The Office ‘Two Weeks’ Q&A with Aaron Shure

Q: With his crossword puzzles in hand, why did Charles Miner pick Stanley to be the “Productivity Czar”? | diahern

Aaron: He chose poorly.

Q: Did Charles really attack Michael? Or was that just to scare him, because isn’t that illegal? | Bill Buttlicker

Aaron: If making someone flinch is illegal, I need to press charges against most of my junior high.

Q: Why was the bad @$$, Charles, working out of the Scranton Branch again, on this episode? Just wondering if this was part of his orientation to the company or if it was related to the fact Michael had given his two weeks notice. He can go back to corporate anytime now. | tem

Aaron: He’s trying to hire a replacement for Michael and keep an eye on things during the interim.

Q: There was a scene where Charles asks Michael to go over the client lists and Charles glances at Jim’s desk where Michael’s Splenda and Scotch is resting before Michael picks up his drink and returns to his office. Did Charles see the scotch and think it was Jim’s or did he not see it? | Joey Caps

Aaron: He saw it. Steve and Idris improvised a hilarious exchange about it, but unfortunately we just couldn’t fit it in.

Q: Why wasn’t Jim promoted to RM? He was qualified enough to apply for Charles’ job two years ago, and it’s been made clear that David Wallace likes him. So even if he got off on the wrong foot with Charles, he’d still be the best candidate for the position. I think it would have been a really interesting arc for his character, too. | receptionitis15

Aaron: Yes, that would be interesting! Maybe it’s something we can do in another season.

Q: Charles has belittled Jim for having a “made up position”. However, it was Jan as the VP who appointed Jim as the official Asst. Regional Manager when Scranton merged with Stamford. In fact, Jim does have increased responsibility (Survivorman, for example), and has mentioned he got a raise with it. So why is this a continuing issue between Charles and Jim? | Daniel

Aaron: Okay, I’m going to try to wiggle out of this one by saying: A) Charles is clearly not great at reading people and he’s head-strong, B) Jim isn’t a title pig; he’s not used to having to defend himself in that way.

Q: We’re used to seeing Kelly fawn over men, but Angela’s behavior with Charles is showing us a more perky, ditzy side of her personality. What are Angela’s reasons for pursuing Charles? | Argy

Aaron: I’m not sure she’s even admitted it to herself, but perhaps she’s responding to his cat-like movements and feline aloofness.

Q: Why did you chose Angela and Kelly to fight over Charles Miner? | Andrea

Aaron: I think Mindy suggested that idea for purely professional reasons, and Angela bravely accepted the acting challenge.

Q: Who thought of the “we’re like the Kardashians” line for Kelly? I thought it was hilarious. Does Kelly actually pick up her sisters from school, or was this just another reason to talk to Charles? | QuobbityAssurance

Aaron: I suggested that line while writing the dialogue with Mindy. I like to think Kelly does pick up her sisters, and then she teases them about their outfits.


  1. Great answers, Aaron! Thank you for your awesome dedication to all things Office, Tanster :)

    I love love love “Two Weeks” and can’t wait to see how this season ends!

  2. Thanks for answering! That was great. But one thing, many people actually want to *see* Jim and Pam together, not just *imagine* what their after-hours life is like. It is sad that we are losing that, because it used to be the heart of the show.

  3. I wanted to say how much I appreciate the time and effort the writers take in answering questions on this site. It adds so much. Feeling “connected” is one of the unique aspects of this special show. Thanks for letting us in.

  4. These are always so enjoyable and interesting to read. Loved “for instance, I can’t figure out how to delete your question.”

  5. Great Q&A – thanks Tanster and Aaron! I can’t believe the amazing questions everyone comes up with! I don’t believe his answer about Jim taking over as RM…I think there is more to that. Can’t wait to see what happens with Dwight and Charles!

