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  1. Wayne Brady confirmed earlier on E! that he, Rainn, and Kanye West are performing that rumored skit…

    Ryan Seacrest is interviewing Rainn and showing pics of him from high school!

  2. Ah I’m so jealous. The girl that BJ was with was Katrina Bowden. She plays Cerie on “30 Rock.” Do you think they’re a couple?

  3. Can’t wait to see what Rainn’s doing with Kanye West and Wayne Brady. I’m really hoping for a big Office night – I’m so excited that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are handing out the Lead Actor in a Comedy award – I so hope to see Steve Carell up there with them tonight!

  4. Dang, ain’t nothing like a rough ol’ beard. BJ’s date is hot..or escort..whatever she is. Hot. Mindy ain’t bad either. Anyone posting those pics of high school Rainn?

  5. just got a glimpse of Jenna on E! she just arrived… she is wearing a strapless gold-ish? ball gown and her hair is up…

  6. i just saw jenna on e!. i’m not liking the dress that much, but i didn’t get a good look.

  7. I think those WireImage photos are mislabeled. That doesn’t look like Rashida Jones. Besides, Rashida wouldn’t be holding her stomach like she’s pregnant in two of the photos.

  8. Jenna Fischer looks gorgeous!!!!

    I really wanted to type that all in caps but I know thats not allowed. But





  9. Are all of you going to post during the awards with the updates on winners? Or is that a no no here?

  10. Does anyone know the link of the website that will be showing the press room interviews where the winners go after they win the emmy’s?

  11. muppet babies tattoo – i also died a little at the sight of JKras.

    Does he have a sister? Maybe that’s who it is. Or his publicist is pregnant??

    Orrrrr JKras has a baby mama and tonight is their world debut??? LOL.

  12. Kate – Michael Schur’s wife, J.J. Philbin, is only like 3 or 4 months pregnant. I saw her on Regis & Kelly on Friday to celebrate her dad’s show’s 20th anniversary and she didn’t even LOOK pregnant there! Of course, she was wearing black but still… LOL. That’s definitely not J.J.

  13. Look for Hi res photos at Sparklies Gallery. Just go to recent posts. There are some of Mindy there already.

  14. jenna was just on e! she looks beautiful!! she said they haven’t filmed a sloppy jam kiss yet, fyi.

  15. Jenna looks beautiful. I was hoping that someone else from the office would have been with her. I liked what she had to say about the JAM footage for you tube!!!!

  16. 64- That who I thought it was too.

    Just saw Rashida…and she’s wearing a dress that I don’t hate! Amazing!

  17. Yep, its official. Jenna Fischer is THE most beautiful woman on the fracking planet. I love her sooooo much. I believe her category will be one of the first of the show. Well, I hope. Rashida looks nice but I’m not so much a fan of the red red lipstick. I think its way too harsh for her. I would have loved more dramatic eyes with a nude lip for that dress.

  18. I hope I am not the only one that really doesn’t like Jenna’s dress. I understand that she needed something practical because of her back injury but that bow in front makes it no so flattering. I do love the hair and makeup!

  19. So i don’t get E! on my cable so I am forced to watch the TV guide channel, and I have yet to see jenna – please post pictures!

  20. so jenna switched dresses –hmm, wonder what the story is behind that?

    also, i think i speak for all the females –thank goodness that was john’s agent…haha.

  21. Jenna looks fantastic. I was so anxious to see her dress. Thanks to those who are posting pics and vids so timely. OT Rocks! This has got to be the best Office fan site ever!

  22. Does anyone know if the show is streaming live anywhere, or do we have to wait 3 more hours on the west coast?

  23. I’m actually shocked to say that I like Rashida Jones and am not thrilled with Jenna’s. The apocalypse must be coming.

  24. Okay, right now Ryan Seacrest is being very self-congratulatory… does he really think he’s funny? I mean, seriously, who thinks he’s funny? I wish people would stop paying him to talk.

    I saw Jenna, John, Steve and Nancy, Rashida, and Rainn, and they all looked awesome! I know Jenna was taking a risk with her dress, and I’m not sure if it’s my favorite cut, but I really loved the colors. I thought she wore it well.

  25. already hate seacrest, but i loved the terry hatcher comment. rainn’s category!!!!!!

  26. I can’t stand Jenna’s dress. She needs to stop having bows on all of her awards dresses. And a similar color too, to last time. I just don’t like it. I haven’t seen Rashida yet, but I’m sure it DOES look better. And I’m not TRYING to be critical, it’s just that Jenna is such a beautiful woman, and I’m not sure who steers her towards these dresses. She could do much better, recovering from a back injury or not.

    John looks awesome, and I must be the only one to really like Mindy’s dress. It’s not an award winner or anything, but I think the color and cut flatter her. Angela looks great as always! Saw her trying on diamonds on QVC yesterday! :)

  27. Is the supporting actress going to be next? I can never remember the order of these things.

  28. Noooooo! I do like Piven’s character on Entourage, but I LOOOOVE Rainn’s work. I had so hoped that he would be acknowledged.

    All I can say is….Go Jenna, Go Jenna, Go Jenna, Go Jenna :)

    and Steve!

  29. Dwight would be happy…Terry O’Quinn (Lost’s Locke) just won for best supporting actor in a drama.

  30. Jenna’s dress isn’t that horrible. She even said she needed something that would be easy on her back. She can make anything look good.

  31. Oh, I’m so bummed for Rainn. It seemed like he got the biggest cheer from the audience too; you couldn’t even hear his sample scene. Well, come on Jenna!

  32. woah when they announced the winner, I immediately said Jeremy Piven, and I was right! I just knew he’d get the award, those emmy voters love Entourage.

  33. I got all excited when I heard the “J” and then realized it wasn’t Jenna but Jamie =( I’d still rather see her win then Vanessa Williams

  34. Well that makes it easier for me in CA. to not watch now. I can’t handle when people I want lose. I always feel so bad for them. I’m really sad because I don’t care for that show or Jamie too much.

