‘The Office’ Set Visit 2008!

Oh. My. God.

The powers that be over at The Office and NBC have generously allowed me to come visit ‘The Office’ set tomorrow. While they shoot the season finale!

As with my set visit last year, I will hopefully get to spend the entire day there, and I will try to accomplish the following: observe the process of shooting an episode, say hello to writers, cast, and crew, pat Angela’s baby bump, and meet Lighting Guy. :)

Oh, and EAT. (Last year I was in such a state of shock about being there and meeting everybody, that I couldn’t eat anything and had a stomachache by the end of the day.) Hopefully, I’ll be calmer this time around … who am I kidding, I AM SO EXCITED!

(Did I just squee?)

Update: it is unlikely that there will be any updates to OfficeTally tomorrow. I will try to post reports and pics as soon as I can, after I return home. Thanks for your patience and well wishes! :)


  1. Hooray!! I’m so excited for you. Please make sure that you get lots of pictures (duh) and give John a million and one hugs from all of us Tally head ladies.

  2. Wow, that is so awesome. I have to admit though, I’m a little (or: a lot) jealous. ;)

    Get us lots of inside scoop, please! :D

  3. Congrats Tanster! Thanks to NBC and The Office for recognizing your awesomeness :)

    I look forward to a full report!

  4. You are one lucky and well deserving lady, Tanster! Have fun and send them all our love!

  5. Have the BEST time Jennie!! Can’t wait to see the pictures, and pass on love from all of us!!

  6. oh man! i am sooooo jealous! i can’t wait to see the new pics and inside scoop! have a blast!!!

  7. Have a great time at the “Office” set, tanster! Looking forward very much to your set report already :)

  8. What great news! Those Office cats are so cool; it’s awesome that they’ve recognized all your hard work on this site! So exciting! Please send them all our good wishes for a great season finale!

  9. No one deserves this honor more than you. Have fun for all of us… as I will be vicariously living through you. LOL> Have the best time ever!!!

  10. YAY! that is such exciting news! Congratulations, you definitely deserve it! Have a fantastic time!

  11. So jealous. Although I love that even you’re shocked you keep getting these awesome opportunities. You’re keeping it real, just like our beloved cast does. :-)

  12. OMG! I’m so jealous!!! Congrats Tanster, for all that you do you deserve this. I can’t wait for you behind the scenes info. Yay.

  13. Oh man! I’m so excited for you! I can’t wait for the updates concerning your visit!

  14. Congratulations, Tanster!! That is awesome! You totally deserve it for all of the time and hard work you put into this site! Squeeing is necessary!

    PS…Can you please bring us lots of JAM scoop? Pretty please…

  15. You deserve it! Live it up!! (Do you see the green streaming from my post? That is jealousy)

  16. Congrats Tanster!

    You absolutely deserve this — you have the most amazing fansite for The Office — you keep us informed like no other person. I hope you have an absolute blast, you deserve it!

  17. I was just reading through your set visit blog yesterday and I was thinking, “Man I wonder if she’s ever going to do that again.” Wow!

  18. Holy squee! Congrats Tanster, please take a lot of non-spoilery pictures and post them with haste!

  19. Just like probably everyone here, I’m really jealous…but also happy for you at the same time! In fact, that mixed feeling of jealousy and happy-for-you-ness is what prompted me to make my first comment here.
    You’re gonna need to have fun for all of us there. And be sure to share as many details as possible!

  20. That’s so exciting! Did you just find out or has this been in the works for a while?

    Wish them all a nice summer for us!

  21. OMG YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope you take lots of amazing pictures for us.
    I can’t wait to hear your stories!!!!!

    (Just don’t spoil the finale for us pwease!!)

  22. That is sooo amazing!!!! You’re so lucky, but you definitely deserve it for all the work you put into this website. Be sure to report details for us!!!!

  23. Did you ever think when you first started this site, that you would end up being on a first-name basis with the cast and being invited to all these great events?! Congratulations, Jennie! You and OT really have become an integral part of the show and its relationship with the fans.


    [from tanster: no, never! the office has spoiled me for all other shows. :) ]

  24. Awesome!
    Well enjoy, and say hi to the whole team from us worldwide Office fans!

    OMG and I would so love you to do a cameo for the finale.

    [from tanster: i would love that, too!]

  25. Yay!! that is so awesome. I agree, take LOTS of pictures. You totally deserve it. OT is what helps me get through the work week. I literally refresh the page every 5 minutes to see what new exciting posts are up. New behind the scenes pictures would totally make my week. Have fun tomorrow!!!

  26. ooooohhh. If only I could spend my entire life as a slave to an awesome website, it would be worth it just for a chance at a day like this. I am soooooo jealous.

