1. Well,I am so excited for this episode, it is gonna be awesome. But we know it’s not twins because of the ultrasound picture in “Gossip”.

  2. Waiting in anxious anticipation for this episode…I’m imagining it much like my own first birth experience. Good luck to Papa, Mama, and Baby Halpert! :0)

  3. I can’t tell if Steve is serious about the showing the birth part…I’m guessing he’s not cause he jokes about Jenna actually being pregnant.
    Also, John and Jenna works so well together. Every interview of the two of them gets better and better…I can’t get over it lol.

  4. Very excited for the Jam baby to arrive!! This is certainly an epic season for them! I can’t wait!!!

  5. Love the way John & Jenna talk about Jim & Pam like we would, but now and then, they slip and refer to them as us or we – LOVE IT – can’t wait til March 4th – One more week, as Phyllis would say!!!

  6. Thanks for throwing us these lil bones during the longest three weeks in history!
    And kudos to all three of them for not letting any pronouns slip…”it”, “the baby”…nicely done.
    Couldn’t love John and Jenna more. Yay for Pam, Jim, and ? Halpert!

  7. Wow, I did not know Jenna was pregnant. lol
    I can’t wait to see this episode. I know it will be a good one. This will be bigger than the office wedding episode!

  8. @Karen (#6), I was thinking the same thing, and I really love hearing Steve talk about Michael! Shout out to @Brittany Akers…the cousin who got me into watching and loving “The Office”!

  9. OMG, I can’t wait! I can’t believe this is really happening…Only one more week!!!!!
    I just wanna know what they’re having already! xD
    I guess i don’t mind either way…It may be a boy cuz Jan had a girl, but Jim would be so cute with a girl.
    *sighs* is it march 4th yet?

  10. These were such wonderful little clips, and I really appreciate the cast (or at least the three members we saw speaking!) even more now, as they’re not caught up in the whole ‘celebrity world’ and act like real people. Also, and I really don’t mean to be one of those obnoxious fan-type people, but was Steve just joking when he said Jenna was pregnant? I’m a little curious now, as she certainly doesn’t look it when you see pictures of her being her typical self.

    Anyways, I can’t wait to see the episode, and thank you tanster and all the Officetally people for posting all these lovely clips, articles and enticing promos!

  11. So in love with the cuteness that is Jenna and John. They just make me smile, on screen and off. And Steve never fails to make me laugh out loud. I heart these folks. (And I hope Jim and Pam have a girl!!!)

  12. @Claire, no, she isn’t pregnant. haha
    From years of watching interviews with Steve Carell, I have learned not to take anything he says seriously.
    Anyway, these clips were really great. I really like the way they really get into the story and the way they explained it showed that they really love what they do. :)
    Soooo excited!

  13. Ok, I also have to say, I’m not only excited for the baby, but some Andy/Erin stuff happening too!! Jim and Pam will ALWAYS be my favorite couple, but it’s nice to have some other quirky couple who’s funny and sweet too!

    @darth scranton…you are SOOOOO welcome!! I’m just happy you’ve joined us on the “jedi” side!

  14. Yea for Steve, John and Jenna! I love these behind the scenes interviews. But don’t we already know the baby’s gender? In a mid-January TV Guide article (on the spoiler page) it seems like Greg Daniels let it slip what Jim and Pam were having. Of course, it could be bad writing on TV Guide’s part or Mr. Daniels throwing us off the scent. I’m excited to find out!

  15. Oh gosh the TVGuide article does refer to a “granddaughter” ahhh I always pictured them having a boy first though. hmmmm…. can’t wait to find out for sure!

  16. waaaaaaayyyy to confuse people, carell. jenna is not pregnant. steve wouldn’t be the first one to announce it if she was.

  17. “In-house creation.” Steve Carell needs to share his opinions about every episode, because they are incredible.

  18. These interviews were fantastic. I love how much John and Jenna get along on and off camera. It only makes me love the show even more than I already do.

    And yeah, Steve’s totally joking with the Jenna/pregnancy thing which would also lead me to believe that he was all jokes about seeing the actual birth. I’ve seen just about every interview he’s ever sat down to do so, yeah, don’t take it seriously, folks.

  19. Hmmm, I’m just wondering if, since this is a 2 part episode, maybe we’ll get another interview in a few days? Seemed to me that Jenna was referring to the first part…and who knows when they did these (considering she still has the belly I think it was a break between filming) and back then, it was 2 episodes over 2 weeks. Sorry, I’m a teacher, probably reading way too far into the grammar!

    I would think they’d show the birth…you know, the magical, television kind.
    One more week! One more week!

  20. I would love nothing more to be friends with Jenna and John. Especially John.

    Plus a little extra.

    Also, I love him. :-)

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