Amy’s Office walk-on role, Part 1

Following is a report from Tallyhead Amy, who got to be an extra for the episode, ‘Branch Wars.’

Hello Fellow Tallyheads! Amy here, prize winner of the walk-on role on The Office. First, let me say that I am a huge fan of OfficeTally and if it weren’t for Tanster posting the info about the contest and leaving up the link to click on every day, I would never have known about it and thusly wouldn’t have won this fantastic prize. And fantastic it was!!!

The prize people weren’t informed about any details about the walk-on part so I had no clue as to what to expect. I was trying not to get my hopes up about anything — in fact, I was fully expecting to be walking down the street way off in the distance as part of a background shot. I would have been happy with that — anything would have been great if it meant I got to be a tiny part of my favorite television show.

Reality turned out to be a hundred times better than my hopes. My guest and I had flown into Los Angeles on Thursday and our car taking us to the set picked us up at 6:30am on Friday.

When we arrived we were greeted by the prize people and the second assistant director. I was taken to my trailer(!!) which was actually Phyllis’ trailer but had my name taped over it. As we were walking toward it, we passed everyone else’s trailer and as I’m seeing familiar name after familiar name go by, I’m thinking, oh my gosh, are all these people here today?!?!?

Then I was taken to wardrobe where I was given a jacket to go with my “business casual” outfit I was already wearing. After that I headed off to hair and make-up. While I was having my makeup applied, I notice that in the area to my right is Steve Carell, also having his makeup done.

I believe some of the cast was aware that there was a contest winner on set so as he was leaving, he stopped by and introduced himself and said hello!!! He was so nice and friendly. In fact, he chatted with me a couple times during the day and made a point of saying goodbye when he was done shooting. I found it most impressive that someone who certainly did not have to speak to me at all, would go to that much trouble — it certainly says a lot about him.

Unfortunately, this concludes the spoiler-free part of my visit. The rest of my experience will have to wait until ‘Branch Wars’ airs. Until then, I’ll leave you with this picture and a clue so you will know who I am in the episode: I am walking in two shots right alongside the character the episode is centered around and I am also in the general scenes that I believe are at the beginning of the episode.

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