1. oh that Dwight…

    I still think Roy is getting canned for attempting to attack Jim at the workplace though

  2. I am NOT watching these! Must resist!
    AH! It’s going to be so hard since these came so early.
    (haha, that’s what she said)


    I almost wish I didnt see that. ALmost, but now I can sleep at night.

    Big D all the way

  4. and that my friends is how you take care of business. or people who wanna beat you up…either way- it gets the job done.

    go dwight!!

  5. OMG!!! okay, well that answers some questions….dangit…shouldnt have watched that though….now i know…pooop

  6. My connection speed is so slow these days it will probably air on tv before it downloads on my computer..!! But hey..I’m gonna give it a try!!

  7. I broke down and watched the second clip. Wow.
    Jim has a lot of explaining to do to Karen now.

    I don’t feel bad about watching them since it added up to about 2 minutes of a 40 minute episode.
    Is it April 5 yet?

  8. That was my rationale for watching the clips. It was only a couple of minutes out of a super-sized episode so it wasnt a big chunk unlike what happened with Phylis’ Wedding where the whole episode was shown besides the RAM hook-up.

    Plus its been a long 5 weeks…

  9. Dwight is the greatest. 8 yrs of preparation really paid off.

    yay fictional jim halpert likes watching the phillies too!

  10. Jim is being a tool.
    He needs to “grow a pair” (Angela) and talk to Pam.
    Maybe he does in this episode…
    but if he doesn’t or is a complete jerk to Pam, he’s going on my hit list.
    No joke.

    And Karen is NOT an awesome girlfriend. I WOULD rather watch a game than be with her….even if she is good looking and smart.

  11. The last two clips were a mistake by NBC. They never should have put those two out. The Roy attack on Jim was the big hook that was going to get people to watch. Now we know what happens so it would but as much of a shock.

  12. So that explains the mystery in the scene of which we saw only a blip of before…I refer to Roy’s attempt to punch Jim. Kind of left me feeling sad. And, sorry, but if the insufferable Rashida Jones continues on much longer, I may tune out. “Yew don’t wanna go out with yer awwesome gurlfriend; yew’d rather watcha Phillies gaaame.”

    She’s worse than Holly Woodlawn. Good grief.

  13. i really cant believe NBC would destroy all the buzz they created with that previous youtube video….bad marketing i say..unless theres somehting even bigger going on

  14. I agree they should never have put the aftermath clips up, they had people really excited up to now.

  15. Does anyone know a way to view these without them constantly stopping or freezing? I’m getting super frustrated. :(

  16. I dont know

    It seems Roy is hell-bent on getting back at Jim no matter what. They never let any big spoilers loose in the yahoo clips and they are always in the beginning portion of the episode so there could be more to it

  17. Oh that was so anti-climatic… :(

    Lame, lame, lame. I was really hoping for a punch or something. I mean, seriously, Dwight busts out the pepper spray out of nowhere?

    Sigh… :(

  18. Don’t you think that Pam told Jim before these clips that Roy was looking for him? Jim was nervous and stalling leaving the office, Karen was unawares and just thought he didn’t want to go out that night…when Roy came in, Jim and Pam looked right at one another like they had spoken about this already…

  19. I don’t know about anyone else, but as much as I like the preview clips, I’m disappointed that they gave away Roy’s attack scene.

  20. I really enjoyed seeing Dwight protect one of the people he despises so much. His secret is revealed… Dwight loves Jim!

    Can’t wait for next week!

  21. Come on NBC!!!!! What was the point in that?!! Well looks like the attack happens at the end of the day (ie end of the episode), commerical, and then doesn’t the last part where jim is “thanking” dwight sound like the bit that they play at the tail end while running the credits? So yeah sounds like nothing gets resolved until 3 weeks from now in safety training…. geerrrr!!!!

  22. Am I the only one that was disappointed with the last 2 clips??

    I was hoping this would be the turning point in bringing JAM closer together again but these clips looked like it was only bringing Karen and Jim closer together. It looks like Jim is actually “interested” in Karen now and isn’t just using her as a distraction from his true feelings for Pam. I mean even in the last episode (Coctails) it looked like Jim couldn’t care less about Karen and her ex-boyfriends and now we’re listening to them plan their dinner-and-a-movie date!!! We have NEVER heard ANYTHING about what they do together outside of work (at least not in a positive way)!!!

    PLEASE NBC do not keep Jim and Karen together!

  23. Karen likes gorey movies too? She’s really pushing into Mary Sue territory now. Every guy’s perfect wet dream.

    I hate that they’ve made Pam so meek this year and Jim such a pussy. They were both FUN, occasionally outgoing people in the past. And now they’ve like these wimpy, downtrodden losers.

  24. Wow – anyone else think that was kind of a let down? After all the drama built up by the last 5 seconds of that last video – but as many of you have said – now I can sleep at night. It’s soooo nice to know what happens, whew.

    And i think they made it clear that Pam didn’t warn Jim that she had told Roy about the kiss. Which makes sence because she didn’t know that Roy had said “I’m gonna kill Jim Halpert.”

    And we know that Jim is a wee bit put out at Pam right now.

  25. wait, what movie did she want to see? I thought they didn’t show that.

  26. I actually LOVED the fact that they had Dwight intervene. The Office is a comedy, not a drama, and I was hoping that something hilarious would happen to kind of “cancel out” an otherwise dramatic scene.

    And Karen is beginning to annoy me. It just used to be indifference with her, but now I really want her off of this show.

  27. I’m glad they showed the clips earlier instead of later – my expectations would have been way to high if I’d lived in suspense for another week.

  28. I don’t think the clip showed a weak Jim, just because he didn’t want to go to the movies with Karen. He didn’t want to go because nothing about that relationship excites him. He’s just going through the motions. He’d do anything with Pam and think it was the best thing ever. Karen may be great, but she’s not great for Jim.

    And I LOVE the resolution. A confrontation but not! The intent is clear, and the aftermath could be good (though I’m not holding my breath). Like someone just said: this show is first a comedy, and to have a serious fight would not fit. I think it’s genius, actually. Plus! More Dwight/Jim BFFness!

  29. I’m really glad that scene’s not a drama. And they didn’t spoil too much, ’cause we still have no idea what Pam and Roy talk about, what Jim does to find out (be told?) why Roy attacked him, etc.

    And Dwight w/ pepper spray is the best way to return the show to comedy.

  30. So Jim pushes Karen out of the way and Pam gets sprayed? Hrmmph.

    I agree with those that are happy this is the way it goes down. The little clip of Roy going after Jim from last week left me total uncomfortable so I’m happy that they went back to the funny and had Dwight step in.

  31. Im not crazy about Karen…
    Never have been, like Pff (#30) said… shes the “perfect” dream of a woman apparently…
    No matter what I believe most people relate better to Pam then we ever have to Karen or ever will…

    I doubt Pam talked to Jim but shes going to have to explain it… That should be good… I hope… As long as she keeps being honest!

  32. Darryl wants to take a picture of Michael in the women’s suit..he says it will make Roy feel better. I guess Roy really does get fired…but I think we all knew that already.

  33. Oooooo, Pff, I just realized how u deduced that it was a gore movie, and that is not what that word means. Agoraphobia is a fear of crowds. So basically Karen was just stating the obvious, using a fancy word in an attempt to sound smart.

    BTW, I found her so annoying in that scenes.

  34. OMG! Is it April 5th yet? I think I’m gonna lose my freakin’ mind! :)

  35. i agree that nbc shouldn’t have released that clip, but it will make karen at least ask wtf just happened? i hope that’s not the last 20 seconds of the episode or something.

    like pff (30) said, she’s every guy’s dream girl. or maybe she’s actually a guy. she did want to share clothes with michael ;-)

  36. Michael in the Women’s suit is so hilarious. I am so excited for this episode!

  37. How pissed am I that Roy doesn’t punch Jim? I was kind of looking forward to that . . .

  38. Doesn’t it look like Roy might have been fired even before that incident? By the way he was looking at the front door, as if he was weighing going in when the next person comes out and opens the door because he can’t go in on his own, as he doesn’t work there anymore.

    I might be over-reading into it but was kind of an impression.

  39. I am surprised that NBC posted these, especially with a week and a half until the episode airs. Just because I am a huge The Office fan does not mean that I want to know in advance what is going to happen.

    But it looks like another great episode. Dwight saves the day with the pepper spray, but goes overboard as usual by having nunchucks and throwing stars taped to the underside of his desk. I guess that Dwight took his appointment as Official Security Supervisor of the branch (Drug Testing, Season 2)seriously.

  40. it looks like he was still working there at that point if he gets fired because he still is wearing the unifrom isnt he?

    I like the thoery about Karen, strawberrymelon!

  41. YEESSS!!! hilarious!! I’m so glad that dwight intervened and that this fight was funny rather than making tha fight hugely dramatic! I’m so glad i got to see this! Darn, but i gave up watching videos for lent…guess i kinda failed…but that was so good!! I really hope jim will talk to pam or that karen will talk to jim about it and i hope the confrontations can lead to the end of karim! :D

  42. LOL!!!

    I’m actually really happy at the way that Jim/Roy scene plays out.

    That’s why I love The Office, it keeps surprising me.

    Now I don’t have to obsess about that scene for the next 10 days. Yay for me. (see my response in ‘OMFG’ comments)

  43. Unlike the rest of you, I wasn’t disappointed with the clips. After a month of no new OFFICE (not counting the new footage in TRAVELING SALESMEN/THE RETURN), it’s great to see new stuff.

