The Office Summer Vacation

As phyllis*farm so eloquently states: “Amazing that three minutes of this brilliance is better than anything I’ve seen all summer.”

NBC has now officially whipped me into a pre-Season 4 frenzy.

Tipster: Cher

You can find this on The Office Season 4 DVD, disc 4.


  1. This SERIOUSLY just made my day!! I think i just wet myself. just kidding..but i am soooo excited!

  2. Wait is this new footage? I can’t watch Youtube at work!! Eff! Can someone elaborate on what is on the video?

  3. Hysterical. Loved Creed, Kevin, and Michael’s “Why Tu Mama Tambien.” I felt bad for Karen though.

    Is it just me or does the new corporate Ryan look like Milo Ventimiglia in Heroes with that scruffy look?

  4. Amazing that three minutes of this brilliance is better than anything I’ve seen all summer. This totally made the wait for the 4th and the 27th a whole lot easier.

    PS – I totally mouthed “bitch” the moment Karen popped up. Is that mean?

  5. That was AWESOME. Karen – dumped!! Pam – has her hair down b/c of Jim!! I am so super excited. Thanks for sharing…got it from you first!! :)


    lemonade, it’s talking heads of everyone saying what they did over their summer. All new footage. And FANTASTIC.

  7. HAHA lol! That was so awesome! Karen’s talking head had me dying lol, i hope we get mroe of those this season, and unshaven ryan lol, and our stanley, “still here.” But nothing beats Creed- “turns out i have grandkids, and kids!” HAHA

  8. That was totally awesome. I was not expecting that from Karen, kinda makes me feel bad for her… The rest of it was super funny. And now I really can’t wait for the new season!

  9. waaaaill… I’m at the library and it doesn’t have sound… so are Jim and Pam officially confirmed together now?

  10. That was such a great teaser for the upcoming season! It is not hard at all for me to get excited about seeing my favorite people on my favorite show on television. Let’s get it started…now please!

  11. Awesomeeeeeee!!!
    Throw momma from the tambien is the funniest thing I’ve heard in months.


    I can’t wait for this new season. If any of that footage is from the first episode…I am in awe!

    And Karen…what the heck, NBC! Thanks for the spoiler alert!

  13. YaaaaaaaaY! That just made my very booooooring day at work so much better!!! I’m so excited, take that Karen!

  14. AHH :) :) :) LOVED IT. Couldn’t be more excited for the new season!! This totally made my day!

  15. That was the absolute best! I was wondering if they were going to start showing some teasers. That was soooo great. Michael is so hilarious. Happy to see Pam’s hair down too.

  16. OH MY GOD! As if I couldn’t be anymore excited for the new season. Favorite lines…

    “Or, at least he seemed like a virgin…”


    “I love driving that motorboat.”

  17. HYPERVENTILATING! It took until Stanley. But then I couldn’t stop. OMFG I CAN’T WAIT!

  18. YES! You know a show is good when you haven’t had a big smile on all day and one little commercial can change that in a second!

  19. Mindblowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love how Ryan looks like a coked-out 80s Wall Street type. I hope this all blows up in his face. He has moved up too far too fast.

    And as for Karen? Stop whining. Nobody asked you to move to Scranton, missy.

  20. Totally agree, lola, the Creed part made me laugh out loud in my office – I had to go shut the door so I didn’t disturb anyone and then rewind it!!
    P.S. Kelly is going to make a wonderful ex-girlfriend – you go girl!!
    I’m going to be the first to say it – kudos to NBC for a great Office promo (since I’m usually bashing their promos) – keep up the good work (please!!)

  21. I just watched that 4 times in a row.
    haha that was so awesome!! I’m so excited for sept. 27!!

  22. I have another half hour before i’m out of work and can watch it!..

    what does Karen say?

  23. will somebody post what was said on the video? i am at work and i can’t turn on the audio or else my boss will here! teehee

    p.s. i am super excited just by everyone’s comments!


  24. OMG! – Jim left karen crying by a fountain. what a jerk! he doesn’t deserve her anyway. GO TEAM KAREN!

  25. Another point I forgot to mention: how much I loved that Kelly is showing the same savviness that she displayed in “Boys and Girls” when she asked Jan about the bases, and then winked. I love that when she burned Ryan with that virgin comment, she was again showing us a different side of her than the usual “Pink the color, pink the person” attitude.

  26. “I don’t really remember much about Scranton. I think I dated a black girl.”

    Surprised to see no one mention this one yet. And I too immediately thought “Wall Street” when Ryan was first shown.

  27. Callan#38 – “And as for Karen? Stop whining. Nobody asked you to move to Scranton, missy”

    ummm… Jim pretty much told Karen that he thought she should move to Scranton if they offer her the job… soooo.. you’re kind of wrong!

