Eat, drink, Steve, silly

In this past weekend’s Comedy Central charity show “Night of Too Many Stars,” Steve Carell graphically illustrates the value of $100. (I love it when he cracks Jon up.)

Steve appears around the 10:20 mark.


  1. Haha, I saw this last night on Comedy Central and I laughed so hard. It was great that you could see Steve beginning to lose it and have to try and not choke on all that cake

  2. My friend and I knew that the drinks weren’t alcoholic, but we still think that Steve had to have thrown up after he did that. There just isn’t anywhere for all the cake to go

  3. HAHA! I was drinking orange juice while watching this. Big mistake!

    The writers on the office should have Steve stuff his face with food in an episode. That would be amazing! Has that happened yet?

  4. sabrina: On Michael’s Birthday I’m pretty sure he stuffs his face with doughnuts. He’s talking about how no one signed his poster and Dwight says he cares more, and with a face full of doughnuts he says “You’re making it worse.” Hilarious every time. There’s also an outtake of him laughing as he said that.

    I don’t know what it is about seeing Steve be a glutton…but it’s hilarious. I’ll never forget him eating Crisco on the Daily show.

  5. I love the way he’s playing with the cake with his fingers, while he’s talking. He is awesome.

    As for eating on The Office–these are the ones I can remember: He stuffed his face with ice cream cake (barks an order to the p.p. committee–“mint chocolate chip!”) on Meredith’s bird-day. And stuffed a hot dog in his mouth (to Dwight: “you’re making it worse”)on his own birthday. When he injured his foot, he stuffed rotissarie chicken in his mouth (“I don’t care what you’ve got, eat 3 whole chickens worth of dark meat”) Or something like that.

    It seems like there are more. It’s a great gag for him. (pun!)

  6. outlawed is right. it was doughnuts on his birthday. the hot dogs were a beach games event. (“I was remembering it wrong.”)

  7. Ah, this reminds me of Steve’s Daily Show days! The thing I love most about him as a performer is that he’s completely unafraid to do whatever it takes to get a laugh.

  8. Yes! Someone at work told me about this but I missed it, thanks for posting it Tanster! I can’t help but laugh when he makes Jon laugh.

  9. I saw this last night and I had a really hard time staying quiet while my roomates slept. I love how committed to the act Steve is, even when he starts to break.

  10. Oh my god! I think that’s the hardest i’ve ever laughed in my life. I still have tears streaming down my face thinking about it.

  11. O my gawd that was freakin’ hilarious! Can’t stop laughing. “what if you were only thinking of donating $50…” I almost fell off my seat!

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