Vote for OfficeTally!

Vote for OfficeTally in the Bloggers Choice Awards!OfficeTally has made it into the TOP THREE for the “Best Entertainment Blog” category at the Blogger’s Choice Awards — please vote for OfficeTally and bring it on home!

Voting ends tomorrow, Oct. 19. Thanks so much for your vote!

Remember that after you confirm your registration, you MUST go back to the OfficeTally page and click the orange VOTE button for your vote to count!

P.S. Please ONLY VOTE ONCE. They delete duplicate votes!


  1. Done and…done. My vote was #15. C’mon OT fans, let’s do this for Jennie and The Office!

    Jennie, sometimes I wonder if you ever sleep. :)

  2. Vote number 21…meaning that 3 people voted for OT in the time that it took me to register. The rate at which this is rising to the top is incalculcable.

  3. i registered over an hour ago, and i still haven’t gotten my confirmationa email. I don’t think that site is dealing with the traffic very well.

  4. OK, so of course I went to the website to vote for OT and signed up but it’s not letting me vote until I get the email from them confirming my registration. That was like an hour ago. Did it take that long for you all?

  5. Finally got the sign up page to load correctly. You’re at number one right now, Tanster, but let’s keep it going, everyone!

  6. That was a lot of work, but for Office Tally it was def worth it! I sometimes just keep hitting the refresh button over and over just to giggle at a few great quotes. Go OT, go!

  7. For those who haven’t gotten the email-check your spam or bulk email folders. Mine got sent there automatically. :)

  8. #74 – We’re getting there! Tanster, this is the best page ever! Thanks for all your hard work & dedication.

  9. Do not know how I would get thru the day without this site.

    5 hrs til new Office!

  10. Vote #110!

    Also – vote for Jenna Fischer for best celebrity blogger for her myspace page!! She only has 5 votes!! :(

  11. tanster, me getting work done stopped when my head broke from trying to get work done. I saw this this morning and voted again for OT, Go OT!

  12. I voted :) Also- someone on the NBC boards posted that Jenna’s myspace blog is also up for 2 awards.

    Best Celebrity Blogger

    Best Blog of All Time

  13. oh yes- vote #135, the one that pushed officetally into fourth spot! hopefully it’s only up from here.

  14. Congrats Tanster. What an awesome accomplishment just to be nominated! YEAH FOR OFFICETALLY!

  15. i hope you win tanster, you totally deserve it :) but even if you don’t, hopefully some new people will discover the awesomeness that is officetally!

  16. Vote 185 here! Keep it coming, folks. Let’s do this for tanster because she’s done so much for us!

  17. First time commenter, long time lurker from Australia. Voted for you :) Keep the great blog going! We’re watching from downunder!

  18. I’m #198, and you’re in third place, Tanster.

    C’mon, Army of Champions, let’s step it up! This is about doing, not thinking!

  19. KEEP GOING GUYS! i’ve done all i can- i made 3 different accounts with all my e-mails so i could vote 3 times.

    ok, that’s a little embarrassing.

  20. Wow. I’ve voted three times now throughout the course of the day. Those top two are barely moving! OT has got it in the bag. I’m proud of our Tanster.

  21. Come on Folks!! still 13 votes out of 2nd place. We CANNOT AT ALL let cute animals beat OT. :)

  22. Okay, I bumped the site to #2 with the last of my e-mail addresses. It’s up to everyone else now!

  23. Let’s get Tanster to #1 – we can do it (and don’t forget to vote for Jenna’s blog in the best celebrity and best of all time categories too!)

  24. OMG you guys, I just came back from lunch and see we’re at NUMBER 2 — WOO HOO!

    This little geek is sooo excited. Thank you so much!

    I guess we just have one more goal … let’s git ‘er done. :)

  25. OK, I’m #262. Still 55 short of first place….
    If you have access to a second email account, or more, don’t forget to keep voting!

  26. My Dear Ms. Tan-

    I am nothing if not competitive.

    In fact, I turned my next-door neighbor onto The Office, and she loves it. Time to turn her onto OT. And to voting for it.