  35. Oh no, we’re 0 for 2 now! If Steve wins, then I’ll be okay then. I’m surprised Jaime Pressley won over Jenna. I kind of thought if Jenna had competetion it would have been Vanessa Williams. Oh well – let’s hope for Office wins as we go along.

  36. My local paper predicted that Jaime would win, but the writer said that Jenna was the one who deserved it.

    …I agree

  37. No way! Jaime Pressley better than Jenna Fischer? And Jeremy Piven better than Rainn Wilson?

    Still, at least Jenna’s name was pronounced correctly – unlike Katherine Heigl’s. How embarassing was that?

  38. The Emmys are really just the worst. No Friday NIght Lights nom, Jeremy Piven beating out both Rainn and Kevin(both deserved it more), and no Jamie beating out Jenna. I’m sorry but Jamie might be funny, but thats it. Jenna could make you laugh and then cry.

  39. I am now officially sad.

    Both Jenna and Rainn denied??

    Can Steve bring it home?

    Also, if The Office loses to Ugly Betty I may have to jump off a building on to a jumper shaped like a castle.

  40. I am so sad that Jenna lost. The only way I can rationalize it is that the Emmys never reward subtle work in favor of your in-your-face comedy. Jenna gave such a layered, nuanced performance this year and she should have been rewarded with the Emmy. I catch My Name is Earl sometimes and I think Jaime’s performance is more of a caricature than a character.

  41. Come on Steve!! Bring it home for Rainn and Jenna and everyone else. THE OFFICE for Best Comedy, please!

  42. I swear,I am so mad about Jenna, I got red in the face. Now I want to cry. She should have gotton it over Jamie. Grr…

  43. What a bummer. Rain is the most hilarious person and takes the office to a whole other level. Jenna is such a great actress and gives the office a little “bam!”. You know? They both deserved those Emmy’s.

  44. Jeremy Piven is actually kind of funny and is a good actor so I wasn’t too upset about that. But seriously Jenna Fischer was robbed.

  45. :'( About the losses and the fact that I was spoiled. I came to check for videos/pictures, and figured that all spoilers would be under a cut or something. I don’t know if the spoiler warning was up before that, if so…I wish I had checked OT earlier.


    But seriously, JENNA WAS ROBBED.

  46. absolutelyido, I got red in the face, too. All the sudden I realized that my face was incredibly hot. And Tanster, I cried, too. Jenna deserved it more than anyone else. Period. Add to that my epic love for Jenna and…yeah. Unacceptable.

  47. If you have ever seen Jaime Pressley in My Name is Earl, you would know why she won. She is absolutely spot on and hilarious and scene stealing and I can understand why she would win as best supporting actress in a comedy – because she is extraordinarily comic.

    With that said, I would still say Jenna is a superior actress. Pam’s story this year was heartbreaking, triumphant and emotionally ranging and no one could have played it as well as Jenna did, but there was an overall tone of seriousness that didn’t fit quite right in the category of supporting actress in a comedy. She doesn’t get the LOL moments that Jaime gets, which is probably why she lost out in a comedy category. Too bad there’s no category for best overall performance in any show (drama or comedy) – she would have won that.

  48. Hopefully Steve and the show can win tonight to make up for Jenna losing. How could she have lost?

  49. I am so enraged, disgusted and saddened by Rainn and Jenna’s losses. A huge injustice in both cases. Once again the Emmys took the easy way out and ignored Dwight and Jenna’s standout performances this season. Steve had better win and same with The Office. They all have Emmys in my book!

  50. Jamie Pressley is a great actress but she did not put in a performance that can even compare to what Jenna did this past year. She was robbed. I demand a recount!!!

  51. Sorry but Jeremy Pivens performance on Entourage completely destroys Rainn wilsons, as much as I love the office.

    Piven deserved that emmy.

  52. the way i feel about Jenna not winning is how I felt last year when Steve didn’t win. I think Jenna has many more opportunities in the future, though.

  53. Yeah, I’m more upset about Jenna not winning.

    Jeremy’s acting in the past season of Entourage was completely amazing. He [Ari] showed he actually had a heart.

    So, I wasn’t upset about that.

    But, Steve better win, that’s all I have to say about that.

  54. Here’s a quote from Jaime Pressly on a chat she had on the Envelope website, which may make her look a tiny bit better to you guys. Link

    “Jaime Pressly: Jenna is one of my favorite people in Television as well as in person, I would not be upset if I lost an Emmy to her.”

    I doubt that helps, but it shows she is at least a fan of Jenna, and Jenna said she was rooting for her last year on her blog, so at least it went to a friend of hers.

  55. The Emmy’s last year were so much better, the beginning sequence.. Conan, everything! Has anyone seen a single shot of our beloved Office stars at all?

  56. im seeing a pattern here. ppl that won last year are winning this year. jeremy piven. jamie pressley. hoping that means that the office will take home the emmy for best comedy! im sooooo bummed that jenna and rainn didn’t win. i hope the office at least wins for writing or directing. fingers crossed!

  57. errr…i think ryan is with the girl who plays cerie (suri? sarie?) from 30 rock…and she’s i think 18…eek

  58. Janet is right. I don’t watch My Name is Earl often, but when I do Jamie Pressly (spelling?) never fails to crack me up. She is a great comedic actress while Janet is right to point out that Jenna is probably a superior all around actress. Jenna did an incredible job this year, which is why she was nominated and recognized in that way. Don’t be so upset that you cry about it! lol–bigger things to worry about in life! Jenna should be proud of her work with or without an emmy :)

  59. I can’t believe Jamie and Jeremey won…outta no where!!! @[email protected] *so sad for Jenna and Rainn right now*

    Well, HOPEFULLY Steve will win…he HAS to win! It’s his time! The Office has to win as well…if not, I’m gunna sseriously start crying a river. GOOD LUCK OFFICE & STEVE!

