Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager Q&A

Jess: Justin and Rainn, would I be insane to imagine an office where Tim Heidecker is boss? I love Dwight as acting manager, actually, but we know that can’t last… right?

Rainn: I beg to differ about Dwight.

That being said, I’ve recommended Tim (and Eric Wareheim) many times for roles and I know our casting director loves them. Tim can embody middle management insanity and self-loathing as good as anyone out there.

Vanessa Lynn: Rainn – what did it feel like sitting behind the desk in Michael’s old office? It was done before for the finale of Season 3, but this time Steve wasn’t there and neither was Michael. Did memories flash through your head of the numerous times you and Steve had scenes in Michael’s office?

Rainn: I loved the cool ways they wrote Dwight entering Michael’s office and taking over the desk. It was quite emotional actually, to get a taste of the power position, a position he had dreamed about for years.

Memories of Michael and Steve are in every nook and cranny of our set, that’s for sure. I feel like I’ve lived about a quarter of my life in that office.

fascist nerd: How did you come up with the crazy long-ass title of the episode? Were there other titles suggested?

Justin: The working title of this episode (how we referred to it in the writers room while breaking it) was Interim Manager, which Mindy kept pointing out was so boring certain TiVos might refuse to record it.

So when I was writing the episode, I first had it as just “Dwight K. Schrute,” but that wasn’t descriptive enough, so I made it “Dwight K. Schrute, Interim Manager,” but then I did some research and learned acting manager was a more accurate description of Dwight’s role here, so it was “Dwight K. Schrute, Acting Manager”, and then I decided that Dwight would probably want to downplay the “acting” portion of it, so I ended up with “Dwight K. Schute, (Acting) Manager.”

That took about 20% of the time I was given to write the episode.

Willyboy: Why not a single tiny reference for Michael? I know the show must go on… but still specially from Dwight… Michael was his best friend… I love last night episode tho!it was really funny!!!

Rainn: There will certainly be references to Michael in the future of the show. It’s not like he didn’t exist. As to why there weren’t any in this episode, I’m not sure.

How much do characters talk about their old boss once he leaves in an actual office? Not a whole lot from my experience. The show (and office) must go on!

Cece JAM: Did Pam draw/design the fist for Jim’s poster?

Rainn: Good question. Probably. Hadn’t thought about it. He probably got her to sketch that out for him.