    Liked the first clip with Michael finding out that he’s inadvertently in drag. So perfect of him to keep denying it.

    Second clips probably the most controversial since it’s the moment we’ve been waiting for that’s a week and some change in advance. The way I see it, the real joy and payoff isn’t the actual incident, but in the fallout of that. Of seeing how everything unravels afterwards. Besides, you knew what the clips would be when you clicked on there. If you didn’t want to be spoiled, then you shouldn’t have watched.

    As for the moment itself, it was a really good build up with the shots of Roy in the parking lot and the idle chat that Jim and Karen were having. And when you say Roy charge, you didn’t expect a huge stream of pepper spray to shoot out from Dwight’s desk. So it was a great payoff for the Jim/Roy slamdown, a perfect Dwight moment to show off the demented hero side of him, and a really funny moment in that EVERYONE got sprayed. I loved Dwight’s talking head with that crying/heroic look on his face as he goes “Who’s (sniff) laughing (sniff) now!!!”

    And the final clip was a good come down of Jim admitting that Dwight’s a good guy. Now if we have Dwight begrudgingly admitting to liking Jim as well, then we got a match made in heaven.

    And with the pepper spray, nun chucks and throwing stars, Dwight’s desk is now officially a lair. Or an Asian woman’s purse. Either way…

  44. Would some kind person transfer theese to youtube? Those of us with cheap browsers and old computers are haveing trouble viewing the vids.

    THANK YOU :)

  45. I don’t want to seem angry, but if Jim doesn’t fess up, I’LL give him the punch in the face.

  46. Based on how Jim looked over at Pam when Roy walked in I think it’s clear Pam said something to Jim about Roy, but she probably did not say anything about her feelings. They gotta be saving that for the one-hour season finale.

    Dwight’s protectiveness was not out of character for him. He pee’d for Michael in Drug Testing. He drove to New York to drop off the tax reports for Angela. He got great joy keeping Michael out of Phyllis’ wedding. He even comforted Pam when she was crying in the hallway in Back from Vacation. Dwight is really redeeming himself this year. But for every step forward he will surely take a step backwards.

  47. #28 lola – I think this happens at the beginning of the episode because everyone is wearing different clothes from what they were wearing in the negotiation scene and Daryl says later in the conference room that Michael wearing a women’s suit would cheer Roy up.

    I’m happy with the way that the Jim/Roy scene played out. We have to remember that this is a comedy and not a soap opera.

    But the women’s suit scene might be one of the best scenes of the year. I don’t laugh out loud that much, but that scene just about brought tears to my eyes.

  48. i would like to point out that in the pam TH she said it has been a rough couple of days, probably meaning that roy came in and tried to attack a day or two before we see the actual negotiation part of the episode…so this is most likely a flashback/cold open. and hopefully we see some freaking resolution or breakthrough of some sort….

  49. Pam looks at jim in the third scene, but can anyone figure out where they are sitting? It looks like Jim is behind reception…

    Unfortunately, I think we can’t decide whether the suit scene was before or after the Jim/Roy (which should really be referred to as “Dwight Kicks Butt”, because either way Roy would need some cheering up, wouldn’t he? bleggh karen, and bleggh if the scene is at the end of the episode.

  50. I forgot to say…I love the slow smile that comes across Jenna’s face in her talking head. That talking head really made the scene….that and Michael showing Pam that he doesnt have any pockets.

  51. First I want to say that Craig Robinson is awksome. His timing and deadpan understated delivery are amazing.

    And second, the “dramatic” confrontation I want to see is between Jim and Pam, complete with yelling, crying and begging. We, the faithful fans, and Jim and Pam the human characters, need an end to the pussy footing around; we need a cathartic explosion of suppressed desire and rage.

  52. I was totally not expecting that from Dwight, but that was awesome. Wow, so much better then them actually fighting, and done with a comical element as apposed to the drama people were expecting.
    April 5th can’t come soon enough.

  53. There is not enough talk about Michael Scott showing his ass in woman’s pants

  54. I tried it on firefox and it worked and i just wanted to say………….

    I told you! Post number 173 on OMFG, I knew for like 3 days ahead that there was nothing to the fight and somone would stop it right away. And people disagreed so HA.

    Sorry just needed to do that.

  55. #58 matt- yeah i think your right. Karen says something in the pepper spray scene about it being friday. so i’m thinking that the episode starts with the attack on friday, then picks up monday morning, which explains why pam’s had a “rough couple of days”, & why roy will feel better w/ the photo’s

  56. #58 matt- yeah i think your right. Karen says something in the pepper spray scene about it being friday. so i’m thinking that the episode starts with the attack on friday, then picks up monday morning, which explains why pam’s had a “rough couple of days”, & why roy will feel better w/ the photo’s

  57. “There is not enough talk about Michael Scott showing his ass in woman’s pants.” — HambugerHalpert

    Agreed! That moment may have been a highlight of the entire series. That whole scene was pure gold.

    Well, OK, except for the fact that you don’t see bins of clothing with men’s and women’s mixed. That caught me up a little. But minor complaint.)

  58. OMG! That was a 10! I laughed so hard at the pepper spray that I had an asthma attack! I am psyched!

    JR Ewing

  59. Omgosh, loved the Roy/Jim outcome. Dwight to the rescue! Well not really since everyone in there seemed to be affected.

    And Michael in a woman’s suit!? Completely explains the one promo picture of him in a suit similar to the woman sitting next to him. ONly Michael would make such a mistake. And Darryl!! We haven’t seen him in awhile, so it’s nice for him to get so much screen time. :)

  60. Yaaay! I’m looking more forward to the episode now! I want to see how all this tension is resolved! Karen’s going to take some time off to think about all this now. It’s her turn. Everyone’s taking shifts this season.

  61. i also agree with matt.. i think the clip of the Roy-Jim confrontation will be first scene of the episode, followed by jim’s TH (which ends with Dwight holding a throwing star) followed immediately by the Office Theme Song..

  62. As a response to everyone who think Pam and Jim spoke beforehand.. i dont think they did. I think that if Roy’s gonna run up to Jim and scream “HALPERT” Jims gonna know he’s mad. Anddd why on the face of this Earth would Roy have anything to do with jim? the only connection between the two of them is Pam.. so i think Jim was just checking to see pam’s expression.

  63. I’m really frustrated with Jim/Pam/Karen. And I really want Karen to go away. And I get really irritated when Jim smiles at her. And these clips did not make me feel better about any of the above items :P

  64. So, does Roy’s attempted attack on Jim take place the day after the last episodes scene at Poor Richard’s? I assumed that the scene at Poor Richard’s was on a Friday because Jim, Michael, Dwight and Karen were all in New York that night for the party at the CFO’s house. And it would be a 2 1/2 hour drive back to Scranton after Michael and Dwight drive Jan home. So Roy going after Jim would have to take place at least a week later. I agree with Matt#58 that the aftermath of Dwight’s heroics, and Michael’s suit, take place the next week.

  65. I agree I think the Jim/Karen conversation clearly shows the writers setting up the fact that they don’t work – she wants to go out and he wants to stay in, etc…

  66. Damn you NBC! Getting me all flipped out with your YouTube clip and then I watch this!? Cuh-rap! WTF? All in all, that does keep the show a comedy and not a drama, so that’s good :)

  67. OK, so it’s Friday night in the episode – Jim hates Friday night crowds and Kevin tells Jim to have a good weekend…..so – is this still in real time??

  68. Can anyone possibly put this clip on YouTube? For some reason, I have audio but the picture stops halfway through…so, can someone hook an Office crack addict out??


  69. I think the confrontation appears in the cold open. Pam is wearing a blue shirt in that clip, and a white shirt in the other two. The confrontation could have happened the day after cocktails and is a flashback.
    I think the Jim talking head is right after the theme song.

    Oh, and also KAREN MUST DIE! She has hit the top of the annoying-o-meter.

  70. Wouldn’t Phyllis being back in the Michael/drag scene indicate that the timing is closer to real time? Wasn’t she supposed to get 6 weeks of vacation?

    Correct me if I’m wrong…

  71. Sheesh, enough with Karen already

    dont you want to go out with your awesommmme girrrrrlfrieeend?

  72. BeckySue, sometimes it helps me to email them to my self and watch them by clicking the link because it pops up as a media player. Try that it might help…

  73. So, I was in the OT chat room earlier and we discussing the clips, in general. GMMR was saying that Greg Daniels hates it when clips are shown. Apparently, he/NBC are not in charge of the Yahoo! clips, or at least when they’re released. So, those last two clips… yeah, he’s not going to happy about those at all. I’m guessing the woman’s suit clip was shown at Paley, though. Just a thought.

  74. #84 – Bob –

    i think it’s the very end. i think the cold open might be around michael & daryll’s discussion (and yes, there needs to be more talk abotu michael’s ass!!)

    to #82 –
    yes, i think it’s still in real-time, but not to the day. remember ‘the coup’ took place on Movie Monday. One could assume any of the parties could have been on a friday (dundies, booze cruise, casino night). it’s not an exact science :-)

    Jim, if you’re looking for someone to watch the game with….(although wait til football season & i’ll be extra happy!)

  75. when i first heard about him wearing the suit i thought it would be jan’s. but michael said he found it in a bargin bin or something to that effect.