  60. Just utterly, utterly, utterly disappointed. I just want to curl up in bed and cry for the next week. Jenna acted her heart out and totally deserves that Emmy. “The Job” was the perfect submission, and one wonders what else Jenna has to do to impress the judges. I mean, do they even watch the tapes before voting? Callan put it best: subtle, nuanced performances like what Jenna do so excellently on such a consistent basis in “The Office”, are just too much for Emmy voters to comprehend. I hope Jenna doesn’t feel too down about this. In my heart, she’s the truly deserving winner for her tour-de-force last season.

  61. I’m sad that Jenna lost, but it really will be fine. Jaime should have won last year, so that may mean Jenna will win next year. I think this could be a good thing and they’ll reward John and Jenna together.

    Our show still has some awards left, so let’s hope for the best.

  62. It really does suck that Jenna lost, but I think that, in this case, the nomination really was her reward. The supporting categories in comedy are always flamboyant and . . . not subtle. Jenna’s really contained and incredibly subtle. (Not to say that the other women in the category aren’t good actresses. They’re funny and it’s hard to be funny . . . They’re just funny in a completely different way.)

    Season 3 Pam did make me laugh, out loud at times, but she also made me want to hug her to comfort her.It sounds like this coming season will give her more opportunities to showcase the funniness of her character and ride to victory at the ’08 Emmys.

  63. No sloppy kiss scenes shot yet! What!???

    And how brave of her to wear heels tonight! And I want to just applaud her bravery in all aspects — she is true class. Even though tonight was not her night, there will be many more to come I’m sure…

  64. #131 I agree. While I’ve never seen much of Earl Pam doesn’t produce a lot of laugh out loud moments and when she does it’s usually something that is very character-driven so that the person watching would have to be a loyal watcher in order to get the humor (same with Dwight too, actually). But Pam’s journey was more emotional and about growth rather than focusing on campy comedy. That is my rationalization for her not winning. Jenna still should have won based on her performance alone.

  65. hahaha steves presentation was hilarious.

    “except he goes and visits his other familys…”

    “for what? the biggest rack on the show?”

  66. Wow, they had an amazing Office bit. The other cast members, John, Jenna, and Rainn talked about Steve in a bit about how too glamorous he is. It was amazing.

  67. “for what –best rack on the show?”
    hahaha. love jenna. love jkras. love steve, etc etc!

  68. okay my thoughts so far:

    Jenna’s dress/earrings/hair are all amazing

    John’s shiny lapel is kinda strange, but he looks good in anything

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the office video bit. Great stuff.

    Thrilled to be watching the whole thing with the great gang in the OTCR

    and sad to say that Jenna lost, but if it were to go to anyone else Jamie should’ve gotten it for last year anyways. I’m all for an official or unofficial Office Tally award for Jenna to replace her lost Emmy.

    There’s always next year Jenna… we love you!

  69. I agree that Jenna should have won, an actress from Earl winning against an actress from Office- wtf. Although I’m glad Piven won I was bummed Rainn didn’t, but there’s always been fanship between Office/Entourage

    “Hug It Out”

  70. ef…just ef. i mean what? jaime over jenna? Jeremy over rainn? the world will end my friends…the world will end

  71. so sad about Jenna…she looks amazing though

    glad to see other people wondering about the 12 year old with b.j.???

  72. I’m upset about Rainn losing, but I can understand it (I love JP and NPH as well, but Rainn still takes the cake). I agree that Jenna should have won for Best Supporting Actress. She had an amazing season, but she doesn’t really need an award to prove that she’s loved – just look at how many people turned out here to honor her tonight! I’m still holding out hope for Steve and “The Office” to win, but I know that there’s tough competition. I love this website. :D

  73. Greg Daniels won the Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series! Congratulations Greg!

    (Hopefully this makes up for Gay Witch Hunt only finishing #12 in OfficeTally Survivor!)

  74. Yes, a win for Greg Daniels! He looks way different without facial hair!

    I would have burned something down if there was a shutout tonight.

  75. Now that I’m over the initial shock of her losing I agree that she doesn’t need an award to show how great she is. Her performance the entire year speaks for herself. I hope she knows show much joy she bring her fans by just being herself to everyone.

  76. What a disappointing night, so far anyway, very thankful for OT,it’s been a comfort hearing from others. Jenna looked great!

  77. Finally some good news!!

    I am so grateful that if anyone is going to get kudos, it is the mastermind behind The Office, Greg Daniels!

    A round of awesome blossoms for the room…and make ’em extra awesome :)

  78. We WON best writing!! YAY Greg Daniels and the rest of the writers. I am so vindicated that we won one that we fully deserved. And Gay Witch Hunt is one of my favorite episodes that always makes me laugh so I am so happy it won.

    The Office: still the best show on earth.

  79. Steve is presenting Variety Music Comedy series and they ran some footage of Rainn, Jenna and John talking about how great he is, possibly backstage on the set of the show?

  80. Go Greg Daniels! It’s about time. This almost makes up for Jenna’s loss. Nope, never mind.

  81. Did you see BJ’s date during the Kanye/Rainn bit? She is chomping gum like a horse. Very dignified.

  82. YES! If there’s anything they SO deserve it’s for the writing!!! Go Greg Daniels.

    haha, how funny was that Rainn bit?

  83. Ricky…Gervais? Wow. Who saw that coming? He’s totally deserving, too. And that was hilarious, with Steve running onstage…I don’t know how to feel about this. The Emmy’s just totally confused me.

  84. okay, that was unexpected!
    steve carell lost to ricky gervais…
    and it was my favorite moment of the emmys so far!

  85. Woo hoo. Rainn and Kanye. LOL. I just started a facebook group pertaining to this years emmys its called “The Office” loses out at the Primetime Emmy Awards. Boo.

  86. Okay…so Steve didn’t win. Man…this is horrible!!! Who the heck is Ricky anyway..ahhhhhhhh!!!

  87. ok… this just sucks and is getting ridiculous! steve, rainn and jenna lost? DUDE! i did like steve getting on stage with steve colbert and john stewert. rainn and kanye were the best!