  28. will somebody post what was said on the video? i am at work and i can’t turn on the audio or else my boss will hear! teehee

    p.s. i am super excited just by everyone’s comments!


  29. cut to me with tears in my eyes from excitement.

    seriously made this horrible week all worth it!

    LOVE IT.
    and the slow countdown begins…

  30. Re Corporate Booty: He told her that if she was offered a job, she should consider taking it. She didn’t take the job because it was an opportunity. She was the crazy chick who relocated to another state, based on the vague assumption that this fledging relationship would work.

    And if she made that decision based solely on Jim’s recommendation, then Karen’s pretty dim.

  31. Thank you so much Mexicanity for emailing what was said! You are the best GD friend a girls could ask for!!

  32. I completely agree – a 3 minute promo of The Office is more hysterical than full episodes of a lot of comedies out there. I loved it and I can’t wait for the premiere. So I’m assuming they filmed this as just a promo and none of the talking heads will be part of the premiere itself, right?

  33. Say what you will about Karen…but that’s one of the funniest talking heads in there.

    and Creed obviously too

    i can’t wait for Sept 27th!

  34. I was fighting my instinct to get too excited about JAM since they tricked us at the end of last season, but now that I’ve seen this, all the excitement came flooding in!!!! Hooray! It looks like they are finally, for-real getting together.

    I do feel bad for Karen though. She really did get the raw end of the deal. I’m glad to see that she’s sticking around in Scranton though and not running away like some teary-eyed Kelly girl.

  35. Aaaawesome!

    “I’m already 30% more unpredictable.” Oh, Pam!

    Plus, Ryan? Hilarious. “I think I dated a black girl” and his new look had giggling like a schoolgirl.

    I am prrrretty giddy right now!

  36. Is it wrong that I watched it 4 times and that I can’t stop smiling? I love Kelly’s virgin comment.


  37. Um, Karen’s shirt was rather unbuttoned, eh? But I’d have to say that she had the best TH of the bunch. I’m still Team Pam :)

  38. AHH this has gotten me even more excited for season 4! i am now more obsessed than before if that is possible!

    Jim and Pam forever!!!

  39. sorry for the double post and if it was already mentioned but…
    During Karen’s TH, Stanley is in the background. I guess Scranton is going to be awkward.

  40. Ryan looked CRAZY! i loved Kelly’s cutting remark about him. very catty.

    so excited!!!

  41. Sorry Corporate Booty, but, Jim leaving Karen by the fountain was the BEST part. And…that Creed has grandkids and kids.

    I can’t wait. 4 weeks and 2 days. WaHoooo!

  42. So. Much. Love.

    Awww, Ryan’s a big boy now and he’s got the scruff to prove it! Karen’s TH was my favorite for nefarious reasons. Also, for the record, I am not opposed to a Transformer’s place setting.

  43. BEST EVER! I was excited for the new season before, but now I am SOOOOO MUCH MORE EXCITED!

    loved pam’s hair down
    loved jimmy
    loved transformers place setting
    everything was awesome!


  44. Ryan’s new look was funny as hell. And I love how Pam was all in the first flush of happy love.

  45. Love it. Love everyone. Especially Kelly. But where’s Meredith? And why the hell do I actually feel bad for Karen? And I’m kinda mad at Jim.. *Looks outside to see if pigs are flying*

  46. Goodness! This promo is sooo good! Absolutely loved it! Thanks so much for the info, Cher!

  47. OMG! I love it. It’s so good to finally see something new. I can’t wait for the new season!

  48. This little snippet into their summer was awesome! Def something to hold me over until at least Tuesday when the DVD comes out! Thanks tanster and Cher!!

  49. I hope Karen is still in season 3 in some capacity. That would be great. Hate her all you want, she was fun to watch. (for the guys at least)

  50. HOLY CRAP! That was amazing! OMG, I am so excited I could spit! Those 3 minutes were truly funnier than anything else I have seen all summer! (Except for Office reruns of course) And Ryan looks super-foxy with his scruffy face. I gotta go watch it again…or five or ten more times…oh man, this is awesome!

  51. Best end to a long day of classes EVER.
    You know how in “Halloween” Pam does the little “aaa” at Michael when he bobs his head in his costume? That’s me.

  52. Ihad to disect a rat today in my anatomy lab, and clip totally mad it all better!!!!

    I almost forgot…Fancy New Beasley! and Old Hot Jim with the blue shirt is back!!!!!

    I Love today!

  53. This is incredible stuff. I’m usually so disappointed by NBC’s promos but this one was surprisingly satisfying. I’m glad the Jam action only took up a small percentage (less than 30%?) of the overall, since Greg Daniels and his cohorts have been insisting all along that the Pam-Jim storyline is the B plot. I was already counting the days until September 27th but now I might start counting the hours!