  6. #3- I definitely agree with you. While I don’t need to see *every* conversation Jim and Pam have, we have had to read between the lines a lot this season. I miss hearing their normal joking around or even pulling pranks together. And now Pam will be out of the office so there probably won’t be a lot of interaction.

    Also, I wish Jim could do something–like become the RM. Pam has gotten to “grow” a lot this season. I hope/want Jim to grow too!

  7. Jim was getting that promotion before Josh quit.
    Jan just told him it would be in Scranton instead, she told him of the job in the meeting where Josh says he’s going to Staples or whatever.

  8. Thanks to Aaron and OT for this informative interview. I always enjoy reading about the writers’ choices and look forward to this new story line. (More Jim & Pam interaction is always welcome.)

  9. 11, D.Lee-man-

    You’re right, I forgot that bit. Still, it could be argued that Jan was grooming Jim for a possible Regional Manager position in the future and wanted him to learn directly under Josh (TWSS). Maybe getting him to move back to Scranton and assume the role under Michael required a monetary incentive. Who knows.

    Nice screenname. Cubs fan?

  10. Jim got the promotion when he went to Stamford. Talking head and name plate, before the merger.

  11. haha “splotch.” and steve carell is such an awesome guy… he’s obviously a huge star, but still so humble and dedicated. lots of other actors need to follow his example.

  12. Thanks so much for the great Q&A. This was a terrific episode and it’s so much fun to find out even more about the process of making it!

  13. I went to a bar this weekend and tried to order a scotch and splenda. the bartender stopped, leaned in closer and asked, “I’m sorry…did you say splenda?” to which I responded “absolutely I did.” He then said that most bars don’t carry splenda, but i could bring in an outside packet if I wanted to.

  14. I love when my question gets answered. And he made fun of it too! I love this website.

  15. Hi All,

    Thanks Aaron and tanster for giving us the interview.

    I haven’t seen the Graduate, but could anyone please explain what seen in the movie was reminiscent of an incident in this episode?


  16. Is there still a writer’s question and answer session floating around that we were supposed to get but haven’t yet?

    [from tanster: yes, there is. we are still waiting for Paul’s ‘Stress Relief’ Q&A.]

  17. congrats on a great episode, aaron! i think it’s great to have such an unexpected plot twist. i was just getting over the fact that michael actually quit when i learned that he wanted to start a new company…btw kelly and angela work so well with each other, they’re total opposites which makes it funnier lol.

  18. Sweet, my question got answered, & cherry on top when he added that an exit interview would’ve made for a funny scene, yay! Thank you Aaron Shure & props to you tanster for setting up these Q&A’s! They’re always fun to read, & I don’t know of other shows where cast & crew interact w/the fans like this.

    Oh, & I really like Aaron’s response “I can’t figure out how to delete your question.” LOL!

    [from tanster: this is an amazingly awesome show, no question about it.]

  19. I can’t put my finger on it (that’s what she said) but after reading this Q&A my faith is restored in my favorite show. And not just because one of my questions was answered (thank you Aaron!!) but because of the awesome answers to some of the more clever questions. Plus – SPOILERS about Dwight? BRING IT!

  20. La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo, you are my new favorite person.

    Seriously, that’s too much awesome for my mind…and my mind is pretty damn awesome.

  21. AAAAHHHHH! My question got answered. That is so amazingly wonderful. Thanks to Aaron Shure for answering and to tanster! #17… you are my new role-model.

  22. In response to the question about Charles coming toward Michael as if he was going to attack…It is illegal for another person in your office to come at you in any way suggesting that they might attack (plus he threatened him, which is probably against company policy) and perfectly legal for someone to press charges against them, which it would be funny to see Michael do!

  23. That is so super cool that my question got answered! I really love this writer/fan interaction. Thanks Tanster and Aaron!!!

  24. That “I can’t figure out how to delete your question” remark was kinda snarky, but great responses overall. Welcome to the team of writers and we are sure to benefit. Terrific episode. Pam’s leaving caught me totally off guard.

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