  88. So sad for Steve not winning, though I do love Ricky Gervais. I loved that moment with Steve and Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, though – best thing tonight! I’m sadly not optimistic about The Office winning now.

  89. omg!! that steve, jon, and stephen moment was one of the best things ive ever seen!!! haha i love it!!!! :D and LOVED the office video!

    i wish steve, rainn and jenna would have won :/..but yay for greg!! also that rainn and kanye thing was funny, especially rainn rapping at the end! lol

    still crossing fingers for best comedy!!

  90. I bet Ricky Gervais is like, “yeah, in your face, guy who plays me with an american accent!”

  91. The whole scene of Steve running on stage… SO funny and the very reason why he should have won! Seriously! ugh

  92. Steve getting on stage was hilarious! What a good sport! The Office cast continues to be the funniest people at the Emmy’s

  93. I was so confused when Steve ran on stage. It was hilarious, but I thought for a moment that Ricky winning was a joke, and that Steve actually did win! So my emotion was – sad, overjoyed, depressed but amused.

  94. The Office isn’t winning many awards but they are basically stealing the emmy show itself. It’s almost as if the Emmy Board felt terrible that they didn’t get any awards so instead they gave them a bunch of screen time.

  95. While I am very sad for the horrendous losses suffered by our favorite Office folks tonight, with our without the Emmys, we still have the best show on television with the most gracious and talented cast around.

  96. Well, Ricky won a Golden Globe first and then Steve won one a few years later. I only hope that the same thing happens with the Emmys, then!

  97. TIPSTER> That was one awesome job done by Stephen, Jon, and Steve in accepting the award on behalf of Ricky!

  98. I really thought they were going to give it to Alec Baldwin (who is a good actor) but if Steve didn’t get it, I am glad that Ricky got it (as #259 said). It’s so unexpected. Steve could not have pulled off running up on stage if it was anyone other than Ricky.

  99. Thanks so much for this amazing blog and website, Tanster! I’m also in Pacific Time Zone, so I’m totally enjoying the fact that I don’t have to wait through the show to see if The Office won. Still keeping my fingers crossed for Best Comedy…

  100. Ricky Gervais won, but he wasnt there, so Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart said that Steve Carrell won as joke. Steve came on stage and they all celebrated, but it was just a joke. But it was pretty hilarious!

  101. You’re totally right wesley (270), the office cast is totally stealing the show. They’re getting the biggest, longest laughs and the most applause whenever their nominations are announced. The Kanye/Rainn showoff and the Steve/John/Steve hug have HANDS DOWN been the highlights of the night!!!!

    …is it the 27th yet OR WHAT??

  102. I am sad that Rainn and Jenna and Steve didn’t win. They are still the best. I hope they know what loyal fans they have. And the fact that 30 Rock won was a little disappointing, I think The Office really deserved it. But, they Office will win all the Shrute bucks, Dundies, and Stanley nickels in the world. That is enough for me.

  103. oh well office lost, but they lost to 30 rock so I’m VERY happy. If it were ugly betty…yikes. But I highly recommend 30 rock it’s brilliant!

    live every week like it’s shark week.

    Happy to see a very office filled emmy night though as far as appearances and a writing award whoohoo!

  104. Devastated that The Office didn’t win, but so glad that 30 Rock took it. I’m just appreciative that it wasn’t Ugly Betty who won.

  105. I’m with all the people who said Ricky is the next best thing to Steve Carell. He is awesome, really. So kudos to him!

    And I’m also with whoever said they arent optimistic for The Office winning best comedy. I just hope it doesn’t go to Ugly Betty, which is really a dramedy.

  106. The Office lost to 30 Rock.

    But 30 Rock totally deserves it. Brilliant show. Proud to be one of its dozens of original viewers.

  107. At least the office won for writing and editing, right? no seriously, if the office couldn’t win, im glad 30 rock did, which is my other favorite comedy on television. congrats!

  108. After the way the surprising results were going tonight – Ricky Gervais, Katherine Heigel, James Spader, etc. – I wasn’t that surprised 30 Rock won. Of course I think The Office is a much better show, even though I do enjoy 30 Rock too. Oh well – I’m glad at least Greg Daniels won something. Let’s hope next year corrects everything.

  109. Well, if it couldn’t have been The Office, 30 Rock is the next best.

    If you haven’t watched it yet, you should.


    Also, this will help another great comedy get off its feet, just like last year’s win helped us.

  110. 30 Rock over The Office. This is a dream right. I’m really not watching the Emmys. This can’t be. Impossible. If you feel like I feel join the facebook group: “The Office” loses out at the Primetime Emmy Awards. Boo.

  111. UGH! WHAT THE HELL?! So ridiculous. 30 Rock is funny and awesome but The Office is a LOT better and had a much better season overall. The Office got robbed so much for that award and every other one (except Ricky Gervais who is a part of the Office family anyway). Die in hell, Emmy voters, die in the special hell.

    The Office is still the best show on TV.

  112. Well, just like I lost faith in the Golden Globes, I’ve also lost faith in the academy! What is going on?? No love for The Office tonight. Kudos to Gervais though – he is comedic genius. And, Rainn was awesome against KW.

  113. Well at least they didnt lose to Two and a half men. Congrats to 30 Rock and The Office, the real reasons comedy night is done right.

  114. I’m still happy. If “The Office” couldn’t win, then I’m thrilled that “30 Rock” did. It’s a brilliant show that, hopefully, more people will tune into this season. Plus, I’m seeing this as something really positive because now NBC has a reason to keep “30 Rock” around for, if nothing else, another season.

  115. Yes – it totally sucks that The Office lost for best comedy.

    But is it totally wrong of me to just be so happy that Ugly Betty lost? I don’t know why, but I REALLY don’t like that show.

    The Office losing to Ricky and to Jeremy and to 30 Rock somehow lessens the sting just a little…not a lot, but a little.

