1. I had no idea until I saw Angela and Jenna’s posts on MySpace tonight. Haven’t been this excited about a show hopefully winning since “Twin Peaks.”

    Did you make a cake? lol

  2. It would be cool to see a sweep. I am really pulling for Jenna to grab that award…she just outstanding this year.

  3. I can’t wait! I hope they win all, but if there was only ONE win allowed, I hope its Jenna.

    I am going to suffer through the impossibly long awards show just for The Office.

  4. I want that cake.

    I am not predicting a sweep but for The Office to do reasonably well.

    It’s not being a traitor if I want Gervais and Merchant to sweep their categories is it?

  5. I almost never miss the Emmys but this year I cant watch it! Believe me, I’ll be sitting (and praying) at my desk hitting refresh on the IMDB all night long. The Office deserves every award it’s up for.

  6. That cake looks so yummy! Tanster, you and GMMR must have stayed up all night baking and decorating that (haha)!

    GOOD LUCK Office Staff! I can’t wait to see what everyone is wearing and read the behind-the-scenes blogs on MySpace.

    And Big Haircut (#22), you are RIGHT ON about Jenna!

  7. Jenna updated her myspace page with some news about preparing for the emmys. I can’t wait to see her dress:) and I hope she wins. She deserves it.

  8. Go Jenna! I hope she wins, it is so hard to be funny and show so much heart. She has one of the hardest tasks on the show. It is much harder to be the straight”woman” in all the chaos, she doesn’t get to rely on outlandish comments and OTT gags. She’s made the growth of Pam’s character and the JAM storyline so believable.
    Oh and that cake is awesome!

  9. I can’t wait for tmrw night!!! I’m so happy for Rainn, Steve, and Jenna and the whole cast, writers, producers, even the kraft service people! BTW that cake looks so yummy!!!

  10. I’m not predicting a sweep because I think its foolish to count Ugly Betty out in the Best Comedy race – whether you like it or not (and I do). I really just want Jenna to win and I’ll die a happy woman. TEAM JENNA FOR THE WIN!!

    No matter what, I love The Office and any award they take home is good enough for me. ;)

  11. i’m not unreasonable- i’m not looking for a sweep here.
    i just really think they deserve best actor, supporting actress, supporting actor, and best comedy.
    and directing.
    and writing.
    and sound mixing.

    jeez, is that too much to ask?

  12. Good luck to everyone at the Emmys!

    (I completely agree with Sarah Bee–I am really pulling for Jenna because she also has given me a character that I can relate to, which is one of the main reasons I love the show!)

  13. Good luck at the Emmys, Dunder Mifflin!

    I’m pulling for everyone, but I do admit to having a special place in my heart for Jenna. She’s offered me a character I can relate to, and I’m quite thankful for that.

    Also, I’d LOVE to see Steve win, as Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are presenting his category. Fake New reunion, please!

  14. We love you, Jenna. I’m hoping for a sweep, but if we can only have one, let it be Jenna.

  15. Good luck Jenna! The other actresses in the category are good, but I feel like no one deserves it more than Jenna. It would have been so easy for the writers and Jenna to turn Pam into someone whiny and someone who felt bad for herself because she went from having two men in her life to no man, yet they decided to rebuild her and make her even more honest, capable, and amazing than she was before. And, of course, good luck to everyone else from The Office! You guys rock!

  16. We need a sweep, sweep, sweep! Of course I’m rooting for everyone, but especially Rainn. Never before have I seen such a brilliant comedic performance – NEVER! He is so deserving! Good luck to one and all! Can’t wait for the show! :)

    And that cakes looks so yummy.

  17. I’m rooting for Jenna! She deserves it most, but I just fear Ugly Betty might sweep everything because its what’s “hot”. If Office has to lose in Best Comedy, I hope its to 30 Rock, and best supporting, well I won’t be happy unless Jenna takes home the gold!

  18. Even if it’s not a complete sweep, we all know that The Office is going to haul in some serious awards!!!!! Hooray! Is it Sunday yet?

    …Is it the 27th yet?

