1. Aaaawww, they had to cut a whole Darryl scene! I always love his laid-back attitude and the way he messes with Michael (i.e. that handshake!).

  2. They seriously needed to make this a Super-sized episode just for this scene! The hand-slap thing, and Darryl is actually straight with Michael for once.

  3. Man, I never don’t like Darryl. Darryl makes me feel like Jon Leguizamo feels about his woman: “A [man] who calls me on my bull**** but is sweet about it?! Did I win the lottery?! Did God give me a coupon?!” He may tease you mercilessly, but you can always count on that guy to come through when you really need him. I think need a Darryl in my own life.

  4. Note to editors: If it comes down to cutting a darryl scene, or anything else. Cut anything else. Darryl rocks!!

  5. it saddens me when Craig Robinsons scenes are cut out. It’s always comedy gold, keep ’em in!

  6. Well I can see why the third clip is a deleted scene. It didn’t really add anything to the episode.

  7. Was that Steve Carell’s voice in the Extras gum ad preceding the deleted scene?

  8. I’m not a fan of the third scene. It didn’t really fit into the episode. And hopefully Michael spelled ‘wuz’ wrong on purpose.

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