  54. i didnt want to watch this cause i thought id get spolied but i watched it anyway! lol and im soooooooo glad i did!!! ahhhh 28 days til the premiere!!!! :D!!

  55. Wow, that is awesome! God, I CANNOT wait until the 27th. Creed’s TH cracked me up. Oh, and Pam seems so confident with the hair and everything…I love it!!

  56. HAHAHAH my fav part is Ryan’s new look. The hair/suit/facial hair combo is lol, but do you think he’ll look like that for the whole season?

  57. whaaaaaat jim i expected more of you! but…well… ah who cares. pams so cute! ahhh!

  58. i had the worst day, until this!!!!! Could not possibly be more excited for the new season. plus, ryan with some scruff? very interesting…

  59. Fancy New Kelly rocks! I hope she keeps it up. Ryan looks as oblivous to himself as Michael now; hope everyone makes things hard for him. This was a great promo; I just wish Toby, Oscar, and Meredith had been in it.

  60. Oh wow, that was awesome!!!

    I loved what Dwight said at the end.

    I hope we get one of these “what we did over the summer”each week until Season 4 starts.

    Only 29 days!!!


    Karen was dumped by a fountain – YAY

    *doing a little dance* GO PAM GO PAM GO GO GO PAM!

    QUESTION: Where is Meredith?

  62. Hoorah!! Hoorah!!! Hoorah!!!!
    I just about can’t wait now. And Karen wins for the best TH. :-)

  63. Awesome! But where are Oscar and Toby? I guess the promo would be too long if they included everyone, but it seemed weird that they were left out.

    Ryan is going to be SUCH an ass this season, and I don’t doubt that he’ll eventually get taken down a notch or two (or fifty). I love it.

  64. Wow! sooo fun. LOVED that it wasn’t JAM!packed, but it was jam-packed with some hilarious talking heads. wow. loves it. and i do hope karen is around for a bit. can’t wait to see how she and pam have been getting along this summer!


    Michael: I had a very interesting Summer. My girlfriend moved into my crib with me so that is very nice.

    Dwight: I had an interesting Summer, I got an infection from contaminated ground water and almost died.

    Michael: Seriously?

    Dwight: Yes. Fact. An improperly dug out house is more dangerous than a loaded gun.

    Michael: Yuck. Your life is just so disgusting.

    Jim: Michael went through a phase this Summer where he called me Jimmy. Said he always wanted a friend or a dog named Jimmy, that’s what he told me. So this Summer it was all “Come on in here Jimmy. Come into my office Jimmy. Sit, boy. Sit. Heal.”

    Karen: My Summer was pretty good. I saw some great movies, I tried some new restaurants. Oh, and Jim dumped my ass and left me crying by a fountain in New York City. How was your Summer?

    Pam: The new Pam is letting her hair down. I’ve been saying that for a long time but I never actually did it. Then Jim called me a hypocrite so, wala. I’m already 30 percent more unpredictable.

    Michael: Saw Ratatouille, walked out of it, did not buy it. Jan made me watch Y To Mama Tambien, which means Throw Mama from the Tambien. Liked Ratatouille better.

    Angela: I went to the Pocanos with a gentlemen friend. He shot something, I don’t want to talk about it.

    Phyllis: Bob and I finally received our wedding gift from Michael. It was a place setting but not what we registered for. We now have 7 beautiful settings in white, and one that’s Transformers.

    Andy: Did I have a good summer? Let me see, I intertubed starting in Scranton down the Lackawanna River, to the Sasquahata all the way to the Chesapeake Bay, and back.

    Kevin: I took up water skiing, which is awesome, I loved driving that motorboat.

    Creed: Turns out I have grand kids, and kids.

    Ryan: Everything changed, the whole World changed for me. I have a new life, I have new friends.

    Stanley:… Still here.

    Ryan: I don’t really remember much about Scranton, I think I dated a black girl.

    Kelly: Oh I don’t miss Ryan at all. I’m so happy for him, I mean he’s come such a long way. When I first started dating him, he was a virgin, or he seemed like a virgin.

    Dwight: Everyone have a nice Summer? Yea? Have fun? Go to swim camp? Eat snow cones? Pony rides? Yea? Well, Summer’s over. Time to get back to work.

  66. Oh I am so excited! Thank you so much for that!! Now it will be near impossible to wait until the 27th!

    I am as bouncy as Pam in Drug Testing :D

  67. that was perfection.
    i’m wondering though- is this actual footage from the premiere or was this filmed specifically for a promo?

  68. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: BEST SEASON YET!!

    What an amazing treat for us Office-philes!

