Angela at the NBC Experience Store

The Office

Welcome to the Monday edition of ALL ACCESS ANGELA.

Today we find our intrepid heroine in New York City, signing autographs at the NBC Experience Store.

Tallyhead muuuusic was gracious enough to share photos from the event. (And what is that I see in the rightmost photo? Could it be? An Angela mini bobblehead?!)

Link: Photos of Angela at the NBC Experience Store, NYC

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  1. OMG! That is so cool, with the bobble head. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love the one of Angela having the Dwight and Angela mini-bobble heads kissing. :)

  2. It looks like the Angela bobblehead is full size, and not mini, judging from the photo where she holds the two up.

  3. I do hope they make minis at some point, because my Dwight is a mini and I want the whole collection!

  4. I love that Angela’s bobblehead is holding a cat :), though I assume it’s not Sprinkles…

  5. OMG Angela bobblehead!! They DO need to make the entire cast. Then we could play with them like Barbies. I’d buy the Jim one and make him talk to me and pretend like he’s my boyfriend. I would buy them all. But not all at once. A girl’s gotta eat.

  6. I agree Brigette! I need my Angela doll. Then we can make Dwangela and have them kiss. haha!

  7. Wow, the one picture of Jenna showing up for the Late Show, I didn’t even recognize her! She looks fantastic!

    Not… that she never did… you guys know what I mean!!

  8. Thanks for posting this! Angela does looks beautiful, I love her w/ bright red lipstick on!

  9. That’s awesome! I wonder if Dwight gives it to her as a gift to try to get her back. You know, since she gave him the bobblehead of himself. :)

  10. Yea I saw the Jenna pic too. And the John ones. And my first thought was that Jim and Pam better have some babies. Because they’d be perfection.

  11. I know Angela was supposed to be on the Letterman show but are John and Jenna going to be on as well?

  12. Okay a few things:

    1) When is Angela going to be on Letterman? Is that tonight?
    2) What’s up with her bobblehead’s chin? Anyone else? haha
    3) I know it was previously asked, but if John and Jenna are going to be on Letterman could we find out what days please? (Jenna did look amazing in those photos! I didn’t recognize her at first either)

    4) Clearly that is not Sprinkles. Sprinkles was white.

    Love the photos!

  13. Hee! I stood in that exact spot at the NBC store with the giant Office picture when I visited this summer.

    And the Angela Bobblehead? That is amazing. I hope they make the entire cast. Into minis. In a set.

  14. lemonade, if you’re wondering about the Letterman appearances because of those photos, you’ll notice John’s pics were uploaded in July 2007 and Jenna’s in Nov 2006. Those must have been from their previous Letterman appearances. Of course, there’s always hoping those two will make it back on to his show!

  15. Love the pictures. I hope John and Jenna do more interviews as well, those two doing interviews together are priceless!
    P.S. deleted scene #3 is up at I hadn’t seen that posted anywhere!

  16. I missed the autograph session, but I was at the taping of The Late Show with Angela today (they tape Friday’s show on Monday). Angela looked stunning, and was hilarious. She told a really funny story about meeting Kevin Spacey at the Golden Globes. Be sure to tune in on Friday night!

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