  116. The Office lost to 30 Rock. That’s like saying Lost won to Heroes. They are all awesome shows. It’s comparing greatness to greatness. I love what’s happening on television right now! If there was one show that I can excuse the Office losing to, it’s 30 Rock. Seriously guys the show is amazing, and funny!

  117. Very sad that The Office didn’t win for the major categories in which it was nominated, and I most surely thought our loverly Ms. Fischer would take it tonite, but alas it was not to be. However, there will – mark my words – there *WILL* be a year when The Office sweeps the Emmy’s. Maybe next year, or the year after, but it *WILL* happen!

  118. Well it just wasn’t their night. I hope they all have a great time partying tonight knowing their fans love them all.

  119. All I have to say is about tonight is:


    highlight of the evening.

  120. Oh I’m happy 30 Rock won. I would have been pissed if Ugly Betty won, not that its a bad show but I’m just still pretty angry that they won over the office at the golden globes.

    Yay 30 Rock, well-deserved. Even though some of you may not agree.

  121. frick :(
    oh well, although the office didn’t win big time, the best entertainment moments of the emmys came from the office cast.
    so we all know who really makes us laugh, and we don’t need them to win a stupid award to confirm that.

    (and yes, i am TOTALLY biased and would have been raving about the prestige of the emmys if they’d won…but that’s an obsessive fan for you)

  122. 307, you win the night with “Paper beats Rock.”
    I think this was a weird year in general for the Emmys, especially since no comedy actually “swept” the show. That makes the blow a bit easier to bear, but I’m still down that Jenna and Steve lost.
    On that note, I was happy to turn on cable after the show and discover “Blades of Glory” had just started. Nice.

  123. the office still won in my heart.
    but seriously im glad it was 30 rock. if ugly betty or entourage (especially ugly betty) won i probably would have thrown my tv out the window.

  124. I really hope someone puts up when Carell got up on stage with Colbert and Stewart and Raine with Kanye. I was dying when Raine started busting out the rest of the song and gave Wayne Bradey a pound..

  125. My heart kind of dropped inside of my body when I heard that The Office lost in the Outstanding Comedy Series section. However, I’m happy that 30 Rock won in their place.

    The Office -will- dominate next year! -Fist shaking-!

  126. We all know The Office is still the best show on tv even if they did lose to 30 Rock(which is garbage).

  127. 30 ROCK is one of my favorite shows and they deserved it… even if The Office deserved it more :P

    and I’m sad about House/Hugh Laurie not winning any awards.

  128. The Office didn’t win this year because it wasn’t as good as last year! There I said it! And 30 Rock is awesome.

    Still, Steve was robbed. Jenna was robbed. Rainn was robbed.

  129. The only thing more disappointing than watching has to be to actual attend this event and have you and all your castmates lose. Plus, how could James Spader win??

  130. 307, it wasn’t that long ago that The Office was in danger of cancellation. As that fact and the inexplicable success of Two and a Half Men attest, Nielsen ratings are far from the definitive sign of quality. Congrats to 30 Rock, which is a great show, even if The Office is still the best show on TV without par.

  131. I always knew there would be an Office/Kanye West crossover. For some reason I can picture him sitting at home watching it on Thursdays.

  132. bummmmmer.
    oh well.. if anyone else could have won best actor, i would have picked gervais. and best comedy, 30 rock.
    so i guess it’s not SO bad.
    but still.. we were robbed!

  133. Sadness that The Office didn’t win more awards. But at least they still got rewarded for the amazing writing that makes the show so great. If only The Office’s awesome actors got a little more love at the Emmy’s for the work they do…Oh well, maybe next year

    And thank you Tanster for all the hard work you put into this post…and the whole site in general. You are amazing!

  134. With Jon Stewart hosting the Oscars, he might be able to give his buddy Steve a different award for Dan in Real Life.

  135. This was such a weird show! And not just for the lack of Office wins (which I’m disappointed by, but I’ve never cared much about who wins what). It was just really awkward and unfunny and seemed slapped together, especially since last year’s was so great. The parts with the Office cast and Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert were the only bright spots, really–and more people will probably remember those moments than who won!

  136. How ironic that Ricky Gervais won the Emmy over Steve – I think SC is under appreciated because he is so absolutely funny that people kind of resent it. I’d love for him to win next year.

    I have to address all of the Ugly Betty haters – it’s not my favourite show but I think it’s pretty funny sometimes. Just over the top in a way different way than the Office is. Totally different.

    I’m a recent convert to The Office, because I was a big fan of the original and didn’t think I’d like the US version. I am SO glad I was wrong.

    Thanks for all of the great pics, videos and updates throughout the evening!

  137. i would’ve loved to have seen jon stewart and stephen colbert (really) give the emmy to steve carell. that would’ve been awesome.

    the office should’ve won comedy series…30 rock is ok, but the office was the funniest sitcom on tv this season.

    (FOTC was this summer!)

  138. At the end of the day, I think The Office had too much drama in season 3, for a comedy show, and that affected things.

    But on the bright side, the DVD was the biggest selling DVD of last week and the show has never been more popular.

  139. Even though The Office stuck out almost completely tonight (except for Greg– Go Greg!!), I’m oddly not disappointed. Because in basically every category, the winner was my next favorite.

    If anyone had to beat Steve, it should have been Gervais, who may just be the only person who deserved an Emmy more than Carell before tonight.

    And 30 Rock– my second favorite comedy, and it needed the boost more than The Office, so whatever.

    Jeremy Piven is awesome, so I can’t cry for Rainn.

    BUT!!!! I do feel really bad that Jenna lost. She was so deserving, probably more so than any other actor tonight. And Jaime Pressly is so overrated. Oh well– always next year.