    And, when I get back to work on Monday, I’ll vote a third time.

    The gap is down to 42…. Scranton Party Time, people! We can DO THIS!!

    Question: When does voting end? I see the announcement date but not a cutoff date.

    Other question: Which bear is best?

  27. I searched the site but only can find the June 2 announcement date.

    OT is sstill 43 votes behind “cuteoverload”, whatever that is.

    Perhaps one might bump this post occasionally to remind the Tallyers and newbies?

    F&C, double-time!

  28. You guys are absolutely AMAZING — thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

    Of course, once we hit #1, we’ll need a comfortable lead to stay #1.

    What do you say we shoot for, oh I don’t know, 500 votes? :)

  29. While my vote definitely goes to OT, Cuteoverload is an absolutely adorable website. Not an “entertainment” website, but cute still. :)

  30. LOL, I’ve been watching it the past hour. :)

    WOO-HOO! Thanks for getting OT to #1! I’m gonna go take a picture …

  31. Wow…I’ve been voting like crazy for the last hour. I never knew I had so many email addresses. Go, OT!!

  32. Yee Haw!

    OT is #1 with a 20-point lead over second place. Nice work, Tallyers!

  33. Just like our supersized petition, Office fans are again gonna drop a DEUCE on everybody.

  34. OK, I’m #388 and I’m out of email addresses. OT is up by 51 votes, but we can’t rest on our laurels.

    It’s up to you guys!

  35. 400!

    63 in front of second place. Now if we can just maintain that lead….

  36. I just voted and Office Tally is in the lead with 473 votes. Great job OT’ers only 27 votes left until we reach 500!

  37. 501!
    And 146 votes ahead of second place. Looking good, Tanster!

  38. OT’s lead has gone from about 100 down to 68. If you haven’t voted, please do so. We still have a couple of weeks before the winner is announced.

  39. Actually, HDF, Blogger’s Choice recently changed the schedule — voting doesn’t end until October 19!

    But I agree with you, we need to keep OT in the lead all the way …

  40. Uhh … What happened? Earlier today OT was at 699. Now it’s at 636? Why the drop?

  41. EG, I think the Blogger’s Choice folks remove votes that don’t follow the rules …

    You may vote only once per blog, per category. We are monitoring IP addresses as well, so no funny business! We reserve the right to remove offending votes from the system if cheating is suspected.

  42. Also… I finally found Mindy’s shopping blog on page 6 of that category.. with only 13 votes.

  43. Wow…I totally forgot this was still going on. It seems like it was just yesterday when I would check the site three times a day as I watched OT come from third to first. Congrats again Tanster…you deserve it!

  44. Don’t forget to vote for Office Tally for best blog of all time – If you are like me and spend half your working life on this site, then vote now!!!

  45. I want it to be like, hey, who voted for officetally to win “Best Entertainment Blog”? Um, well, I … I don’t know, it was anonymous. Guess what, that was Karly J. But … uh … it was anonymous, how do you know? Because I’m her.

  46. I don’t understand how this works. I thought OT was WAYYYY ahead in this category. Now there’s some secret “top three” vote? Is this a new round of voting or just a continuation of the existing vote?

    [from tanster: AHM, I’m hoping this is a continuation of the existing vote. as you can imagine, this is driving me crazy.]

  47. I just voted, but it won’t show the numbers, there’s just 3 question marks!! Possibly to add suspense?

  48. Hey Karly J, #100, your post made me laugh out loud. But that happens a lot here at the Number 1 Blog, that I couldn’t live without. Seriously.

  49. I had voted previously but when I went in to see, I was able to vote again. Then the little vote box said Voted. So this may be a second voting.

  50. hi tanster, I just realized that the Bloggers Choice Awards will be announced today. All the best! OfficeTally rocks :)

    [from tanster: thanks, bales! :) ]

  51. hi tanster, hearty congrats on winning the Bloggers Choice Award for Best Entertainment Blog! Best website for the best show on TV. Awesome :)

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