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I am so excited that I’ll be chatting with The Office’s Andy Buckley this weekend!

As you know, Andy plays Dunder Mifflin CFO David Wallace, and he has appeared (either in person or on the phone) in no less than nine episodes this season! And I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him …

So I’m sure y’all have a few questions for him, right? :)

Submit your question here by 11pm PT tomorrow night, April 3rd.

Remember, non-spoilerish questions only. Thanks!

P.S. I may not be able to moderate many (if any) questions during the day on Friday. Just know that they’re in the queue! :)


  1. You play David Wallace so perfectly; he’s patient and cool and his character inspires confidence in the company. But how many tries typically does it take you to do a scene with Steve Carell without breaking? The scenes between the two of you are so over the top I can’t imagine being able to get through them without dissolving into laughter if I was you.

  2. 1) What’s it like working with Steve Carell? Is he really as cool and down-to-earth as he seems in interviews and what not?

    2) What’s it like juggling your real life job with your acting job?

  3. ‘Golden Ticket’ was one of my favorites this season. The scene with you, Steve, and Rainn was absolutely hilarious! How long did it take you three to nail that awesome scene?

  4. First I want to say that Andy is truly one of my favorite actors on the show. He is so freakin natural in that understated way. And the way he plays off Steve is a thrill to watch each time. Beautiful. My question: Are you back doing acting full time now, or do you still have your day job?

  5. When David Wallace asked Michael to go to Corporate and share what exactly he was doing “right”, when all the other offices were struggling, what kind of answer do you think David Wallace was expecting? (Bet it didn’t include getting take-out! lol)

  6. Are you and Steve Carrell friends off-camera? It seems like you have a good working relationship.

  7. 1)How hard is it for you to not break when doing scenes with Steve and/or Rainn?

    or this one, which i’ve been dying to ask since i first saw the pilot

    2)i know you probably aren’t the one to ask, but are you the voice of Todd Packer when he calls Michael during his meeting with Jan in the pilot episode?

  8. 1) After Season 3’s Cocktails episode, my brother & I have always wondered who’s the better basketball player: you or John Krasinski? ;)

    2) Of all the Office episodes that you’ve been in, which one is your favorite?

  9. 1) How did you first get involved with The Office?

    2) How did you feel being the character responsible for the break up of Michael and Holly?

    Thanks for taking the time to do this!

  10. Do you have a back story for your character now? What would he be doing on a typical Saturday?

  11. I love Q&A’s! Andy, thank you so much for doing this! We Tallyheads thrive on behind-the-scenes Office info. And Tanster is so good at getting it for us! Here’s my question: (it’s a two-parter) What is your favorite and least favorite parts of working on “The Office”?

  12. In past seasons, you’ve been mostly confined to the Corporate office and working with just a few of the other characters (Michael, Jan, etc.). What has it been like this season to be actually IN the office and working with the other actors?

  13. Why does the CFO handle all of the issues we have seen over the past few seasons? Does Dunder Mifflin not have a COO? A director of human resources? What about a CEO?

  14. Hi Andy, first I have to ask – how’d you get to be so awesome? But my real question is, how do you feel about the tense relationship between David Wallace and Michael Scott? It seems like Wallace wants to support Michael, but is just stunned by the level of insanity he brings to the company. Also, kudos on the outstanding job you do with your character. Seriously, you should get an Emmy!

  15. Which do you think is better, being a CFO on The Office, or being a CFO in a real office? And how do you keep such a straight face when dealing with Steve’s hilarious complaints?

  16. His track record with VP’s to supervise the branches is less than stellar. Is David Wallace unlucky or incompetent?

  17. I have a senior position in a company and what I love about how you play David Wallace is that you make him truly realistic and relatable….not a stereotype which would be so easy to do. Like Jim, Pam and Oscar, he grounds the show. What influence do you have in developing this character?

  18. Why do you think David puts up with Michael? Anyone else probably would have fired him long ago.

  19. We know very little about David’s backstory… Have the writers ever given you any details about his personal life? Or have you created something in your mind already?

  20. Andy, you do such an incredible job with the character of David Wallace; it’s been a pleasure to see him so much this season. Have you toyed with the idea of acting full-time? Has filming so many episodes this season negatively affected your day job? And what do your co-workers think of your ever-growing fame? :)

    Keep up the good work!

  21. I’ve noticed that in Season Five they’ve made David Wallace less likeable and more concerned with business. Was that a concerted effort because of the pressures of the economy?.

  22. i love your character! you have a brilliant way of delivering a line that makes it comedic gold! my question to you cfo, not your initials, is where would you liked to see your character headed? your character is becoming more involved at the office now, which i love, so what kind of challenges would you like your character to face? what other characters from the office would you like your character to interact with? have a story line with?

  23. If you had to choose your favourite episode, which one would it be (and why)?

    Also, how would you describe David’s feelings about Michael? I was thinking of the last scene in New Boss where it seemed like David genuinely felt bad for screwing up Michael’s party, but maybe he really just wanted to placate him?

  24. Throughout the seasons it is obvious that David Wallace can get annoyed with Michael. Does he really have some form of respect for Michael deep down even though he may not show it?

    David also seems to underestimate Michael. This was obvious in the last scene of the last episode “Two Weeks.” David thought by appealing to the desire of Michael to have the party that he could avoid the bigger picture. It did not work and I wonder if David was really shocked by how quickly it turned for the worse (or better maybe according to David?).

  25. I’ve heard via DVD commentary and what not that outside of acting you work in an environment similar to your character’s. So is there much “getting into character” to play David Wallace or is it pretty natural? Also, how hard is it to keep a straight face when you’re opposite Steve Carell?