  27. You get to meet Lighting Guy! AHH! Oh um, I mean visit the set again! Yay! You lucky lady!

  28. Wow. Maybe we’ll see tanster sitting at a desk in the background during the season finale. Or maybe she takes over as regional manager. She’s done a great job managing this website, so she’s probably much more qualified than Michael.

  29. You are one lucky lady, Jennie! I am insanely jealous of you but at the same time VERY happy to hear that you get to have this amazing opportunity to visit the set. I know you’ll come back with amazing pictures and great behind the scenes stories. Enjoy it, you deserve it.

  30. You forgot the most important accomplishment:


    So happy for you!

  31. I am so jealous Tanster!! Don’t forget to take lots of pictures!!!! (and of course post them here for all of us lovely people to see!)

  32. That’s fantastic! Have fun! Who am I kidding, of course you will! Can’t wait to hear the report.

  33. It’s not April Fool’s Day again is it? This is super-awesome, nay, DAWESOME!

  34. How exciting!! Don’t forget your camera! Can’t wait to hear about it.

  35. Tanster, that is absolutely fantastic!! Please, please take good pictures if you can.

  36. Oh good, I know someone that’s visited “The Office” set.

    Now I’ll have the perfect ice breaker when I meet Tina Fey.

  37. Tanster – I hate you. I love you, I hate you. I will just have to live vicariously through you. Which is cool enough. Awesome awesome awesome!

  38. When you write a report can you write by the section of your post what time this thing took place while you were there? It would be so cool if you did. Thanks and once again have a great time!

  39. Congrats tanster! Don’t be afraid to get us some secrets on the season finale! :)

  40. TANSTER!!! How awesome! If anyone deserves this experience (again!) it’s you. Have a BLAST!

    (And would you give John a little hug for me?) :)

  41. omg i would soooo love to be you! congratulations! i hope you have lots of fun!

  42. Congrats, Jennie!! You most certainly deserve this. I am so excited for you – and excited for myself, to hear all about it! Don’t leave out ANY details! ;)

  43. So that’s two requests to give John a hug already. You don’t mind do you Jennie? ;~) It’s a tough request but someone has to do it, right?

  44. SO EXCITING! Lucky, lucky girl! Do you know who else might be invited? Watch With Kristin mentioned a set visit tomorrow, too.

    You should butter her up so she’ll send you Office gossip DIRECTLY when she gets it! No more waiting for it to post to her site. :)

  45. I am so excited for you! I hope you have a lot of fun, I am insanely jealous of you, by the way. I can’t wait to hear all about it :)

  46. You are the luckiest person in the whole world. And I hate you a little bit. :-)

    Try to get lots of pictures! I’ll just pretend I was there.

  47. Wow! I just reread your recap of the first visit you did. It’s so extensive I almost felt like was there too (almost). Hopefully you’ll have some more in-depth reporting for this visit!
    (If Paul asks your advice on anything in the script make sure you steer him towards Pam and Jim being happy!)
    This is the payoff you get for working so tirelessly on this site!

  48. Tanster = my hero!

    You are bound to have an incredible time! I can’t wait to hear all about it (well, at least what you’re allowed to tell us). ;)

    Travel safely.

  49. How fabulous! Hope you have a great time! I’m so jealous. Be sure to post pics and spill all the dirt. We’ll be waiting anxiously for your posts.

  50. Ok… forget the hug, how about if you give John a kiss for me!!? Your significant other won’t mine right, right?… :)

  51. Yay! I’m so happy for you! Can’t wait to hear all the juicy goodness from the set!

  52. Awesome!! Have a blast, Tanster… you totally deserve it. Oh and, um, will you get a few more pictures of Lighting Guy? Pretty please? And John. And Ed. And unlike someone who commented before, I would like as many spoiler-y pictures as you can get of the finale. I am so jealous!

  53. Color me green with envy. Have a blast, and please let them know how much Tallyheads adore each and every cast and crew member!

  54. OMG OMG, you go, Tanster – if anyone deserves to be there it’s you!
    Have fun, and EAT SOMETHING! Tell John I love him, and Go SOX!
    Spoilers, pics, behind the scenes good stuff, please!

  55. Congrats Tanster.
    Have fun and I hope you get to eat.. send the cast and crew my love and well-wishes. Look forward to the report.

  56. Have a BLAST, Tanster. Well deserved for all you have done and continue to do for the show. DO NOT forget your camera like someone other I know.

  57. Visit set.

    While shoot finale.

    Excuse me, I’ve gone braindead.
    You are the luckiest person alive.

    Aw Angela’s baby bump!

  58. You totally deserve it! I love the site and don’t know what I would do without it. Have a great time and can’t wait to hear about it.

  59. that’s so cool!! :) I was just looking through the pictures from your last set visit yesterday! have FUN!

  60. Whoa. I bet you have a bruise the size of Texas on your arm from pinching yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming. :)

    A just reward for someone who is completely dedicated to this site and its fans. Enjoy!

