1. Oh my god you can clearly tell Pam is upset about her mural on picture one, heart breaking…

  2. Love photo #4. Anytime Pam & Dwight have fun together, just the two of them – it’s kind of rare so really special.

  3. Aww, I love the one of Pam & Dwight painting the truck. Deep down, Dwight is a good guy. His sense of valor and duty occasionally comes out as compassion, which he’s shown for Pam in the past, like when he comforted her when she was crying in “Back From Vacation” (even though he thought she was PMSing… the sentiment was there.)

  4. Can we confirm that the truck is Darryl’s? From watching the last episode when Darryl and Pam get back from Philly? So can we assume that Darryl is the one who vandalized the mural and Pam and Dwight are vandalizing his truck as payback?

  5. Is that Jenna’s husband, Lee, in pic #10, on the left?! He’s playing a new role in The Office!

    [from tanster: that’s what i thought, too!]

  6. Alright. so picture 10,
    it looks like Jenna Fischer’s Husband.
    Tanster, can you tell?

  7. @Carly, oh wow, I never even thought of that. I just assumed that was a pic of a news crew interviewing Dwight or something, it never occurred to me that it might be a behind the scenes photo!

  8. yep, that’s lee! looks like he might be directing, or maybe he was one of the writers? the headphones around his neck make me think he’s behind-the-scenes.

  9. I’m pretty sure pic #10 is Dwight speaking with camera crew. The question is: is this the fictional camera crew or the episode’s actual crew? Rainn seems so in-character that I’m pretty sure that’s Dwight and the fictional crew, perhaps helping him solve the vandalism case (they’ve done investigative work before; uncovering Dwight and Angela’s relationship in “E-mail Surveillance” comes to mind).

  10. In picture #10 we see that at least three more of the documentary crew are going to appear in this episode, other than Brian the boom-operator. Boy am I going to miss this show. The only other show in my life that I had an emotional connection with was Futurama. But I’ve been watching The Office since season 2. It’s going to be weird that it will be done. (long live the high-capacity optical discs – whatever format they may come in – so we can watch over and over and over and over and …)

  11. I think deep down Dwight had always cared about Pam. When she was crying in that one episode over Jim in like season 2, Dwight tried to comfort her. There was another time too, when he remodeled their kitchen.

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