gone. That episode was awesome. Looks like this is the first poll where i’m not going to agree with the complete top 5.

    China and PDA, fantastic episodes, can’t believe they’re gone.

  273. Can we PLEASE move past the Deangelo bashing! It was not our favorite story arc, but:

    A) We knew from the beginning that it would be only temporary.
    B) It served its purpose. We are not going to be comparing the new manager to Michael so much as we’re going to be glad he or she’s not Deangelo. Genius!

    Those 4 episodes should not be remembered with bitterness, but with appreciation for assisting in the transition to a Michael-less show, and with gratitude to Will Ferrell for risking his Q rating (glamspeak for popularity) to help bridge the gap. That dude’s got GUTS!

  274. Goodbye Costume Contest. It was a funny episode in many parts, but Pam was just not herself and it threw me off to say the least.

  275. I personally think the worst stretch of this season took place from China – Todd Packer. I felt the reason those episodes were rough was the lack of Jim. And the best stretch was from Garage Sale – Search Committee. Loved every episode in that stretch!

  276. Sorry, I’m not moving past the Deangelo bashing just yet. Will Ferrell’s presence added nothing to the show and just served to take screen time away from Michael’s departure. While Ferrell’s intentions may have been good, the execution of the story was a disaster with no evidence they put any real thought into his character. His relative lack of story in “Goodbye Michael” was a huge blessing. And I won’t be thinking about Deangelo whenever we learn who the new manager is. They will always be compared to Michael. Thus my vote for “Michael’s Last Dundies” to go.

  277. Wow, now it’s getting hard (that’s what she said) to decide what to vote off. Although I love the Halloween episodes, I’m going to vote for Costume Contest.

  278. @mose wannabe, you know, I hadn’t thought of things that way. I still don’t like Deangelo’s character, but I’d previously thought that they just did a really poor job of writing for him; maybe it was intentional! If so, they are GENIUSES! :o) Thanks for the insight!

  279. @ #339 & 340 – I’d prefer we continue the Deangelo bashing, even turn it up a bit. He was the worst character ever introduced to the series – it was such a schizoid move on the part of the writers and show-runners.

    Unfortunately, since we’re already in the top 10, it’s a little too late to get any satisfaction of seeing a much disliked episode booted off. But I’m still voting for “Michael’s Last Dundies”. Not only does it have Deangelo “I-must-go-now,-my-planet-needs-me” Vickers, but it also has that god-forsaken song at the end – THE low point of the series. A work of pure evil!

  280. The song was the worst thing to happen to the series. I’ve been gunning for Michael’s Last Dundies since Viewing Party.

  281. Predictably, all the “event” episodes are left, though for certain some aren’t necessarily the best of the season. I hope Threat Level Midnight leaves next, as I don’t know if I can stand to see it make the top 5.

  282. “Costume Contest” should have never been voted off. I liked that episode. I still do. I loved the confrontation between Michael and Darryl, after Darryl went over Michael’s head. I don’t understand, though, why Danny didn’t call Pam back because she was too “dorky” for him. Amazing Halloween episode. The best I’ve ever seen.

  283. #341: I’ve been voting off Costume Contest for weeks. I was beginning to feel like I was the only one who didn’t like this episode. I’m happy that it has finally left the OfficeTally island.

  284. I give up, my favorites are all gone. I’m looking forward to seeing which one wins though. Very interesting season.

  285. @343 & 346 – I don’t disagree with anything you’re saying. I thought the Deangelo character was incredibly inconsistent and very sloppily managed. I mean, what was the purpose of yelling at the cake in the tag of Goodbye Michael? Or the fact that an arrogant, self-centered manager gets stagefright in front of his employees. Huh? I could go on and on…Homeless to branch manager for saving 2 dogs from a mugger?? OK I’m done.

    All I’m saying is that the producers/writers knew that the viewers (especially us long-timers) would be bummed about the departure of such a beloved lead character, and some might be too bummed to watch anymore. So they wanted to exit the Goodbye Michael story arc as positively as possible. And our relief at D’s departure accomplished that. Again: brilliant idea, clumsy execution.