  61. Tanster, that’s awesome! Bring back some good gossip! (And John, too. That would be great!)

  62. Too cool, you lucky girl! Send everyone the Office Tally fans’ love. Baby bump! Writers! Actors! Lighting Guy–cha cha! SEASON FINALE! Have a blast.

  63. That’s awesome Tanster! With all your hard work you put in, you totally deserve it. Have fun!!

  64. Congratulations on a well deserved honor. While you’re there if you could mention to the writers that we can do without any Jim/Pam cliffhangers this year that would be great.

  65. That is totally awesome! We will all be living through you once you share your visit with us! Have a great time, an Office visit would be a dream!!!!

  66. Oh my god, that is absolutely amazing! Have a wonderful time, and give everybody a hug from us, the fans!

    It’s so great that this show loves its fans so much that the cast and crew are willing to do something like this.

  67. SQUEEEEEE! Lucky you! Say hi to Lighting Guy for me! :) And hopefully you’ll have some amazing scoop on the finale!

    And a cameo? That would be sweeeet.

  68. I am unbelievably jealous, but I’m so happy for you! And for me, because I know this means juicy set secrets for us Tallyheads haha!

  69. If you see Mindy, tell her that her boyfriend is adorable! (from the picture in the NY Times article)

  70. You are probably the luckiest person ever. But you totally deserve it! Have a great time and be sure to let them know how happy we are to have them back!

  71. Wow! You really do deserve it just like everyone else is saying!! I know you’ll have a blast… I’ll be checking the site constantly for the report on this!

  72. To quote Napoleon Dynamite, “Lucky!!!!” Seriously, that’s awesome and I’m glad you get to go again. Take lots of pics and tell them that OT readers think they are ALL awesome!

  73. This is fantastic news! I hope you have a great time! Can’t wait to hear the report!

  74. Okay my new favorite posts are those from Tanster that start with “OMG” hahahaha

    So excited for you!! Have a great time! Learn all about those different kinds of lights and lamps for us….. and run your hand through lighting guy’s pony tail for all of us in the OTCR…. hahaha

    Can’t wait to see the pictures and as always… I’m sooo jealous. :)

    PS… haha to Matt’s comment.

  75. Yay!! Have an AMAZING time, Tanster! Tell everyone we love ’em, especially Angela and her baby bump!

  76. I am absolutely seething with jealousy!! Have a wonderful time Tanster! U deserve it!;)

  77. This makes me want to throw a candle at your plasma screen.


    Have a great time, I look forward to your report… and pictures :D

  78. Wow what a life tanster! I hope you have an awesome time, make sure to absorb every tiny detail so you can share it with us!

  79. Let me say i am extremely jealous, but super excited for you at the same time. You are going to have so much fun. Bring back lots of pictures!!

  80. Man! You are soo lucky!!! I hope you can take pictures! And if you do can you please post them?!

  81. Ditto Kev…

    …and tanster, OK, I know everybody else wants hugs and kisses, but if there was one thing I’d want from a set visit…have John buy you a Coke! *giggle* –and I will pay you top dollar to have it shipped to my house.


  82. That is so awesome Tanster! Soon they are gonna create a role for you in the show, or at least a cameo.

  83. oh my gosh you are so lucky, congratulations! ive always wondered what it would be like to be on the set!! have a good time and bring back some good pics and news!

  84. That is … wow.
    You are sooo lucky!
    Write us a good, detailed report when you get back, okay? I can’t wait to hear about it.
    Congratulations =)

  85. So excited for you tanster! If possible, maybe you can encourage a surprise visit from someone on set to the OTCR? ;)

    Really, though – have an amazing time! We are all so jealous but are glad we all can at least live vicariously through you!

  86. Wowie! That is so awesome! Have a wonderful time, and give John a little extra hug from me (and all of us!) :)

  87. Well ta freakin da. *kidding*

    Hope you have a blast with all those Office kids over there. I know you will!! Send them our love!

  88. Oh man, season finale! Go Tanster!!! Tell everyone how much we missed & love them!

    Let’s hope Angela’s baby can wait til after filming is finished, or there could be chaos.

    Looking forward to your report, in which you won’t be allowed to tell us anything :P

  89. I’m so excited for you, congrats!! What a great way for the fans to connect with the cast through you.

  90. tell john how much we all love him(and angela’s baby bump, too!!)! Also, have a tons of fun!

  91. Tanster, please make sure you tell us exactly when you are going to be there…I want to make sure that I know the exact moment so I can live vicariously through you.

    While I am teaching sixth graders about short story elements, you will be hugging John Krasinski.

    Wanna trade places with me? Ray Bradbury is a very compelling writer… ;-)


  92. Wow! I am so happy for you…and simultaneously very jealous! :-)

    Please take LOTS of pictures (and video if possible) of all the cast members. And you’ll bring back some good behind-the-scenes tidbits and spoilers, right?

