1. I can’t find anything wrong with this episode! This scene was spectacular! The editors must have had such a hard time cutting this episode… Im really going to miss these 1 hour stories..

  2. These first deleted scenes are hilarious, especially Michael talking to Oscar about his CD portfolio! That would have been good in the show tonight!

  3. That was great. Even though this clip was deleted, the episode was still fantastic! Paul Liberstein, great job. Was this the first time directing? if so, he should direct more often.

  4. I love the Case Logic reference. In the age of iPods we might soon forget the Case Logic CD files we all have or have had. Too funny. Also, it seemed like this Jan/Michael discussion in the last clip was totally improvised, didn’t it? Perhaps that was just a lesser version of the scene that made it into the show. Just think how many good deleted scenes there will be from here on when they only have half hour shows…boo hoo…

  5. Aww, Michael and Jan are so cute! And I never thought I’d say that!
    I was laughing so hard at the CD bit. I was all like uh oh, he’s going to start talking about compact discs, but then he said the portfolio..so I was like oh…well maybe he DOES know what Oscar’s talking about..and then shazamm: the “portfolio” was his CD case!
    Poor Michael!

  6. What was the name Michael said he wanted to use if he ever went in the witness protection program ?

  7. Lord Rupert Everton, I think

    I love that last little bit, with Michael/Jan holding hands. That was sweet. I really love when they connect on such an adult level

  8. CDs in a very large portfolio called Case Logic….BRILLIANT!

    I also thought that Jan and MIchael at the end would have been a cuter ending.

  9. Jan has an idea how to get them out of debt…yikes!!
    By the way she said it, I think she might look to put her new “enhancements” to work…could you imagine?!

  10. Jan’s “idea” is very intriguing. And I cannot WAIT to see what it is. I got the vibe throughout the episode, especially when she bristled at Ryan’s call in the beginning, that she might be planning a comeback to business. Anyone else agree? It would be smart for her to start looking again; after all, she must have a degree or lots of experience to have gotten as far as she did (much more than Michael)…

  11. does anyone else think that michael got the name lord rupert everton from the actor rupert everett? that just makes it even funnier to me.

  12. I was so excited to see that the second deleted scene was over 3 minutes long. But lo and behold, it was only about a minute and a half and then it all replayed again. What a disappointment. But it was still hilarious.

  13. This is why I love Phyllis. Every so often you get a peek behind her sweet facade.

  14. MMM…bacon. And love that Jurassic Park shirt! Mose is such a hipster with his clothing.

  15. I didn’t think anything could be funnier than Mose running next to Jim’s car…And then they put him on a trampoline. Priceless.

    “More spins!”

  16. Aw it seemed like Pam was trying to hide the fact that their beds were pushed together (:

    and I LOVE MOSE ! Seriously that trampoline scene was one of the funniest.

  17. Ok that was just the best deleted scene, seriously, Mose jumping up and down asking for them to watch him. I just loved it! The plate of bacon, too funny.

  18. I admire Michael Schur and obviously they all had a good time filming those scenes but please, no more. Way too sitcommy. One step from Green Acres.

  19. “Where did Dwight go?”
    “To his dayplace.”
    “The office?”
    “What office?”

    Priceless. Since Mose has never left the beet farm, he has no concept of reality. Hilarious.

  20. I second the call for more Mose! You know, if Angela really wanted to get back at Dwight, she’d start dating Mose and then there’d be a reason for Mose to appear in every episode. Unfortunately, Mose is too good of a cousin to Dwight to do that.

  21. Loved hearing Mose talk! I laughed so hard at that deleted scene. Mmmm…now I’m craving bacon!

  22. “Jim, Pam, watch! Jim, Pam, watch!” aka, “Mom, dad, watch! Mom, dad, watch!”

    I can see how the scene of Mose on the trampoline could have been too much for the episode, but as a deleted scene, that is absolutely HILARIOUS.

  23. As much fun as filming that must have been, I prefer low-dose Mose. A mute, or nearly so, character is funnier, especially since Michael Schur’s appearance as Mose works but his voice doesn’t sync with the rural Mose.

  24. You know what is even more funny, I used to have that Jurassic Park shirt when I was younger.

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

    I want my shirt back Mose

  25. Elizabeth: But Mose didn’t seem to know who Angela was. They could date without him even realizing it. Of course they would all figure it out eventually, and that could be too much of a soap opera scenario. But that would be the ultimate revenge that she could exact on Dwight, I agree with you there.

  26. Seems Jim and Pam played parents all weekend…to very, very strange children. I love how they even use the parent voice.

    With all the practice they have w/ Michael and Dwight, I think they’ll do well in the future.

  27. Oh wow! Mose is so awesome. I loved the trampoline, and how it was part of the “show”. Amazing, definitely more Mose please!

  28. Cannonball! Lemonbomb! Jim Pam watch! Jim Pam watch! Jim Pam watch!
    Probably the funniest moment in the entire show’s history.

  29. I love Mose. “Everyone Poops.” That put a smile on my face, I think if Kevin heard it would have too.

  30. let’s join mental forces and try and send telepathic messages to the writers to include Mose as a more frequent fixture in the show. Helicopter!

  31. I love how the shampoo is in what looks like an old glass milk bottle. And it’s pink–made from beets, no doubt?! Too funny… I also noticed that Pam looked embarassed about the beds when she closes the door on the camera. Cute and very real.

    “More spins.” :-)

  32. Pam wasn’t embarrassed about the beds at all – it was that Jim was about to take a shower, in the middle of the room. Note the focus on their theme, “Irrigation Room,” when the door closes.

  33. I don’t think anyone has said this, but did anyone else think the “everybody poops” comment was in regards to the outhouse incident the night before? Hahaha.

  34. Mose says everybody poops, which is the title of a kids book helping them deal with bodily functions. Could that be the bedtime story Dwight reads him? Either way more Mose, but he probably works best in small doses.

  35. Dwight needs to try to get Mose a job at Dunder Mifflin – THAT would be hilarious to watch.

  36. “Did we or did we not pay for a show?” How did that not make the final cut? I know some people have complained that this ep was light on laughs. Well we can now see where they went!

  37. Re: #51

    You are amazing. I tip my hat to you and your excellent use of twss.

    [from tanster: yes, well played.]

  38. I prefer SilentMose. The visual of him jumping on the trampoline would have been enough. Hearing him talk so much…that’s like Dylan going electric. Only the opposite, because he’s Amish.

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