The Office Season 2 DVD store specials

Here’s a rundown of stores that sell The Office Season 2 DVD and the deals and/or goodies they offer:

the office target ad

Target —
The Office Season 2 DVD, $34.99

Includes: Booze Cruise video blog (quantities limited, no rain checks)

Source: DVD Talk Forum and Sunday paper insert

Read more about the Booze Cruise video in Jenna’s MySpace blog!

the office best buy ad

Best Buy —
The Office: Severance Package, $49.99
(initially on sale for $42.99)

Includes: Season 1 DVD, Season 2 DVD, Dunder-Mifflin notepad, pen and magnet, sticky notes, and calendar

Source: and Sunday paper insert

Photos of Best Buy’s Severance Package

the office circuit city ad

Circuit City —
The Office Season 2 DVD, $29.99

Includes: 3 free downloadable cell phone games

Source: Sunday paper insert — The Office Season 2 DVD, $32.49
Includes: free shipping

The release date is Tuesday, September 12th. (Although Colin wrote me to say that he’s already seen the gift set at Best Buy, so you may want to check your local stores … )

Thanks to Allysa for the tip and to Mike at the LiveJournal Dunder Mifflin community for the info!

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  1. i think i might have to cancel my amazon pre-order and pick it up from target. a bonus disc from booze cruise, my second favorite episode, can’t go wrong for only 2.50 more. plus amazon says it’s not going to ship until the 16th and arrive at my doorstep on the 21st. what a rip off!! thanks for the heads up tanster.

  2. note pad??? mug??? i’m all over that, except that i already own the season one….but maybe i could gift that to someone…oh the temptation!

  3. Eric — I totally didn’t realize I could cancel my Amazon order. Thanks for mentioning that. Did and will be at Target at 8 a.m. that morning.

  4. This is perfect! I was holding out on buying S1 with the hope that they might package it with S2. I’m gonna head to Best Buy today and see if they happen to have it in stock already. Thanks for the tip, tanster!

  5. oh sure, i was hoping you could cancel it before it shipped and thankfully you could. yea i wonder what time target opens, looks like i’ll be going into work late because the site said the booze cruise disc is “while supplies last.”

  6. I’m definitely thinking about going a day early and see if its out. I might even ask if its in the back, if its not out.

  7. The Target deal is really, really tempting. So is the Best Buy deal since I don’t own Season 1 yet…

    Decisions, decisions…

  8. OH my god, Best Buy is the awesome. What a great bundle package!! *is in Heaven* I’m going to wake up at like 6 AM and get there…or just pre-order it, haha! :) Can’t wait for the 12th!! *woot!*

  9. There’s no Target where I live so I think I’ll head off to Zellars in hopes of a good deal.

  10. I’m all over the Best Buy package. I’ve been looking for some kind of offer for both seasons, but those bonus gifts are just the perfect touch.

  11. Now I’m torn :(.

    Extra video blog or sweet goodies?

    … Any idea if the calender with the Best Buy one is the same one from a few posts back?

  12. I broke down and bought the Best Buy gift set. But I have sources and I’ll have a family member buy season two at Target and get me the bonus disc.

    The calendar is awesome. It’s a monthly planner and it’s got Michael’s notes in it. LOL “Find out what country Kelly is from”

  13. Dang it! My mind was all set, too! I was totally gun-ho about buying the Target one for the extra footage and then Colin had to mention the kick-ass calendar! Dang. Thanks a lot, Colin :-P

    But really: Office goodies or video blog? This sucks.

  14. Maybe we should set up an eBay group where people who buy multiple packages just for the goodies can sell off their duplicate discs to people who just want the basic discs. It would be a win-win-win, right? ;)

  15. Check your Target early! I was in mine on Monday and they actually had the season 2 DVD out already. There was a sign below that said The Office season 1 $17.99. But I am positive that it was season 2, the cover had Michael peering through the blinds. There was a sticker on the packaging advertising the extra Booze Cruise disc. A major mess up on my Target’s part. I already pre-ordered from Amazon so I didn’t buy it, but now I’m kicking myself. I might go back and see if it’s still there and then cancel my Amazon order.

  16. Colin, you are a SWEETHEART — thank you for posting those!

    We’ve never seen the inside DVD cover before, it looks great!

    The calendar looks really cute, too.

  17. I’m definitly cancelling my order from Amazon. But now what do I do? Target or Best Buy? I already have season 1, but all of the other stuff in the severence package is so tempting! But the extra disc sounds really cool too. I know my husband would be mad if I bought both. I guess I got a week to decide…….