    Give our best to the cast and crew!

  93. Good for you, Jenny! You deserve it for all your hard work on this fabulous website!! Have a blast and remember every detail for us.

  94. Have a wonderful time!

    Here’s a challenge for you: see if you can work the word “Flonkerton” into casual conversation.

  95. That’s awesome, congrats!

    While on set, you should inconspicuously place a small object atop a file cabinet or something, and see if it makes it onto the show. Put a hat on the Homer Simpson doll or something, I don’t know…use your imagination :)

  96. No WAY Tanster!!! You have got to be the luckiest person on earth right now. No kidding.

    Hopefully you will take pics and videos [if ya can] and document everything to us!

    And please get some John =) Hehe.

  97. This is awesome. I agree with stapler. You deserve it for all the work you on this site, keeping us up to date on the show and everything. Have fun.

    maybe could you ask to see if there are any future plans to have another character in a wheelchair? I am in a wheelchair and it just looks like so much fun to be a part of that show. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking.

  98. Ok..officially jealous over here!!!

    Though I can’t wait to see pictures and read about the day’s events!

  99. Like everyone else, I am thrilled for you, and insanely jealous. :) Make sure to wiggle your eyebrows suggestively at Lighting Guy for us…and of course, have a great time and bring back plenty of spoilers.

  100. I can’t wait to hear all about it! Don’t leave anything out! Have fun and give them all big hugs from their fans! (And can you put a word in for “better” S4 dvd commentaries? They weren’t as great on S3…more Mindy and Jenna and John!! :)

  101. I’m so happy for you! Congratulations! (Just another one of those times that I wish I was you ! :)

  102. Lightning has struck twice, Jennie! Have an awesome day on the set, and good luck keeping quiet on the finale. :-D

  103. well tanster, congratulations. you are officially the person i most wish to be right now.

  104. Congrats Tanster! If anyone deserves it, you do. Can’t wait to read all about it & see all the pics:)

  105. Congrats Tanster, that is soo great! When you hug John, Jenna and the rest, give them an extra squeeze for me. :)

  106. You keep living our dream each day, Tanster.

    The powers that be should consider someday letting us office fans and tallyheads tag along with you on “the office” set visit/taping.

  107. I’m so excited for you, Tanster! You really really deserve it and congratulations!!

    You should also try to get in on the “When is Angela going into labor?” betting pool while you’re there!

  108. Take a picture with you and John making the “Jim looking at the camera face”!

  109. Fabulous! Tell them all we love them and are so happy they’re back on the air!

  110. Tanster, hey I got your message….and thanks for the invite for the set visit with you….but….sorry, I can’t make it. I’ve got improv class on Wednesday. You go have a good time though. ;-)

  111. Pick up some spoilers, hug John Krasinski, and have a good time, Tanster! You deserve it!

  112. Also, forget all this John K talk…..I will send you a separate email with a private message for Jenna. It’s code but she’ll know what it means.

  113. Oh Tanster,

    The jealousy is flowing within me.

    I really hope you have an even MORE amazing time this go around!

    Take me with you?

  114. Tanster, congratulations on getting to go to the set! You deserve it. Everyone here knows you are the offical website of ‘The Office’.
    Say hello to everyone from the Philadelphia branch of DM!

  115. OMG I’m SO jealous! I drive my family and friends nuts talking about The Office constantly! My mom auditioned for Deal or No Deal this week and made it to the finals. All I keep thinking is that if she makes it on and I’m in LA I’d LOVE to somehow run into ANY Office character SOMEHOW.

  116. Today’s the day! Woo-hoo, tanster!

    If you happen to moderate this comment while on set tell the cast and crew thank you so much for making the best show on television…and tell them Lance says hi, they’ll know what it means.

  117. JEALOUS! But unfortunately you won’t get to say much since it’s the finale they are shooting!

  118. Hope you’re having fun! As you moderate this comment, say hi to Lighting Guy and John K for me! :)

  119. I hope you have a great time, Tanster!! get plenty of photos to show those of us who aren’t as fortunate?!! Pretty please? *puppydog eyes*

  120. Sooo jealous!
    Have a fabulous day, send our love the cast and crew, and tell them we are ecstatic that they’ve returned.
    Season Finale, eyy ? ? I’m sure you’ll pick up some amazing spoilers, hah.

    PS: I hope your lunch doesn’t consist of beets and turkey leg.

  121. lol, and lighting guy…hey jrz!!! I’m so jealous!!!! give JK a big hug for us all gal tallyheads!

  122. Hope you had a safe trip there, and an even safer trip back! Congrats on the sweet trip – looking forward to your comments!

  123. Wow. And I thought about starting an Office fan site oh so many years ago… Man, I missed the gun on that one.

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