Angela stops by OTCR

The Office Angela Kinsey

I know this is a cliche thing to say, but Angela LOVES THE FANS. After spending a very busy day with Angela yesterday, she was determined to take some time to come into OTCR.

She was a trouper to stay in the chat room for nearly 20 minutes, because every few minutes the room would log her out! Grrr, so frustrating!

Angela talks about ‘Fun Run,’ upcoming storylines, the EW photo shoot, and asks some interesting questions.

Following is an abbreviated transcript of her visit. I didn’t get to follow along yesterday, so I’m reading it for the first time today. Thanks, you guys, for being so awesome to Angela!

And Angela, as always, thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to come in to OTCR and chat with us!

angelakinsey: howdy
Jamster: hey angela! how are you?
Angelica: hello angela
angelakinsey: san fran is great
vaughnlove: Angela, I’m so sorry about your cat!
angelakinsey: sorry i keep getting kicked out
Jamster: Sprinkles led a good life.
angelakinsey: oops
casinodundie: It happens sometimes here, even to famous people
vaughnlove: wait, is this real life/
angelakinsey: hahaha
vaughnlove: How many cats does Angela have?
angelakinsey: angela martin probably
angelakinsey: like
angelakinsey: 5?
angelakinsey: i have two
angelakinsey: i bet she feeds the neighborhood cats too
vaughnlove: what are your cats names?
angelakinsey: so are you guys mad at dwight?
casinodundie: Doesn’t the internet know who it’s dealing with?
angelakinsey: lucy and otter
Jamster: i cant be mad at dwight
vaughnlove: YES, and no
tori_weber: My husband is mad at Dwight
vaughnlove: he meant well, but it was not his place
angelakinsey: poor dwight
angelakinsey: he’s in the dog house now
Angelica: haha
angelakinsey: sit back and watch angela’s revenge
tori_weber: Yeah, I have a feeling it will be a fun storyline to explore… the farmer will have to join PETA to get any more Monkey love.
angelakinsey: aaah monkey love! the best kind
angelakinsey: a lady in the bathroom at the airport
angelakinsey: said she was sorry about sprinkles
DestroyPhone: lol
Angelica: haha
[Login] angelakinsey
[Join Room] angelakinsey -> -The Lounge-
angelakinsey: ok this internet access is gonna make me curse
casinodundie: *yuck* to the internet
angelakinsey: double yuck
jdrew: i’m just some random person, but it’s really nice to meet you all.
angelakinsey: nice to meet you guys too
Jim Mosby: Angela, so what all have you seen in San Fran?
angelakinsey: i think our fans are the best
angelakinsey: i have hit several tourist spots
angelakinsey: and met office fans
vaughnlove: nice!
mg714: Angela, are you excited about the Office convention?
angelakinsey: hit and went to Wired Magazine
angelakinsey: i am so excited about the office convention
tori_weber: How is Jennie?
angelakinsey: jennie is great sitting right next to me
tori_weber: Hi :)
Angelica: hi jennie :D
casinodundie: We read the news article about her a few days ago
Ileana: Hi, Jennie :)
vaughnlove: Hi Tanster!
mg714: Hi Jennie – hope you gals had a good day!
vaughnlove: what do you hope is in store for Dwangela?
angelakinsey: i would love for dwight and angela to have some thirsty babies
angelakinsey: i think them as parents would be hilarious
vaughnlove: hahahhaha
Angelica: haha… *nice*
mg714: Angela – did you guys have fun at the EW photo shoot?
angelakinsey: i had a blast at ew
angelakinsey: mindy asked me if my tush was digitally enhanced
angelakinsey: ha
angelakinsey: and NO it was not
Angelica: lol
vaughnlove: hahahaha
angelakinsey: that’s all me
Ileana: lol
Angelica: let the record show
Jim Mosby: I am so excited for Kelly’s scorning of Ryan
angelakinsey: the kelly wrath is awesome
angelakinsey: i am excited for ya’ll to see her play out those moments
angelakinsey: how about Jan being the crazy girlfriend
vaughnlove: insane
tori_weber: HAHA her sprawled out on the bed was great
Jim Mosby: the way she yelled at Pam was downright classic
angelakinsey: oh she gets crazier
vaughnlove: did you guys really run at all?
angelakinsey: phyllis and i have some fun stuff coming up too
angelakinsey: i ran a lot in that episode
angelakinsey: and it was soooooooo hot