  18. “Stop calling mom. Interrupts her Law & Order.”

    Ha! That’s great.

    Just my opinion, but since I already have S1, I’d way rather have the bonus video blog than the severance goodies. Seriously, they’re cool, but in a few weeks I’d feel about them like Ryan did about his Olympic medal. I’m hitting Target tomorrow to see if they have it early or if there’s any display out.

  19. Oh man.. I already pre-ordered from Amazon. AND I live in Canada and we don’t get all these goodies and deals!! And all of it seems soooo awesome..
    I’m sad now :(

  20. *If* I get the bonus disc from Target, I’d be willing to burn copies of it to send to people. But I don’t really know right now which one I’ll choose!

    I do like your swapping idea Jennie! Maybe I could do that as well…….

  21. Thanks for the pics!!!

    I need to go to Best Buy NOW (well, it’s late so… hopefully tomorrow). I really hope they messed up and have it for sale early.

  22. You guys are so lucky. I’ve been to multiple Targets, and multiple Best Buys (and Costco, Walmart, BN and a few other places) with no luck whatsoever.

  23. Costco would’nt be a good place to find it early. My dad works and has told how if anything is released early there, at the cash register it won’t even go through. So, you’d be left embarassed.

    What’s great about getting it today was getting to watch the final webisode a day early. LOL

  24. Hey, I was just looking on Best Buy’s site and noticed they now how the set on sale for $42.99. It doesn’t say how long the sale runs–maybe it’s just to get people to pre-order–but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

  25. Ah, good to know about Costco. Last night, I was actually saying to my wife that I’m surprised that all stores don’t check the dates at the register. It doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to do, and it would make premature sales a lot less common. Most of these stores already have the street date in their computer systems anyway. Especially if there are fines for selling stuff early, you’d think they’d be willing to put a little effort into avoiding it. The only real downside I see is that there might occasionally be an incorrect date in the system, which would prevent them from selling something that’s legitimately released.

  26. just like everyone’s saying, this is crazy. already got season 1 but now with BBuy lowering their price, you can’t go wrong with that. but then i want the booze cruise dvd. that would be a great idea to burn copies and trade through ebay or get info through myspace. i gotta go to target and best buy today to see if they messed up and put them out early.

  27.’s got it for 8 cents less than Amazon, but with $1.40 shipping, so really $1.32 more than Amazon…

  28. What does this extra disc contain? Just some video blogs about Booze Cruise? What’s the running time on it? Is it worth passing up the Best Buy package? Ah! Too many questions!

    The Best Buy package looks good because my copy of season one is pretty beat up(Don’t let people borrow stuff), but I don’t know the point of the other goodies: I wouldn’t want to ruin it, because, c’mon, it’s “The Office” stuff, but what good is it otherwise?

  29. yes, can someone please explain this whole booze cruise dvd and who has it ? (amazon,best buy,target) thanks.

  30. Question:

    Yesterday, I almost pre-ordered on Best Buy and was going to select pick up in store, to get it on Tuesday and avoid shipping costs… But now that it’s on sale for $42.99, there is no option to pick up in store. Does anyone know if that’s still going to be possible? Is the $42.99 price an in-store price too??

  31. Yeah, I was wondering that, too. Like, will it still be on sale once it’s…on sale? The “pick up in store” option didn’t work for me even before the sale price was posted, so maybe it’s a pre-sale thing. Hopefully they’ll “fix the glitch.” (a little Office Space for ya there)

  32. I’m literally *this* close to cancelling my Amazon order and getting it from Best Buy, but my decision would be far easier if I could do store pick-up.

  33. I second Nikki and Trent. I want to know how long this Booze Cruise dvd is. I’ll probably just go for that one anyway, even though i would LOVE to have that calendar…

  34. I think I figured out what I’m gonna do now!! I’m gonna get both the one from Best Buy and the one from Target. One of the season 2 DVD sets I’ll give to a friend of mine for her birthday/christmas present. I’ll also get rid of season 1 somewhere and then I have ALL of the goodies from both!

  35. I guess target is the only one that has this booze cruise dvd but its weird bc this is the first I have heard about this. i mean, wouldnt they just include that in the normal dvd set? why would target just have it. weird…..

  36. It’s quite common for a single store to have a special promotional extra (just as BestBuy does with the Season 1/Season 2 pack).

  37. Has anyone actually SEEN the Target offer themselves? Someone was questioning it at NA. I’ve been counting on getting the set there. I hope it’s not too good to be true.