  69. Oh, and by the way, Y Tu Mama Tambien was a hilarious reference. Can’t you totally see an older woman taking on two young guys absolutely being Jan’s fantasy scenario? Michael better look out, Jan’s gonna get him into a three way.

  70. You can see Stanley in the background of Karen’s TH. So unless he was transferred, she’s still in Scranton. I agree…should be very interesting!

  71. The Karen TH is definitely in Scranton because Stanley is sitting at his desk when you see the window behind her. That was probably my favorite Karen moment ever. I kind of found her endearing.

  72. wow.Hahaha..That was hilarious..

    “Throw momma from the tambien”

  73. absolutely amazing! i was hesitant to click but now thrilled i did. gonna go back and watch it a few thousand more times.

  74. This was great. I’m a bit torn about Pam’s new look, I liked the old look, just because that’s how we know her. I guess they will explore why she’s changed…hopefully with lot’s of JAM happiness!!
    Ryan looks pretty hot with his new look, but I can’t believe he said that about Kelly!! (hilarious though)
    Yay old Jim is back.


    Also? Seeing Ryan for the first time scared me, haha. I can’t wait for the season to start.

  76. I feel bad for Karen now that I know she is STILL working there after the summer of JAM (hopefully). I’m very excited for Pam’s new look. I hope just once they let Pam wear Jenna’s “going out” hair. Jim will fall over. :)

  77. joyray: “Can’t you totally see an older woman taking on two young guys absolutely being Jan’s fantasy scenario? Michael better look out, Jan’s gonna get him into a three way.”

    Yeah, I wonder if Hunter is going to turn up again…

  78. That. Was. DAWESOME! :)

    I love Pam’s talking head…”Look. I’m already 30% more unpredictable.” So funny. There’s a lot of Jammy goodness…I just KNOW it.

    And I can’t WAIT to see what’s happening with Ryan/Kelly.

  79. Karen’s TH looked like Scranton. I could be wrong though, but it would make for a very interesting start!

  80. Stephanie (#118) – I totally agree, in a very odd way I was super scared/nervous to see Ryan!

    I must admit though, the guy looks good with a little 5 o’clock shadow on his face!

    Can’t wait!

  81. No one pronounces Susquehanna like “Susquehawna” in this area — I’m from Wilkes-Barre.

  82. AWESOME!!! I’ve been excited for Season 4 all summer, but this video just took it to a whole new level. Pam looks beautiful (she’s now officially “Fancy New Beesly”) and Ryan looks pretty good with that beard…This season’s gonna be great!!

  83. It took me forever to download it since I’m still on clunky old dial up but MAN! It was worth the wait! Thanks for posting this!

  84. Wow! I didn’t think we’d get any new footage for a couple of weeks. So excited now!

  85. I just realized Ryan looks like Milo Ventimiglia from Heroes.
    Oh Creed!
    Dwight at the end was great.
    The atmosphere seems a little different…is it just me? It’s a good thing, but it caught me off guard.
    The only thing is Pam’s shirt. Where are my pale blouses? Love the hair.

  86. I just absolutely busted a gut when I saw Ryan’s new look and all that assy arrogance! Ha ha ha! You can only imagine how much fun the writers, cast and crew had with that extreme makeover. Stanley’s “Still here…” was priceless. Such great stuff! Thanks for posting this–it made my day.

  87. i am so happy right now.
    and probably echoing a ton of comments already posted.
    i’m all right with that.
    i’m just so happy.
    only a month, folks, we can do it!

  88. 129 – about it seeming different. It seemed less relationship dominated. They were still there and mentioned but it wasn’t as overwhelming as we’ve come to expect. Which is a good thing to me.

  89. OMG! It took me 3 watchings to clue in that Andy’s ‘inner tubing’ was him floating around in that sumo outfit!!


  90. I think it feels different too, but in a good way. Maybe because Jim and Pam don’t have clouds of angst around their heads.

    Also, THIS ROCKS! Thanks for posting!

  91. I totally lost it when Michael called the movie “WHY Tu Mama Tambien.” Hilarious.

    So is this actual footage from Season 4? Or just something to whet our appetites?

  92. omg omg omg omg omg omg yay!
    so hyped up for next season! i hope creed brings his grandkids to work

  93. This promo definitely felt more like a return to the Season 2 atmosphere, mostly likely because Jim finally “came back.” This season has incredible potential, it may be the best one yet!

  94. Did anyone notice it begins “And now, another installment . . .”? What does he mean by “another”? There are more?

  95. Michelle D

    I know- I caught that too… I live in York, we say
    “ses-kwa-han-na” “han” like “can”- not “hawn” like “fawn”…
    well spotted!

