Vote for your favorite Office Lolcat!

Holy moly it was soooo difficult to narrow The Office Lolcat Contest 2009 finalists down to 20! My first cut had my list down to 35, and then I started narrowing it down one by one. Very, very painful, because so many lolcats were very, very funny.

Anyway, here are my 20. Pick your favorite, and the top three vote-getters will each receive a prize package full of Office goodies!

The poll closes January 24th.

You can click each entry to see it full-size.

[Poll no longer available]


  1. Wow, I think I just died from cuteness ;). But I ended up voting for 56 because that one actually made me laugh out loud!

  2. luvz the alkie kitty. makes me want to hold it while i drink beer and itch like crazy due to my kitty allergy.

  3. Luckily, since I don’t get these at all, I don’t have to make such a supposedly tough decision. :-)

  4. I like #92.

    What, that’s mine? No it isn’t. What? What time is it? Huh? I Don’t know. What? I think I hear my phone ringing.

    Also, #106 rocks! It looks just like Dwight.

  5. I can see how it would be hard to pick, they’re all really good. I went with #4 – so funny.

  6. Man 111 is hilarious! That one is the best by far… the cat is in the most perfect pose, looks exactly like dwight did! haha!!

  7. Number 24 rocked my socks off! I have been following these since the first one that was posted, and none of them made me laugh with such glee as detox diet kelly kitty :)

  8. So tough to decide 24 or 39?

    Both pictures are perfect, lolspeak is perfect.

    Decisions, decisions, hmmm…

  9. i loved the long island iced tea one, but they all were great! congrats to all the finalists!

  10. Oh my gosh I was picked! Thank you Tanster!! Oooh I’m so happy, even to just hear people who like it. My kitties are so proud :)

  11. I just laughed hysterically at the Kelly LOLCat (number 24) about the diet. Fabulous. :)

  12. “u jukeded the statage cuppycake!!!1”

    can someone please explain that? I don’t even know what words those are meant to be!!! such confusion.

  13. It has to, has to, HAS TO BE Stanley’s LOLcat. I cannot be convinced otherwise! Stanley doesn’t get many funny lines on the show, but “I’m not gonna be the huge guy in the tiny hat” is a classic.

  14. I’m so pleased/surprised to have been picked! :) There are so many hilarious entries–well done, all!

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