  76. Wow! Great clips!

    Sure, a lot of people are content with the Jim/Karen relationship, but isn’t there a part of us all that yearns for the Jim/Pam hookup?

    Let it be so!

  77. Does anyone else think Karen is going out of her way to flaunt her relationship with Jim in Pam’s face? I find her extremely irritating. Don’t know how much more I can take.

  78. strawberrymelon-

    I disagree. I think it happens in the cold open for two reasons. One is Pam’s shirt. It wouldn’t make sense for her to change her shirt before the end of the day and the confrontation. The only way I can see the change in the shirt is if it happened on a different day. The other reason why I think the confrontation occurs in the beginning is because the episode description says Jim deals with the impact of Pam’s confession. If it happened at the end of the day, the impact would have to happen in the next episode. I also don’t see why Pam and Jim would talk about her confession before the actual confrontation because Pam doesn’t exactly know that Roy is going after Jim.

  79. I think the shot of Roy weaving around the parking lot indicates he’s drunk. Perhaps that is placed in such a way to deliberately mislead us. Surprise! Surprise! I think after being pepper sprayed, Roy leaves, gets drunk, and hangs around the parking lot waiting for round two with Jim.

  80. I am the only one who cant see these videos?? ahhh I must see them now.

  81. 95 yea i didnt take it into accout when i first thought about it. all though i would like to seem him try to fit into jan’s! lol… now tak about Michael showing of his ass! It would be more than i could handle… it was like watching him in his jeas from season 2 lol

  82. The fact that Karen will not watch the Phillies has sunk her even lower in my eyes, which is pretty hard to do.

  83. It looks as if things are okay with Karen and Jim considering that Karen is lounging on Jim’s desk in the Ladies Suit scene. If this comes after the attack, as most of us seem to think, then Karen is holding on harder than I thought she would.

  84. I’m a Jammer like most everyone else, but I think people are waaay too hard on Karen. She actually came off as pretty flirty and cute in this clip, as far as I’m concerned. Still on a different wavelength than Jim, but she’s not the friggin’ antichrist. She’d be a spectacular catch for someone else.

  85. Guys,

    Darryl says he’s going to send the photo to Roy, something he wouldn’t have done after the attack. So, it’s not the cold opening.

    Also, they don’t re-edit the clips around and show them out of order, so Roy wasn’t “waiting around for round two.”

    If you’ve ever been sprayed in the face by pepper spray, especially that much, you won’t be back up and itching for a fight any time soon.

  86. I regret watching this!!! However, now I wont have to wait till April 5th. Plus, I dont really like the joke about Michael wearing a women’s suit. I mean Michael has tons of Men’s suits he could figure out which one is which, but still I guess its okay.

    Also, Go Dwight!! Now finally Jim will realize that Dwight is the man!

  87. 103: Why would you assume Darryl wouldn’t send Roy the pics after the attack? They’re friends.

  88. “Darryl says he’s going to send the photo to Roy, something he wouldn’t have done after the attack. So, it’s not the cold opening.”

    He would have if Roy was fired because of the attack.

  89. I’m still having trouble seeing the video. The sound if perfect…but no clear picture. So, does anyone know if this can be put up on YouTube and put up a link for us that cant see it???

    Tanster, is that possible???

  90. I don’t know why, but I hope the cold opening is not the fight.

    fyi – TWOP forums are back up

  91. I thought the clips were awesome. I don’t know why you guys what to get rid of Karen so much. Like JKras said in one of his interviews, the great thing about the show is that it’s so real. The emotions and characters are realistic. I don’t think they are keeping JAM apart just to torture us, but because this is something that could actually happen between 2 people like Jim and Pam. Can’t wait for April 5th and Dwight is even more cool than ever!! I laughed so hard, I cried!!

  92. Jeremy –

    “She’d be a spectacular catch for someone else.”

    Then I wish the writers would get off their butts and let her be spectacularly caught by someone else already. :)

  93. I’m kind of mad that yahoo would show that clip. I like when they do previews, but not something THAT pivotal.

    And yet, I watched it because I have zero will power.

  94. Wow! So much to discuss…

    First scene: Awesome. At first it was hard to see the funny shape of the woman’s suit, but then you saw Michael’s ass and it was comedy gold. “The Italians don’t wear pockets!”

    Second scene: I really wanted Jim to punch Roy, but I’m glad that the writers knew that would be too dramatic and turned it into a funny scene instead. The pepper spray scene can’t be the dramatic point of the episode. Yahoo is getting those clips from NBC and NBC isn’t dumb enough to let the big surprise of the episode slip.

    Third scene: Hope it’s not the last scene, because it’s not super funny and it doesn’t fit my timeline.

    Order: I feel like there must be more to Darryl and Michael’s negotiation, like showing Darryl specifically asking for the raise rather than just getting right into it. So I don’t think that’s the cold open. The pepper spray scene has the feel of a cold open to me…Dwight’s “who’s *blink* laughing *blink blink* now?” seems like the perfect last line. (Also, I have to mention that I almost never laugh out loud when I watch the Yahoo clips and my roommate asked me what I was watching when I realized that Dwight had sprayed EVERYONE AROUND HIM)

    I guess Scene #2 is the cold open, happens on Friday, makes sense with Pam’s different shirts. The show comes back on, it’s Monday with a TH of someone (Pam? Michael?) explaining that Roy was fired. Then Michael talking to Jan about the crime of passion and his employees being very gruntled. Pam and Roy have their lunch. Then Scene #1. Darryl wouldn’t have to text Roy if he were still there, for something like that he would get Roy and show him in person. Michael must already know that Roy is upset or he would want to know why Roy needs to feel better. And it would make more sense having “the past couple of days be really hard” if it included Roy’s breakdown in the bar, his attack on Jim, AND their lunch instead of just the bar scene (which was upsetting, but nowhere near as dramatic for Pam because she didn’t know about “I’m going to kill Jim Halpert”).

    Does anyone remember if the Yahoo clips have been in the order that they appeared in the show in the past?

  95. I think Karen was trying to be flirty but it doesn’t seem like Jim was enjoying it that much. When she started informing him about ‘their’ plans for the evening, he sort of mocked her a bit. He exhibited the same sort of subtle annoyance with her during the party at the CEO’s house, right before he went outside to play basketball. Contrast that with the easy-going relationship he used to have with Pam, and I think it’s clear which of these two ladies is naturally better suited to Jim’s personality.

    I think releasing this clip early is supposed to give us the hope/encouragement we need to survive until the new episodes start again. At some point Jim is going to recognize that he’ll never be able to reproduce the special Pam-Jim dynamic with Karen…and I intend to be sitting in front of the TV watching that moment happen!

  96. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but in the first clip, where Michael is wearing a woman’s suit, we can see Karen standing right next to Jim’s desk. And since Darryl is trying to cheer Roy up, I think this scene is after the attack. And if that’s the case, then it had no effect on Karen… Jeez. What’s it going to take for this girl to leave?

  97. Okay, here are my two cents: Even though I havent got to see the whole video smoothly…just choppy like.

    Anywho….The second clip does seem editted like a cold open. I’m not sure…but it does for some reason. Remember the main part of this episode is Daryl’s raise. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    Um, if you are someone who loves spoilers, remember to check out the new spoiler post on the spoiler page. I read it today and became thoroughly upset. For some reason…(you have to read to find out)…but, it seems like Jim and Karen are getting more serious than we think. I think Jim’s just good at keeping that relationship between the two of them. Even though Karen seems to be open with the relationship, he doesnt seem to be the one to openly discuss it infront of the entire office. Maybe one on one with someone…but, he is probably trying to avoid any awkward PDA.

    Anywho, that’s my take. And yet again, if someone can get these clips on YouTube, you would make an Office Addict’s dreams come true. :)


  98. The whole bit with Michael refusing to acknowledge he bought a woman’s suit was just comedy gold. The more he denied it the funnier it got.

    But then the second clip… Whoa. I’m so glad Dwight is Jim’s deskmate.

    Congratulations, Universe. You win.

  99. Wow, I did NOT expect that clip to be released! Talk about a spoiler! I do love how they kept it more humorous than dramatic. Did anyone notice Creed just chilling in the background, in his own lax style, while everyone wreathed around from getting pepper-sprayed?? Classic Creed.

    Despite the spoiler and that moment being revealed to me, I am still as excited for the next episode. Only now I can sleep at night knowing Jim is alive and well.

  100. i agree with everyone else that clip 2 is going to be the cold open. and it obviously cannot be the end, because then where would michael talk about everyone being gruntled?

  101. Yeah, I’m going to have to go ahead and disagree on the consensus timeline. I can’t recall these previews ever being shown out of order, and furthermore, I think the tone of the lady’s suit scene indicates that it’s either pre-fight or long-post-fight (Jim and Karen are too happy, Darryl mentions cheering up Roy too casually). Let’s not forget the other little snippet of the show we’ve seen thus far, either: the “disgruntled/gruntled employee” moment with Michael and Jan (which didn’t feel like a closing scene to me, either). THAT shows that there is at least a little bit after Jim’s talking head.

    IF I’m right (big if, I know), then it also indicates that the world of the Office has NOT gone on in real time. The “rough couple of days” and Roy’s needing to be cheered up indicates that its just a few days since “Cocktails”; Pam and Roy are still unhappy about how that all turned out.

    I wish we had bigger questions to worry about. Why can’t it be April 5th already?

