A final Emmy note

Dear Office Staff,

Considering that you provided some of the funniest moments of the show tonight — from Rainn, Jenna, and John begrudgingly singing the praises of Steve Carell, to Rainn handily winning a rap-off against Kanye West, to Greg’s sweet acceptance speech, to Steve, Jon, and Stephen’s hug for joy;

Considering that many, many of your fans camped out at OfficeTally tonight, and we watched the show and shared in the laughter you provided throughout, as well as commiserated over the losses;

Considering that nearly 400 comments were posted tonight;

You are the best comedy on TV, without question. Your fans adore you.

As Tallyhead Angelica so eloquently puts it: “While I am very sad for the horrendous losses suffered by our favorite Office folks tonight, with or without the Emmys, we still have the best show on television with the most gracious and talented cast around.”

Signing off at 1:40am PT,
:) Jennie