  38. Brian, I wondered about that, too, since our only source for this is the DVD Talk Forum. As soon as any of you guys see Target’s weekly flyer for next week, please report back!

  39. Check comment #21, looks like Keri’s already seen the DVD with a sticker promising the BC disc.

    The extra goodies at BB are nice but not essential to me–but I’m a total completist and have to have all of the bonus features so Target’s the place for me…although I really, really hate exclusives with a passion–let everyone get all the material!

  40. I just got an e-mail from Amazon saying that my DVD has shipped. We’ll see when it arrives…..

  41. I now have confirmation of the Target special, as shown in the print ad I’ve scanned and attached to the post. Contrary to what was reported by DVD Talk, I do not think that the bonus content is on a separate disc — the ad shows Pam on the disc, and that is Disc 4 from the standard set.

    I’ve also included a Circuit City ad …

  42. Does anyone know off hand if Target tends to have the new release DVDs out right when they open Tuesday morning? I’m planning to swing by on the way to work.

  43. Yeah, they usually do. I’ve only had one set not out in the morning and that wasn’t a hit show.

  44. Just speculating, but do you think the Booze Cruise log is perhaps some of Jenna’s behind the scenes camera work? She did mention in a past blog that she took a lot of pics (that she hoped wouldn’t see the light of day)…just wondering if this disc has some of that footage. Either way, it will be on youtube in a week but I’m still buying it.

  45. GMMR, that’s what I’m thinking, too.

    I’m wondering about one other thing: the initial report of what would be in the DVD set included something called “Behind the Scenes of the Commentary Sessions” on Disk 4, and yet I can’t find it. Was this removed?

  46. 2 questions for those of you who’ve already get your sets:

    For the people who bought the Severance Package, inside the box, are Seasons 1 and 2 plastic-wrapped individually?

    I was also wondering if you could tell me about the content of the bonus features (profanity in the gag reel? Deleted scene content?); I have Office fans of all ages in my family and I want to be sure I don’t click on anything too age inappropriate during a family viewing.

  47. Crystal, no profanity in the blooper reel or any of the deleted scenes that I recall. However, there may be a few “sh*t”s in the commentaries.

  48. At the end of the blooper reel, I think Steve says f*** but it comes out sounding like “fa” because of other noises.

    And no the DVDs weren’t wrapped in the severance package.

  49. Wow, it really does suck right now to live in another country and not be able to buy that severance package.

  50. Good news for anyone who ordered from Amazon. I got an e-mail that says mine has shipped and will arrive by Friday. That’s much quicker than they first indicated, and I didn’t order that early.

  51. so exactly how many dics IN TOTAL is the target set? is it 5 total or 4? because i know there are the actual episodes on three of the dics and the fourth disc is completely special features. so is that what they’re talking about when they say a “special booze cruise disc?”

    and if there are 5 discs, how long in minutes is the video blog? anyone know?

  52. Actually the episodes are spread across the four discs; 1-6, 7-12, 13-18, 19-22; Jenna mentioned in a response on her blog that she thinks it would be about 15 minutes long. My guess would be a separate disc outside of the regular set.

  53. Anyone have an idea if the Bestbuy package is available in Canada? No luck finding it on :(

  54. To answer my own question: Canada has no special offers. Apparently Canada hates The Office (or NBC hates Canada.) I’m really upset!

  55. thanks Marc for answering your own question – I was going to ask about it.

    DOWN WITH CANADA! (well, okay, – just it’s disliking for the office)

  56. jenna actually responded to my question and said she thinks the footage is 15 min, my final decision is target. i’ve gotta take the 15 minutes of footage over pieces of paper and a pen that i won’t want to use cause i don’t want to ruin them, but then they’ll just sit on a table or something just wasting space.

    15 min of booze cruise footage shot by jenna herself, gotta have it on dvd over often-blurry and small screen youtube.

  57. I’ve seen no special packages here in Canada either. Sucks. I just hope my local HMV will carry it.

  58. to everyone who bought the target one: is best buy’s package worth giving up for jenna’s video blog?? in your opinion?

  59. I got my S2 from Target when they first opened but no disc despite it saying it on the display price tag. I’m pretty sure it’s a separate disc because they did the same promotion for Grey’s Anatomy (which had the Target exclusive disc separate).

  60. I’m really depressed that I couldn’t cancel my Amazon order- I really wanted the target extra. Grrrr. I hope somebody uploads it??

