EXCLUSIVE: Dwight’s original list of VP demands

Last week on ‘The Daily Show,’ Senator John McCain announced Dwight Schrute as his running mate. Wednesday night on ‘Leno,’ Rainn responded to that announcement with a hilarious list of demands from Dwight Schrute.

Yesterday morning, Rainn Wilson very kindly emailed me — “thought your readers might enjoy the original Dwight letter from The Tonight Show last night.”

It’s not exactly what he read out loud on ‘Leno,’ but it’s got some hilarious bits not to be missed. Thank you, Rainn!


  1. Thank you so much for posting this Tanster. It was pretty much the coolest thing that’s happened to late night TV EVER. :)

  2. I want the bumper sticker! :)

    Hilarious! Thanks Rainn for thinking of all the fans!

  3. My first thought upon hearing this on Leno, apart from it being awesome, was how great it was he used the loyalty line from Halloween.

  4. So awesome. I love the Harry Potter reference. Dwight probably threw that in there for Mose. Aw! :)

  5. Someone said it before me but I just love how the letter is filled with inside jokes that only Office fans get immediately. I mean the letter itself is funny but knowing the background of some of the ‘demands’ makes it even funnier.
    To people not familiar with The Office, they would just think that these are random things to get a laugh out of people, but we know better.

    Thanks to Rainn and Jennie!

  6. why does mccain read dwight’s name off the card in the original clip? seems fishy to me. i’m pretty sure he doesn’t even know who dwight shrute is. i have a lot of questions for him, number one, how dare you.

  7. That was awesome…I wish the shirt said, Dwight Shrute for Assistant President – either way I have to have it!!

  8. Nice job. I love that Dwight would drop mcCain like a sack of potatoes if Barack Obama offered him more. And I remember that line form Halloween. Awesomeness!!!

    And another thing, where can I buy that shirt?

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