Target’s Booze Cruise video blog package

As mentioned in The Office Season 2 DVD store specials post, Target is selling The Office Season 2 DVD with an extra goodie: a video blog filmed by Jenna Fischer during the “Booze Cruise” episode.

A few notes about this package:

  • At my local Target, there were Office DVDs labeled with the Booze Cruise sticker, and others that weren’t. Make sure you get the one with the sticker! The sticker says “Target Exclusive Bonus Content Booze Cruise Video Blog!”
  • The Target package has a total of four discs, same as the standard set. While the Sunday ad shows that Disc 4 (the one with Pam) contains the special video, in my package it was Disc 2 (the one with Dwight). The disc is clearly labeled “Includes Exclusive Bonus Content: ‘Booze Cruise’ video blog.”
  • The video blog is about eight minutes long.