1. Pssht! I might as well not watch it now! I know everything that happens from these pictures. True story!

  2. Oh my goodness I’m so anxious and excited for the season finale. I think it will be so unexpected like in Season 4.

  3. There needs to be an entire episode devoted to Ryan’s wardrobe selections. Is Kelly dressing him now?

    That’s not to say that I don’t like it, because I do. It’s just so…hipster-esque!

  4. That photo of Ryan made my day. He’s so cute it hurts.

    [from tanster: he is pretty cute, isn’t he? :) ]

  5. I am also loving Ryan’s attire. All part of him “redefining” himself. And I’m pretty sure my dad has Andy’s tie.

  6. I think that Ryan’s outfits have made him a more interesting character than in previous seasons *snerk*

  7. Is this finale only a half hour? Isn’t that like the the first 30 minute finale since like season one?

  8. Wasn’t season five’s finale only half an hour? One was, two was supersized, three was an hour, and four was a half hour.

  9. @ 4.Shirley: There most definitely should be an episode dedicated to Ryan’s fashion. I feel like someone should acknowledge the fact that he’s wearing suspenders.

    He’s cool, but still. weird.

  10. The costumers must have so much fun with Ryan’s clothes! i love him. :)

  11. @Andrea

    Funny you say that since the actor who plays Artie was actually on an episode of The Office. lol

  12. I hope this season finale doesn’t get Andy into trouble, because he’s my wingman. As Pam is my sweet little bird.

  13. I feel like I’ve missed something with Ryan’s clothes. What’s the story there? With Andy’s clothes, they’re quirky without trying too hard.

  14. Ryan’s ridiculous wardrobe this season is perhaps one of the funniest running gags a show has done ever. They better keep it up next season.

  15. “and four was a half hour” said comment 13
    actually season 4 finale was a full hour

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