Best Buy’s DVD Severance Package

As mentioned in The Office Season 2 DVD store specials post, Best Buy is selling an Office DVD Severance Package, including DVDs for both Season 1 and Season 2, and a nice little set of goodies.

The box design is clever — it looks like a Mini-Me version of a real business moving box. It’s the perfect size for storing your Office DVDs, and maybe even a couple more!

And you must try calling the phone number listed on Dwight’s business card:

Here are some photos …

Best Buy The Office Severance Package 1

Best Buy The Office Severance Package 2

Best Buy The Office Severance Package 3

Best Buy The Office Severance Package 4


  1. I got the Target version with the booze cruise video. Now I wish I would’ve gotten this one…That’s so awesome!

  2. I pre-ordered mine from, and today they told me it was on backorder:

    The item listed below is not yet available to be shipped. We expect to ship it within the next 1-2 weeks. We will ship the item earlier if it becomes available.

    We apologize for any inconvenience. If you would like to cancel this item from your order or have questions, call us toll-free at 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289) . For faster service, tell us the order number when you contact us.

    I guess I’ll be swinging into my local store! :-)

  3. Just got a busy signal at Dwight’s phone number.

    Hey… just for fun… can anyone make a digital recording of the message at Dwight’s phone number and post it? (1-800-984-DMPC)

  4. Could someone post all pics from the calendar (big possible?) I just bought Target’s DVD and the calendar!

  5. Yeah, very cool set. Got mine right at opening time yesterday. And if you’re trying the number and get a busy signal, keep trying. After a few tries you’ll probably get through. At first I thought it might be like that phone number they gave out on Scrubs a few years ago (I never called it myself): Sometimes it would go to voicemail, but occasionally it would be answered by one of the actors while on the set. If only this number did that. :)

  6. When I went to Best Buy yesterday at lunchtime, the shelf was empty were the package was & I asked the kid working there if they were out & he said they had more & led me to a huge display of them in the center aisle. They must’ve had 50 there, so I don’t know how limited they really are. I debated & ended up just getting the regular ol’ version, due to lack of space for dvds & since I already have season 1. The only reason I went there is because I had a gift card that I had been saving for months I planned on using just for season 2. So I guess the point of this is if you go to Best Buy & it’s not on the shelf, they may have a bigger display of them elsewhere. I was actually surprised there were so many after hearing it was limited to 20 per store.

  7. It took me all day but I finally got through. It was really funny. I really liked what he said at the end and the whole Lord of the Rings bit.

  8. I got serevance package and it is awesome! I adore all the little tidbits in the calendor and all the Dunder Mifflin things make me feel like Pam at my computer. :D I haven’t tryed to phone number yet but you bet once I get home it’s the first thing I do!

  9. Might I add, this may be the most awesome thing I’ve ever bought. My mom went to Best Buy, first in the store, and grabbed it. It is AMAZING, and I love the box sooooooooooooooooooooo much!

  10. Awwwww man – I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OMG – I am listening to Dwight’s voicemail right now. That is hysterical!

  11. Yeah, I was kinda mad because John wasn’t on any of the good commentaries.! =[

    Like Casino Night or The Dundies.
    Yeah, i was mad.
    i loved the audio on the business card!! =]

  12. Since this has been the latest DVD post I’d figure I’d put this here:

    Did anyone else notice the extra moment in “Michael’s Birthday” right before Jim wishes Michael a happy birthday? Something to the effect of Michael eating a lot of cake, sugar crashing, and then the actual work gets done.

    I about freaked…

  13. YES!!! I got the last severance package at the best buy in marin city….
    Well the last one unless they restock… I got there, and I saw the first shelf of the season 2 dvds, and I thoguht they didn’t have any left… but then I asked a sales assocaite and he thought there was no more left either, except we cehcked another shelf, and bam! there was one more..
    great story I know..

  14. Oh man. Wouldn’t ya know. This comes out AFTER I bought seasons 1 and 2 already. I tried calling the 800# but kept getting a busy signal this morning. :-( Just isn’t my day today. Yes, I am having a case of the Mondays. :-(

  15. Oh wow!! Look at comment #8 above!! Dare to dream one of the actors answering this 800# line. OMG! I would freak or pass out or just make a blithering idiot of myself if that happened. OMG. Too funny!!!

  16. These are sold out everywhere.. They went very quickly. I would like to buy it, if you have it still sealed please contact me to negotiate a price.

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