Get The Office at your office

TIME Magazine reports on the bold new frontier of online TV programming.

There are a few interesting snippets relating to the Office webisodes:

[Greg] Daniels [The Office executive producer] considered letting actors swear in the Office webisodes but says he didn’t think “people wanted to hear their favorite characters shouting profanities they wouldn’t hear on the regular show.”

I don’t know; I think a well-placed profane utterance by Angela would be quite hysterical!

Read the full article here.


  1. I agree that a curse word leaving Angela’s mouth would indeed be funny, but i agree w/ Daniels in that it may be a little too out of character. There are so many scenes where it seems like it would be hard to NOT swear in certain situations, but i think it would stray too far from their characters on The Office. Good call, Daniels.

  2. Has anyone cursed on the office yet? Like was there a beep? I thought there was one…maybe I was dreaming it.

  3. I’m pretty sure Todd Packer was beeped a few times or at least Michael said they’d need the beep button for him.

  4. I like the idea of Angela, or even Pam or Kevin, dropping an out-of-character F-bomb on the office once in a blue moon. There’s nothing funnier in my office than when everyone’s working quietly and someone lets one fly over the phone. Of course, it’s usually me…

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