1. I’m so excited! This episode needs to air right now haha can’t wait to see JIm flip out about being a dad!

  2. Did anyone else rush to the next page to inspect the balloons Steve’s holding to see if they say “boy” or “girl” ??? Just me?? okay then… lol (if you did am I missing it?? I can’t tell if anything’s boy or girl by that picture… I may have to buy that issue to see the color picture :)

    Also… I can’t wait to see Dwight in their house. hilariousness… I can’t wait.

  3. What a fun article! I think that Pam and Jim are going to have a boy, because it would be just like Michael to show up with a bouquet of pink balloons.

  4. I can’t wait to see if the scary clown painting is still nailed to the wall of Jim & Pam’s house.

    “…well-intentioned Dwight…” – I love it!

  5. I am so looking forward to this episode! I’m happy to hear that Dwight will be headed to the Halpert household…I’ve just had it in my head that Pam has painted a mural for her baby, and maybe we’ll get to see it in this episode during Dwight’s iRecovery Mission. If he doesn’t find it he should offer Pam his iPod…filled with all sorts of inspirational German folk tunes! Awesome.

    And my money is on a boy named Oliver :) Come oooonnnnnnnn March 4!

  6. Did anybody else notice on the balloons that Michael is holding that there are flowers on one and a heart on the other????

  7. i’m torn between wanting a boy or a girl…. jim with a little girl is pretty squee-worthy, but i would love to see a mini-jim!

    “i had a big speech while holding the baby, it’s really hard to remember your lines when it’s making cute little yawns and faces”

    oh god i can imagine…

  8. I just got my TVguide in the mail yesterday and for them to say in the article they don’t want to reveal what the baby is they really should have removed or cropped the picture of Michael holding the balloons and flowers better. The color of the balloons so gives it away. I can’t wait for this episode!

  9. Does anyone know what issue this is in? I’d love to know when to be looking out for it.

  10. The issue is out now, I just bought it today (went out into the snow and all) and I really hope Michael showed up with the wrong color balloons or I will really be bummed that I ruined the surprise for myself.

  11. My dad just called and said he got it for me! Now I have to wait until he gets out of work…..

  12. well those balloons michael has ARE pink…lucy halpert anyone? ;) either way, i’m excited for baby tuna!

  13. wow….spoiler alert! Those balloons are so….PINK! Wow, I cannot be more excited for this episode. I really, really, can’t wait! I’ve said this before, but I just have this feeling about the name “Lucy”….

  14. SO super excited! It’s gonna be a girl, no doubt. And my choice for a name is Chloe…not sure why.

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