1. Oh my gosh! Holly looks so great!
    I’m so excited to see how Michael handles this!

    I don’t like that she’s holding hands with AJ and seems to be pretty happy doing that too.
    What could that mean?
    I’m going insane. I need to stop searching for spoilers!

  2. Aww, it looks like we might get some daddy!Jim and mommy!Pam action with that second picture.

  3. Looked really, really carefully in the pics and saw no wedding band on Jim’s hand. There goes the wedding theory for this week.

    Holly looks A-DORABLE! Love the skirt.

    Can’t wait for this episode!

  4. Ok first let me say that I got waaaay too excited when I saw that there were pics for the season finale. As in I squealed for like 30 seconds before I actually clicked on them.

    Anyway, HOLLY CAN’T BE HAPPY IN HER CURRENT RELATIONSHIP!! Michael better steal her away.

  5. In #1, it looks like Pam is reaching for something else other than the doorknob…..

    #5 screams another “What are they looking at?” contest.

  6. Possibly Jim and Pam got married secretly and aren’t telling their co-workers about it for some reason. That’s one explanation for why they aren’t wearing wedding bands. Or, they just didn’t get married and are waiting for the fall. Either way, I’m very curious about what happens this week. Also, the Picnic episode looks like an opportunity for many confrontations. Charles vs. Michael and/or Jim; Holly and Michael; Michael vs. AJ, etc. I’m looking forward to it.

  7. Tanster, are those your friends with the baby in the background of #7?!

    [from tanster: good eye! yes, that is dan wearing the baby carrier! i don’t see his wife, erin, though.]

  8. noooo, this is so sad, I can’t wait to see this episode dammit Holly! everyone looks good though

  9. Thanks, Tanster! Very cool! Just trying to keep my eyes trained to see the orange shirts! :-)

    [from tanster: lol. me too! ;) ]

  10. OK, are those shorts that Halpert’s wearing not the EXACt ones Michael wore in Basketball, season 1? Love it.

  11. Six photos and no Dwangela. I feel as depressed as Michael looks in photo 2. :-(

    Is there any hope for us poor Dwangela fans?

  12. I didn’t actually believe Holly was going to be there until I saw her picture!

  13. Poor Michael! Holly and AJ? Damn you AJ!!! Ok, no more spoilers for me… This is sooo saaaad!

  14. Re: #6

    I guess I don’t quite get it. HR is allowed to date a salesperson but dating the boss is one step too far?

  15. I cannot be held responsible for what happens to AJ if he is still with Holly at the end of the Picnic episode. The writers better not test their luck with me. :ppppp

    Can’t wait!

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