  286. #338 – couldn’t agree more. There’s no way Dundies and TLM were better than PDA.

  287. Wow, so far i really don’t agree with the top 10. Michael’s Last Dundies and Threat Level Midnight should be gone by now. CC, China and PDA are all better episodes than those 2.

  288. I do not understand why so many people hated the “Seasons of Michael” song, I loved it. People randomly burst out singning everywhere now (Glee, flashmobs, etc.), so it was not a huge surprise The Office did as well. I loved almost all of it, excluding Deangelo’s horrifying screech.

  289. Oh well. Sorry to see Costume Contest go. @ Megster and any others – what about Pam seemed off in that episode? It’s been almost a year since I saw it, but I don’t remember anything nearly as out of character as PDA or even the one where she buys a new computer for Andy declaring (some say jokingly) she’s full on corrupt or where she ditched work to watch a movie. Those seem way more out of character than anything I remember from Costume Contest.

  290. I’m voting off “Threat Level Midnight”. I’m hoping that “Garage Sale” wins, with “Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager” taking second place and “Goodbye, Michael” in third.

    I said this last time, but it bears repeating: I thought that the song at the end of “Michael’s Last Dundies” was the only truly good scene of that episode (even though there were some funny bits sprinkled throughout). How is it unrealistic? I’ve seen people do similar things in real life to say goodbye to a beloved boss/coworker/teacher/etc. In fact, if I had to call it unrealistic, it was a little too restrained compared to reality!

  291. Why, oh, why is Garage Sale still here? It was only an OK episode. The ending was great, but it really shouldn’t have been in the top 10.

  292. I have to agree with Seth. The only reason I think “Michael’s Last Dundies” hasn’t been voted off yet was because of the song, and that is probably the only thing the episode will be remembered by, much like “Garage Sales”‘s engagement.
    I really hope “Goodbye, Michael” wins because it showed the ensemble as a true ensemble, reacting as if a real boss was leaving and moving on. It also showed Steve Carell’s acting chops. All ends. His subtle crying and his slapstick paintball match.

  293. As I’ve said before I’m voting off Last Dundies, it is just not really funny and the song isn’t good enough for it to get past the top 10. I REALLY hope Goodbye, Michael gets #1, it’s a CLASSIC episode of Television and The Office.

  294. I’ll probably vote for Last Dundies this time, although I did like it. I liked Garage Sale for the proposal, but also the Dallas game and the magic beans – I think all around it was a strong episode. Also, the conversation between Phyllis and Holly was great and probably resonated with a lot of people who have aging parents. P.S. Who doesn’t love Michael at this point in the series? All these people just helped him propose to his girlfriend but they wouldn’t sing him a song?

  295. I didn’t wanna vote off “Threat Level Midnight”, because it was an awesome motion picture episode. I loved Michael’s movie and I still do. I liked how everyone in the office (except Erin and Gabe, because they’re still newcomers) were part of the movie, in order to increase all the action and adventure Michael Scarn deserved. It’s also good to see Jan, Roy, Karen, Todd Packer and Helene again, even in the movie. David Wallace could have been there too, although he refused, due his former days as CFO. I’m keeping voting off “Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager”.

  296. This year’s survivor poll has made me appreciate how strong this season was. In the seasons 5 and 6 it felt like there was only 1 or 2 episodes that could reasonably take the top spot. This year, it’s getting very tough to pick my next choice to get voted off.

    Can’t wait for Season 8.

  297. I’m really glad that Michael’s Last Dundies went. It was on NBC last night, and while it was a GOOD episode, it wasn’t as strong as many, especially those still left. This next step will be harder. I agree with @Stile4aly — this poll has shown the strength of a lot of these episodes. Classy Christmas, Garage Sale, DKS, and Goodbye, Michael were all brilliant episodes. I’m voting for GS next, but it’s a tough choice! Like @Ryan said, GM was a classic epi, and I hope it wins. Thanks for doing fun things like this, Tanster. It helps to pass these long months til the next season. :o)

    [from tanster: my pleasure! :) ]

