1. That just made a very long day very much worth it. My Halloween costume seems lame in comparison.

  2. Wow. I was just gonna dress up as me…for Halloween. A scary version of me, but just me. This guy put me to shame.

  3. It’s two worlds colliding–cockeyed.com is one of my favorite websites…and The Office is my favorite show.

    Zippity doo-dah!

  4. So refreshing to see a little creativity in costume selection. I just wonder if he can see out of that thing to walk. :)

  5. A-mazing. I wonder if he is going to be sporting that at the convention, or if he just made it for Halloween? Either way, it’s fantastic!

  6. That so cool. But wouldn’t it be easier to cut out three black holes of construction paper, stick it your shirt, and just go as “Three hole-punch Jim”? It’s fast, simple, and no plaster necessary.

  7. LOL Debi that was going to be my costume this year! Fast, easy, and totally recognizable by other Dunderheads out there :)

    But this guy’s work is AMAZING! He should do an Angela one next!

  8. I want to see a video of him actually walking in that thing! I wonder if other shows have fans that would go to such lengths to make a themed costume?

  9. Seriously? Wouldn’t it be easier/cheaper/less time consuming to just take the Jim route and go to the drugstore and Goodwill??

    I mean, that’s some serious talent there, but… wow.

  10. Wow! That guy is awesome! I would freak if I saw him walking around my neighborhood with that costume on.

  11. Wow, just…wow. Now that is dedication! And quite possibly the best Halloween costume EVER! Dwigt would be so proud to have a life size bobblehead.

  12. Thanks for the nice comments! The costume is for a Contest Saturday night in Sacramento, CA. Wish me luck!

    Sorry I will miss the convention! That sounds like more fun!

  13. is it me, or has tanster gotten really lazy with descriptions? :P

    [from tanster: haha. no, just didn’t want to “spoil” the story.]

  14. I hope someone over at NBC has seen this – really hope Rainn has seen it. hahaha good luck at the contest! What could beat this!?

  15. FYI, Rob usually winds up selling the stuff he builds like this on eBay once he’s had his fun with it. You should also check out his site for non-Office things that are tremendous.

  16. Yes! My first tip! I was so excited to see Rob’s costume and when I realized it looked a lot like one of my favorite characters, I nearly choked. I knew you guys would appreciate the effort.

  17. Neat! This guy’s costumes are crazy! He did an awesome fandango paper bag that turned out really well, so I bet this year’s Dwight will be his best yet… Can he turn his wife into Angela?

  18. Wow. This is great. I could see this costume making it onto the show sometime…perhaps as part of a Jim/Pam prank on Dwight? Of course, Three-Hole-Punch-Jim would never work so hard on a costume. But one could argue that the three black circles are equally funny…

  19. I’m assuming this will be a bobblehead, but whatever it winds up being will be FANTASTIC. Such a lot of work!! If I worked that hard on a costume, I’d start a museum. Wonder what he does with stuff like that when he’s done. Amazing!! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  20. The bobblehead is complete. Check out pages 6 and 7 to see the completed costume. It looks amazing. I hope Rob won that costume contest!

  21. Oh how amazing!

    My first thought was I could see this being used on the show. I thought Dwight would dress up as himself…but duh! Jim as Dwight is much better.

    So creative.

  22. I see you posted someones how-to on making their bobblehead. I made one last
    year as well. I was at the convention and was in the costume contest with
    it. Mine is a little easier I think.. The one on the site now has a lot of
    stuff going on… Mine might be a little more user friendly. Just thought I
    would send the link to mine and how it’s made in case other readers on
    the site wanted to try it.


  23. This was incredible! I am so jealous. Good job, this is amazing engineering and artistic work!

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