A final Emmy note

Dear Office Staff,

Considering that you provided some of the funniest moments of the show tonight — from Rainn, Jenna, and John begrudgingly singing the praises of Steve Carell, to Rainn handily winning a rap-off against Kanye West, to Greg’s sweet acceptance speech, to Steve, Jon, and Stephen’s hug for joy;

Considering that many, many of your fans camped out at OfficeTally tonight, and we watched the show and shared in the laughter you provided throughout, as well as commiserated over the losses;

Considering that nearly 400 comments were posted tonight;

You are the best comedy on TV, without question. Your fans adore you.

As Tallyhead Angelica so eloquently puts it: “While I am very sad for the horrendous losses suffered by our favorite Office folks tonight, with or without the Emmys, we still have the best show on television with the most gracious and talented cast around.”

Signing off at 1:40am PT,
:) Jennie


  1. Wow, I got choked up reading the last part. Every word is true and I hope they know we love them all and they did a great job making the Emmy show funny and everyone looked so good!

  2. tanster, you are way more gracious than I am. I would like to echo that The Office is imho the best comedy with the best writing, directing and acting on tv. I want to thank the cast and crew for the pleasure they bring to me and to others every week.

  3. while The Office may have been better and more consistent overall, I’m willing to throw a bone at 30 Rock, which I would rank as a strong 2nd to The Office, and even better in certain episodes. If winning this emmy can help keep 30 Rock on the air longer, then it is worth it overall.

  4. Amen :) Bring on the 27th!

    P.S. Seriously though, how did Rainn not win? Obviously a majority of the voters have yet to watch this show…

  5. Yes – Office cast you have to know that although some of you may have not won an Emmy YOU all made the Emmy’s!

    Congrats to you for being the BEST everything on TV!

    Big Hug from Australia :)

  6. They were the only reason I watched all those hours of Emmy footage. They were robbed, but in my heart – they won everything (even if they weren’t nominated).

  7. Amen, Tanster. Amen.

    What’s the old addage? If you’re not enough without one, you’re never enough with one? That sounds right. But I think it refers to Olympic medals. So it doesn’t really apply.

    Seriously, you folks have to know what your show means to the gaggles of fans you have around the world. In the Electric City alone, the business of Dunder Mifflin put our sleepy- or heavily sedated- city on the map. It was always on maps, though. Some people needed to know where it was. But now more people care. I mean really, really care. So thank you for that… luxury.

    And thank you for continuing to put forth honest, realistic, brilliant work season after season. Empathy is such an important device in comedy- like I have to point that out to you- but you have created these characters that we not only feel for, but that we feel a part of. Not dirty or inappropriately a part of. But really, a cast and crew so devoted to giving the best and one that continues to respect and thank their fans is one worth holding on to.

    Plus, Dundies are sleeker trophies anyway. Probably even realer gold.

  8. Well said. Except I think ‘horrendous’ is a strong word to use, no? I mean, it stinks that they didn’t win, but I think they lost out to good talent (at least it wasn’t Charlie Sheen winning the Emmy). I mean, losing an Emmy award is not something I’d consider a ‘horrendous’ event. It’s just an awards show–one that did recognize The Office last year–and there is always next year. At least we got a lot of nominations and at least people got to see how funny the cast is on the various spots last night–the only bright spots of the entire presentation.

  9. Well put. I think if the Emmys were voted on by the fans, we all know The Office would have swept every category. I would have loved to see Steve, Rainn, Jenna and all the other nominees win, but I hope they consider the outpouring of love and support from their fans and hold their head high. Best comedy on TV is not an exaggeration, it’s an understatement. And tanster, thank you so much for providing us dunderheads a home. We praise The Office without question, but all your hardwork enhances our experience ten fold. Between The Office and you tanster, we are the luckiest fans in the world. Are we not, are we not, are we not? Are you with me, are you with me? Thank you very much.

  10. Wonderful note to The Office folks, Jennie! I’m sure they know that they still have the best jobs in the world, even without the awards, and I know they’ll continue to make the show the best show out there. They truly are the best cast and crew of any TV show and not getting another gold statute certainly doesn’t change that. Just think – we have a new season starting in just over a week to get excited about anyway! And besides, as a lifelong Cubs fan, I’ve definitely learned the meaning of “Wait till next year!”. :)

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