1. Such great news! I wonder how the show will deal with it? (if they ever come back – boohoo). Will it be a drunken Christmas episode with Dwight or will Andy and his Sumo suit have anything to do with it???

  2. Holy crap! Congrats to you Angela, you will make an amazing mother.

    On a side note, this strike just might make it possible for the Office to avoid having to write her pregnancy into the script. Too bad. :(

  3. Congratulations Angela! That is so exciting!

    Oh my goodness, now maybe they will throw in that Angela Martin is pregnant! Hopefully they’ll end the strike soon enough to get the timing right!

  4. Good for her! If/when the show comes back this season I wonder how they would write that in… D’s baby?
    She will be so cute with a belly since she’s so petite, and she will be such a fun mom, too. I’m excited for them!

  5. Way to go Angela! That’s going to be one lucky kid to have a mom as cool cute and funny as Ms. Kinsey. Best of luck!

  6. YES! I’m so happy for Angela and Warren. That’s so exciting since they’ve been trying for a while. Congrats! That baby is going to be one cute kid.

  7. Wow. Congratulations to them! I completely wish we were getting the full season now even more. Oh man, I would love to see some Schrute babies!

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