  140. Ricky Gervais! Woohoo!
    Seriously, the best person to win instead of Steve. And it definitely led to the funniest part of the Emmys.
    Jeremy Piven is really funny, too.
    Jaime Pressly the only real disappointment, I like the show, but over Pam? No

  141. sad that Steve didn’t win but his acceptance celebration with John and Steven was freakin awesome! so cute…

  142. Wow. I kind of had a bad feeling going into tonight, and I thought that Steve and Rainn could lose, but to have Jenna and the entire show lose is just awful. Although this season wasn’t as good as season 2, I believe it was still the best comedy on tv this year. I love 30 Rock and it’s laugh out loud humor, but The Office is just an all around great show. What a bummer. Oh well, at least we know that this show will continue it’s great work into Season 4 and hopefully a lot longer.

  143. i feel like my soul is being kicked in the crotch… i yelled at the TV when Jenna didn’t win.. she really should have won. no one could have done more with the character of Pam and she really is one of the best actresses out there. WE LOVE YOU JENNA!

  144. Honesty says I wanted Piven and 30 Rock to win. I love The Office, but I think based on last season’s body of work, 30 Rock was a more solid show. And Piven plays the best character on television better than anyone else plays their characters. Ari Gold rules and totally deserved the win. Feel really bad for Jenna though. She deserved the win.

    Anyone need to hug it out?

  145. I agree 347 with maybe too much angst in season 3. I am REALLY hoping we get back to good ol’ fun in season 4. I absolutely have never enjoyed a show so much as I did becoming hooked on the Office last Spring. I am a late comer but definitely obsessed!!!

  146. Hi, I work for a newspaper and it just came across the AP wire that Steve Carell won for Actor in a comedy series. Is the wire wrong? I haven’t been watching…

  147. Well that’s stupid. The Emmys suck anyway…who are these people that judge? No way Jenna should have lost to Jamie Presley.

  148. 30 Rock is a good show, not as good as Office of course. I think Office caught that emmy slump that Lost suffered a few years ago.

    How the hell did that Charlie Sheen show get nominated for everything? Does anyone even watch CBS anymore?

  149. Also Conan O’Brien won who had many interns go to the Office.

    I honestly was very surprised by how the Emmy’s looked this year with the in the round set up. I think Fox dropped the ball and the Office moments were the only ones to make me laugh. That and the segments for writing of a variety series.

  150. THE OFFICE might not have been the big winner tonight, but it’s all good because it’s still OUR favorite show, and at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.

    Congrats to EVERYONE associated with THE OFFICE!! Thank you for making US happy!!

  151. The worst part of Jenna losing was that Jamie Presley’s name also starts with a J so I got excited.

    I thought Alec Baldwin should have won Best Actor, but I guess I’m happy Ricky won, because otherwise we wouldn’t have had such an hysterical moment.

  152. I’m glad 30 Rock won if is wasn’t going to be The Office. The other categories though….The Office got robbed this year.

  153. The show just generally robbed, but Steve was especially robbed. And Jenna was especially especially robbed.

  154. Re #350: Matt, totally with you. The losses for Jenna and for the show stings the most. I think “The Office” is the more admirable achievement because it works under tougher constraints; there’s a lower leeway for outrageous, wacky humor than most of its competitors in the comedy category (remember the complaints about Dwight being the building inspector?). Personally, I think “The Office” deserve the award for their brave decision not to replicate another season 2 clone and still managing to produce an excellent season of comedy despite the greater narrative burden. And it’s just plain galling that the best cast on TV doesn’t yet have an acting Emmy to its name.

    Stephen Colbert, if you need more tears to fuel that vacuum cleaner of yours, I have plenty right here.

  155. I am so sad from tonight. I had to watch an episode off the DVD to try to cheer up. This is the best show on TV, and I wish that the awards had more accurately reflected that. I’m happy for Greg, and the writing honors, but come-on; just seeing all the hilarious bits that The Office provided throughout the night should be proof enough that these are outstanding people that deserved better. :(

  156. Aww… so sad that Jenna, Rainn, and Steve didn’t win.

    Thanks for posting the video interviews! We don’t have cable and they only showed Steve’s on network.

  157. I found it funny that the Office cast had the best moments at a pretty horrible Emmys.

    1) THe video
    2) Steve jumping on stage
    3) Rainn’s rap off.

    How about that. The Office still rules the Emmys!

  158. I must say that I am very dissapointed that The Office got robbed. That was wrong on so many levels. I mean, Jenna not getting an Emmy is just blasphemy. She was the best actress in that category, hands down. Well at least I know that it IS the best comedy…nay, show on television!

  159. I am a die hard fan of The Office but am consoled by the fact that 30 Rock won best comedy, as it is a comedy classic in the making. I was extremely disappointed that Rainn Wilson didn’t win, however. That’s just sad.

  160. Things for the Office to do this season to win an Emmy: Do a Western-themed episode and have Tony Bennett on as a special guest.

    It’s hard to be disappointed with The Office’s results and the Emmys overall when ‘The Wire’ doesn’t even get a nomination and Ryan Seacrest is the host.

  161. oh man, foliage, i was swearing out loud everytime tony bennet won. why on earth should he get an emmy for performing songs he’s been performing for years and years and years? colbert and stewart have to go out every night with new material. surely that’s more deserving…?

    i was really stung when the office and jenna lost. again, 30 rock is ok, but it feels like an SNL sketch stretched out to 22 minutes. and really, i can’t sit through that much SNL.

    and jaime pressly bascially plays jaime pressly on MNIS. no disrespect to her or anything, but i don’t think playing joy is too much of a stretch for her. (same for alec baldwin; he essentially plays alec baldwin on 30 rock.)

    i was stung that steve lost…he is SO good, but if he had to lose to anyone i’m really glad it was ricky gervais. both steve and ricky are underrappreciated, and extras is off the air now so i’m glad he got that final recognition. steve’ll get em next year.

  162. Um, the Emmy’s sucked. Not only because The Office was ROBBED, but…I mean…the set (seriously, what was up with that stage?), the graphics, the host, most of the winners were pretty undeserving, too.

    Best moments of the show involved The Office cast and Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. Hands down.

