Win a walk-on role on ‘The Office’!

Enter the Sierra Mist “Mist Opportunity” Sweepstakes for a chance to win a walk-on role on an upcoming episode of The Office!

The Grand Prize includes:

… an opportunity to participate in a non-speaking “Walk On Role” as an extra at the taping of an upcoming episode of NBC show “The Office” … round-trip coach class airfare for two, hotel accommodations for two, and ground transportation between Destination airport, hotel, and taping location.

Participating NBC stations:

  • KNSD San Diego, CA
  • KNTV San Francisco, CA
  • WVIT Hartford, CT
  • WMAQ Chicago, IL
  • KARE Minneapolis, MN
  • WNBC New York, NY
  • KXAS Dallas, TX

The contest ends May 6th.

Tipster: thatswhatshesaid07


  1. Is this the first of many upcoming steps for the series to the marsh of true commercialization? I hope not.


    I know I have a 1 in 1,000,000 (or maybe worse) chance of winning this contest, but…!!!

    I can’t even express how awesome this is.

  3. I’m in through WNBC New York as that is where I get my news even though I live in NJ!!! You can enter once a day so I’m gonna do what I can.

    Good Luck Everyone – hopefully an OfficeTally fan will win!

    Thanks for posting about this!

  4. Boston isn’t covered….

    And 3 actors from the office are from boston! The injustice!

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever resented the fact that birthday is in November quite this much before.

  6. This just makes me want to move to one of the “specified geographic areas” until the contest is over. NOT. COOL. C’mon NBC! We should all have a chance! :(

  7. Yes, binford04, they have finished shooting Season 3, so this contest must be for Season 4, which I would guess, based on last year’s schedule, will start shooting sometime in July.

  8. New Zealand isn’t covered….and Dwight wants to come to New Zealand one day. The injustice!

    This is cool though, I really hope one of you all wins this!

  9. im not 18 yet so that sucks but i entered my sister instead, im sure she wont mind

  10. oh my god, why do i not live in one of those areas? come on nbc, this is my DREAM!!!

  11. Wait, I don’t live in any of those areas! Doh! My brother-in-law lives in the SF area, does that mean I can enter under his address?

  12. Yay! I’m eligible! One of the few times in my life I am grateful to live in Santa Clara County….

    Is it wrong that I’m already fantisizing about making smoochy faces in JK’s direction while on set? Jeezus I need a life. :-)

  13. Ai yai yai…I’m so excited I can’t spell. “Fantasizing” is what I meant…that’s much better…

  14. WHY is Boston not on here?! Do they know how many Office fans live in the Boston area?

  15. Noooo, I live like two hours outside Chicago. I can’t enter! I was sooo excited too!

  16. hm…i know this has been speculated, but could i enter under another address? would they check these things out?

  17. I am so glad I moved out to Chicago now. I am entering everyday!

    Also, seeing all these people under 18 makes so much sense now.

  18. Why IS Boston not on here? That just seems wrong, considering half the cast are from here. I know I probably wouldn’t win anyway, but I don’t want to be left out completely. :(

  19. That totally stinks that its only open for specific places. Geeze, why must they do this to me????!!!

  20. Woo hoo!!! I live in Indiana but close enough to Chicago to count.

    Plus I have two email addresses so there will be 2 entries from me everyday!!

    I still won’t win though…

  21. I really hope that my college address counts. You’d think they’d allow all of PA to enter, considering the show takes place in Scranton. :/

  22. You would think they would let Los Angeles in considering thats where it’s filmed… think about it, they wouldn’t have to pay for flight or hotel fee’s


  23. I really am disliking the geography rule. And I agree.. all of PA should be allowed, no matter what. This is BS.

  24. I really don’t like Sierra Mist for its geography discrimination. This would be such an awesome opportunity!

  25. I can’t join :( I live in Gulfport, MS. Sux; I bet I could come up with a couple ideas for episodes if I was on it lol.

  26. And to think I just moved out of the NY range and now reside in LA area, and so I guess I don’t qualify. I think I’m gonna cry…

  27. Good luck to those who live in the specific areas that qualify. Canadians just aren’t supposed to be fans I guess! ARG!

  28. I just barely qualify for the New York City geographic range… my county is the southernmost one listed in New Jersey. These are some pretty ridiculous rules… I wonder what the reasoning is behind them.

  29. why couldn’t they have had a contest for denver or columbia,mo…this sucks!

  30. curses! The last county I lived in qualified, not my current one. Oh well. Best of Luck to OfficeTally fans!

  31. Dangnabit, no Cincinnati link. I can’t believe my NBC affiliate isn’t doing this. Makes me sad in my happy places.


  32. Sucks for us in the Southeast….North Carolina man….closest is Dallas or New York.

    They really should have opened it to all people, or at least one in each state

  33. Yay for Long Island! I saw someone said that they had two e-mail addresses and they were entering with both – aren’t you only allowed one entry per person no matter how many e-mails you have?

  34. Woohoo! One of those stations is in my area. Heh. Now, how many times a day can I enter? :)

  35. Wow.
    This is unreal. My state and county are actually involved in the contest.

    Who’s excited?


    I am sorry for those that don’t qualify. I’m really shocked CT made it in. GO CT!

  36. haha being from CT, I cant believe its on there. Finally, Go Connecticut!!! Go UConn Huskies! (just added that last part in for myself)

    If I won, I dont know what I would do…

  37. I just realized that of course CT would be on there. There was a Stamford branch. DUH! I hate it when my brain functions slow. Yippie!

  38. I am really sad that the Detroit area is not included. My dreams are shattered. Good luck to the rest of you:(

  39. weird, nothing in Florida. Do they not realize it’s not fair to the people who don’t live in the huge towns. :(

    Good luck office tally fans!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. They should definitely included Scranton. Heck, maybe even only Scranton.

  41. Can’t anyone just enter? I don’t think you have to actually live in an area with one of those networks…just click any link and go fill in your information!

  42. My bad…I just read the rules and apparently you can only apply to specific station depending on where you live. Should have figured that everyone else would know what they are talking about. Sorry! Good luck to all who can enter :)

  43. I totally qualify for the San Diego range…but turned 18 exactly 2 weeks after the qualification date.

    Irony is a painful thing sometimes.

  44. This contest makes me really sad. I love the office so much but the contest only applies to US citizens.

  45. I heard about a ‘walk-on’ contest on a local Miami station today, May 10th…but Miami is not listed as a participant? What’s up?

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