    Aside from that funny little oops-
    Yay! I can’t wait- dare I say I caught a glimpse of rolled up sleeves and laxed tie Jim?

  96. I ADORE NBC. I’ve never seen a network so in tune with their fans and so eager to please them.

    I loved this!

  97. I can’t wait! But, I can’t help but think that these aren’t actual scenes from new episodes, but instead are actually talking heads that the cast taped specifically for this promo. Oh who cares! The “Throw Momma From The Tambien” line made my week!

  98. As for the Susquehanna pronunciation. I think we should give Andy a break, seeing as he was from Connecticut and all. Had it been a true Scrantonite (Scrantonian?), then I think we could judge.

  99. Holy crap that’s amazing! I’ll just echo Tanster – I can’t wait for the 27th!

    Pam and Ryan’s physical changes were certainly highlights.

    The entire promo is genius – a million props to NBC!

  100. Did anyone else notice that Jim has a different background than every one else… It doesn’t look like Scranton… Hmm…

  101. I wonder if Karen will remain in Scranton for long. I’d say she’s gone after the 4th (full-hour) episode. Or has she signed on for the whole season?

  102. brf, if I recall correctly, Jim has done talking heads in Scranton with that background before namely the “Who has two thumbs and hates Todd Packer” one. But I could be wrong. ;-)

  103. 133 | marmaladesix
    “OMG! It took me 3 watchings to clue in that Andy’s ‘inner tubing’ was him floating around in that sumo outfit!!”

    Good call – I totally didn’t think of that. That is hysterical.
    What is the blue bowl thing behind Ryan?

  104. Ok, so, my eyes are bugging out. When I saw Pam’s hands during her talking head, I could’ve sworn I saw a ring.

    BUT, before any of you get your hopes up…

    No ring, so, yeah, the most we can assume is the Jim and Pam are dating. :p

    I need sleep.

  105. I wonder if Andy innertubed in a sumo suit…I crack up everytime I imagine him trying to innertube back UP the river :D

  106. An amazing 155 comments in only hours. Tanster, it seems as though we are all whipped into a frenzy. :) It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year.

  107. RE:Andy & the sumo suit

    Plus there was also the deleted scene of Andy trying to hitchhike that night. I wish we knew how he got back.

    Maybe his time in the water just gave him a new appreciation for it, so he tubed like crazy! It’s about 175 miles from Scranton to the Chesapeke Bay!

  108. I don’t think Andy tubing was a reference to the Sumo suit incident. He was in “The Job” which happens after “Beach Day” and before the summer break.

  109. so many comments!!! we are clearly such addicts…
    “Throw Momma From The Tambien” and transformers place-setting. ahahahahaha. i laughed out loud all the 10 times i watched it.

    woohooo. office season is approaching!

  110. Let me throw my own OMG into the ring. That promo was DAWESOME! NBC does so much for us Office fans, I can’t believe the fourth season is almost here. Stanley’s deadpan was great and Ryan’s “I think I dated a black girl”…too funny. :)
    ps…anyone else planning on going to the convention in october?

  111. That was the funniest thing I’ve seen in months. But what does “intertube” mean?

  112. Woot, Woot.

    Fantastic promotional advertisment. Look at all these comments! It truly is the most wonderful time of year, Big Turkey.

    28 Days!

  113. Re: Jim’s TH placement-

    He’s against the back window of the conference room facing the door. It’s the same as in Halloween when he’s talking about Michael’s process for firing someone and Michael pops in on him.

  114. 153, 155, 159: Yeah, I keep thinking ‘Beach Day’ was the last ep for some reason. Forgot he was back at ‘The Job.’

    Oh well, I’d still like to think the sumo incident was his inspiration!!

  115. Was the sound way off in terms of matching the video for anyone else? That’s really annoying when that happens…

    But aside from that minor complaint, OMG! I’m so excited! :D

  116. This makes me so incredibly happy, I can’t stand it!

    Stanley kills me!

    Yes, Dwight, I’m going back to work!

  117. That was AWESOME!!!!!!! Is that footage from the first episode, or specially made for a promo? Aaaaahhhh!!!!

  118. I did notice Jim had a different background, but I thought they did some head shots in different locations. If you notice everyone else’s head shots, poor Stanley is in almost every one of them in the background. That must get boring.

  119. Woah, ryan got himself a beard. I am REALLY freaking excited for the new season to start! 4 weeks! =D

  120. Genius!

    Innertubing means to ride down a river on an inflatable cushion – usually from a vehicle tire but could be anything. My favorite part was Andy’s ‘and back’. Just the imagined visual of anyone trying to tube UP a river. Priceless.

