Times-Tribune visits Office set

SPOILER WARNING! The article and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

The Scranton Times-Tribune has a great report of their visit to The Office set — including video and photos!

Soon after finishing his scene with Mr. Helms, Mr. Wilson is trading dialogue with Ms. Kinsey. During their brief, slightly creepy exchange, Dwight asks Angela how he looks.

“Like Sean Hannity,” she says adoringly, referring to the conservative Fox News pundit. It’s a funny line, but the writers want her to put an alternate spin on it. Minutes later, she does a take substituting Mr. Hannity with another right-wing god, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

One take ends with Mr. Wilson cracking up. “She (Ms. Kinsey) rubbed her boobs on the door jamb,” he says. “They made a sound.”

Links: Article | Videos | Photos | Office Scranton map


  1. Great article. Really gave a sense of how shooting goes. What was with all the ‘Mr.’ and ‘Ms.’s though? Scrantonians really do put this show on a pedestal don’t they?

  2. It’s funny that the banner ad on the Times Tribune page is for Chili’s.

    Great article – can’t wait to see the final product. oh, but wait… then that would mean the season would be over…

  3. What’s with the Mr. and Ms. rather annoying. And did anyone else think of Dennis the Menace’s grumpy old neighbor when Mr. Wilson was written? It took a moment to click that he did not join the show, it’s just Rain.

  4. NoGould: Different newspapers have different styles. The Times-Tribune’s style appears to follow the New York Times style, which is “full name at introduction, Mr./Ms.+surname subsequently.” Though it sounds odd when applied to an entertainment piece.

  5. Yeah, I wrote for my school newspaper in high school and we had to use that format. Yuck.

  6. That seemed a little sad, wrapping for the season, with some alrady gone on to their summer projects.

    Thanks, Tanster, that’s one of the best looks at the Office set yet. The Scranton maps and photo gallery aren’t to be missed.

    Can’t wait for tonight, and for the rest of this season. I’m already dreading the long wait until fall!

  7. I loved hearing more of Jenna’s vision of Pam’s backstory. So Roy’s parents owned a Mom and Pop appliance store. And the different interpretations of Scranton were interesting too.

  8. 2nd Base #5- Well that’s just it. It works fine for politicians or people in the community, but just not used to seeing it that way in an entertainment piece. Plus my hometown paper just uses last name after first full name reference.
    Also, I totally missed the links for video,photos,map the first time. Those are so cool.
    They really did a bang up job on this presentation. Kudos to them!

  9. Really enjoyed both the article and the videos. I loved Kate Flannery’s perspective, as a Pennsylvanian. And the accountants were adorable and hilarious. :)

    Random question: Jenna talked about Pam going to Marywood, and I *know* I’ve heard that before and it’s on her myspace, but I can’t remember it ever actually being mentioned on the show. Does anyone remember if it was, and which episode?

  10. lol, sorry, I can’t help but laugh at the comment that Rainn made at the end of that article.


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