  298. I didn’t vote off “Michael’s Last Dundies”, because I liked that episode very much. The Dundies are always part of Michael’s legacy. Deangelo’s embarassing walkman-talking moments were funny. The beginning of the ceremony with all Michael’s impressions (Jo, Jim, Angela and Phyllis, were mentioned in the episode) was great. I loved to see Erin winning her first Dundie, the “Cutest Redhead” Award. And Jim was obviously the “Best Dad”. Pam could have been the “Best Mom” before Meredith, but Meredith always acts like crazy. I feel bad about Dwight being disappointed of Michael for not choosing him as co-star of the Dundies before Deangelo, and confronting Michael about it, and also about the fact Michael didn’t recommend him for the job of regional manager. It’s also funny to see Andy receiving the “Doobie Doobie Pothead Stoner” Award. But the most amazing moment was when the whole office sings their version of “Seasons of Love” from the Broadway musical “Rent”, to Michael. Awesome Dundies episode. Now that there’s three episodes left, I hope “DKS, (Acting) Manager” goes third. The last two, well, this is gonna be hard, because they’re both the best.

  299. My mistake! I forgot there were 4 episodes left, not three. I hope “DKS” goes fourth. And “Classy Christmas” goes third, amicably.

  300. Garage sale should’ve been gone a long time ago!! That episode wasn’t even that funny!!!
    Classy Christmas FTW, it had everything we love about the office in it!!

  301. I’ll be voting off Garage Sale next. And i hope i’m not the only one. The proposal and the magic bean prank were great, but from start to finish that episode just wasn’t as strong all the way through as the other 3.

  302. I voted Garage Sale and will vote Classy Christmas next. Goodbye Michael will win, but definitely DKSAM was an amazing episode – for me, it was the test of whether the show could go on without Michael and it passed with flying colours.

  303. Voting off among “Garage Sale” and “Goodbye Michael” is gonna be hard, because they’re the best freakin’ episodes of the season.

  304. God this is tough. I’m voting for Garage Sale. It’s a tremendously good episode, I just think the other three edge it slightly. Too bad we don’t have an option for a four way tie for first.

  305. Garage Sale goes next, but Classy Christmas FTW! @IndySoul i totally agree – had every ingredient for a great Office episode! Great Jim and Pam cuteness, lots of screen time for other characters, and Michael & Holly!! :)

  306. Dwight K Schrute was the funniest episode of the season and for a comedy that should count for something.

  307. Dang, I loved Classy Christmas. I’m now in full support of Goodbye, Michael for the win.

  308. Wow. I had no idea Classy Christmas would be before Dwight K. Schrute. Quite the surprise. But, I am still sure that Goodbye Michael will win. If Dwight K. Schrute wins, I will be pissed, Goodbye Michael was so much better.

  309. i am REALLY surprised DKS(A)M still exists. i mean it was a solid episode but geez, definitely not top 3. especially considering classy christmas was one of my favorite office episodes of all time.

  310. I really can’t believe “Classy Christmas” went fourth. This was an awesome Christmas episode. It’s even more dramatic than the other Xmas episodes of the show. The last Xmas episode of Michael. I loved all the Michael/Holly story, it was amazing, and went from comedy to drama; because Michael was really still in love with Holly. And I enjoyed the scene of Pam consoling Michael with the famous “ultimatum”. I’m also glad to have seen how both Pam and Andy consoled Darryl about bringing his daughter Jada to the party, and how Jada tried to have fun from meeting the Grinch, played by Andy, to delivering snacks from the vending machines to the whole office, until finally seeing Michael as Santa (after his “classy” version of Santa). It’s obvious Michael made the party “classy” just for Holly, only to impress her and not his co-workers. And it was exciting to see the Dwight/Jim snowball plot; it’s incredible to see how, after Jim was messing with Dwight, as usual, Dwight was messing with Jim; that’s a huge form of revenge, causing Jim’s PTSD because of Dwight, specially with the snowmen in the parking lot at the end of the episode. Pam’s comic book for Jim was delightful. This episode was spectacular. I keep voting off “DKS, Acting Manager”, and hopefully it doesn’t go first or second. I prefer the other two remaining episodes, but I still don’t know which one is going first, because they’re both good.

