1. I love how petty they get. Bringing up the hair? I mean, come on. haha. I love it though.
    I also love that Dwight calls Stanley out about completing his crossword puzzles. haha.
    This clip would have brought a much needed funny side into a very serious and depressing episode (that I loved).

  2. Hahah, oh Andy. “It’s like trying to sleep with someone you’ve only known for a month, it’s impossible.”

  3. Wow, I always see why deleted scenes are cut but every so often there’s one that really would have fit in well with the episode and clip 2 is hilarious and would have worked very well.

  4. The more deleted scenes I see, the more I love this story arc. We’ve gotten hints in the past (the combined-birthday fiasco, the late-night lock-in, the no-win situation with Charles Miner) that Jim’s sane and normal management style is just not going to work with this group of yakity yaks! I love it! I’m very excited to see where the writers take this after the JAM honeymoon.

  5. Oh man, I love Kevin. That was a really good scene. I wish it could have made it into the final show, but I can see where it didn’t fit with the vibe of the rest of the show. But it was classic Kevin nonetheless.

  6. Yet another “deleted scene #2” that should have been included in the episode. Hilarious!

  7. Can we keep a running count on how many times Andy talks in his baby voice? I think we’re up to two so far (the first in Cafe Disco), but with Little Tuna on the way, I guarantee there are more.

  8. Jim’s bound to get a lot of valuable parenting experience being Andy’s new mother figure.

    [from tanster: lol!]

  9. Andy is by far my favorite character on the show. How could that not have made it into the actual episode? I guess the Office writers are just too crafty and come up with too many hilarious scenes =)

  10. Wow. I think the third deleted scene would have really, really helped the feel of the episode. There was a vibe of anger and even hatred towards Jim, but in this deleted scene we have three talking heads that say relatively nice things about Jim. I would have liked to have seen that in the actual episode. At least NBC lets us see them online. Thank you, NBC (and tanster)!

  11. haha, that third deleted scene was hilarious! And I agree with Big M – it would have helped even out the hatred for a Jim a little bit.

    “Num nums are of course my commission checks”

  12. omg that third one was fantastic! andy… that was a priceless andy moment! i wish they kept that sucker

  13. I actually like this 4th scene a lot. Mainly because it shows Michael’s love of pie and catfish. I think this Jimichael dynamic is going to shape up nicely over the next few post-Niagara episodes.

  14. The 4th should have definitely stayed in the show. it was witty and expanded on why they would give the sale staff the raise.

  15. I loved the 4th scene, probably one of the funniest parts about the entire episode. Too bad it wasn’t included

  16. I loved that 4th deleted scene!

    Really, it’s kind of noticeable that a lot of the episodes are written to fit about 30 minutes of viewing time instead of the paltry 21 minutes we actually get to watch. It’s too bad because so much of the story has to get cut out. And sometimes the episode suffers a little bit as there are holes that aren’t filled or scenarios just don’t feel fleshed out. (I’m not putting it down, just making an observation in a whiny way–I do love the show and will take it in any way, shape or form!)

  17. I think the 2nd, 3rd and 4th deleted scenes are great and would have lightened the we-hate-Jim vibe of the episode. I find “serious boss” Jim so freakin’ cute!

    “Oranges are annoying and hate me.” LOL!

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