1. I like how they stuck to the storyline and didn’t include Jim and Dwight mugs just so they could make a few extra bucks. Kudos to NBC for having at least a shred of integrity.

  2. As soon as these appeared on last night’s episode I knew that NBC would be selling them. But really…who would buy a set of 10 mugs for 90 dollars?? And why is poor Oscar missing?

  3. Personally, I would have liked to see Jim and Dwight’s mugs on those mugs!!!
    Come on Phyllis! :)

  4. I need the Andy one! But ninety bucks is a bit much for 10 mugs…

    [from tanster: i agree!]

  5. I thought it was funny how the very second after Jim looked through all the mugs in the kitchen, NBC’s little ad to buy the mugs popped up.

    I bought a Michael mug. As for the others, I’m saving my money for when they release the bobbleheads of the cast that they’ve been promising us for years.

  6. I didn’t notice that Oscar was missing. That’s it. They better come up with an Oscar item with “Pin**e c***on!” on it or even “Pin**e c***on!!! Where’s my pin**e mug?” Printed exactly with the asterisks. I love a little mystery.

  7. NBC could make a boatload of money if it allowed me to upload my own pictures and have the star mugs made. THAT would be a really funny gift for a die hard office fan! Anyone know if/where I can do that? (I checked some of the photo sharing sites and they don’t do it..)

  8. CDG–My thoughts EXACTLY! I would have gotten one with my boss’ head on it for his holiday gift.

  9. I love this! Hah I got the Andy mug last weekend at the NBC store in NYC. Good price + quality + I heart my Narddog mug!

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