  163. I love Extras, I love 30 Rock…

    But to have Ricky Garvais beat Steve Carell and 30 Rock beat The Office???

    BIG MISTAKE, just like their circle-stage design.

  164. When I watched the show live (or at least, on tape delay in the West Coast) and heard “CAH-rell”, I thought “That announcer is a dumbass.”

    I didn’t realize until I read Stephanie’s post that Colbert did the announcing since he presented, so it makes it 1000x funnier.


    ^I don’t know what everyone else was watching, but this was the Emmy’s that should’ve been on tonight.

    The Emmy’s this year was just half a joke and that’s not including this year’s pathetic round-design concept of a stage.

    I love 30 Rock even own the DVD set, but the episodes are always either a hit or miss for me especially the Tracy Jordan character (funny at times, overkill the next). Lough out loud funny? Not even close to The Office.

    I like Extras and Ricky Garvais character is brilliant in a dark kind of way, but no way in blue plastic bottle carpets “FUNNIER” than Steve freakin’ Carell.

    I wished Jenna would’ve won too but I love My Name Is Earl and Jamie Presley really had one of her funniest act of the series this season. Rainn’s category was very tough, especially him going head to head with Jeremy Piven. But next year baby, bring it home next year guys!

  166. Btw… Yahoo! News night edition have mistakenly printed Steve Carell as winning Best Comedy Actor:


    “Actor, Comedy Series: Steve Carell, “The Office,” NBC.”

    Gotta admit, Steve’s name looks good in there though…

  167. I fell asleep before the end of the show and it was sad discovering that our beloved show lost this morning! :( We still know it’s the best!

  168. The worst thing about Extras (other than it being a self-indulgent, poor plotted and characterised piece of crap) is Gervais’ performance.

    An embarassing decision.

  169. looking through the full list I see that The Colbert Report and House received nada as well. how pathetic

  170. Ricky Gervais was phenomenal in the 2nd season of Extras and 30 Rock is damn good.

    Awards don’t mean that much, The Office is still one of the best shows on TV, but I think 30 Rock benefits from the recognition a lot more than The Office would.

    And like I said, Ricky Gervais is phenomenal. For you guys to be mad that the man who created the entire concept of The Office won a well-deserved Emmy just doesn’t make sense. Are you having a laugh?

  171. All together, I thought the show was dull. But I don’t know what they were expecting after the genius that is Conan hosted last year.

    If Steve couldn’t win, then I am more than OK with Ricky winning – I loved “Extras” (although I would have rather seen Stephen Merchant win for his Darren Lamb character). But the highlight of the show was definitely Steve, Stephen and Jon going crazy – BRILLIANT!

    I think Rainn and Jenna both got robbed. Jenna was amazing this year, and Rainn really pushed Dwight further into the demented but endearing realm. At least he beat Kanye…

    Thank you Office staffers for providing the sadly few but best parts of the entire broadcast! You’re all winners in my heart!

  172. I’m not gonna say that Jaime Pressly didn’t do a good job as Joy, but c’mon. Anyone can play a foul-mouthed, crazy white trash lady. Only Jenna Fischer could have portrayed Pam’s character as well as she did.
    Also, 30 Rock is decent, but it’s no Office. Was anyone else pissed when Tina Fey called her cast “the best cast in television”? I mean, to take an award that doesn’t belong to you is one thing, but that statement is just a flat out lie.

  173. My thoughts on the Emmys? It started out OK with Stewie and Brian from Family Guy but went quickly down hill from there. Ryan Seacrest should never ever have been the host. The guy is dreadfully unfunny and has no personality at all. The best moments of the night, as others have said, came from the cast of The Office with the video Rainn, John and Jenna made for Steve, Rainn winning the Kanye West rap off and of course Steve accepting Ricky Gervais’ Emmy with his buddies John Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Other than that, it was flat, boring and censored (IMO, Sally Field should just say thank you and keep her political views off TV, even if they are truthful).

  174. Feel like I’m beating a dead horse but it’s definitely no coincidence that our little cast that could stole the show last night. Rainn’s actual rap at the end seemed improvised and rocked hard.

    Loved the Daily Show triumvirate celebration and I really enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek joke of Steve stealing Ricky’s role and now his award. I bet Gervais LOVED it. It also seemed like something they could have improved on the spot…just because they could.

    Seriously, the show should have had a “sponsored by Dunder-Mifflin” sign somewhere.

  175. i think those videos might have been deleted already by youtube. i can’t access any of them anymore. i only got about halfway through… :( oh well, at least i saw the rap-off and group hug!

  176. I turned the Emmys off after Jenna didn’t win. I already didn’t think Ryan Seacrest was funny at all and that round set was just horrible…but I was holding out because I wanted to support Jenna by watching her triumph live. I honestly thought it was going an obvious win–unlike Rainn and Steve, who were up against really great actors in their categories.

  177. Forget awards!!! Just remember, Seinfeld only won once and that’s probably the greatest show ever. It lost to Frasier 5 years in a row!!!

  178. Darn straight Jenna’s a hair and makeup favorite! The girl is beautiful everyday and was stunning last night. She better be on more “best” fashion lists….

    Oh and #380 Stephanie… I too laughed soo hard at “CAH-rel” great moment. :)

  179. I actually thought that the whole show was quite watchable. I was really sad that Jenna, Rainn, and Steve didn’t win…but big congrats to Greg Daniels. That was a BIG win for the show. If The Office couldn’t win best comedy, I’m glad 30 Rock did, come on guys, at least it wasn’t Ugly Betty. Rainn and Kanye’s Rap-off made my week, as did Steve jumping up on stage with John Stewart ans Stephen Colbert…the whole show was Office-tastic!

  180. I LOVE MINDY’S DRESS…her makeup is smashing, as well. She looks fabulous. She makes my vote for best dressed “Office” celeb. Yay Mindy!