  102. Here’s a thought: how does Angela feel about her hubby pepper spraying the man she has somewhat of a crush on. Forget the JAM dispute, i’m all about DWIGELA!!!!

  103. If NBC released those VERY spoiler-ish clips to apologize to fans for the lack of any new “Office” in almost a month, consider their apology acceptable.

    Normally I stay away from those preview clips, but I HAD to make an exception here.

  104. Dwangela is the only Office couple I’m rooting for. DWANGELA forever!

    And one last thought about Karen.

    Why are you the way that you are? Everytime we try and make something fun, you make it, not that. I hate so much about the things that you choose to be.

  105. I think the last clip is at the very end. And that makes me kind of sad. Jim’s bitter, he gets closer to Karen, Pam sits there, and Dwight shows off his sexy ninja moves. He laughs and she laughs and they laugh and I die a little inside.

    But I am hopeful pre Roy attack. Jim is just going along with Karen’s clingy plans, with out really getting in to it.

  106. There’s no way Pam talked to Jim before the ‘fight.’ There was nothing to tell, really. Sure, Roy threw a fit at the bar, but she didn’t hear him say that he’s going to kill Jim. That would be an awfully awkward conversation, don’t you think? Hey Jim, Roy and I broke up when I told him that you and I kissed on Casino Night. He seemed really angry, so watch your back.

    Nah, that conversation never happened. Other than in Cocktails, Pam has never admitted her feelings for Jim. Not until Ben Franklin did Pam even *acknowledge* the event. I know she’s Fancy New Beesly, but she’s not going to bring up that subject to tell Jim that what happened between them nearly a year ago (which was “nothing,” according to Jim) is still on her mind, all just to warn him about a vague threat.

  107. To those who complain about these clips giving away the reason for watching the show I say “THESE ARE SPOILERS!!!” come on. you know this going in. You who complain will still watch. In the future, have some will power. If not, don’t complain. Looks to be a great episode.

  108. Absolutely right, Chuck. Was surprised that NBC decided to release such an integral part of the plot, though. There must be much more. At least I hope so.

  109. OMG! Those clips are so funny- I’m still laughing right now:
    Italians don’t wear pockets… hehe

  110. And some people need to realize that the show is not all about JAM or the Jim/Pam/Roy/Karen love story.
    I found the clips hilarious and I think the hilarity of the scenes are lost on some people who over analyze the JAM thing.

  111. Why would NBC show that 4 minute clip building up to the APril 5 episode on Youtube and then show us the fight resolution?

  112. Like Oscar said…TOO EARLY

    I will try to wait till next week to watch these. Hopefully there won’t be 6 preview clips total by that time!

  113. oh my. I’m SO proud of Dwight. I KNEW he was going to step up to help Jim — I was hoping he’d use his karate skills, though.

    I really needed to see some previews. I was just sitting here brooding over the fact that there isn’t a new Office OR a new Grey’s this week. I have nothing to look forward to on Thursday, it’s sad.

  114. I think I saw Dwight wince a bit after he shot the spray and that he actually got a bit of the spray in his own face, which is why he looks the way he does in his TH.

  115. That has to be my new favourite Dwight scene “Who’s laughing now?” I WAS. So hard. It was embarrasing.

    But I hope I wouldn’t have watched those clips.

    Too early :(

  116. Way to go Dwight! There’s a reason we keep you around!
    That has to be one of the best resolutions to that scene they could have thought of! Way to go Office writers! Now I’m not so worried about the show getting way to serious.

  117. Dwight rocks. He’s like a ninja (in his own mind). I laughed so hard at Dwight sitting there with tears running down his face and blinking constantly asking “who’s laughing now” that I fell off my chair and hit my head. When I finally woke up I was lying in a pool of my own urine. I think it was my own urine. God, I hope it was my own urine.

  118. Reply to Sara #132: When DOESN’T Jim’s hair look funny? However, if you are referring to one of his talking heads when his hair looks exceptionally weird, it would be after trying wash the pepper spray off. Just minor residual from the overspray will make a mess of your eyes, nose and throat.

  119. A cold opening is one that is not related to the plot of the rest of the show. So I don’t think that any of the scenes could be part of a cold opening. In clip #1 Michael and Darryl are already negotiating. Michael decides he deserves a raise too so he and Darryl go to corporate in New York (hence the still photo of Michael sitting beside a woman who is wearing the same suit at corporate). So clip #1 has to be soon after the opening credits.

    My guess is that the opening will be like the opening for Gay Witch Hunt – a very brief scene of the current office (Monday) followed by a flashback to the drama from the preceding Friday.

  120. I’m just nauteous that Karen is so happy. I really, really, REALLY want her to just get hit by a bus. I’m sick of that relationship.

  121. The good news CH, is that Jim doesn’t seem to be into that relationship at all. He might like it that a girl actually likes him, but he’s realizing she’s not Pam and boring as all get out.

  122. (Re: 143) I don’t know. The look on his face in clip 2 made my stomach turn (nevermind how cute he looked). I need that relationship to end ASAP for my own sanity.

  123. Last post for a while, but a thought…
    I just rewatched clip2. The way Jim looks at Pam when Roy walks in and the way she looks between the two men really makes me think that Pam said something to Jim before this scene took place. Hmm..
    I could speculate for days. Why is this such torture!?

  124. “HEY HALPERT!!!”

    I never would have though Dwight to be such the bad a$$ and level headed soul in a conflict situation.

  125. It seems like Jim absolutely knows. He looks at Pam knowingly when he turns around.

    About the “Will Jim be angry at Pam” question, I don’t think he will be. However, I think KAREN will be. She’s the one who’s been trying to hold onto this guy for so long, and now his ‘crush’ on Pam has brought him nothing but heartache and drama and pain. I have a feeling its going to be Karen who gets pissed off. I see snarky Karen/Pam interactions in the future.

    Jim *kind of* has this coming LOL – Surely he can’t get too angry at Pam.

  126. I tried to stay away from the clips, but I couldn’t help myself. Why did NBC let this clip get out? I know its a spoiler, but its a MAJOR one. Especially considering they put out that four minute movie leading up to the teaser at the end.

  127. I was going to read all of the posts before I wrote something, but I couldn’t, so forgive me if I’m repeating something someone else has already said. =)
    My take on those last two scenes is that they come before the scene with the ladies’ suit. When Darryl picks up his phone, he says “this will make Roy feel better” and Pam says that it has been a tough week. Also, I am convinced Roy gets fired. In the safety training sides they mention that they do safety training once a year and when they get new employees- I read this as they have a new employee so they need the training. It could be the yearly training, but with all of the events that have unfolded, I think it’s the former.

  128. so how many eps. left. it says the 5th 12th then may 17th i thought there was 4 left one between the april 12th and may 17th.

  129. There’s six left. Probably five in a row, break for a week, then hour-long season finale.

  130. Weird. Wikipedia lists the next two episodes as The Negitiation and Safety Training. But yesterday a third episode was listed. I don’t recall the title but it referred to a flasher, Michael taking the office women somewhere, and Jim preparing for his six-month anniversary with Karen.

  131. I haven’t been able to read through all of these posts yet, but in the last video that NBC put out there is a scene with Michael talking to Jan about the Roy incident. So doesn’t that mean that at least part of the episode takes place on the next day?

  132. #138 Andy W.
    I agree completely with your timing – I think they will deal with the fight first thing – in the ‘cold open.’

    Also, Pam did not warn Jim, people. First of all, she did not hear Roy say: “I’m going to kill Jim Halpert.”

    Second of all, when Roy comes in and says “Hey Halpert!” Jim says “Hey” and looks at Pam like – what is going on?

    And finally – GO DWIGHT!

  133. Diego—you’re referring to an episode called “Women’s Appreciation.” There’s more about it on the OT’s spoiler page.

  134. Another reason I think the fight is towards the begining of the episode is because Pam is wearing the same shirt and sweater in Jim’s TH about ‘thanking Dwight’ as she is when she goes out to cofee with Roy – which we saw the promo pictures for.

    Wouldn’t it be killer is was getting back together with Roy in that scene? Noooooooo!!!
    They wouldn’t do that right?
    Someone please reassure me…

  135. You know what gets me?? – If Jim and Karen are together almost 6 months then they have definitely “done it” (you know what im talking about!!)

    how could he???!!!! its heartbreaking to think about. Poor Pam.

    Also, I can see the tables being turned so that Pam falls deeper in love with Jim but he starts to get more and more serious with Karen forgetting about her a little bit. Kinda the opposite of how Jim felt in season 2…….


  136. Yeah, I thought that was pretty apparent during Jim’s “wonderful distraction” speech.

  137. Dwight = Awesome
    Michael showing off no pockets..funny as hell.
    I really liked how the writers built up all the tension, had All of us fearing for Jim’s life, then turned all the drama into the best comedy in the world with Dwight pepper spraying everyone in the vicinity. I love this show!

  138. Its gone. The clip with Roy and Jim is gone. It was just there 5 minutes ago when I first tried to watch it. Now there are only two clips. Anybody else see that it is gone? AAAAHHHH.

  139. I wish they had taken it down earlier, just so I didn’t see it. But its been awhile and I couldn’t help but watch a spoiler.

  140. Thats funny, do you all think that Yahoo messed up?

    Looks like I saw it just in time!

  141. If it is a cold open, than they will probobly have to do a talking head first, because it wouldn’t make scence otherwise…in my mind anyway.