  121. Do you think they intentionally didn’t really say that Jim and Pam were ‘together’? Or did I just miss it?

  122. Great, just great. Does anyone else think Ryan will be as clueless as Michael now, his appearance and demeanor seem to point to that. I think he may become the Michael of the corporate office. I love that if Jim and Pam are together Karen will still be in Scranton, great source of conflict. And I agree with everyone else Pam looks prettier than ever.

  123. Just dittoing the OH. MY. GOD! sentiment, but also want to point out that it’s Susquehanna River, which is pronounced hanna (like Hanna Barbera or Jack Hanna) not hawh-na, like Andy pronounced it. Represent Pennsylvania!

    Thank you thank you thank you for posting this!

  124. This clip reminded me that Karen is so much hotter than Pam. Jim is kind of a dufus for dumping her. And honestly, I usually like Pam, but I thought she looked worse. I don’t know if it was her hair or what.

    And I don’t think I’ve ever seen a preview clip from NBC that didn’t end up as part of the episode. I’m sure that we just watched the cold open for the first episode.

  125. They have made preview clips that don’t show any new footage. The preview for S3 and the promo they made after “Cocktails” both contained no new footage. I highly doubt this is the cold opener for S4.

  126. I’m sure this has already been commented on in the MASSIVE amounts of comment on this post, but is anyone else super happy that Jim’s hair is back to its “old” style? I know I am.

    September 27th cannot come fast enough.

  127. I’m normally a fan of Jim’s, but…

    Does anyone else think he should be “thrown from a tambien” for unceremoniously dumping a second girl he was dating? (Remember Katie, aka “Pam 2.0?”)

  128. I can’t believe I forgot to say it earlier (I think I was overwhelmed with excitement) but THANK YOU for posting this. I’ve got my holdover now until Tuesday!

  129. PHyllis*Farm
    You’re right. Jim didn’t pick pam for only her looks. I understand why Jim picked pam. But all season 3, and in this clip, I felt like pam was outshone by Karen. Prettier, better job, more independent. I find her really distracting from the Jim/Pam plot that I enjoyed so much in season 1 and 2.

  130. 184| headphone:

    I really hope that they involve Ryan into his own breed of clueless — oblivious-to-his-own-ridiculousness yuppie is as good and familiar an office archetype as any. And while I have lots of sympathy for Michael, I hope Kelly keeps sticking it to Ryan.

  131. the only thing i’m worried about is that Jim was in love with the old Pam..and now there is new Pam, hopefully everything will still work out.

  132. Ashley — I thought the same exact thing when I watched: hooray for Jim’s hair back!

    But ick on Ryan’s scruffy face!

  133. Calindigo, I didn’t mean that Ryan would behave exactly like Michael at the corporate office. Just in the general pattern of getting on everyone’s nerve’s and thinking he’s doing great, which would be hilarious. I kind of see them going there in the talking head. Ryan has an MBA but not the experience to back it up. I hope they exploit the irony of someone getting a promotion involving sales never having made a sale. And lest we forget Ryan is a total tease.

  134. Ryan’s new look surprised me the most, I think. But it was all HILARIOUS!!! I burst out laughing at Stanley. But I also didn’t like the Ryan comment that he “thinks” he dated a “black girl” at Scranton.

  135. Okay, this has been bothering me…where are OSCAR & MEREDITH? Think this has something to do with the whole Rabies thing & that’s why we don’t know how they spent their summer? I just thought it was strange how they aren’t on here at all.

  136. Rach, Ryan and Kelly’s comments seem to me to be like two ex’s trying to get back at each other. Ryan confuses Kelly’s race on purpose and she calls him a virgin. Ryan’s look seems to be someone trying too hard to look like a hip yuppie.

  137. I would not be surprised if Ryan gets knocked on his can and Michael is the one to do it. Michael has a way of showing his talents when it’s most needed. Ryan is cocky and so f’n smart but he is still inexperienced and has a lot to learn. I can see something happening with Ryan getting taught a lesson from Michael. He’s already shown that Ryan doesn’t know anything….and everybody thinks he’s a tease. So suck on that!

  138. Are these clips going to be part of the first episode of Season 4?

  139. Well, at least we know what happened to Karen . . . and she obviously has not gotten completely over Jim . . .

  140. 202 | headphone:
    that was exactly what I meant too; I was agreeing with you in my last comment. sorry for any confusion!

  141. Any big Arrested Development fans on here? Ryan’s look reminded me of the time when George Sr. took that experimental drug and hair started growing on weird spots of his head/face.

    Can’t wait for the new season!

  142. Well, I hope Karen sticks around and competes for Jim’s love. That would totally make sense.

  143. Did Drew really innertube all the way to Chesapeake Bay or did he just float away in the sumo wrestler suit?

  144. Has anyone transcribed the commercial ? The Office websites and quotes pages should include quotations from the promos too. They are just as, or debatingly, more hilarious, than the episodes.