  311. CC isn’t in the top 3? That’s the biggest shocker yet. I totally thought it would finish in 2nd place. There was only one small part of that episode i didn’t care for, otherwise, it was perfect.

  312. The comments don’t seem to represent the majority of voters well – most comments said they’d be voted off Garage Sale, and Classy Christmas was the one to go, pretty unexpectedly. Interesting.

  313. Classy Christmas never should’ve lasted this long. The psychotic snowball fight had its funny moments. But in the end, it was just disturbing and sad. Jim takes pride in the subtleties of his pranks on Dwight. There’s NO WAY he’d lower himself to fire a snowball into Dwight’s face. Then to turn Jim into a sniveling basket case by the end? It ruined the whole episode for me.

    Johnny K should have it in his contract that Mindy is not allowed to write for his character. She’s a good writer, and has contributed greatly to the show. But she seems to take a perverse pleasure in making a normal, well-adjusted guy like Jim look like a complete loser.

    She needs to start her own show, where she takes well-meaning rookie Congressmen, and turns them into greedy, corrupt, scandal-ridden morons. She would KILL with that, especially in these times.

  314. What? Classy Christmas gone? that was a shocker!
    It had so much good stuff packed into it …oh well!

  315. Garage Sale is next for me. Good episode, but not as good as Dwight K. Schrute, and not even a QUARTER as good as Goodbye, Michael

  316. @Mose wannabe I completely agree with your 2nd paragraph. That was the one thing i didn’t like about Classy Christmas. I love Mindy, i just don’t care for the way she writes Jim.

  317. I think it is only fair that Dwight gets his revenge on Jim at least one time, and the way it was executed was done fairly well. Other than that, I do not tihnk Mindy should write scenes for Jim as often.

  318. Shocked and delighted that ‘Garage Sale’ was voted off. I was afraid that ‘Garage Sale’ would take the top spot from ‘Goodbye, Michael’.

  319. WHAT? Garage Sale is OFF before DKS: (A)M? This is unbelievable! Alright people:
    Vote Goodbye Michael! It is the best episode of the season and maybe even the series. Even though Deangelo was in it, this is the end of Michael we are talking about- the show’s beloved main character for 7 years!

  320. Garage Sale is an amazing episode. It was awesome to see how Michael managed to propose Holly, from a proposition on fire stopped by Pam, thank God, to a better proposition by taking Holly to the whole office remembering all the good moments Michael and she had together, with the whole office holding candles on, and then Holly’s office full of candles, until the moment the sprinklers go off and Michael finally popped the question. The end of the episode was quite shocking, though, (not the scene of Jim replacing Dwight’s plants) when Michael announced to everybody that he’s leaving. This episode would have gone first, or second. I expect “DKSAM” not to go first because the ranking doesn’t deserve an all-Dwight episode straight to the top. Go, “Goodbye Michael”!!!!! You deserve to win!!!!!

  321. Mindy writes Jim just fine. She’s penned almost two dozen episodes of The Office, and none of them show “perverse” treatment or abuse of Jim, except possibly the snowball fight in “Classy Christmas” (which was hilarious). A lot of people want to view Jim as the hero of the show who can do no wrong, but he’s just as flawed as all the other characters and should be put in uncomfortable situations just like everyone else. I think a lot of fangirls have the mindset of “Ohhh, Jim is tall and handsome and makes witty remarks to the camera! He’s my dream man!”, while failing to see him for who he actually is. Sorry, but a salesman at a struggling, mid-range paper company with no ambition or long-term plans for his career despite having a family to support? Pass! Don’t get me wrong, Jim is one of my favorite characters and the show would be lost without him, but I’m really looking forward to season 8 since it sounds like reality is finally going to catch up to him and make for some entertaining uncomfortable situations.

  322. I think the fact that the last 2 episodes standing are Michael’s last and the first without him speaks volumes about this show and the direction it will go without him. GM FTW!

  323. I liked both of those, but DKS AM had funnier moments to it than Goodbye Michael. However, GM was the only episode where Michael has been as close to humanly normal as possible. In DKS AM we saw Dwight break down too, so I’m really crossed here.