  142. never mind, I watched it again 5 minutes ago, and now it’s gone, too. sorry

  143. Why would they take down the fight clip, yet leave the talking head clip there? That will just cause confusion for the 12 people that care to see it, but haven’t yet.

  144. Whaaa!! I was just trying to watch the clip again.
    I’m glad I saw it yesterday! Dwight rocks!!!

  145. Re 143: “A cold opening is one that is not related to the plot of the rest of the show.”

    A cold opening is a scene that takes place before the opening credits. (You can use Jim’s favorite reference web site, Wikipedia, to confirm.) It might or might not be related to the rest of the episode, at the writer’s choice.

    Re 161: (Jim and Karen “doing it”): “how could he???!!!! its heartbreaking to think about. Poor Pam.”

    Boo hoo for Pam. Just four more years and she’ll be caught up with Jim on the “the love of my life is doing it with somebody else” angst-meter.

  146. Ok, it’s back, sometimes. Open the link in comment #170 and refresh a few times; look to the right for the title “Dwight attacks with ‘Office’ Pepper Spray”. I just watched it again.

  147. Newsflash: Pam was “doing” Roy all throughout Season 2, and we assume in the time between Phyllis’ Wedding and Cocktails. At least we haven’t had any direct references to Jim and Karen like “let’s get you in a tub” (Basketball) or “tonight your going to get the best sex of your life” (Valentine’s Day). Tit for tat.

  148. I cannot believe they showed these clips… must have something even bigger in store for the April 5th episode. I LOVE THIS SHOW! And I adore Dwight.

  149. rough Dialouge of JOY Fight Scene:
    (Roy is in the parking lot paceing)
    Jim and Karen are inside talking about seeing a movie.
    somthing like
    Jim: Well do you want to see it?
    Karen: I don’t know.
    Jim: (puts coat on) Ok let’s go
    Roy enters, evryone is calm.
    Roy: Hey Halpert! (reaches and lunges in towrds Jim, Jim looks suprised, someone screams)
    Pam: ROY!
    Dwight: (stands up at desk sprays pepper spray right into Roys eyes) AHHH!
    (Pam, Jim, Roy and Karen start coughing and waving thier hands in front of thier face)
    CUT to talking head of Dwight, his glasses are off and his eyes are teary, like he got somthing in his eyes
    Dwight: I carry peper spray with me all the time, I keep a bottle at my desk. I am always prepared keep this office safe.

    This is not the exact dialouge, just what I remeber from the clip so if anyone can correst anythig, please do. I didn’t remember much from the talking head of Dwight so… ya.

  150. oops, comment #172.

    Just refreshed it 20 times, with no luck. Looks like this source was found out by TPTB.

  151. Dialogue from the clip, as best as I can remember:

    Karen: Do you want to go see it?
    Jim: I don’t know.
    Karen: You’re agoraphobic!
    Jim: Agoraphobic?
    Karen: Yeah. You’d rather stay at home and watch (some sports game) instead of going to the movies with your awesome girlfriend?
    Jim: Yeah.

    Kevin walks by.

    Kevin: Bye.
    Jim and Karen: Bye Kevin.

    Karen: Okay so you’re going to suck it up. We’re going to go out for dinner, then we’re going to go to the movies…

    Roy: Hey Halpert!

    Jim: …Hey.

    Roy dashes at Jim, Karen screams, and Dwight starts spraying Roy with pepper spray. Roy groans in pain and falls to the floor.

    Dwight’s talking head:

    For the past (number of) years I have been bringing pepper spray into work to protect myself and fellow employees, and everyone used to laugh at me. Well who’s laughing now.

  152. …Looks like Yahoo/nbc took down the clip. They replaced it with “Office Romance” aka the actors talk about the show…

  153. Dwights dialogue is something like: Everyday for eight years I have brought in pepper spray to keep myself or my co-workers safe. And, everyday for eight years they have laughed at me. Who’s laughing now?

  154. It was something like this:

    Shows Roy pacing outside of the building with it looks like Phyllis and Stanley walking out. Then cuts to the office where Karen is talking to Jim and asking about going out that night.

    Karen: Oh my God your Agoraphobe (or something like that)
    Jim: Really
    Karen: Really
    Cut to Roy entering the office: Hey Halpert
    Jim then looks to Pam either uncomfortably or in total understanding not sure which but he looks at Pam
    Jim to Roy: Hey
    Roy then lunges for Jim and you see Dwights hand shoot out with a can of pepper spray and sprays Roy.
    It looked like Jim got a little as well as Pam and Roy. Karen was pushed out of the way before anything happened.
    Cut to Dwights talking head
    Every day for eight years I have carried a can of pepper spray to protect myself and my fellow office mates and for eight years they laughed at me…who’s laughing now. While he is talking Dwight who must have gotten some pepper spray in his eyes is blinking rapidly as well as tearing running down his face.

    This is roughly what happened in the promo from Yahoo that was deleted as someone else had previously posted.

  155. IHaveaDundie posted a very nice summary, so I’m just posting to add additional stuff I remember from watching that clip. As accurately as I can remember, the rest of the dialogue went like this:

    Inside, Karen is sitting on Jim’s desk. Kevin walks by.
    Jim: Bye Kevin.
    Karen: so you’re telling me you’d rather sit inside and watch football sports all night instead of going out to a movie with your awesome girlfriend?
    JIm: Yeah. That’s what I’m saying.
    Karen: Really.
    Jim: It’s just, the Friday night show… with the crowds of people…
    Karen: On my God, you’re agoraphobic!
    Jim: I’m agoraphobic, really.
    Karen: Yeah, really.
    Roy enters
    Jim: hey.
    Pam looks at Jim, then Roy.
    Roy rushes at Jim. Jim moves Karen out of the way, and Dwight sprays Roy fullon with pepper spray.
    Dwight, talking head: I have been keeping pepper spray at my desk for eight years. And for eight years, people have laughed at me. Well, who’s laughing now? (He blinks away the tears that are streaming down his face from the pepper spray.)

  156. To fill in some of the blanks on the recaps below:

    It was a Phillies game that Karen said Jim would rather see, than go out with his “awesome” girlfriend, as she jokingly described herself.

    After Dwight’s TH there was a Jim TH that said it was lucky for him that Dwight was there and lucky for Roy that Dwight used the pepper spray and not the nunchucks or the throwing stars.

  157. Ha! I can’t believe they posted that in the first place. Someone’s head will roll (and this time it won’t be mine).

  158. They should stop putting any yahoo clips up, the show is short enough as it is.

  159. re: 181—I thought I heard Rashida will be here next year and work on both of her shows at once. That bodes well for Jammers, since spreading her time out between two sets will require less screentime for Karen, but I don’t think I’ve heard that she’s not coming back.

  160. re: the possibility of Jim and Karen having “done it” — there’s a puritan part of me that hopes Jim wouldn’t do that with someone he wasn’t in love with.


    that’s what I tell myself, anyway.

    you can have a sexless relationship for 6 months. Hell, *I* have one, and I’m married.

    umm, wait. hee.

  161. After lots of searching on youtube,I could not find any of theese clips added in the past day. I did find this teaser vid with some great Dwight moments, I already posted it twice but here it is again. It’s called “The Office New Promo: The Death of Jim Halpert” JIM GET’S MURDERD!! Dwight investigates it.

  162. I don’t know why they would remove the second video. Doesn’t Jim’s TH thanking Dwight still give it away?

  163. thats too funny that they deleted the second video.. I was just watching it this morning… hhahaha oh well.. I think they kept the third because its such an odd thing to see Jim thanking Dwight for something… Thats just my theory

  164. re: 198 – I think that its a good Idea for yahoo to put up some clips. I just think they should put up ones that do not destroy the plot. For example: Michael wearing a womens power suit… Fantastic… ahaha. I also think its good because We have gone with out a New episode (not a newpeat) in how many weeks? But then again, thats just my opinion

  165. The sex hang up in here are amusing. I mean, to each their own, but to see people trying to push their beliefs on fictional characters (being upset that Jim and Karen would have had it? Who cares?)

    We’ve never been given the impression that Jim is a saint or wouldn’t have had sex just because he doesn’t love someone. I mean, Jim hasn’t been spending his whole life waiting for Pam. He’s probably done it with a few girls in his time.

    Plus, this whole, “but he loves Pam!” A lot of people love people and still sleep with others. It’s sad in some cases (in the cases of unhappy marriages and families) but you can’t expect him to sit around waiting for Pam? He’s a twenty something adult male…!

  166. Just to weigh on the issue of whether or not Jim told Karen anything after the “crime of passion” incident:

    I did not get to see the video. Apparently I was trying to view it just as they were taking it down because it started to play (Roy in the parking lot) then just disappeared. I re-loaded the page (took maybe 5 seconds) and the “Office Romance” clip was already up.

    Anyway, from the way it has been described, Roy doesn’t really say anything incriminating towards Jim at all. I was expecting at least something like, “You kissed her while we were engaged!”. But, the way it apparently plays out, Jim could probably easily brush the incident aside with Karen by saying “That guy has always had it in for me” or “What a freak” or something to that effect. He could easily act like he had no idea what Roy was mad about. Karen, desperate to hang on to him, would likely buy any load of bull he fed her.