  145. -135 and -144 THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID! lol

    Great promo. My favourite parts were when Creed discovers he has grandkids…and kids and when Karen says that Jim dumped her ass and left her crying at a New York Fountain. Seriously, she deserves what she gets. Once you call Pam a bitch, you’re asking for it.

    Thanks for posting this, Tanster. :)

  146. Michell D (#126), I don’t think Andy is from the Scranton area. Remember he transferred from Stamford, CT. So, his pronunciation of “Susquehanna” could understandably be wrong to a local’s ears.

  147. I finally got to see this! I started giggling hysterically at Stanley’s “Still here.” So ready for Season 4!!!

  148. Dwigt: Fact: An improperly dug outhouse is more dangerous than a loaded gun.

    Michael: Your life is just so. . .disgusting.

    Flippin Awesome!

  149. Question: is this some of the footage from “Fun Run”? Or is it exclusively footage for a promo?

  150. I watched the video again and picked up on Jim’s use of the word “heel”, which is also an “old-speak” name for a guy who does something bad to someone. I wonder if he is feeling guilty about Karen?

  151. Interesting idea 222, but that would be way too much of a stretch (especially for a guy who referred to Pavlov as “this scientist”).

  152. To those who are on Jim’s case for dumping Karen: We only have the spurned ex-girlfriend’s POV right now. I don’t think you should call him out until both sides are known.

  153. Y Tu Mama Tambien is an incredibly dirty spanish movie. Just thought that might make that joke a little funnier for everyone.

  154. The Karen crying by a fountain thing…I agree with reality check…also, let us not forget they’d only been dating 6 months, they din’t start dating till after the move so I always got ticked at the idea that Karen expected so much out of the relationship when she moved, and finally what kind of idiot female expects ater just 6 months with a guy who has as much visibal baggage as Jim did that they were anywhere near as serious as to move to NY together. Lets face it, Karen was talking about moving in together. She may be more put together, but she was no different form Kelly.

  155. i disagree with seth. i feel that pam outshone karen. karen is very pretty and cool, no doubt. and she should be, it would have been so predictable and unbelievable if she had been a bitch or stupid or unfunny. but it just wasn’t natural. the ease between them wasn’t there. she wasn’t as naturally clever and funny as pam. there is nothing wrong with karen, she just isn’t the girl for jim, that simple. and she tries too hard. and sarcasm is all she has to offer. and pam is amazing. end of story.

  156. I don’t know if this has already been said, but I think they should bring in another good looking, funny, sarcastic guy to take ryan’s place, but that will cause drama between jim and pam. because as much as they need to be together, once they’re together the story arch is over. so they’d have nowhere to go. anyway that’s just my opinion

  157. Awesome promo! But add me to the group who thinks that Pam’s hair was better the old way. Who knows, maybe it will grow on me.

  158. Does anyone know the song that is played behind the clips in the “review before the new season starts” mantage from the NBC website? It is very cool. Thanks!

  159. Re #229: Me too! I loved Pam’s original hairstyle as well! I think she looks really adorable with it. But as you said, I’m sure we’ll come to love the new style too. But seriously, we’re talking about Pam being 100% cute before and 99.999999…% cute with the new style. Mathematically, that’s equivalent :)

  160. Love the promo and have been watching it daily. Can’t wait for the season premiere!

    I do feel bad for Karen and hope she gets over Jim quick. I’m also glad that she’ll be staying a while in Scranton because the tension will be good.

  161. I just read TV Guide’s comments on the season opener, and the producer said that the Jim/Pam storyline isn’t going to go EXACTLY where the fans want it…but that “they don’t expect angry mobs” based on where it does go.

  162. Those individual updates are hysterical. Angela’s and Creed’s had me laughing the hardest. I think this will be two very long weeks!!!

  163. Anybody else really really want to actually see this stuff? Dwight playing ping-pong, Andy singing his way through New England, or the Office trip to go see Knocked Up?

    I need a life.

  164. OH, Ryan is busted! But you know he had to be smoking something to be able to put up with Kelly all the time. Ha!

    Andy’s singing was my absolute favorite. I loved how he sang ‘Massachusettes.’

    I’m kind of looking forward to seeing Ryan fail…he’s become waaay too cocky. Before his snarkiness was funny, but now I just want to see him go back to Scranton with his tail between his legs.

  165. Does anyone else think Angela’s realization of why she saw Knocked Up might mean she got pregnant?

    I haven’t read the older posts, so sorry if this is an old idea.

  166. great stuff! Michael’s and ryan’s were my favorite. i was kinda looking forward to a longer version of kelly’s. still great! i really loved andy’s too. Veermont! hehe

  167. i LOVE the references to Knocked Up when at least 3 of them are in it! (plus the guy from improv class)

    [sorry tanster my typing sucks today!]