  26. What is your favorite David-Michael scene and in which scene did you laugh the hardest?

  27. Hi Andy. You are one of my favorite characters on the show. I WISH I had a boss like you! I would love for the show to make you a regular. (Aside, are you married????)

    Assuming that you still work full-time in NYC, I was wondering if you have to fly out to shoot the episodes where you are only on the speaker phone, or if you do those right in NYC? Do you shoot those speaker phone scenes right along with the actors take after take, or do they record your part separately and then edit it in later?

  28. It’s always such a treat seeing David Wallace in an episode. I’d like to see him have more interaction with Jim, since they’ve seemed pretty simpatico since Cocktails, but I’ll take what I can get.

    But my question for Andy is: What is your relationship with the rest of the cast like? They work so closely together on a daily basis and seem like a pretty tight-knit group, so is it hard to come into that dynamic as a recurring character?

    Thanks for participating in this! The fans do appreciate it.

  29. Andy, You look exactly like my college crush so it’s always endearing to me when you appear in any episode. Long live, David Wallace!

    My only question is–>Is your middle name Foster? If so, what are your thoughts on John Krasinski’s adaptation of “Brief Interviews with Hideous Men?”

    I originally posted this in the wrong forum . . . oops!

  30. Will we ever see David out and about with the Scranton employees outside of business hours? Maybe meet up at Poor Richard’s or have a night on the town with Jim in NY?

  31. I just wanted to start off by saying I think you do a tremendous job. Especially keeping a straight face with all of the insanity going on. But my question is; if you could have the role of anyone on the show who would it be and why?

  32. How did you keep a straight face when Steve and Rainn were arguing over good ideas in “Golden Ticket”? I would have died laughing when Rainn said horse boat. Also, was there any improv in that scene?

  33. David is one of my favorite characters on the series. I just wanna reiterate Jennifer’s question about whether we’ll ever see David interact with the Scranton branch.

    Do you think David secretly respects Michael’s decision to quit? Will he possibly send a good luck message about the MSPC?

    To #8: Didn’t Rob Corddry do the answering machine message as Packer? I know he played him but I figured that they knew he would be the character if he ever showed up onscreen and he and Steve had a prior relationship…it sounds like him at least.

  34. From my limited corporate experience, the duties that you have for Dunder Mifflin are far broader than what a CFO would normally tackle, and I find it odd that the show has never introduced the CEO of the company. Have the writers ever discussed that point with you? Is the CEO position a kind of comical “trump card” that they have resisted the urge to play so far?

  35. Did you greet the opportunity to play excited, as opposed to professionally morose, in Golden Ticket with excitement or trepidation? Your childlike laughing at Dwight’s “That’s what she said” is one of the highlights of Season Five. In addition, was your delivery of “I am going back to New York…” and abrupt standing up your pure acting or were you directed?

  36. Hi Mr. Buckley! I’m the daughter of Jonathan Boring, whom you’ve met many times (big bald man, you can’t forget him!) who also works with you at the finance company (I won’t say the name in case you want to keep it private).
    My question is, how is it that you can drop everything and shoot scenes for The Office while still working your job? My dad can hardly even go out to eat with us during the week! Does it ever get overwhelming?

  37. What’s it like being a celebrity in a non-celebrity job?

    BTW– Andy is the NICEST actor I met at Scranton. He came to me and just tapped me on the shoulder and said he’d recognized me from the mall event and wanted to say hi. Such a regular guy. Very impressed, he was so down to earth.

  38. What led you to stop acting full time, and did you hesitate to “get back into it” when you were asked to audition for David Wallace?

    Also, to #42: Todd Packer was played by Dave Koechner, not Rob Corddry.

  39. What is it like working with Steve Carrell as a character who must stay very serious during his ridiculous antics? Is it hard keeping a straight face?

    Thanks for answering!

  40. What was your reaction to the steep incline in popularity of The Office, did it put more pressure on you as an actor to perform?



  41. Andy, your character David has received many phone calls from Michael over the years. Many of which were complaints about Toby. What do you suspect is the reason Michael dislikes his HR guy Toby so much?

  42. What are your “must see” television shows? (other than “The Office” ?)

  43. What is your favorite “Office” story line? Either one you’ve been involved in, and one you have not.

  44. Do you have any pictures of you behind the scenes during filming etc? are you willing to share them?

  45. Hi Andy! Thanks for answering these questions. I love your character on the show. Keep it up!

    My question for you is, How did you feel about the fact that your character had to break up Michael and Holly? Were you for or against splitting them up? Also, what is your Office schedule like? Do the producers just call you whenever you are needed in an episode? Do you have any other positions, since your character is a minor role? Thanks again!

  46. hey andy!
    so i might be overthinking this, but your character is named after one of my favorite authors david (foster) wallace. is that just a coincidence or did the writers do this on purpose? did john krasinski have anything to do with it, since he just turned one of wallace’s books into a movie?

  47. If you could change one thing about any of “The Office” characters story lines, (if only to see what happens) What would it be and why?

    (ie. keep Michael and Holly together, have Angela become pregnant with Dwight (or Andy’s) baby, have David Wallace become the Regional Manager of Scranton)

  48. Since you are a guest star and not a regular cast member, (though you’ve been in so many episodes this year and made them amazing), how much time do you get to spend behind-the-scenes with the other actors? Have you become good friends with anyone in the cast or crew?

    Thanks, and thanks for being so awesome!

  49. Will David Wallace come to Jim’s rescue? How did he hire someone so… unfitting?

  50. I heard on a commentary that you had decided to stop acting. What caused you to go back to it in The Office?

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