    That really aggravates me because it’s just another way to prolong the inevitable…..everyone confessing everything to everyone else. I was so happy a few days ago that this “fight” took place in front of Karen because I figured that Roy would be screaming all kinds of things at Jim and the whole story would absolutely have to come out. It doesn’t appear that happens in this episode.

    I really, really, really hope that by the end of this season, there is some serious honesty happening on the show. All of this misunderstanding and nobody ever actually saying what they feel or think is starting to drag on a little too much now. The finale better be good!!! I have faith that it will be :)

  167. I thought that second one seemed a little long…(twss). Seems like a Paley fest clip may have snuck onto Yahoo….d’oh!

  168. 210: I feel like that clip has been edited. I think Roy says something besides “Hey Halpert” before he runs up to him. But then again, it might be the whole clip. I hope not.

    I’m still hoping Michael reveals Jim’s rebound comment in front of Karen.

  169. “The sex hang up in here are amusing.”

    umm, you know some of us are just bored and goofing around and saying silly things, right? trying to be funny? amusing ourselves until the next episode finally airs? yes?

  170. well i wanna see the michael in a suite and jim thanks thing but i click play and the video doesnt go, any ideas? sorry office geek, wanna see it

  171. Hello, Karen and Jim better be having sex, at least four times a week, or something is seriously wrong with both of them.

    As the song says, if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.

  172. #214, That’s What She Said,
    What rebound comment? and from what episode?

  173. Putting up, then taking down, the fight scene seems to be a teaser for fans of the show to generate buzz after such a long break between new episodes.

  174. #214, That’s What She Said,
    What rebound comment? and from what episode?
    220 | iHaveA_Dundie Tue. Mar. 27, 2007 at 1:30pm
    rebound SPEECH that Jim gave to Michael at Benihana Christmas.

    i’ll have to find the whole quote.

  175. 220 comment here is the rebound comment:
    Jim: You just had a rebound.
    Michael: A rebound.
    Jim: Yeah. Which, don’t get me wrong, can be a really fun distraction, but, when it’s over, you’re left thinking about the girl you really like, the one that broke your heart.

  176. Steph, I don’t think people are pushing their beliefs on fictional characters as they are idealizing a situation, as we all do. Whenever we dream about Jim and Pam getting married or Ryan and Kelly having a billion babies, we’re doing the same thing.

    It’s not even a moral issue. Frankly, I don’t care if people have premarital sex. (I am fairly sure that a number of people who are upset about the Jim-Karen and Pam-Roy sex aren’t even virgins, so you have to wonder how many people object on moral grounds.) And, on a realistic level, I’d expect people in their late 20s in a six-month-long relationship to have sex. I’d be surprised if they weren’t having sex. But that doesn’t mean that the hopeless romantics in all of us aren’t disappointed when realism wins out over idealism. A lot of fans want Jim Halpert to be the fulfillment of what real men aren’t (that’s not an insult to real men). To put it more broadly, a lot of people want fictional characters to be the fulfillment of what real people aren’t.

    And what’s more punch-you-in-the-gut romantic? Jim confesses his love for Pam, Pam rejects him, Jim wanders the cold, lonely streets, transfers to Stamford, and never loves again, for in his heart he knows that his love for Pam is unparalleled -or- Jim confesses his love for Pam, Pam rejects him, Jim wanders the cold, lonely streets, transfers to Stamford, and a few months later he’s nailing the coworker who sits behind him.

    Obviously, the former is unlikely behavior knowing what we all know of human interaction. But it’s fiction, even if it is supposed to be a documentary, and the tendency is to overidealize a situation even if in real life we don’t live up to our own silly standards.

  177. For those of you who missed it, YouTube has the pivotal moment at the very end of their promo video still on YouTube:


    I could see why they would want the original pulled. It showed WAY more than this one. Move to the very end and you get the idea however.

  178. Hey all –

    I also need to get a life, but I remember that this is the only thing I’m seriously obsessed about, so I justify it. At least we don’t do drugs!

    One comment on the Darryl sending pictures to Roy – if you listen closely, Darryl says “this should cheer him up.” I think it has to be after the “attack” because I don’t think Darryl would know about him being upset about his argument with Pam, and he says it out loud to Michael, so that means that he also has to know something’s up.

    The only confusing thing about that is that they leave Michael’s office and everyone is sitting where they were pre-Roy attack, joking around about the clothes like nothing happened. Surely they would have noticed the women’s clothing earlier in the day.

    By the way, I love the JOY abbreviation of Jim and Roy. Maybe they should get together and then it will be pure JOY! Just kidding :)

    I also don’t think Pam “warns” Jim. I think he can sense Roy’s tone and looks at Pam, who is scared, then he gets scared too.

    C’mon April 5th!

  179. 214- I hope they edited something. It does seem like Roy would at least call Jim a name.
    224- I had wondered the same thing. The clip that got out is a pretty big deal (even if you’re not a JAM fan), it was a resolution to a clip that NBC first put out a few days ago.
    Was this done on purpose?
    Could they possibly put a slightly different version in the aired episode?
    Or did someone mess up big time and let that clip get out?
    Or maybe there is even something BIGGER that happens and this clip is nothing compared to what happens within those glorious forty minutes?

  180. Does anyone know where the video Yahoo took off can be found? I mean c’mon, Was no one able to get it?

  181. Before the roy clip it showed kevin leaving for the day, so im assuming it was to occur end of shift, and everyone is in same clothes as the michael/daryl scene so by that alone it should be occuring before. Also to think something like that would go down and michael wouldnt be out in the middle of it immediately if he was still there (to ny with d and t?).

  182. One comment about what Abby #229 said… it is possible that Darryl wants to cheer up Roy because Pam dumped him again, not because Roy got fired.

    Abby has convinced me that Pam did not warn Jim and that he looked at Pam for a sign, and her reaction told him it was serious. I would add that Jim and Pam looking at each other was what ultimately set Roy off.

  183. I’m with #231. Someone has to have the clip. I’m glad that I got to see it, but I really wanted to show my husband. He got home after it was pulled.

    Just wanted to throw this out there: Dwight really doesn’t hate Jim. Even though in “Gay Witch Hunt”, he pretended to cry and then stated that he did not miss Jim at all, I really think Dwight actually likes Jim as a co-worker. I thought it was so cute when Dwight hugged Jim at the end of “Traveling Salesman” just after he quit.

  184. re 215: U are so right. this is a light heartd discussion about how we all like to think that these people are real- its not meant to be taken so seriously.

    all these charachters are so likeable and the beauty of the office is that we know them so well we can speculate on what they feel or who they are and whatnot that is why we love this show!!! theres no point saying this cant happen because these people arent real, blah blah blah…. we speculate on what goes on in the lives of jim pam and everyone because its what we love to do… its a hobby….. its FUN :)

    lighten up haters and pesimists!!!!!! we are joking around about the thing we ALL love and the thing that is supposed to be joked about for it is, afterall, a comedy!!!!!

    long live the office and long live jam- thats what I say!

  185. With that kind of format, I don’t think there’s any way to just download the clip and put it on youtube. It doesn’t work like that as far as I know.

  186. I’m so mad they deleted the clip before I got to see it… but thanks for the detailed recaps guys =)

  187. I’m sure this has been stated already but watching the clips, it’s apparent that both these previews happen after the Jim-Roy confrontation. Jim is wearing the same outfit when he thanks Dwight as he is in the Michael clip. In the promo where Roy comes at him, it appears to be the end of the day and he is wearing blue, meaning it probably happened the day before these clips. Also, in the pictures of Pam and Roy at the diner, she appears to wearing the same thing as in these previews, showing that that happens on the day after the confrontation as well. I just don’t really get how things work out that way. I think Daryl would have more to say about it than just “cheering Roy up” if the confrontation had already happened, and the fact that Karen and Jim are together as if nothing happened just doesn’t make sense to me. And also, if the confrontation happened the day before, why isn’t it being addressed until the next day?

    That being said, I’m sad I took the time to analyze this and I can’t believe this six-week hiatus isn’t over yet.

  188. I agree Big Tuna (oh God, I sound just like Andy). I read somewhere that Jim and Dwight’s relationship is like a brother relationship more than a co-worker. Look at the sales call they went on. Even though they fought all the way, during the pitch they were absolutely in synch. And I think that’s true. I think that at the beginning, when Jim was new and Dwight had hair, that they actually had a very tight, if not friendship, then at least some mutual understanding. And that overtime it had soured. That Dwight became antagonistic and that Jim’s pranks is his way of dealing with that.

    Before the show is over, I think Dwight will begrudgingly admit to liking Jim.

    And on an unrelated note, why do people think Karen is crazy? I know she’s the other woman and thus a hurdle to overcome, but I just recently watched most of the third season eps, and for the most part Karen is highly rational. She does have her insecurities, but she’s not vindictive.

    There’s only one Stamford psycho, and it’s the one who punched a whole in the wall,sang “The Rainbow Connection” to Pam and made an effort to usurp Dwight. When Karen starts to make Andy look rational, THEN I will subscribe to the KrazyKaren theory.

  189. ok after seeing the clip today (yeah me) – there was one thing that stuck out — when ROy called Jim , Jim sees Roy — it was a stilted “Hi Roy” and then he looks at Pam the question I have is did Pam tell Jim what had happen??

    at first I thought that she had but now I am thinking she didn’t which is probably going to be one of the reasons that Jim and Pam are going to cool off.