  324. Really surprised to see Classy Christmas go. One of my favorite Office episodes and definitely the best Christmas episode, I thought it would have came in second place. Everything was brilliant, except the whole Jim snowball thing might have gone a bit too far, but still brilliant. Jim and Pam were so great, I love the comic book Pam made Jim.

  325. This is what you would call a classic difficult decision. My two favorites, this is awesome.

  326. Just rewatched Costume Contest and I don’t understand why that is rated so high!! It’s pretty unfunny and forced. Jim not leaving Danny alone is cringeworthy.

  327. @Banana Phone I think it’s pretty unfair to assume anybody who didn’t like Jim’s characterization in Classy Christmas is a “fangirl” who views him as flawless. That’s ridiculous, of course he’s flawed, they all are. What i don’t like isn’t the fact that Dwight “won” or that he was taken down a peg – but Jim laying on the ground bleeding, curled in the fetal position just isn’t “him” to me. Regardless of the circumstances.

  328. I wish Classy Christmas was in 3rd place instead of Garage Sale. Yea the snowball fight is pretty dark as far as the show goes, but everything else was so great. This episode probably had the most JAM all season. And the end is just brilliantly hilarious.

    The top 2 are exactly correct though. With Goodbye, Michael coming in 1st, of course. And you know it will :)

  329. i gotta agree with indysoul… i dont know why costume contest was ranked so high

  330. @412: Really? I remember loving that episode. I remember the first half of it being really funny.

    It’d be a bit of a shock to see Goodbye Michael not be #1.

  331. I have been anxiously checking to see the results every 1/2 hour for the last 5 hours or so. I can’t wait to find out! :o)

  332. I can’t take this anymore. We need to know which episode won! I hope it’s Goodbye Michael.

  333. “why is costume contest ranked so high?”

    Because lots of people liked it?

  334. Well that was a no brainer! Goodbye, Michael is the rightful champ. It really was the perfect goodbye.

    Yes the All-Time Fan Poll! That’s my favorite. Sorry, but Casino Night is still the all time best episode EVER.

  335. Great season guys. The right episode won.

    Looking forward to the all time favorite poll. The only season 7 episodes i would include in the all time list(top 20) would be Goodbye Michael and Dwight K Schrute. *Maybe* Classy Christmas and PDA. But as good as all those episodes were nothing will ever ever ever top Casino Night. For me, that’s not only perfect Office, but perfect television.

  336. Just wanted to give my perspective on ‘Costume Contest’. I haven’t re-watched it in a while so I’m not sure how it stands up to the second half of the season, but when it aired, I was losing faith in The Office. I remember ‘Costume Contest’ being, at the time, a rare occurrence where the show felt like classic Office and it gave me hope that the show could recapture the magic. The next episode to air was ‘Christening’ and that episode was so bad that I entertained thoughts of giving up on the show. I think it was the hope that ‘Costume Contest’ gave me that kept me around over the next couple of weeks until ‘China’ aired. That seemed to be the turning point in the season for me where the magic was back. So I don’t know whether CC was a fantastic episode or just seemed that way because of the weak episodes it was surrounded by. Either way, I have fond memories of the episode.

  337. the answer to costume contest being ranked so high is because it was a background episode. not many people talked about it in the comments during voting as people were too busy whining about PDA and threat level midnight. the same logic applies to search committee getting to the middle of the table, honestly i thought episodes like “todd packer” and “the seminar” were better than it…

  338. I don’t think you can explain how Costume Contest made it so high because people weren’t paying attention. It was ranked #6 during the season and ended up #7 here. I think the obvious explanation is that it was a fairly popular episode. Most likely because it had a lot of Jim and Pam stuff.

  339. Tanster, do you vote in your polls? :o)

    [from tanster: no, i don’t vote in any OfficeTally polls. :) ]

  340. All-time best episode of “The Office”? Too easy – it’s “The Banker” from season 6. Runner-up is probably “The Christening” from this past season.

  341. YAHOO! Congrats GM! And now I think Goodbye Michael has to win the all-time poll- amazing writing/acting. This will also (hopefully) be the episode that lands Mr. Carell his Emmy!