angelakinsey: i think we all dropped 5 pounds
vaughnlove: really? funny. Did you have to keep doing new takes and running every time?
angelakinsey: yes! take after take running
angelakinsey: we had folks bringing us water
angelakinsey: and my big ears got sunburned!
katalina77: aww
Angelica: ouch
tori_weber: I have to say how funny the quilt was … did anyone else freeze frame it to really look at the drawings?
angelakinsey: but we were laughing as we ran
vaughnlove: OUCH
Angelica: it was great, tori
angelakinsey: the quilt was great!
angelakinsey: oh you guys i am so mean to phyllis in a few weeks
casinodundie: What’s the new whorish color this year?
angelakinsey: the new whorish color hmmm
angelakinsey: i’ll let it be a surprise
katalina77: ooooooh!
mg714: will there be another Christmas episode this season?
angelakinsey: any suggestions?
Jim Mosby: Red?
tori_weber: purple
angelakinsey: i hope the christmas ep will become a tradition
Angelica: the line you had about phyllis’ wedding dress being so white it was almost blinding you was way awesome!
angelakinsey: oh i’m way meaner than the wedding episode in a few weeks
Angelica: oh no
tori_weber: the christmas eps are great
angelakinsey: my character is sooooooo ticked about sprinkles and starts to really be a pill
angelakinsey: at the office
casinodundie: Dwight’s just opened the floodgates….as if they weren’t opened enough
angelakinsey: i gave jennie some stuff for upcoming giveaways
angelakinsey: enjoy!
mg714: so it’s carrying over to more than one more episode?
angelakinsey: oh yeah! you can’t kill a woman’s cat and not suffer for awhile
vaughnlove: awwww, Sprinkles… when Michael got upset about the cat, that was so hilarious\
angelakinsey: is that too spoilery
Angelica: haha…no, your good
angelakinsey: i LOVED that Michael of all people remembered sprinkles name
angelakinsey: that was a sweet moment
mg714: Angela, do you like doing the hourlong episodes?
angelakinsey: jenna and i have some fun scenes coming up too
angelakinsey: i like the hour longs but am looking forward to the shooting schedule of the 1/2 hour
angelakinsey: jennie says we should have an hour blooper reel
angelakinsey: and we could!
Ileana: you should!
Angelica: totally should. bloopers are sweet
angelakinsey: poor Kate keeps getting clobbered
angelakinsey: kate had a bruise on her arm
angelakinsey: really took it for the team
Ileana: aww
katalina77: aww what a good sport!
tori_weber: yeah, that roll onto the hood was impressive
mg714: that’s commitment!
Angelica: okay, i must head to a birthday party now. talk to you all later. angela, it was lovely chatting with you. thank you so much for stopping in :)
angelakinsey: have fun
angelakinsey: i gotta run soon too
angelakinsey: you guys rock
tori_weber: what is left on the agenda while you are in San Fran?
angelakinsey: and i so appreciate everything you do for us as fans
katalina77: aww thank you! you are fantastic
Jim Mosby: thank you so much for stopping by
vaughnlove: Thanks for talking to us, Angela!
angelakinsey: i think a little more sight seeing and some room service!
angelakinsey: i head to NYC tomorrow
mg714: we adore you and all the cast and crew
Jim Mosby: and thank you so much for taking the time to do things for the fans
DestroyPhone: love that you’re part of a show that deserves the praise
tori_weber: thanks! Thanks for making us laugh :)
mg714: can’t wait to see you on letterman next week
[Login] angelakinsey
[Join Room] angelakinsey -> -The Lounge-
angelakinsey: ah crap got logged out again
katalina77: what are you headed to NYC for?
angelakinsey: well i’ll blog after the trip
angelakinsey: going to do letterman and will do a signing of stuff at nbc
vaughnlove: have a great time in NY!
tori_weber: Have a nice trip :)
mg714: thanks for stopping by the chat and have a good trip to NY!

Unfortunately, at this point, Angela was logged off AGAIN, and she needed to get to the next event on her schedule. She was bummed she couldn’t properly say goodbye to y’all.

The Office Angela Kinsey

Yes, these photos are of Angela while she is in OTCR! She actually brought her own laptop on this trip. I called her a geek. ;)


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