  168. I can’t wait to get home to watch the rest of these! The next two weeks cannot go by fast enough!!!

  169. okay, so when Ryan said he was in it for the money – wasn’t that such a Michael-ish thing to say?!

    i really hope they don’t make him a Michael-in-training

  170. We saw most of this already. I was hoping for a little more. I guess I’m greedy and can’t wait until the 27th.

  171. Drew #244. Thats what I thought, too! funny.

    plus, when Angela said “saw Knocked Up. Hated it” it totally reminded me of Dwight

  172. Michael was really in it to make friends when he was a salesman which is why he was so good at it. Ryan only cares about the money which is why he was a crappy salesman.

  173. Darryl Hilarious!
    Ryan, what an ass he turned out to be. He’s really gonna get what he deserves this season, I know it!
    Creed, also very funny as usual…who knew Ryan was a pothead too!hahaha

  174. Thanks. This made my day. I am still not convinced these aren’t just for fun like the webisodes and not part of the season.

  175. Okay, on the Angela thing, the sense I got was that everyone at the office had to go see Knocked Up because Michael made them do it (hence Oscar’s reference to it).

  176. Um, Jim, that’s all you did? That’s not good – Why weren’t you smiling like Pam???

  177. Haha, I love that Michael made everyone see Knocked Up – and that you don’t quite get it with Angela’s talking head, but then it all becomes very clear with Oscar. Andy was awesome. Darryl was awesome. And, holy cow, Ryan makes me so angry now!

  178. I predict Ryan will be the downfall of Dunder Mifflin. His efforts to bring the company into the digital age will make their product obsolete. But it sure will be fun to watch–I can’t wait for 9/27!

    What a tool!

  179. lot of changes around here. some kid i used to sell weed to got a job at corporate!

    i pretty much just fell off the couch.

  180. I’m pretty sure Jim didn’t say much more than that because he doesn’t really talk about his personal life much, remember? Also, just because they went on one date doesn’t guarantee they’re together, they could have decided otherwise. It’s unlikely, I guess, but you never know.

  181. I’m pretty sure Jim not mentioning Pam is as simple as the writers not wanting to give us ANYTHING in the way of the B-Plot. Which is nothing new, really. I mean, Pam’s TH and Karen’s TH said enough for me. Pam’s wearing her hair down cuz Jim basically told her too and Karen got dumped. I don’t need Jim to mention Pam to know that their relationship (whatever that might be) will be INFINITELY better.

    Someone mentioned at NBC that maybe Ryan was the one who left the joint in the parking lot? I think that’d be hysterical. Maybe that is why he was so adamant that Dwight not search his car. LOL.

  182. 267/Shari – Are you referring to Drug Testing? In the deleted scenes it shows the guys from Vance Refrigeration dropping the joint in the parking lot. It wasn’t Ryan. I think Creed is just confused, what a shock!

  183. Kelly’s burn was better… Ryan’s just made him sound like a racist dick.

    In the battle that is to follow, Kelly must reemerge victorious. Seriously. Ryan’s ass needs to get pounded by somebody, it is long overdue.

  184. On the Andy one, it sounds like someone is stifling laughter at the end, behind the camera.

  185. ohhhh Janet! I never saw that deleted scene!!! Thanks for the heads up though!

    Or, you know, Ryan did buy weed from Creed and was just smart enough not to smoke at work? Since, you know, camera’s follow him around and what not.


    *runs off to watch Drug Testing deleted scenes*

  186. 271 – i listened to it very closely, and you may well be right!

    ahh, how i love that andy bernard.

  187. After watching Ryan’s talking head all I can think is Michael on steroids, they’re probably setting him up for a major fall.

  188. “Some kid I used to sell weed to got a job at corporate.”


    “Do you like this?”

    Had me lolin’! The Knocked Up thing was funny, too.

  189. KingoftheStupidUniverse, if you see the very end of Jim’s video he does give a little smile. It’s subtle but it’s there.

  190. The best thing produced all summer, and probably the best promo ever.

    I think I’ll miss old mousy Pam. Ryan is going to be so friggin’ hilarious I can’t stand it.

    And Karen! That was her best moment so far! Made me LOL at my little office space. Totally surprized she’s still in the show!

  191. I’ve been meaning to say – I’m from Connecticut. Stamford, actually (WOOT WOOT!!). As in, New England. And Andy completely forgot about the state of Maine in his song. Which I loved, BTW. So funny. LOL. Andy (or Drew?) has definitely grown on me just a bit.

  192. Dwight’s video gave me hope that The Office is getting back to its original mockumentary goodness.

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