    Pam never warned Jim that she told Roy– then in the click with the woman’s suit — she says after the things that happen the last couple of days.. I think she is referring to roy freaking out . roy trying to hit Jim — roy getting fired AND Jim being mad at her for not telling him.

  190. HAHA, Steve almost laughed for real during the first part of that clip. Greatness.

  191. I was thinking about this today…(i know, sooo sad.)

    Um, does anyone else feel like when Jim was crushing on Pam in season 2 it was cute and sweet and now it’s just….well, sad. Poor Pam. I mean, when is she going to realize that he might not be that into her anymore? I love JAM and root for them every week, but lately I have been thinking that it might be a lost cause. Not that I want that to happen…but, come on…

    Is anyone else feeling sorry for Pam??

  192. wow, yahoo/nbc, why remove the second clip? makes you look realllly bad.

    am i the only one who thought karen said jim was a “gore-a-phobic”? one, because jim looked very amused (probably at a made up word) and two, i dunno, i just saw the 300 and that was really gory, lol

  193. 244–Agoraphobics have a fear of open spaces and large crowds; some tend to be recluses. Not a made up word.

  194. 243 – No, I don’t feel sorry for her. Her passivity under the circumstances is infuriating. When he told her he was ‘kinda’ seeing someone in The Merger, she should have said, “That’s too bad.” Plain and simple.

  195. I did not see Angela anywhere in Dwigt’s heroic scene. My guess is that she is going to jump his bones in the stairwell.

  196. #243, 246 – i feel sorry for both jim and pam, but this is playing out like real life. in order for neither of them to hurt so much anymore, they lie to themselves – jim is with karen to get his mind off pam and pam pretends she doesnt care, even though she clearly does. hasnt anyone been in this situation? – cause i have. of course its wrong for both of them to lie to themselves, but its human nature. and the fact that the show is so real is what makes it so great. we all know jim and pam are gonna get together eventually, but there is a lot that needs to be worked out before we see that.

  197. In the 4:05 minute summary clip on Youtube, where the beginning of the fight scene is shown, the text says “get there early” so the fight has gotta be the cold opening. Right???

  198. 246- she is passive, but its still difficult for me to be angry w/ her b/c at the end of the day she’s just not the kind of person to flat out say something like that. my sister-in-law is the exact same way, she has a heart of pure gold and is so giving that she’s both unwilling and unable to think about herself and go for what SHE wants and if it does happen, its in babysteps. Just like it is with our pam

  199. Okay, that’s it.
    Not that anyone should (or will) care, but I’m done for this season.
    It’s a great show, I’ve been a fan since day 1, and I still love it to bits, but I think I could stand to miss a show here or there and no longer care–and up until now I would have considered myself to be a “rabid”, obsessed fan.
    Too much moping around, too much pain and pining and one-sided glances, and not enough of the light-hearted comedic action that made season 2 AMAZING. And Greg, it is SO not REAL anymore.
    Sheesh, it’s been what, almost 5 months of Pam pining for Jim (since The Merger) and without any real encouragement from him. “Oh you’re a cute dorky dancer”. Yeah, that would keep me invested too. MOVE ON!
    Even in that last clip (Jim thanks Dwight), there’s Pam, sadly “reading” Jim’s neck AGAIN. Sigh.
    NBC is milking this thing for way too long. Fine, you don’t want them to get together, that’s your gravy train–cool, but just let it recede to the background where it can bubble up here and there, and let’s see them at least joke around again, because “this”, just ain’t working out, folks.
    With all due respect to the opinions of others, I don’t believe that the writers are “geniuses”, at least not in their third season. I think that they’ve made some mistakes with this storyline, and probably because they’ve been pressured by the network to DRAG this JAM story out way longer than it would play out naturally–and at the expense of the other very interesting storylines that haven’t gotten their due development.
    Go ahead, Jim, marry Karen already–who cares. Let Dwangela take a turn.

  200. Regarding the mini-debate over Pam. Both Jim and Pam were turned into wimps this season, they are both frustrating and infuriating. Last season they both seemed more outgoing and alive than they do now.

    And on another topic, yes agoraphobia is a very real word, it has nothing to do with gore.

  201. 241- Yes he came close to breaking when he was walking out of the room while Darryl was dialing, good stuff.

  202. Hmm…I really really wish I saw the missing video.

    Anyway I’m sort of bummed b/c it seems that the original video NBC put out last week really won’t deliver something as exciting.

    Although now I’m thinking that the “fight” scene will be a flashback – but then Pam made the comment about the last few days being rough.

    And – a shout out to some of my fellow TWoP’ers that I see here!!

  203. She basically definied the term afterward when she said he’d rather stay in the go out with her. Plus, his excuse for not wanting to go was Friday night crowds. so basically she was just stating the obvious, rehashing what he had already said.

  204. 249 | God, I hope it’s urine
    the promo says “get there early” because the episode starts at 8 pm, rather than the usual time of 8:30 pm.

  205. People keep saying this is playing out like real life. In real life Jim would not have returned to Scranton. Even with the offices merging; the guy probably would’ve found a job somewhere in NY. A good salesmen, paper or otherwise — it ain’t that hard to get hired. Jim is not double-o Halpert, second in command to an elite paper distributing task force only capable of operating in Scranton Pennsylvania.

    Also in real life, Pam would’ve said something by now. Anyone would’ve said something by now.

  206. Getting hired isn’t easy, and they offered him a great promotion. That is realistic.

    And Pam is not confident in herself. She’s not saying anything to Jim for the same reason he said nothing to her for years. That’s realistic.

  207. I have watched the suit clip about half a dozen times and finally caught Darryl’s “You look like Hillary Clinton” line.

  208. You can still view the clip, but it is a little tricky to find.

    Search google for the following text:

    Dwight attacks with ‘Office’ Pepper Spray

    Click on the CACHE of the first result. Clicking on the regular link won’t work.

    On the resulting page, click the right arrow button to move to the second set of 4 videos. Click on the first of this new set.


  209. What the heck is wrong with Pam? She could’ve warned Jim about her deranged boyfriend. I am so glad Jim left her and found a smarter girlfriend aka Karen.

  210. Again for some people- don’t over analyze the JAM thing and just try to enjoy the hilarious scenarios without being too melodramatic! The show has other wonderful characters to enjoy!
    I’m sick of comments that go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and ….. on about JAM- all you need to know is they will get together eventually and in the mean time PLEASE enjoy the show and let others enjoy it too.
    Thank you.

  211. i dont know if anyone has said this … but a lot of people keep saying it has to be a flashback because then they’re wearing different clothes … it’s not a flashback! there are a lot of episodes that are over several days, for instance the client. i can’t think of another right now, but 1 episodes doesn’t always equal 1 day.

  212. Thank you for saying that, es.

    It’s especially frustrating for people to judge a SUPERSIZED episode on the basis of 3 minutes worth of footage. Something tells me there is much more to this story that we will have to talk about at 9:00 pm EST on April 5. In the meantime, people should just CHILL OUT.

  213. one more note– it is funny but Roy is such the bad guy to everyone — but remember Pam pretty much left him at the alter – he finally finds out the reason — imagine being in his position a woman you were engage with for years and then you finally make the big step and one month before she dumps you. Then you finally find out the reason is she may or may not had had an affair with a salesman in their office.

  214. 266 | Elena: “there are a lot of episodes that are over several days, for instance the client.”

    I remember reading an article (which I of course can’t find now) explaining that the writers operated under the restriction that each episode take place in a single day, with the exception of the cold open and the tag. (I assume by “tag” they mean the scene that plays over the closing credits.) They called out “The Client” as the only time they broke that rule, and even that episode took place over only two days, not several.

  215. And that transition from day one to two was bridged via Dwight’s wakening inside the office.

  216. Would “Conflict Resolution” count as a two-dayer?? Jim goes to Jan the next day to discuss transferring…

  217. Did anyone else think back to “conflict resolution” when the camera reveals Dwight’s extensive arsenal?

    “Security in this office park is a joke. Last year I came to work with my spud gun in a duffle bag. I sat at my desk all day with a rifle that shoots potatoes at 60lbs per square inch. Can you imagine if I was deranged?”

    Or am I just a huge dork like that?

  218. About the timing of the episode: I’m thinkin the Roy/Jim fight scene is the cold opener, and it happens on a Friday, at the end of the work day (because Karen is making plans with Jim for that Friday evening). Then, the rest of the episode takes place the following week (Monday?), where Michael (in his woman’s suit) explains to Jan about the ‘crime of passion’ and Pam and Roy are at the diner, and Jim has his TH about thanking Dwight, and Pam has a TH about how she’s had a rough couple of days (the weekend).

    What d’ya think?

  219. I didn’t watch the video and am not even reading the comments for fear of knowing TOO much. But I’m beginning to think that as well done as last season’s finale was was, they really should have saved it for the series finale and had Pam say ‘yes’. Now they have no choice but to come up with crazier and crazier ways to keep Jim and Pam apart, none of which are as satisfying or as simple as it was for the first two seasons, and all of which will keep them from simply interacting and creating those ‘JAM’ moments that everyone loves. The only aspect of JAM getting together (which will never happen)I would like to see is their first real’date’where they realize all they have to talk about is Michael and Dwight and stuff that happens in the office.

  220. is there anywhere i can find and watch the scene that was deleted i really want to see it!!!

