1. Wow. I was just gonna dress up as me…for Halloween. A scary version of me, but just me. This guy put me to shame.

  2. It’s two worlds colliding–cockeyed.com is one of my favorite websites…and The Office is my favorite show.

    Zippity doo-dah!

  3. So refreshing to see a little creativity in costume selection. I just wonder if he can see out of that thing to walk. :)

  4. A-mazing. I wonder if he is going to be sporting that at the convention, or if he just made it for Halloween? Either way, it’s fantastic!

  5. That so cool. But wouldn’t it be easier to cut out three black holes of construction paper, stick it your shirt, and just go as “Three hole-punch Jim”? It’s fast, simple, and no plaster necessary.

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