B.J. Novak at New York Comedy Festival

While this event has been posted in the Calendar for a few months now, I thought I’d give it a little front page love …

This Sunday, November 9th, B.J. Novak headlines the closing night of the New York Comedy Festival at Town Hall in New York City, with his show “B.J. Novak & Friends.”

B.J. got to choose the lineup: Mindy Kaling, John Mulaney, Simon Rich (both great young SNL writers), Dan Mintz, and Paul Rust.

Should be an awesome show! As always, please report back if you get to attend! :)

Link: Buy tickets here


  1. My husband and I saw BJ’s show in Seattle. It was great! If you can go to the one in NYC you should!

  2. I’ve had tickets for a month, I can’t believe it’s going to be tomorrow! I’m so excited! :-D

    I’ll be sure to report back as soon as I can! I had no idea Mindy was going to be involved but the “and friends” did have me hoping for something like that.

  3. hey tanster! I’ll be there tonight, so if I’m not too starstruck to remember details, I’d be glad to report back.

    PS – when I bought the tickets, it just said BJ Novak and Friends, and I was holding on to hope that Mindy would be there, and now I am DOUBLEY EXCITED!!

  4. I saw the show last night and it was great!
    A. BJ had a refreshing mix of stories, one-liners, and a hand-puppet! I know, right? How refreshing!
    B. I love Mindy Kaling.
    C. The host John was hilarious.
    Great time.

  5. dp (#7) I couldn’t agree more! I was there last night as well, and while I had already heard most of BJ’s jokes since I saw him at Caroline’s over the summer, he had a few new ones that were really great. And I still laughed at the others like I was hearing them for the first time. There was this guy that BJ and Mindy pointed out who waited for them outside who tried to get a date for the event on CraigsList, and they read his internet ad for himself. I couldn’t decide if the guy/situation was real or a plant! For anyone else who was there…what did you all think?

  6. I saw the show last night also and enjoyed BJ, Mindy and John immensely. BJ and Mindy were so likable and down-to-earth. Their jokes were smart, insightful and well-written. I especially loved Mindy’s Obama campaign jokes and BJ’s reading of his new children’s book. I do believe that the Craigslist guy was real – I sat right by him and his actions were totally genuine. And his ad was so bad it had to be real.

    The rest of the acts were okay, but Dan was atrocious to say the least. His jokes weren’t funny or well-written. They were mostly a play on words, stereotypes and/or using sex and dating as a cheap joke.

  7. I was at the show too! It was great, B.J. and Mindy were by far the best, though the host John was very good too. Mindy came out on stage at one point in B.J.’s set, and they just had the best chemistry. It was fun to see them interact as themselves on stage when you’re a fan of Ryan and Kelly. They are so at ease with each other. I think they should date and get married and have lots of tiny funny, attractive babies.

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