Target’s Booze Cruise video blog package

As mentioned in The Office Season 2 DVD store specials post, Target is selling The Office Season 2 DVD with an extra goodie: a video blog filmed by Jenna Fischer during the “Booze Cruise” episode.

A few notes about this package:

  • At my local Target, there were Office DVDs labeled with the Booze Cruise sticker, and others that weren’t. Make sure you get the one with the sticker! The sticker says “Target Exclusive Bonus Content Booze Cruise Video Blog!”
  • The Target package has a total of four discs, same as the standard set. While the Sunday ad shows that Disc 4 (the one with Pam) contains the special video, in my package it was Disc 2 (the one with Dwight). The disc is clearly labeled “Includes Exclusive Bonus Content: ‘Booze Cruise’ video blog.”
  • The video blog is about eight minutes long.


  1. The geniuses at my Target only put out the non blog DVD’s. After I called to let them know I didn’t get the feature they put them out, and allowed me to exchange my copy.

  2. I got my Best Buy version today and the guy in front of me was buying one, too. They only had about 20 in the store, so I’m glad I got there right when they opened. Am I an Office geek or what? :) There were actually quite a few people there at opening time, but most were buying Star Wars or Grey’s Anatomy. I know, I know, TMI.

  3. I just bought mine at Target a couple hours ago, I’m trying to rip the video blog for everyone. I’ve never ripped a DVD before, if I’m successful I’ll make sure everyone gets it.

  4. Had my grandma buy it at Target this morning. LOL She’s huge Office fan, so she didn’t mind. And she’s getting a free Season 1 DVD.

  5. I just got back from Target in Seattle (Northgate). They only have 20 copies.

    Something tells me these will be selling for a LOT of money on ebay.

  6. I’m uploading the video blog now on Youtube, it’s going slow but should be available to everyone in a little bit.

  7. I just picked up mine from Best Buy before work and after school. $42.99 is an awesome price for both seasons. I’ll just watch the video blog online.

    I can’t wait to get home and watch some of it.

  8. I watched a few of the deleted scenes already (couldn’t help myself). Some are so funny, it’s hard to imagine how tough it must have been to decide what to cut out of the original episode and what not to. It’s testament to how great this show really is -so well written, and so well acted. This DVD set is going to sell a lot of copies.

  9. went to a local target at lunch a few minutes ago and they were SOLD OUT!! i’m scared right now. hopefully by the time i get to Circuit City they haven’t “fixed the glitch.”

  10. Does anyone know where to get this version buying on line??
    Both Target and BestBuy don’t ship internationally *pouts*

  11. I made the mistake of ordering from Amazon, so now I’m at the mercy of the postal service to decide when I get it in the next few days. It’s probably a good thing, since I have so much homework I can’t afford distractions.

  12. Sorry for just getting back on this. My original purchase did not have the sticker on it, and there was no Booze Cruise blog. The guy said only the ones with the sticker have the blog.

  13. Did anyone actually confirm (by loading the disc and checking) that the non-stickered Target versions don’t have the extra content? When I bought my DVDs this morning, I noticed that difference and I mentioned it to the Target employee who was standing there (still stocking newly released DVDs). He said all of those are exactly the same, regardless of whether they have the sticker, because they all came from the same box. Of course, I can’t confirm this, but it makes some sense (it seems unlikely that they’d intermingle two versions in the same box).

    I bought one with the sticker, just to be safe.

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