  61. I got my DVD at Target, but it doesn’t look like I have to Booze Cruise blog. I checked all the discs.

  62. Just to let you know, I went to Circuit City today and they had it for the price of Season 1, $17.99. The display said “The Office Season 2 $17.99.” When I went to bring it to the register it rang in as the price too. Just so you know, I would get it there. Fifteen bucks is not worth the 15 minute blog dvd.

  63. Hello all-

    I just purchased the DVDs from Target. I haven’t had a chance to watch them yet (I’m still at work), but I did notice that the video blog is NOT a separate disc, it is a feature on Disc 2.

    I can’t wait to watch!

  64. I just went to get mine today at Best Buy and got up at like 8AM, haha! I wanted to make sure I was able to get there before they all ran out of the exclusive severance packages. By the time I got there at 10, they had ’em all stacked up on the floor. I was able to get the first one out of the 20 so hope you all can get yours soon too! :) Now all i gotta do is host an Office Season 1 and 2 party. *woot!*

  65. I think the Severance Package from Best Buy is worth it. The 2007 Planner is funny. It’s supposed to be Michaels I’m guessing. Ive already put the Dwight Shrute magnet on my fridge :)

  66. Say, has anyone who got the Best Buy package tried the number on the “business card” magnet? You gotta call it. Too funny. :)

  67. I went to Circuit City in Schaumburg (Chicago), IL and they had it displayed for $17.99. And sure enough, no catches, it rang up for $17.99. Talk about a score. I’d recommend going there before they jack up the price.

  68. Brad – Oh my gosh, I didn’t even realize to call that number!! I took your advice and dialed it and it took about like 10 tries before getting thorugh but hahaha, your right, it was so worth it!! I love the last part of the message, “If you going to get a paper cut, why not get cut by the best?!” Priceless.

    Eric – The Best Buy Serverance Packagae is sooo worth it, at least in my opinion! I’m sure someone will post up the Booze Cruise footage sometime soon if you don’t mind watching it from the net instead of on DVD. Good luck!

  69. Yeah, Noel, the Best Buy version is so worth it (especially since I didn’t have Season 1 yet). Plus, thanks to Derek, I just watched the video blog online (I felt a little guilty, but since it was free with purchase anyway, that’ll pass.) I’d much rather have the cool packaging and extras this came with. :)

  70. Thanks Noel. I went to Circuit City first and I actually talked to the kid ringing me up and he said yea someone in the corporate offices marked it wrong and there’s no way the individual stores can change it. So the workers know that we’re getting an amazing deal (17.99) but they can’t do anything about it.

    Also bought the Best Buy package. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I couldn’t resist. Too good of a deal.

  71. It’s true! CIRCUIT City has a error and I JUST picked up my copy at 17.99!! If you’re in Orange County, CA, go to the Circuit City off El Toro just off the 5freeway and you can for sure pick it up. There are plenty of copies left. Can’t wait to crack it open!!

  72. I stopped by the Best Buy near work to get the Severance Package. I walked in and there was a display right there, smack dab in the front (I don’t know if they’re replenishing the stock or if not many people have bought it).

    Can’t wait to watch the extras!

  73. I am going to rate this DVD box set (note i am not rating the show itself)
    The box art is nice

    The way the DVDs are held in which one DVD covering another DVD is utter nonsense

    The sleeve covering the DVD folder is also nonsense.

    Overall i give this DVD (not including the content)
    A C-

  74. I purchased mine at Circuit City. It came up at $17.99. I told the cashier that it should be more than that and she told me that it was correct. I know that they’re selling Season 1 for $17.99, and so I looked at the receipt and it read “The Office: Season 2 $17.99.” Quite a bargain!

  75. Has anybody who bought the DVD’s tried getting the free Office games that were given to the Circuit City customers? I’ve tried a bunch of times, but have had no luck. Thanks!

  76. I also got the DVD set from Circuit City for $17.99. I think thats awesome. gotta love screw ups like this….

  77. Belatedly, I agree with people that I wish the box was a bit more specific on which DVD had what special features; and the “overlapping CD pockets” inside the case are rather annoying. I guess it’s becoming a norm as a way to save money or something. What’s on the discs is pure gold of course so I guess I shouldn’t harp. :-)

  78. they should have packaged it like Arrested Development is packaged. With each DVD in its own thin DVD case

  79. Does anyone know if the problem has been corrected by Circuit City or if the sets are still selling for $17.99 as of Friday, September 15? Other stores are closer, but I will make the run to save the cash. Thanks for the info!

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