  221. To MichaeltheMagic:

    I could not disagree with you more. Jim and Pam have proven many times that they have more to talk about than Dwight and Michael. Clearly they are two people who can talk about anything and have a great conversation. See The Initation. How many words a minute to you type? 28 Days vs. 28 Days Later. How many kitchens do you have? Not one mention of Dwight and only one brief mention of Michael, but only as he related to Pam and her day.

    And beside, let’s not pretend that talking about your day at work is a small thing….for most of us, work takes up a substantial and important part of our lives. Having someone to share that with is no small thing.

  222. To MichaeltheMagic & PrettyBaby27::

    Don’t forget about the episode where Pam wants to go to the design classes Dunder Mifflin offers. Who does Pam tell first? Jim. Jim’s response to her when he realizes that she’s changed her mind (which shows how well they know each other b/c she doesn’t even have to tell him, he can just see it on her face) – his response, saying something like, “You’ve got to go for something at least once in your life Pam.”

    And their conversation in Jim’s room in Email Surveilence…

  223. Big Turkey and Pretty Baby:
    I’m just saying some good comedy/conflict can come from the writers approaching a date from that angle if Jim and Pam ever get together. Obviously they would get over it soon. I’m rooting for them for sure :) I LOVE The Office and all the JAM stuff. It’s the only show I literally cannot wait all week for. And here’s to Jenna in a bikini on Beach Day :)

  224. Anotherguess:: I actually completely agree with you. I didn’t get to see all of the previews, but from the comments I read, that sounds feasible.

    And seriously, Roy better mention to Jim that Pam said, “And I guess I sort of had feelings for him too,” or I’m going to probably punch my TV with my hand, then I’ll have to wrap it in bubble wrap and hope it heals. :-)

  225. 276 – about your ‘which will never happen’ comment. I think it will happen and sooner than expected. Dragging it out helped add some viewers and they were right to not just slap them together a few episodes into the series, but they are at the tipping point now of losing viewers if it doesn’t get resolved and I’m confident it will be by the end of May.

  226. To any of you who wish to side with Roy, and say how much he’s been ‘wronged’ and ‘hung out to dry’ – let’s not forget how much he’s taken Pam for granted, even recently when she took him back. He’s not a nice guy. He’s self-centered, and he has no business being with Pam.

    More JAM please. :-)

  227. #283-
    I agree with you and I’m confident that the writers will get Pam and Jim together in a way that will make the show better than it already is. As long as their relationship doesn’t become the main focus of the show, I think there’s a lot of potential for it.

  228. I think Season 3 has really focused on transitions of the characters and we’ve seen some good character development. The transitions of the characters have disrupted the harmony that Season 2 had.
    Pam is a good example of a character in transition. She broke out of her comfort zone and terminated her engagement to Roy. She is coming to terms with what her feelings for Jim are now and what they were in the past. She is no longer acting out her emotions passively, but becoming aggressive and speaking her mind.
    Jim is another character in transition. He is trying to move on with his life and have a relationship with Karen. He broke away from Pam in the beginning but came back to Scranton, not because he loves his job, but because he is aware that his feelings for Pam are still there.
    Michael now has a girlfriend and his transitions are less noticeable but still there. He is now dealing with the reality of having a romantic relationship with his boss. We know he wants a wife and family, but he is just not sure how to get there.
    I love what the writers have done with Dwight. I have always loved Dwight’s character (my favorite on the show) but I have really always thought he was just such a dork and mean. We’ve seen this season that he’s got a heart-he comforted Pam when she needed a friend, he was willing to give up his job to protect Angela’s interests, and now from that clip that was removed from yahoo, we know that Dwight must like Jim somewhat or he would not have bothered to jump in on behalf of Jim’s defense. I mean, he even hugged Jim.
    Some other noteworthy transitions: Oscar was outed, Angela has become a little nicer (asking Oscar with tears in her eyes to be a part of the party planning committee and admitting she was wrong), Phyllis married Bob Vance (Vance Refrigeration), and Ryan has lost Michael’s love.
    Overall, I am really enjoying this season so far. There have been some not-so-great moments, but I’m enjoying watching it.
    Sorry to be so lengthy-I had quite a bit to say!

  229. The writers here have done an amazing job (especially if grading on a TV-Land curve) of playing things as realistically, as smartly, as possible, notably the unfolding Jim/Pam saga. It is, by far, the most moving such TV romance I’ve seen. I would be truly disappointed if this matter keeps getting strung out via increasingly unlikely plot contrivances. What’s wrong with finally hooking them up (maybe semi-clandestinely), having them be romantic and taking away the angst and sadness …. and allowing everyone to be funny again? From my perspective, nothing wrong with concentrating on the comedy again, with a side or, er, (Michael Scott voice) “a heaping bowl of JAM.”

  230. Big Tuna (post 286) you’ve stated perfectly what I have liked about this season. Thanks for your post! While I love the season 2 sweetness, I agree that it is enjoyable to see the characters take on more depth and make changes. It’s painful and awkward at times, but that’s what makes this show so addictive. You get great comedy and cringe-worthy real moments. I find it so groundbreaking and unique that there are some very real character studies going on in the midst of this crazy, wonderful, smart comedy. Watching these clips (I can’t resist the spoilers, grrr…) show that there’s more great stuff on the way. If only it wasn’t so hard to wait!

  231. Must. Not. Watch… AHHH! It’s killing me! I can’t wait any longer! This is pretty FREAKING uncool! [punches hole in wall] THAT was an over-reaction.

  232. Ok, why is it sooo addicting? They have got me! – before the office, I only watched TV shows only occasionally and certainly never went online to find out about them. Then one fateful day I tuned into the office and now I follow the very minutia of each story line and I absolutely cannot wait until new episodes come out… Why?! Wow – they have done a good job.

  233. You guys we’re are finally at the one week mark! (well almost). If you feel like your going to die on Wednesday just watch the womens suit clip. It can make anyone feel better! :)

    Did anyone else notice that part where Darryl says “I’ll send this to Roy that’ll make him feel better.”? Hmm… oh the speculation.

  234. Not sure if anyone will see this but, the debate about where in the episode “the fight” happens can come to a rest. I’m wathching “The Office” marathon and they showed the infamous “fight” preview. Along with it was a voice over that said “Don’t miss the first two minutes of ‘The Office’. So, it’s definitely the cold open.

  235. Does anyone think it’s possible that during the scene with Pam/Roy in the diner Roy tells Pam that she needs to let Jim know how she feels?

    I wanted this to happen a few months ago – that she would explain her feelings for Jim and he would say something like “Pam, I know what it’s like to lose you. You need to talk to Jim because he shouldn’t have to go through that too.”

    Probably a crazy thought, just wondering if anyone else sees that as a possibility.

  236. #294,
    Wishful thinking, that doesn’t seem likely. Can you imagine Roy (not David Denman, but Roy) is going to be all sensitive and caring. He is EXTREMELY jealous and he feels like Jim destroyed his life. Pam said she doesn’t bother him with her thoughts and feelings. I doubt after all that he’s going to say, “If you love him, tell him. You can’t hide your feelings.”?

  237. I was just looking at those videos on Yahoo….. In the Jim thanks Dwight video, Jim says that ROY is lucky that Dwight only used the pepper spray. I think that DWIGHT helped Jim when Roy attacked him! WOW

  238. Props to Dealio in bringing up the character-development aspect; watching the season-one episodes now shows many of the participants to be a tad one-dimensional. Two years of great writing/acting has really put depth to all our players here. Nevertheless, it’s a fine line between character development/storyline arc and soap opera; it’s my feeling keeping Jim and Pam apart for too long, if it isn’t done just right, will carry with it an air of contrivance, something this show has usually avoided (another reason it’s so much better than anything else on the tube). Maybe I’m in the minority, but stringing the suspense along doesn’t keep me interested. I watch for the funny stuff and the human foibles, not the drama, per se.

  239. ok…i totally agree that this JAM thing is going on waaay too long. They should go back to story lines like they had in Season 2-focusing on comedy rather than drama. Also, Dwangela should confess their love to the office and come out. But then again, we wouldn’t get to see all those secret conversations between them where they dont even look at each other…i guess it can be played out two ways.

  240. As I imagine all the possibilities for JAM I find myself somewhat dissatisfied in a different way.
    This lagging, awkward, spacey thing is not working, is never going to work, and will make me blow my brains out if continues for much longer. On the other hand seeing them together would take away the suspense and tension on the show.
    It would be like a “what now?” type of thing. As much as I hate to see nothing happen, I like the suspense of it.
    The best friends feel from season 2 just seems like a waste with all the possibilities that are there.
    All in all after going through all this in my head I have realized that I will always, always, ALWAYS be in love with the show no matter what happens, even if there was never any Jam in it. I have learned that when I think something is bad it turns out hilarious and amazing. I love every plot and character and event that happens. I’m just going to have to trust in the writers and actors and know there is going to an awesome outcome.

  241. Is it Thursday yet? Its hard to believe that the six long weeks of waiting is going to end in a day. Thank God!

  242. One more day until we find out what happens after Roy lunges at Jim! Unless you’re like me and you’ve seen the infamous clip two. Then we get to find out what happens right after that.

  243. If you look at the IMDB page for David Denman, it says that he is in the Safety Training Episode, so it looks as if Roy isn’t going anywhere!

  244. It seems like Roy was waiting outside “after” work for Jim to come down and attack him as he was leaving, then finally got tired of waiting.

    Kind of like I’m tired of waiting for this episode to arrive. 26:27:00 left to go!

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