    [from tanster: i hope so!]

  342. Don’t understand how Garage Sale is so high and Sex Ed is so low. I also thought Nepotism was really funny. Tanster, would you have rated these shows differently?

  343. All-Time best?

    5. The Deposition
    4. Branch Closing
    3. Niagara
    2. Casino Night
    1. Goodbye, Michael

    Goodbye Michael just trumps Casino Night, in my opinion. Think about it: the writers were given the daunting task of SENDING OFF MICHAEL SCOTT!! there really is no greater challenge. Casino Night was amazing, I won’t deny that, but Goodbye, Michael had enormous expectiations set beforehand, and yet without a doubt met..nay, exceeded, those expectations.

    also Tanster, what were your favorite episodes of this season?

    [from tanster: the episode that i was rooting for to get higher up in the ratings was ‘the sting.’ one of my favorite episodes of the season!]

  344. That ending in the airport between Michael and Pam is so beautiful. A true highlight, and worthy of the top spot. It symbolizes just how much there friendship evolved. They took care of each other, it was what made Pam do the things she did for him like going with him to start MSPC, or what made Michael hang her painting in the office when he realized what it meant to her, and it’s what made her chase him down just to say goodbye. That is a clear indicator that there was some form of love there. Goodbye, Michael #1!!!

  345. To be fair, if any episode has to dethrone Casino Night, Goodbye, Michael is the only option. But i still say Casino Night FTW.

    Goodbye, Michael 2nd and Niagara in 3rd respectively.

  346. Come on folks, there is no way Goodbye Michael comes anywhere close to Casino Night, or for that matter any number of Season 2 episodes, at the top of the list. I know it was the best of Season 7, but let’s not get crazy.

  347. I wonder how different (if at all) the results would be if we did this poll in reverse. What we’ve determined is that Goodbye, Michael is the least disliked episode. Each week we voted off the one we hated most. What if each week we voted for the one we liked most? So week one everyone can vote for their true favorite episode. Then their favorite of the ones that are left each week. Some have talked about a few episodes being disliked by a minority of viewers (me and my disdain for PDA for example). Those episodes may have done better in this format.

  348. As long as “Niagara” is not in the top five, I will be happy with the all-time poll.

    My all-time favorite episodes of “The Office”, you ask? Well, they would be disproportionately from season 2 and 3…so instead I’ll list my favorite episodes by season:

    S1 – Diversity Day
    S2 – The Dundies (close runners-up: The Fire and Casino Night)
    S3 – A Benihana Christmas (close runner-up: Beach Games)
    S4 – Dinner Party (close runner-up: Goodbye Toby)
    S5 – Michael Scott Paper Company
    S6 – Murder (close runner-up: Happy Hour)
    S7 – Classy Christmas

    Here’s a good tip: any episode in which Pam tears up is a certifiably great episode. Think about it.

  349. Correction: my favorite episode of season 5 is NOT “Michael Scott Paper Company”. I meant to say “Dream Team”.

  350. #440 Patrick – You lost me. I remember Pam tearing up at the end of Casino Night, and maybe during the comic book scene of Classy Christmas. Did she tear up in others on your list, and I’m misremembering?

    And how did The Job, the legendary *Pam in tears of joy* not make your list??

  351. @Patrick I agree with that tip – But Pam tears up in Niagara, so i guess that’s not always the case for you? Come on, Niagara will be in the top 5, and it deserves to be.

  352. By my rough calculation, Pam has teared up in:

    S1: The Pilot
    S2: Boys and Girls, Casino Night (sort of)
    S3: Back from Vacation, The Job
    S4: Goodbye, Toby (again sort of)
    S5: Dream Team
    S6: Niagara
    S7: Classy Christmas, Goodbye, Michael

    Some fair to great episodes, but not really a guidepost for best of the series I’d say.

  353. @#442-444 – Mybad. I’d forgotten that Pam tears up in “Niagara” and “Pilot”, neither of which is a great episode IMHO. So the rule has a couple of exceptions, but is mostly solid. :-)

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