  181. I didnt see anything phenomenal in Gervais’ performances in either season of Extras, or anything he’s been in since The Office

    One of the reasons I adore your version of the show is that has moved so far away from Gervais and Merchant’s extremely limited style of comedy. I like the UK series but it never deserved the ‘genius’ tag it and Gervais were daubed with. (People Like Us had used the mockumentary to greater effect without the hoo-ha The Office got).

    Good point ‘The Kid’, Jason Alexander was criminally unrewarded also for playing the greatest sitcom character ever

  182. Although I was hoping for an Office win, I was really happy for 30 Rock, even if I’m not on of the dozens who watch it religiously…anyways, hopefully The Office will take this as a note to step it up in the 4th Season and make it as good as the 2nd!

    But come ON…this was supposed to be Jenna’s year!

  183. I truely believe that the show is for the fans. It still seems like such a tiny show, we don’t need the flashy awards. It would have been nice to get them, but it in a way, it feels like the fact that Steve, Jenna and Rainn didn’t win keeps the show small and intimate.

    Group hug= awesomeness.

    The J – on Jamie, OH MAN, especially because Jenna said that thing about the Office being the only show that begins with ‘the’ when they DID win (i think it was last years Emmys)

    10 days!!!

  184. I haven’t seen any mention of Creed on the red carpet. Can’t remember where I saw it because I was channel flipping to get Emmy news — I think maybe it was the Fox morning show. A reporter complimented Creed on his tux and asked him who he was wearing. He said he wasn’t sure, looked inside the jacket and said, “Hmmm, NBC Wardrobe Department.” Did anyone else see it?

  185. Jenna is beautiful, no doubt about that, but that dress looked like she pulled a Scarlett O’Hara with her living room curtains.Come on Jenna,you’re playing in the bigs now- get a decent stylist.

  186. Was the whole bit of giving the award to Steve Carell totally improvised? If so that was even more amazingly funny.

  187. GettyImages has some cute backstage pictures of Rainn and Kanye. Duet, please?

    Woo for Greg Daniels and Ricky Gervais!

  188. the office cast stole the show in my opinion. they had little moments and segments through the whole show, which for me was a dead giveaway that the were NOT going to win, simply because they (the emmys)wanted them to still have all the glory before 30 rock (my other favorite comedy) stole their thunder. Congrats to the Office’s success and it will still be my favorite show on tv. Kudos to all!

  189. That Steve and Jon and Stephen moment made my entire week. They are three of my favorite people. I’m sure Ricky did get a big kick out of it. Awesome.

    And by the way, Jenna is beautiful but the bow? When she was on the E! preshow and I saw the bow before I realized it was her. We love you Jenna but just say no to the bow!

  190. I was so happy when Greg Daniels won and especially loved it when he referred to “The Little Red Hen” in describing his relationship with the cast and crew. He brought back happy memories of my grandmother reading that story to me and my cousins when we were little.

  191. I guess I’m still a little bitter about last night, but in my heart, I know that they’re the smartest,funniest comedies out there.
    Slightly unrelated, I thought Jenna looked great. Its disappointing that she’s making it on some worst dressed list, I think its nice that someone actually used their own head and didn’t depend on a stylist.

  192. Congrats Greg!!!

    We’re still healing from the losses, but I can’t wait another week!

    I love “The Office” so so so much, and I love this cast so much, watching them last night was so amazing, how humble they all are makes me so happy to be a fan!

  193. Jenna’s always one for honesty, so when she says no sloppy JAM kiss yet, does she mean, yes, there is kissing? Hmmmmm . . .

  194. Aww…I just want to kill myself for missing the emmys last night. :( I’m glad to hear that The Office won something. And even if our faves were beat, the emmys still went to deserving people. But I still feel just sick over missing them. Thanks for posting all the videos and pictures Tanster, I’ll see what I missed. :)

  195. Could someone summarize what Brian has to say about Fun Run for me? I can’t get the video to load on my computer. Maybe post the summary in the Spoilers Section or something?

  196. So disappointed that the Emmy’s robbed The Office but very happy for Greg Daniels!

    Gay Witch Hunt was one of the best of the season!

    They really did steal the show, the rest of the it sucked and apparently a lot of people agree lol

  197. I am not sure what people are talking about with how Jenna looked at the Emmys. She could wear nothing and I think she would look gorgeous. Er…um…oops. Never mind.

  198. Hmm… definitely a dodgy awards show for the ladies of the Office fashion-wise (in that less than half the female cast pulled off their respective outfits). I know you can do better, Phyllis, Mindy, Jenna, and Melora (oh my god Melora really!)
    On the other hand, Kate, Rashida, and Angela were all absolutely stunning, so really they almost make up for the others.

  199. hi Claire, thanks for the link! As Bob Vance said, there were richly-deserved Emmys for Dean & Dave, and for Greg. And although it’s nominally for “Gay Witch Hunt”, I think it’s also often seen as an award for the whole writing team (as Greg so graciously acknowledged in his acceptance speech).

    Being a stereotypically obtuse male, I’ve no sense of fashion whatsoever, but I agree with Stephanie (#417) in that I thought Jenna looked lovely on Emmy night. I love too that in the latest “Best Dressed” list, Jenna is being compared to the glamor as depicted in the show “Mad Men”, which is about the corporate advertising industry in 1960. I’ve been catching the eps off iTunes over the summer, and I think it’s a wonderful show with great writing (seriously, the writing on this show is terrific) and a great cast…not unlike “The Office” :)

  200. I stopped watching it after Jenna got beat out by Jaime. Oops xP

    Was there an episode last night? My friend and I were having an office party for next week’s episode! Yay!

  201. I would like to edit my last post (number 435). I did not get a particularly good look at Jenna’s dress, she did look as gorgeous as most of you have been saying. Apologies to the awesome lady who looked awesome and will never, ever read this :P

  202. Rashida looked the best of the girls in my opinion (I love Melora, but we need to talk about her dresses), and my usual John-Vs-BJ inner debate wasn’t so much as a debate as a acknowledgement of the creepyness of BJ’s facial hair (John usually wins anyway)

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