  19. Best wishes to all “The Office” folks for the Emmys! The Emmys are a tough awards, and our show’s nominees face strong competition in their respective categories, so let’s not take anything for granted, but hope for the best. All the best to the Emmy nominees of “The Office”!

  20. I love the cake! For every Emmy The Office doesn’t win I write up a full disadulation. Great luck!!

  21. I’m with you, Sarah Bee. I’m really pulling for Steve, not only because he COMPLETELY deserves it (Hear that, SHALHOUB???), but also because a reunion between Jon, Stephen and Steve would essentially be the greatest thing ever!!

    And, yeah, give Jenna her due. Her character’s journey this season has been phenomenal and not only that, but as an actress, she is completely dedicated to Pam in a way that let’s you know she really likes and cares about the work she’s doing.

  22. I posted this before but for some reason it didn’t go through, so I’ll try again:
    I think that Jenna deserves this, hands down. Throughout the whole season both the writers and Jenna have made almost imperceptible changes to the character of Pam, and by the end of the season these changes were completely visible in the new and improved Pam. Good luck to “The Office” cast and crew!

  23. Good luck to all of The Office staff. Gosh that cake looks yummy, you’ve inspired me, I’m going to make my very own office themed cupcakes for tomorrow. Yay!

  24. #42 Mr. F – I’m with ya. I think 30 Rock is being seriously underestimated for best comedy.

    That being said, I’m keeping my expectations low, but I hope to pleasantly surprised tomorrow!

  25. “I think that Jenna deserves this, hands down. Throughout the whole season both the writers and Jenna have made almost imperceptible changes to the character of Pam, and by the end of the season these changes were completely visible in the new and improved Pam. Good luck to “The Office” cast and crew!”
    EXACTLY what I’ve been saying, Pamera! The growth of Pam Beesly as a character this year was extraordinary; Jenna is so believable as our favorite receptionist, taking control of her life and becoming a better person. She deserves this Emmy so much. I think she’ll win… and I can’t WAIT to hear her speech!

  26. I don’t want to jinx anything, and stupid Vanessa Williams could be a surprise victor in the category, but like all of you, I mainly want Jenna to walk away with the trophy tomorrow night. Her transformation has been stunning all season, and she’s developed Pam in a way that doesn’t compare with other performances. She really _deserves_ this.
    That, and I want her to say, “I feel God in the Kodak Theater” if/when she wins tomorrow. :-)

  27. The Office is of course my favorite show, but its biggest competition is definitely 30 Rock a show that I also love, but I am staying loyal and going with “our little show” down the stretch. Good luck guys, especially Jenna

  28. Awww, what an adorable cake! And yes, good luck to all The Office cast!! I’m routing for you all!! :D

  29. woohooo office sweep!! and i agree, i think the big competition is 30rock (please no ugly betty)–which is also a brilliant show. but, my loyalty is OF COURSE with the office…
    good luck to all of them. they deserve it!!

  30. I can’t wait. I hope we get it in all three categories. No more UGLY BETTY!!!!

    Go Jenna, Rainn and Steve! You guys rock!

  31. Best of luck to everyone. I’m hoping for a sweep, of course, but I wouldn’t be disappointed if they lost to 30 Rock for Best Comedy or if Steve lost to Baldwin. However, I’m really rooting for Rainn and Jenna.

  32. The very best of luck to all categories nominated (go, editing! WOOHOO!). The Office is, by far, my favorite television show. All extremities, toes, and eyes will be crossed for you.

  33. I hope they sweep. I like 30 rock and baldwin but the office is more deserving to me, even with an erratic season.

    But most of all, what I want is 1) Jenna to not trip and hurt herself 2) everyone to appreciate how great it is the show has reached this point even if it doesn’t win and 3) the supporting cast who weren’t nominated, including the bit part people, to know that we think they rock too.

  34. I hope they sweep too! (for the billionth time)
    BAH! Why is everything starting around 8?!
    Emmys, Sox/Yankees, Patriots/Chargers!
    Oh well, there’s always YouTube =)

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